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Criminal Stalker/G-Man Wannabe, Brenda Negri

November, 2006

Note: This report is meant to be a companion piece to a previous report, The Wreckers: False Lights and the Nature of Evil.

Putting them together into one report would have been far too lengthy; but although each report stands on its own, they are best read in sequence in order to gain the larger perspective from which they are written.


Government Rat Bastards and Their Cronies, Shills, Minions, Snitches, Stooges and Useful Idiots

The following list has been compiled by Barbara Hartwell, a result of independent investigations and/or gleaned from insider knowledge of criminal activities inside various agencies of the United States government, as well as foreign intelligence services and agencies.

I will not apologize for the terminology in the subtitle of this report, nor for the epithets I assign to persons named herein. I call them as I see them, call a spade a spade.

The persons listed here have proven themselves, by their published words (including on various websites, message boards, radio/TV programs); and by their actions, to be engaged in dissemination of misinformation, disinformation, black propaganda and outrageous lies against legitimate whistleblowers, expositors of government crimes and corruption, sincere patriots and Christians.

They deserve to be exposed for who and what they are; and the public certainly has a "need to know" so that they may make informed choices in regard to whether or not they wish to support or endorse these individuals.

Some are malicious liars and poseurs. Some are criminals, among them convicted and/or predicate felons. Some are involved in criminal conspiracies and racketeering, but have yet to be convicted of their crimes in a court of law.

They are provocateurs, disruptors, sowers of discord. They claim to be defenders of "free speech", loudly complaining that the government is trying to "silence" them; and yet they assist in the larger plot of increasing government censorship by violating the reasonable terms of service (prohibiting harassment, stalking, privacy violations, soliciting crimes against targets by publishing private phone numbers, street addresses, etc. etc.) on many message boards.

Some are misogynists who use pornographic filth as a weapon, especially in fabricating lies against particular women they have targeted, and which are degrading to women in general.

Some, particularly those in "alternative media" (which is really no different from mainstream media, when you look at the way they operate) are directly involved in censorship, taking it upon themselves to decide who shall --and who shall not-- be "allowed" to disseminate information on certain electronic media networks or public message boards.

These are most often commercial sites and networks, controlled by advertising/sales revenues; as well as by those in the background who pull the strings of the media shills, attempting to contain the content and determine the spin of any information which is presented. If you don't toe the party line, comply with the company policy, you're out!

Most of these characters are connected (one way or another) in a loose network, as demonstrated by the alliances and affiliations they have formed; and by the links which exist among their websites and message boards.

These alliances often shift like weather vanes, being based on self-serving political expediency, rather than genuine loyalty or dedication to any worthy cause (such as human rights activism; defending Liberty.)

These persons promote, support, defend and endorse others in this loose network, in their efforts at shameless self-promotion; to further their various agendas; to bilk the general public with product/service scams; to solicit donations for bogus, self-serving organizations or "causes"; to participate in containment operations and cover-ups of their own crimes, treason and tyranny. Any (and in some cases, all) of the above.

Caveat emptor! Caveat lector!

The creed of many of these unscrupulous persons seems to be: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Thus their alliances and "friendships" are often based on nothing more than hatred and fear of legitimate, sincere people (the "enemy") who have exposed their unconscionable behavior and that of their associates, rather than forming solid alliances with others who share a righteous cause.

Why would they care about ethics, principles or for that matter, anything that extends beyond their own small-minded, selfish, egocentric tunnel vision? The "enemy of my enemy" strategy is clearly based on manipulation and control of the flow of information and is as dishonorable as it gets.

Some are merely stooges and useful idiots, serving an agenda of government criminals and tyrants which they are too ignorant/uninformed/brainwashed to understand, much less perceive.

Some are approval- seekers and people-pleasers, sycophants desperate for attention and recognition. These types, in particular, are notorious for speaking and writing about issues they know absolutely nothing about; and for distributing second-hand information which they had no part in researching or investigating.

They typically have no area of professional expertise and lack firsthand experience and knowledge of the issues and positions they promote. They simply parrot what they have heard or read, whatever has been fed to them, falsely believing the sources or pundits to be "credible" and thereby doing tremendous damage to the legitimate individuals targeted for the black propaganda.

Fear-mongering and hysteria are also typical among this crowd of useful idiots, as in the Chicken Little syndrome: The sky is falling! They'll latch onto any and every conspiracy theory du jour and run with it, without bothering to check facts or search for solid evidence.

