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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Criminal Harassment, Death Threats & Foul Play

NOTE, January 3, 2007: Crime reports such as this one divulge detailed information about perpetrators, in order to make them part of a public record; and to show connections among various perps, some of whom are government/ex-government.

One perp not mentioned here is Ken Adachi, a PR shill for ex-FBI agent Ted L. Gunderson. Adachi (Educate Yourself website) has published many libelous reports, for the purpose of defamation and character assassination against Barbara Hartwell and others. One such report, using the pseudonym 'James L. Choron', was in fact written by Brenda Negri.

The title of the report is 'Barbara Hartwell, Stew Webb and Al Martin, All Connected". This pack of filthy lies was written in apparent retaliation after Hartwell, Webb and Martin made sure that Negri was fired from her job as a secretary at Swan Legal Services, after she used office computers and phones to conduct her libel/slander campaign and make threats against targets.

[See Just the Facts: A Report on Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick]

Another perp not mentioned here is Todd Brendan Fahey, who did not join in with the other government shills and stooges (including Adachi, White and Negri) until July, 2004. Since that time Fahey has never ceased his criminal harassment, cyber-stalking, libel, identity theft against Barbara Hartwell and other targets, including ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee.

Fahey, like his criminal cohort Brenda Negri, often hides behind many aliases and screen names to do his dirty work. This is the modus operandi of cowards. Truthful, legitimate people have no fear of their identities being known.

Yet another perp is Pamela Schuffert, aligned with Ken Adachi, Ted Gunderson, Tim White and Larry Lawson.

If you read my numerous reports, naming these perps, it will be easy to connect the dots, and to identify repeat offenders in the criminal network which has targeted legitimate government whistleblowers, over a period of years.

June, 2003


My reason for writing this report is to publicly document evidence and facts about death threats, criminal harassment and foul play. I will be off the Internet within the next week for an undetermined period of time, due to circumstances beyond my control, and this may be the last public report I am able to post for quite some time.

My website has apparently been torn down. It has been offline since yesterday afternoon. I made several calls to my local ISP who hosts the site. I was told they had no explanation for why the site is down, but that it would be "investigated".

I did not receive a call back from my ISP, as promised. According to the representative I spoke with, no other websites on the server were having problems. So I am left to conlude that there has been some foul play by certain of the perpetrators whose crimes are being exposed on my website.

Let me get right to the point: The criminal harassment being directed against me has escalated to such a degree that my health and general well-being have been severely compromised. Extreme damages have been sustained by me as well as certain family members, friends and professional colleagues.

I have found it necessary to report these crimes to, and seek protection from, law enforcement. Whether serious investigations or protection will be forthcoming I do not yet know. However, making PUBLIC some of the violations committed against me by the criminal perpetrators may serve as a warning to the perps as well as an incentive to law enforcement to DO THEIR JOB.


Two of the criminal perpetrators, Tim White of Denver, Colorado and Brenda Negri of San Pedro, California, have made direct death threats against me. Tim White has also made FALSE allegations (August 2001) about threats against my life by an INNOCENT party (Jeff Swedenburg) in collusion with others, such as Kurt and Lee Ann Billings (April 2001).

I have evidence and witnesses against a number of perpetrators (including the ones named above) as well as evidence that several of the perps are working in collusion to criminally harass myself and certain of my relatives, friends and colleagues; attempted intimidation; retaliation against whistleblowers exposing corruption and crimes; and making threats to my life.

I have called various police departments to report these criminal violations. When I called the Los Angeles Police Department several months ago to report criminal harassment by Brenda Negri, I was told that I should make a report to the FBI, as Negri's criminal violations against me were being committed on the Internet.

As outlined in a recent report on Brenda Negri, I did make a formal complaint about her criminal harassment to her employers, the TSA, where she worked as a baggage screener, in conjunction with others targeted for harassment by Negri, Federal Whistleblower Stew Webb and retired LAPD officer Ed Schooling.

