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Monday, January 8, 2007

The Denver Connection: Spook Central

December, 2001

Originally published on Bart Cop

Note from Babs:

This article should have been a well-written piece, it should have been done the right way, but due to the latest disturbing events, I have only one objective and that is to get this report finished and posted before I am stopped --one way another-- from doing so.

So please excuse the informal style and what flaws may result from my get out the information is my only goal.

So here follows the first part, already written before the latest events. You'll soon see the style change, but that can't be helped.


If you've ever been connected in any way to the shadowy realm of covert operations, even by the proverbial 'six degrees of separation' you'll be familiar with Denver, Colorado.

It is known among the spooks as Langley West. It is also home of the infamous Denver International Airport, replete with it's multilevel underground complex and tunnel matrix, and let's not forget the sinister collection of artwork depicting Satanic and occult symbols of oppression, enslavement and death.

And unless you have ice-water running in your veins, the creepy vibes in the airport, that God-forsaken place, are guaranteed to send chills of revulsion up your spine. Thrills or chills...depending I guess, on your perspective.

Denver is a spooky place, for sure. On my own spook-barometer, it rates among those places with the dubious honor of earning the highest read-out: Spook Central.

I have my own strange history connected to Denver, going back many years, and still have family there, in nearby Littleton. I lived in Colorado Springs briefly in the mid-seventies while a family member was stationed at a local military base, but the last time I visited was in 1997, where I spent a not-so-fun-filled week at the Global Sciences Congress, at a hotel on the Denver outskirts, one of my first public appearances in connection with my experiences of political persecution after breaking out of gov't-sponsored mind control programs and covert operations.

Though the 'Denver Connection' has been hovering on the fringes of my life for many years, this year it slapped me full in the face and I'm still reeling from the blow.

What's more, the bizarre tale continues to unfold faster than I can keep up to speed with my investigation, much less documentation. So if you're a junkie for cloak-and-dagger intrigue, read on......

Perhaps a good place to begin would be with the ominous rumours going 'round, starting early last spring, that my name was on a 'hit list'. Now this may not be news to some people who say they have been following my unfolding story on the Internet. I made it my business to document those rumours and make them as public as I could, as fast as I could.

This would be your typical spook insurance policy...tell EVERYBODY.

The reasoning goes something like this: It just might make the bad guys think twice about following through with their nefarious plot. And of course, in the worst-case scenario --God forbid-- should the hit be successful, like if a suspicious 'accident' does happen to the purported target, the goons responsible for the hit might be nailed, with a little spade work from concerned friends and investigators.

Now, I'm no fool, so naturally I had lined up a whole passel of such investigators, most of whom I consider friends, who have promised me that they will be on the case in a heartbeat, should my untimely demise occur.

But so far, by the grace of God, I'm still here, so let me move on with my story.


As you can see, that's as far as I got with the original report. Now, based on a previous 'confidential' report, with some editing and additions, here's the rest of the story, including the latest.....

This info is being published for "security" (what a joke) purposes, just so others (besides the spooks and hackers) have it.

I have no way to stop the hacking and spying on me, but I need to make sure it's documented, just in case something should happen to me before I am able to finish my public report on the Denver Connection.

Any info re a so-called 'CIA contract hit man' (who shall remain nameless) I was warned was coming to whack me has been proven to me to be absolutely FALSE.

This individual is innocent of any such allegations, which I investigated myself. I have been in contact with this individual and now know this false info was fed to me for purposes of intimidation and also to set up the other individual to demonize him and to try to create animosity and distrust between him and myself.

However, I was able to see through this Psy Ops ploy and it didn't work out the way the perps had planned. Now, in good conscience, it is my duty to defend this man, since his innocence has been established in my mind beyond any doubt.

In August 2001, I received a second 'warning' about this so-called 'hit man'. This warning was based on what I later learned was bogus information, being spread around by a man named Tim White, among others.

The warning was passed on to me by Tim Hall, an 'associate' of White, who contacted me by e-mail with White's false information. Again, the warning was about the same individual, who shall remain nameless, because I owe it to him to protect his identity.

I wrote back to Hall, asking for his bona-fides and told him that I would then decide whether the contact would go further. "Weasel" [aka Hall] wrote back to me, explaining that he was retired Special Forces, career military, 22 years service, code name Weasel.

Since I had no idea who White was, I asked Hall to give me his own phone number and agreed to call him instead of White.

I discussed the situation with Weasel (Tim Hall) during a series of phone calls, over a period of several months, in my attempt to get to the truth about this 'warning', and I established a friendship with him, which I believed was based on common interests and investigations.

Here's what I was told by Weasel: That sometime in mid-August, when he had known this 'associate', Tim White for only about three weeks, White told him that this so-called 'hit man' had told Stew Webb that: "Barbara Hartwell, if I ever find her, I'll kill the bitch"

Naturally, I called Stew Webb, who happens to be a friend of mine, and asked if this threat had in fact been made. Stew told me such a conversation had never taken place, that he had never even met the individual who was purported to have made this threat and that it must be one of the many lies being told by Tim White, for what nefarious purpose he didn't know.