Most of the "news" these alarmists promote is later determined by legitimate, responsible researchers and investigators to be based on hoaxes, scams or carefully-crafted disinformation --fabricated by the very government liars they purport to oppose.

That's why they're called "useful" idiots. They serve the vital function of disseminating government-sponsored lies, and they're cheap labor, to boot.

Unfortunately, these useful idiots, with their herd mentality, are running rampant on the Internet, which is just the way government operatives planned it. They muddy the waters with their stampedes and (sometimes unwittingly) spread outrageous lies which are repeated so many times, in so many places, that the lies are mistaken for "truth."

All, however, must be held accountable for their actions; each and every one, and for what they promote and support, even if only out of ignorance. Ignorance is no excuse. As the old saying goes, The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Despite their self-promoting claims (usually loudly and aggressively touted) none of the persons listed here are Defenders of the United States Constitution, for if they were, they would be defending the God-given (natural) rights of the individual, first and foremost, rather than promoting a prepackaged political platform or agenda politics.

Nor would some of them be throwing around the term "democracy" as if it were the preferred and superior form of government --rather than its true nature of mob rule which encroaches on the rights of the individual.

The United States of America was formed as a Constitutional Republic, NOT a democracy, though it has certainly devolved into a horrible amalgam of democracy, socialism and fascism. Anyone promoting democracy is either woefully ignorant, or has an agenda --one which does NOT defend the Constitution.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people out there actually believe, in their ignorance, the the U.S. was/is a democracy, and worse, that this hideous form of government is to be aspired to!

None of the persons listed here are Patriots, for if they were, their actions would speak clearly for them, rather than the hollow, regurgitated political rhetoric they indiscriminately spew.

These days, "patriot" is a loaded word. Most of those using it to describe themselves have fallen far from the ideals and principles of the founders of this country. Just look, for example, at the treasonous Patriot Acts. Need I say more?

None are sincere Christians (and I speak only of those who claim to be Christians) for if they were, they would not be bearing false witness against others, betraying trust, violating privacy, harassing, endangering safety or doing purposeful and gratuitous harm to others.

Genuine Christians don't behave that way, and I don't care what "sect" or denomination they belong to. I have seen more hypocrisy among those who call themselves "Christians" than in any other segment of society, and this extends all across the spectrum, from evangelists, to ecumenicals, to fundamentalists, to Catholics and on and on it goes...

Just look, for example, at some of the scandals, especially in the fundamentalist Christian churches and organizations; bogus Christians like Ted Haggard, of Denver, Colorado, a sex pervert engaging in the very abominations he preaches against.

Look at some of the "Christian" cults, such as the male-supremacist, misogynistic Promise Keepers (also out of Denver) who maintain that women are spiritually inferior (should not be allowed to be ministers in the church, should be submissive to their husbands, etc.); and must be relegated to second class citizenship under the "leadership" of men, delusionaly described by their leader, a chest-thumping macho-minded moron named McCartney, as the "Royalty" of the human race.

Such utter nonsense is pervasive among those who claim to be Christians, as is the hatred and fear of women that fuels it.

True Christians follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who respects women and exhibits no form of oppression, tyranny or bigotry.

Jesus Christ was/is (He Lives!) a Defender of Liberty and of the God-given rights of all humanity. There are many misguided and brainwashed "Christians" who would dispute these simple facts; who cling to literalism and legalism in scripture; scripture written by Hebrew patriarchs and later canonized by mouthpieces and demagogues for the Roman Catholic church.

Such indoctrination continues to this day in the fundamentalist churches and for the same single-minded and nefarious agenda: control of the masses.

During the times of slavery, tyrants/slave owners actually cited scripture in a scurrilous attempt to defend the institution of slavery. But any true Christian, and for that matter, anyone with spiritual discernment, who knows the meaning of "moral absolutes", KNOWS that slavery is just plain wrong!

Just as oppressing or discriminating against women (or any other group of people) is just plain wrong! There is nothing "godly" or "Christian" about these misguided viewpoints.

Let's face it: anyone can cite some chapter and verse to attempt to justify almost any unscrupulous action. And there is so much contradictory material, written by so many authors, over such a long period of time; also censorship, redactions and purposeful inclusion of only certain material to be "authorized", that, well...anyone who actually insists that the Bible (which Bible?) is the implacable "word of God" has got to be either brainwashed beyond hope, or hopelessly stupid.