I furnished numerous documents as evidence of Negri's criminal harassment and was told by Assistant Federal Security Director at LAX, Paul Lipscomb, that TSA would investigate the matter. However, I did not receive any definitive information re Negri's status or the results of the investigation from TSA officials Lipscomb and Jonathan Fleming, one of Negri's supervisors.

To the best of my knowledge, Negri is no longer employed by TSA. But the fact remains that TSA failed to act with due diligence and allowed Negri to continue her criminal violations, reported by three witnesses, while employed by a Federal agency.

After leaving TSA, Brenda Negri continued her criminal harassment of me and escalated to direct DEATH THREATS ON THE INTERNET.

These death threats were posted on several PUBLIC message boards, including Larry Lawson News, a Yahoo! 'news group'. Larry Lawson of Indiana has been writing and posting libelous and false allegations against me for at least a year. Lawson also had at least two guests, Tim White of Denver, CO and Shirley Anderson, of Carrington, N.D. on his radio program on GCN Live, who engaged in slander and character defamation against me.

Libel, slander and defamation are civil violations for which the injured party may seek justice in a civil lawsuit. But posting a DEATH THREAT from Brenda Negri on his PUBLIC MESSAGE BOARD is a criminal violation, one for which Mr. Lawson should be prosecuted by law enforcement.


I saved evidence of a recent death threat (May and June 2003) made by Brenda Negri against Barbara Hartwell. I then called my local FBI office in Kingston, New York and made a complaint.

I explained to the FBI agent that I had been targeted for criminal harassment, as well as death threats by several perpetrators, including Brenda Negri. I gave the agent the most pertinent information I had collected on Negri over the phone. (Information included in the report below.)

I also told him that there were other perpetrators in collusion with Negri; that the perps were operating out of different areas of the country and that the police had made it clear to me that this was a matter for the FBI, NOT local law enforcement in any one area. I also read Negri's death threat to the agent over the phone and gave him the URL for Lawson's yahoo message board where it is posted, so he could see the evidence for himself.

I was told by the FBI agent, who gave his name as Chris Parker of the Kingston office, that he would call me back in two (2) days after looking into the matter. I had made it clear that there were other criminal perpetrators in collusion with Negri, but Mr. Parker told me that he would start with Negri and the death threat and move on from there.

By June 20, when a few weeks had passed, and I had not heard back from the FBI agent, Mr. Parker, I made more phone calls to law enforcement agencies. I called the L.A. County Sheriff Dep't; the LAPD; the San Pedro PD; the L.A. office of FBI; and finally was referred to the San Pedro office of the FBI.

I was told by San Pedro FBI that I needed to stick with my local office of the FBI, in the county where I reside. The San Pedro FBI advised me to "persevere" and to call them back if I "have any problems".

I DO intend to persevere. I will not allow these criminal perpetrators to continue their harassment; stalking; retaliation for imagined or alleged (but nonexistent) wrongdoing or other violations against me.

I am making this report public at this time as a protective measure to ensure that these criminal violations are widely known, should actual bodily harm come to me or to others targeted for these threats and criminal harassment.

The following additional report, written a few weeks ago, intended for distribution, gives details relating to Brenda Negri, the perpetrator on whom the most solid and documented evidence has been collected by the injured parties.

I have not had time to prepare reports on the other perps. In fact, it is an outrage and a travesty of justice that I should have had to spend ANY of my time collecting and documenting this evidence. That is the job of law enforcement. But I have little choice, since I intend to see justice done.


Attention: FBI; L.A. County Sheriff Department; TSA at LAX Airport; Legal Dep't at Yahoo!.com and other Concerned Parties.

To All Concerned Parties:

The following report contains information relevant to criminal violations as well as other abuses (including libel, slander, harassment) committed by Brenda Negri.

I and other individuals (witnesses/targets) continue to suffer from extreme damages as a result of these violations. It is our intention to see to it that Brenda Negri be apprehended; held accountable and brought to justice for her violations.