Since I consider Stew a trustworthy and credible person, I believed him and knew there was something very wrong with this picture.

Finally, I decided to contact the individual --about whom the various 'warnings' had been thrown out--myself. At this point it seemed the only way to get to the bottom of these disturbing allegations, and since I was very tired of hearing all these bizarre stories about him from various sources.

Long story short, I established contact with him and finally, after a series of communications with him, was satisfied that he was not only innocent of all murderous intent toward me, but also that he is not a 'hit man'; does not work for CIA; and in fact, from what I can see, on the contrary, he's is a good guy, a patriot who had been targeted by the same corrupt cabal who were trying to neutralize me.

I guess the bad guys thought it would be a good way to 'kill two birds with one stone' so to speak, had I believed the slander and disinformation being spread, but because I did my own investigation, I was able to understand that this was nothing more than an elaborate psy-war operation, something I have unfortunately been well-aquainted with for many years, by virtue of the fact that I am a targeted individual.

Back to Weasel. At the time of this writing there is some confusion as to the truth --at least in my mind. This is because up until today, based on my interactions with him, and a series of very disturbing events, I believed that he shared the same 'cause' as myself: To defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and to stand up for what is right, including the truth.

I'm sorry to have to say, that I just don't know anymore what the truth is regarding Weasel's testimony, or his intent regarding me. I can only tell what I know to the best of my ability, by describing a series of events, told to me by various witnesses, including Weasel himself, and in which I was directly involved.

On the day after White told Hall about the alleged threat to my life, White was arrested, on drug-related charges. Evidently, he had been arrested for growing 'medical marijuana' in connection with a woman named Doreen Bishop, who was supposedly his 'girlfriend' and had set him up to be busted by the Denver police.

According to Hall, he was present at White's home on the day of the arrest. But Hall was not taken in to the police station with White, which normally would have been standard operating procedure, whether he was involved with White's activities or not.

Instead, the police checked Hall's ID and then told him he was free to go. From Hall's testimony to me, he had no involvement with White's marijuana-related activities.

For previous reports and more details involving the story of Weasel aka Tim Hall, please see the following articles on my website:

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Urgent Update on Political Persecution

Shortly after White's arrest, I was told by Hall that some very disturbing events were happening to him. It was clear he had been targeted for Psy Ops. First, the IRS swooped in and froze his bank accounts, looting all his cash.

He was shadowed all over Denver by agents. His computer was crashed and destroyed right after he received an e-mail from me containing a report on his own situation, written by me.

His telephone service was interfered with. A mysterious black box was found in the cellar of Hall's home, seeming to contain electronic gadgetry.

Then came the package Weasel tried to send to me, a scanner for my computer, which came back 'returned' to sender' at the Denver Post Office, after having been destroyed. Weasel was told by a postal worker that they were 'just checking for anthrax' ....why the package was decimated and returned.

And so it went......Weasel told me his "life became a nightmare", shortly after he first contacted me; shortly after White made allegations re the 'hit' on me.

Some time later, on November 6, there was an incident at the Social Security office in Denver, for which Weasel was arrested. The charge was 'assault with a deadly weapon on government officials'.

Weasel was told his SS check would be withheld, and after all the other harassment and persecution for which he had been targeted, this seemed the last straw. Weasel demanded his check, which was rightfully owed to him and became violent when the bureaucrats refused to give him the check.

Three people were injured, the incident was covered up and kept out of the media and the only report, to my knowledge, re this event was one I wrote based on Weasel's testimony and which was posted on my website and on several other sites and alternative media news wire services.

Strangely enough, Weasel was held at the jail for only an hour, and then released on a $500.00 bond after the incident, and then called me to tell me what had happened. I urged him never to do such a thing again, and in fact made him promise to refrain from using violence, ever again, which he did promise me.

Soon after the first phone call to me, I received another. Now I was told by Weasel that two Federal agents, claiming to be FBI, had showed up at his door right after he got off the phone with me. The agents told him they had been listening to his phone conversation with me, that they heard the whole thing.

The agents asked Weasel if he intended to keep his promise to me...about no more violence. They also claimed to know all about me, what I was involved in, and even claimed that they "supported" my cause.... exposing the truth about gov't corruption, illegal covert ops and defending liberty and the Constitution.

They further claimed that they knew that what the gov't had done to me was wrong..... the CIA mind control, the harassment and persecution, etc. That's what they said anyway.....

They told Weasel that if he would "keep his promise to Barbara"...."no more one-man act of violence against the gov't"...... that all criminal charges would be dropped....just like that.

Weasel agreed --with the proviso that all harassment against him and me would cease. A phone call was made, the charges were dropped, and that was the end of it... at least for that day......

Several weeks later, a different set of agents paid a call on Weasel. Now they claimed to be DOJ, and their reason for the visit was to confiscate documents which Weasel had removed from Tim White's residence, at White's request, after White's arrest. They did not have a warrant, but Weasel cooperated with their request.