Call me a heretic (many have done) but this is the simple truth.

In truth, and by the Creator's law, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for any form of oppression or tyranny, based on gender, race or creed. It is the respect for the God-given individual rights and liberties of ALL and for the Inviolability of Personhood which defines the true Defenders of Liberty.

It is in fact, a moral imperative; anyone who would dispute this, or who would show by word or deed a disrespect for these unalienable individual rights must be exposed and weeded out, as their corruption invariably taints the whole of the body politic.

This issue is but one of several which has shown itself to be of serious concern to all sincere Christians. As for myself, although I am a devout believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I embrace no form of religious orthodoxy.

And I respect the right of others to believe as they will-- as long as they do not attempt to foist their dogma on me, or to oppress others as a result of those beliefs. But since Liberty is the main issue of concern to me; and since this report focuses on those who would not defend Liberty, but would take it from others, I found it necessary to make this point.

In summary, none of the persons on this list are "legitimate", "genuine" or "sincere" in any sense of those words. Just look at the flagrant contradictions between who/what they claim (or more often boast) of being, and who/what they really are, as proven by their actions. By their fruits shall you know them.

This list is not by any means complete. It should be understood that in this report I have focused primarily on those whose disgraceful, shameful and outrageous conduct has consistently and repeatedly wrought destruction to legitimate and sincere people whose agenda is the defense of God-given human rights and who have taken a stand for Liberty.

Although I have been personally targeted by many of those listed here (which is in some cases what led me to investigate them) I am but one among a considerable number of others who have been libeled, slandered, harassed, stalked or otherwise unjustly attacked.

These shills and liars have, over a period of years, also compromised the greater legitimacy of the so-called 9-11 Truth and Patriot movements. They are not interested in Truth, that is the problem.

And so, like all cowards, they viciously attack anyone who sincerely seeks the Truth or tells the Truth. Their assaults take many forms, and always against independent, critical thinkers who own their own minds; and whose spiritual and intellectual discernment allow them to live, work and function, free of the collective/herd/hive mentality.

I won't give much detail here, especially as relates to those they have targeted. You may find that information in previously written reports by myself and others.

The readers, as always, may make of this report what they will. It is published for information purposes only. It represents my considered professional opinion and analysis, as a former intelligence operative (25 years, NOC, psychological operations); independent investigator, intelligence analyst and Jungian/depth psychoanalyst. It is nonetheless, based on facts.

But please, don't take it from me; most importantly, I urge each person to do his/her own research; to consider as many other sources as possible; to search for the verifiable facts and to corroborate the facts given here; to use spiritual and intellectual discernment; and finally, upon diligent and serious consideration, to draw your own conclusions. In other words, due diligence, a most effective method for arriving at the Truth.

If you've been conned, scammed, hoodwinked, lied to, exploited or manipulated by any of the unprincipled persons listed here, I assure you, once you learn the Truth, it will set you free.

Note: In this report I have generally given brief "profiles" based on what I consider the most salient facts in each case. Some only receive a terse "dishonorable mention" while others require more ink, for what will be obvious reasons.

I have not included links to websites or online material, though I have provided quite a few names and some of the connections among them. For the rest, I leave it to the readers to use search engines and their own preferred methods of research.

However, there is certainly a plethora of available and easily accessible material to be found, for those who take the time to search it out. It should go without saying that the readers need to look at sources OTHER than the liars and shills being exposed here.

Those who wish to read the previous reports by Barbara Hartwell, in which some of these same characters are exposed in far greater detail, may find many of those reports on this site.

Lacking the resources, funding and support, building my archives on this site has been all I could manage to do and I sure as hell can't afford to hire a professional to set up another "real" website.

Many of my past reports have been destroyed through corrupted files (courtesy of government hackers and saboteurs); some I have not been able to track down on the Internet.

Last year, I learned about the "wayback machine" from a friend and found my old website. I managed to retrieve many of the files. But then, the hackers (once again) destroyed my computer files and I lost it all. Worse, when I went back to the wayback machine, all the files has been mysteriously wiped out! So very, very typical and as usual, there was nothing I could do about it.

But until further notice, this blog is the only legitimate website of Barbara Hartwell. Any and all others using my name in the URL are fraudulent, and have been designed and placed online by my adversaries.