SSN: 549-23-8109

Post Office Box 123 San Pedro, CA 90733

Brenda Negri is the architect of these two Internet sites:

Flynn's Ghost ( a Yahoo! group)


[links defunct]

Negri uses these and many other message boards to post material which is harassing; threatening; libelous; and comprised of FALSE allegations having NO basis in fact, against her targets, Barbara Hartwell; Stew Webb; Geral Sosbee; Ed Schooling; and others.

Negri uses many aliases, screen names and e-mail addresses. Most commonly used screen name was/is "Ranger Rick".

Other e-mail adresses and screen names used by Negri:

Ranger Rick;; XX;; Captain Blood;; Agent Scully; Angel of Mercy;; Brenda M. Negri;; Ranger Rick;

Negri's last known place of employment: TSA, baggage screener at LAX Airport, Los Angeles, CA. Current employment status unknown. Sources indicate Negri may have resigned or been terminated from TSA on or about May 19, 2003, no confirmation.

TSA Contact Info: Paul Lipscomb, Assistant Federal Security Director at LAX Airport Larry Fetters, Acting Federal Security Director

Barbara Hartwell; Stewart A. Webb; and Edward Schooling all filed complaints with officials at TSA against Brenda Negri in April 2003. Complaints made by phone, and written complaints via e-mail. We also furnished evidence of Negri's criminal harassment; stalking; threats, etc. by e-mail. BH sent formal written complaint/report by e-mail.

[For details please see article: Irrefutable Evidence: The Truth About Brenda Negri on the Barbara Hartwell website.]


The violations of which I have DIRECT personal knowledge; and/or have been a target of; and/or have documented evidence for are marked with asterisk.*

Items available:

(Not included in this report.)

1) Documents as evidence for all violations of which I have direct knowledge.

2) List of witnesses who have agreed to testify against Brenda Negri on my behalf and/or on their own behalf.

3) List of witnesses and sources with whom I have had contact regarding this matter.

4) List of individuals (known to me) formerly and/or currently in collusion with Negri to perpetrate criminal harassment; fraud, libel and slander etc. Some may qualify as "hostile witnesses".


*Impersonating Federal Agents:

On public websites and message boards. Negri, in her own words has referred to herself as: "undercover Fed"; "Fed" ; "Ace G-man"; "mole inside the Department of Homeland Security", etc.

Carrying and showing false I.D. (L.A. County Sheriff Dep't and FBI) and using it to impersonate Fed. Officers; attempt to deceive/intimidate/interrogate/gain cooperation from targets. Witness: Stewart A. Webb, possibly others.

*Criminal harassment; threats; stalking, by phone; e-mail; on Internet message boards; in person.

*Using Internet; ISP and yahoo groups to perpetrate fraud; make threats; stalk, harass; publish false information (NO basis in fact) about targets.

*Death threats on public message boards against Barbara Hartwell. Excerpts from a message, written by Brenda Negri, addressed to BH was posted on Larry Lawson News:

["...the Mexican Mafia, the gangs, the heroin junkies and the meth dealers. They'll whip your ass into a pulp if we ask them to, and thats only if you're lucky. If you're not, they'll just flat kill ya......they'll slit your throat just as soon as say fuck you."]

*Threats of retaliation for alleged (NOT actual) wrongdoing, crimes, etc.

*Attempts to intimidate witnesses/targets.

*Using names of former or current government agents (such as Richard Wade, ex-FBI, L.A. Office; retired FBI Senior SAC Ted L. Gunderson, L.A. office) to threaten retaliation and/or harm to targets on Negri's behalf.

*Writing and publishing FALSE information (NO basis in fact) which endangers safety/compromises security of the target. Such as: "Barbara Hartwell and her terrorist connections"; "They would send a Rusky with a silencer to kill Barbara Hartwell". Many more such statements documented as evidence.