TED GUNDERSON: Former Senior SAC, FBI. Retired from FBI in 1979. Heavily involved in COINTELPRO under the direction of J. Edgar Hoover. Impressive credentials, uses them to insinuate himself into high profile cases, such as murder; human trafficking/slavery; child sex abuse/pornography rings; government mind control operations.

Promotes himself as a "licensed private investigator" though he has been cited for practicing without a license in at least two states and was court-ordered to pay heavy fines as a result, which were garnished from his FBI pension.

Gunderson targets former government operatives/whistleblowers for the purpose of neutralizing and/or discrediting them. Runs containment operations to place a desired spin on and/or defuse information.

Spreads black propaganda (a specialty of COINTELPRO) about his targets. Uses sensationalism to promote his cases; talks endlessly of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Satanism and attempts to apply these motives/modus operandi to a majority of crimes, though there is usually a dearth of evidence to substantiate his claims.

He also relies heavily on preaching about the evils of the Illuminati; the New World Order; the Shadow Government. Not that these entities don't exist, but to hear Gunderson tell it, these vaguely described entities are responsible for all the evil in the world; furthermore, he automatically accuses anyone he doesn't like; who questions his integrity; or who has exposed his many scams and criminal activities of "working" for them; being "handled" by them; "answering to" them and so on and so forth.

As part of his schtick, he also vociferously denounces CIA; but has claimed that when he worked for FBI (1951-1979) "We had a great organization." AS IF the corruption in FBI only started after he left.

Ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, who was forced into early retirement (1979) for reporting FBI corruption and for defending the Constitutional rights of both suspects and agents, tells a much different story --the truth, that is. In fact, at the time Sosbee reported some of the FBI crimes, Gunderson was the Chief Inspector and instead of investigating Sosbee's reports of corruption, he simply ignored them. (See Sosbee's testimony re Gunderson on this website.)

Gunderson uses a network of snitches and provocateurs, mostly amateurs, and often criminals who want a "get out of jail free" card. Sics his minions on legitimate whistleblowers, to harass, stalk, spread outrageous lies about the targets, and otherwise do as much damage as possible. Some Gunderson minions include: Tim White; Brenda Negri; Ken Adachi; Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor; Jon Gentry; Pam Schuffert, all listed in this report.

Gunderson has been involved in black operations/illegal domestic and foreign covert operations (including CIA) for many years, during and after his FBI service. Drugs/arms deals and the like. Sold Stinger missiles to Osama bin Laden in 1979 (in connection with a CIA op), while still working for FBI. Lied about it, denied it when it was exposed, then later admitted it publicly, only after being confronted with irrefutable evidence that several investigators, including Barbara Hartwell, had collected.

Married Diana Rively, the widow of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, in 1998. Marriage was annulled. Lied to many people, denied the marriage. Public records of the marriage exist in California and possibly Nevada.

For additional accurate, factual information on Ted Gunderson, see The Last Circle by Cheri Seymour (aka Carol Marshall) or contact Jackie McGauley, the primary McMartin Preschool whistleblower and mother of an abused child.

McMartin was one of the high-profile cases which Gunderson involved himself in and attempted to take credit for. None of the perps were convicted. Other high-profile cases "investigated" by Ted Gunderson show similar results, or rather lack of results, as the perps usually go scott-free, while the victims/targets who have hired him (or for whom he volunteered his services) see no justice.

Ted Gunderson: Ex officio COINTELPRO. And de facto COINTELPRO. Nothing has changed, not in over forty years.

JOHN DECAMP: Former U.S. senator; involved in state-sponsored terrorism/military assassinations via Operation Phoenix. Auther of The Franklin Cover-Up. Attorney who has used his crony Ted Gunderson as an "investigator" in a number of high-profile cases involving sexual abuse, "satanism" and abduction of children; and who has been in collusion with Gunderson for over two decades. These men claim to be "exposing" human rights violations and atrocities; in fact they are part of the coverup.

At least three witnesses have told investigators/journalists (including Barbara Hartwell) that they hired the Gunderson-DeCamp "team" to work cases in which their children were sexually abused/abducted and/or otherwise removed from their parental custody. In each case, the witnesses claimed that they had paid a retainer of $10,000 to John DeCamp for legal services which were never provided as promised.