*Publishing FALSE allegations of criminal violations by the target. Such as, alleging Barbara Hartwell is a "paid prostitute for the CIA"; "terrorist"; "CIA goon"; "CIA assassin"; "rogue CIA operative" "black ops goon"; etc. Implicating BH in "narcotics trafficking".

*Fabricating and publishing alleged quotes from target, implicating the target in criminal actions. Such as, "Barbara Hartwell claims she kills people using killer mind rays". and "BH admitted she was a CIA prostitute".

Co-opting target's identity (impersonating the target) and using target's name to post inflammatory/threatening material, NOT written or posted by target. Target: Stew Webb.

Alleging on Internet message boards and her website that "Barbara Hartwell has many aliases, screen names and e-mail accounts/addresses on hot mail, yahoo", etc.

In fact, I have ONLY ONE e-mail address which is set up under my REAL NAME, Barbara Hartwell. My real name accompanies all e-mail written and sent by me. I have NEVER at any time used any "screen name".

*Acting in collusion with cohorts to perpetrate criminal actions against Barbara Hartwell and others.

*Theft: theft of services at Swan Legal Services, Los Angeles, CA. Unauthorized use of office telephones, metered mail system to perpetrate criminal harassment against targets. Witness: Attorney Delia Swan, former employer. No charges were pressed by Ms. Swan for the theft of services.

*Unauthorized use of computer/phone lines at Swan Legal Services for purposes of writing/posting libelous material about targets and criminal harassment of targets.

Ms. Swan terminated Negri's employment after complaints were filed against Negri by three of her targets, Barbara Hartwell; Al Martin; Stew Webb.

Giving false information (lying) on application form about her personal history; background and employment to Federal Agents of TSA. Withholding vital information, such as that Negri had a history of mental illness and had been placed in a psychiatric hospital by family members and that she had been fired from Swan Legal Services for various violations, etc.

*Sponsoring and/or acting in collusion with and/or hiring criminals for purposes of computer hacking into Barbara Hartwell's computer. This was admitted by Negri on several public message boards and her own website, The Fifth Horseman.

Carrying an unregistered hand gun without a permit. Witness: Stew Webb

Violations pertinent to a Civil lawsuit:

With intent of malice: Libel and slander. Phone and e-mail Harassment. Violations of privacy. Impugning the sanity of the target. Character assassination, defamation: Such as, "Barbara Hartwell does sexual favors for Special Forces". Or "Barbara Hartwell is a pathological liar"; "a twisted psycho nutcase"; "bilks men for money by using seductive pictures on her website"; etc.

Many other writings by Negri available as evidence. NONE of these statements have any basis in fact. All allegations are false and have caused extreme damages, professionally and personally, to Barbara Hartwell, as well as my family members, friends and professional colleagues.

Violations of "terms of service" on yahoo message group run by Negri:


You agree to NOT to use the Service to:Upload, post, e-mail, transmit or otherwise make available any Content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;"stalk" or otherwise harass another.]

Negri has set up this message board (Flynn's Ghost) for the EXPRESS PURPOSE of perpetrating the VERY violations outlined here. All complaints made to Yahoo! by several injured parties, including Barbara Hartwell, Stew Webb and Ed Schooling, were ignored by Yahoo!


Negri first made contact with me via e-mail: October 2001, after reading my articles on various websites.

I cut off contact with Negri December 12, 2001. Negri was warned to cease and desist from harassing me and my professional colleagues, all of them formerly intelligence; military; law enforcement or combination thereof.

Negri disregarded my directive/warning and began to write numerous FALSE, libelous, defamatory commentaries about me and others.

In December 2001 I publicly exposed Negri as a phony and liar, in attempts to stop her criminal harassment and libel.

Negri continues, to this day, to perpetrate criminal harassment and commit other violations against Barbara Hartwell and others.

As an injured party, I respectfully request that all criminal charges made in this report against Brenda Negri, be investigated with due diligence by the appropriate agencies who have jurisdiction over these matters.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Barbara Hartwell
June, 2003