KEN ADACHI: PR shill for Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp. Useful idiot who sponors a New Age/government disinfo website, Educate Yourself. Promotes outrageous lies about legitimate government whistleblowers. Endorses/promotes other useful idiots and Gunderson minions, such as Brice Taylor aka Susan Ford; Pam Schuffert; Tim White; Brenda Negri.

DON STACEY: CIA. Stonebridge Associates, CIA proprietary. Containment operations; infiltrates patriot groups. Affiliated with Free Republic (Jim Robinson et al.) Gunderson crony, also handles/promotes certain government mind control victims, such as Brice Taylor.

MARILYN GUINNANE: Useful idiot, under the "mentorship" of Don Stacey. Writes "patriotic" articles; and denounces legitimate whistleblowers, using disinfo fed to her by Stacey and others. Some of her silly and badly written pieces may be found on the Jeff Rense website.

SUSAN FORD AKA BRICE TAYLOR: Gunderson minion. Promotes falsehoods about government mind control. Part of the Gunderson COINTELPRO/containment operation. Claims to be free of mind control operations, but still being handled by government perps.

MARK PHILLIPS: CIA. Mind control handler, including for Cathy O'Brien, whom he claims to have "rescued." Promoter of the "Monarch Project" (for which no hard evidence or legitimate documentation exists). Involved in containment operations re government mind control. Targets legitimate survivors of mind control programs/black ops for disinformation; while endorsing the "Monarch women."

TIM WHITE: Predicate felon. Stalker. Child porno collector, transvestite. Harasses, libels, slanders and stalks sincere patriots and legitimate whistleblowers. Has made many death threats. Made a deal with corrupt feds/FBI to reduce jail time/probation by becoming a snitch/provocateur.

Delusional/pathological liar. Lackey for Gunderson, DeCamp, Division Five (5) FBI, corrupt law enforcement and current/former government officials.

BRENDA NEGRI: Law enforcement/intelligence groupie and camp follower. Fed-wannabe. Harasses, libels, stalks patriots and whistleblowers. Makes death threats. Perpetrator of fraud, scams. History of mental illness and has done time in psychiatric wards. Gunderson lackey.

SHIRLEY ANDERSON: Scamster, provocateur and patriot/militia campfollower. Travels the country freeloading and bilking patriots, especially men, whom she targets for relationships. One-time "girlfriend" of Tim White. Spreads outrageous lies about patriots and whistleblowers. Also connected to Brenda Negri; Larry Lawson; Charles Bruce Stewart.

PAM SCHUFFERT: Fundamentalist religious zealot; fear monger. Scamster and grifter. Travels the country freeloading and ripping off patriots and militia groups. Spreads disinformation and outrageous lies about patriots and whistleblowers, usually of a sensationalistic nature.

Offers "Christian" counseling (for which she is not qualified) and then violates confidences of her targets by publishing private information, much of which is twisted and promoted as misinformation.

Connected to Gunderson, Adachi, White.

JOHN GENTRY: Gunderson minion and videographer who makes and sells pirated/bootleg videos of events/seminars in the patriot lecture circuit. Spreads disinfo about patriots and whistleblowers.

DOUG MILLAR: Gunderson factotum and low-level penetration agent for FBI/DCS. Spreads disinfo about patriots and whistleblowers; patriot infiltrator/name collector.

CHARLES BRUCE STEWART: Useful idiot. Endorses Tim White, Shirley Anderson, Larry Lawson as "sources" for outrageous lies about patriots and whistleblowers. Attacks patriots and whistleblowers with the secondhand disinfo from his lying sources. Another one who claims to be a "Christian" via his Christian Common Law group.

ALEX JONES: Viewed by many misguided people as a "super patriot". Grandstander and shill. Has betrayed the trust of sincere patriots, such as one family whom he sold out to mainstream media for his own financial gain.

Egomaniac who has claimed in one instance that he is "singlehandedly fending off the New World Order."

Engages in censorship, bullying and lies to protect his own interests. Promotes false patriots like DeCamp and Gunderson and covers for their scams and lies.

VIRGINIA MCCOLLOUGH: Journalist affiliated with News Making News. Runs massive libel campaigns, spreads disinformation about patriots, whistleblowers. Uses unreliable and fraudulent "sources", such as Tim White.

SHERRY SHRINER: Useful idiot. Grandstander who claims to be "King David's granddaughter" and a Christian spiritual warrior. Bible code and "space alien" nutcase and shill for false patriots. Spreads outrageous lies about patriots and whistleblowers. Connected to Tim White, Larry Lawson.

LARRY LAWSON: Spreads disinformation in a large operation all over the World Wide Web. Promotes outrageous lies about many government whistleblowers and patriots. Supports/promotes Tim White, Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp, Shirley Anderson, Brenda Negri, Sherry Shriner, Pam Schuffert. Has published death threats made by Brenda Negri on his "news group."

RAYELAN ALLAN: New Age occultist who runs a government disinfo website. Shill for the Bush family; supports the Patriot Acts. Promotes a theory of "Factions One and Two" and has claimed that George W. Bush is "part of Faction Two", whom she says is "against the NWO."

Has a contingent of "news agents", mostly misguided, mush-brained New Agers. Promotes witchcraft, black magic and occultism; has banned news agents simply for making public their devotion to Jesus Christ. Engages in selective censorship; spreads outrageous lies about patriots and whistleblowers.

TODD BRENDAN FAHEY: Useful idiot. False patriot. Grandstander. Psychotic stalker; identity thief; blackmailer; degenerate alcoholic; drug abuser; grifter. Pathological liar. Misogynist and porno-monger. Runs massive libel campaigns against patriots and whistleblowers.

In collusion with Ken Adachi, Tim White, Brenda Negri, John DeCamp and others to spread malicious lies. Solicits crimes of stalking/harassment by publishing private phone numbers and street addresses. Promotes outrageous lies about his targets.

ROSALEE GRABLE (AKA WEBFAIRY): Useful idiot. Promotes whacked-out conspiracy theories all over the World Wide Web. Libels legitimate patriots and whistleblowers, while supporting liars and scamsters. Promotes the "Discordian" philosophy.

SARTRE: Pretentious pseudo intellectual who runs a group called Breaking All The Rules (BATR). Misogynist, male-supremacist. Connected to Todd Fahey, Rosalee Grable and other useful idiots.

FINTAN DUNNE: Disinformation specialist. Promotes outrageous lies about patriots and whistleblowers. Promotes and supports United Nations and New Age collectivist ideology and methodology. Liar extraordinaire. Has promoted some of the most flagrant disinfo ever to appear on the World Wide Web.

MIKE EGGLESTON (AKA SMOKESCREEN): Useful idiot who spreads second and third hand disinfo he picks up on the Internet. Writes about subjects and people he knows absolutely nothing about. Example: COINTELPRO.

ROBB REVERE: Revere Radio Network. Psychopath; misogynist. Porno-monger. Promotes the blackest of lies, designed to demean women in general; and has targeted certain women in particular for his outrageous and filthy smear campaigns.

Just look at a photo of this despicable lowlife --it's worth a thousand words. The demonic possession is clear for all with eyes to see. Pollutes the "patriot" movement with his ever-proliferating filth.

SONNY CRACK: Associate of Revere Radio Network. Misogynist, porno-monger. Defiles women with disgusting pornographic "rap music". Wannabe black man who comes off only as a ludicrous white-trash buffoon. Absolutely disgusting and appalling!

TED ANDERSON: Runs GCN Network. Enough said.

ERIC HUFSCHMID: Writes and disseminates outrageous disinformation about patriots and whistleblowers. Claims to be "investigating" and "exposing" 9-11. No credentials whatsoever; just suddenly "appeared" after 9-11 with his whining disinformation schtick.

His reports are clearly based on erroneous suppositions and conjecture. Attempts to "connect the dots" where no dots exist. Talks about a "criminal network", but gets all the players (and their purported "connections") wrong. Whoever this fool is, he needs to hire a fact-checker before writing his idiotic reports.

DARYL BRADFORD SMITH: Radio talk show host. Promotes the material of Eric Hufscmhid; in collusion with Hufschmid to demonize patriots and whistleblowers. Spreads disinformation and promotes disinfo through his guests, such as John DeCamp . Criminal who fled the country after a knife attack on his own brother.

RONALD & MARY ANN CERRA: CIA. Criminal harassment/stalking against targets. Disseminating disinformation about whistleblowers and patriots. MK Ultra handlers. Neutralizers for Bush, Cheney & Co. Satanists.

That about wraps it up. But please, if you want the truth, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. There is no substitute.

Barbara Hartwell
November, 2006