The agents said they needed the docs to file criminal charges against White. White is now in Canyon City Penitentiary, mental ward, where he had been transferred from the Denver Correctional Facility.

I do not know what "criminal charges" are to be filed against White. I don't know him, have never spoken to him, nor had any other contact.

My intuition and analysis of the situation told me White was a patsy, being paid/used to set people up and spread disinfo and as far as I know, my analysis was correct, as others who know him, including Stew Webb, later confirmed.

The night before the DOJ agents showed up at Hall's house, I had been on the phone with Hall, discussing a trip he planned to make from Denver to Woodstock, NY to visit me. I had asked Hall to come, since he had promised me he would be there if I ever needed backup. We also discussed the documents and Hall told me he would bring them.

But anyway, the agents told Hall, before they got back into their white van, that they "had been informed that he was planning to take a trip". Information obviously gleaned from their surveillance of our phone conversation the previous night.

In fact, most of the documents belonged not to White, but were the legal property of Stew Webb, in connection to a grand jury investigation. According to Webb, most of the documents were returned to him by Hall and are now stored in a safe location.

A mutual friend of White and Hall, a man named Mike, was also targeted in connection with these documents. Mike had been there with Hall to help remove the boxes of documents from White's residence after his arrest and had evidently had some of the documents in his possession.

Mike's truck was run off the road, in an apparent assassination attempt, pushed over the side of a mountain and he was badly injured, admitted to the hospital in critical condition. I got this information from several credible sources, including Stew Webb.

Mike told Stew and Weasel he would talk to me for purposes of giving his testimony, but I have not yet been able to reach him by phone.

Doreen Bishop, an associate and 'girlfriend' of Tim White, also of Denver, described by Al Martin in his book, The Conspirators, as a "political gadfly", has been spreading disinfo re myself, Stew Webb and others.

I learned from Stew last week that she has been making harassing phone calls to Stew. Her Mickey Mouse Methodology (she is a former 'mousketeer' ) leaves much to be desired, but according to several credible sources, she works for some very bad people......

Doug Millar, a disinfo/penetration agent and known associate of Ted Gunderson, was planted on Weasel last week. Weasel met with him and Millar wanted all Weasel's info, but he was warned that Millar is a plant by me and Stew, both of us know him.

Millar also made bootleg tapes of myself, Stew and others, at conferences and is selling them for a profit.

Doug Millar also wrote some material with character assassination/disinfo re Stew Webb and others. Weasel tried to e-mail it to me, but the e-mail didn't get to me. Most of what Weasel has tried to send me (postal and e-mail) never arrived and/or was destroyed.

On Friday, Dec 7, I was in a conference call with Stew Webb and Tim Hall, discussing these matters. Hall told me at that time that his trip to see me had been sabotaged.

He said he had his truck all packed and ready to go, and that he found sugar in the gas tank, which of course ruined his engine. I was not surprised to hear this...what else is new? Any time I have a chance to get backup, the perps move in and take it away way or another....

Weasel told us he had to get off the phone, since some "visitors" had showed up in front of his home, but when he went out to see who they were they drove away before he had time to get the license plate #....

I have had no choice but to discuss these matters on the phone....there is no other way and the bastards hear it all...except some of the more sensitive stuff.

These spooks are fools if they think they'll ever hear the really sensitive info from me on a phone line....I reserve that for face-to-face discussions, and unfortunately I almost never have that opportunity with anyone I really need to talk to.


The perps have got me in a corner, a prisoner in my home for the past year. I have no transportation (they destroyed car # 8 on Jan. 9, 2001). The car is almost fixed, but I lack the money to have the final repairs done, registration, insurance, etc.

Most of my income has been cut off. I now have no way (except a miracle) to pay my bills.

I no longer feel safe here (at the moment anyway) because I have no back up at all, no money and considering the circumstances of these bastards persecuting me and others who are just trying to get the truth out or who try to help others who are being persecuted.

I'm not on speaking terms with most of my family (a few are still CIA), they can't be trusted and I have no close friends anywhere nearby that I can rely on for anything.

So far they have gotten to every person close to me --one way or another-- and are being used to sabotage my life in various ways.....I have just reached the end of my tolerance for this.....

A guy from the UK...Stormy, he has the 911-UK website...well, they crashed his computers, destroyed his equipment, tore his site down 3X so far, for posting my material....and then sent a surveillance van to sit ouside his home, with antennae, etc......they hit him with exotic weapons, resulting in serious injuries to him and he STILL wants to help me.....he has all my stuff on the front page of his site...and by paying for a domain name for my site....a real stand up guy, God bless him.

And now, the plot is the letter I received from Weasel this morning, and following it, my response. The exchange is self-explanatory.

From Tim Hall to Barbara Hartwell:


You are really losing it right now, you have 'pulled the dragons tail' once too often and now he is burning you to no end. I had a nice sit down lunch w/'the Boys' yesterday and got a good lesson on the 'inside' dealings you are telling about.

These agents are getting ready to bring down the roof on 'you' and others that are creating a real mess for them and are prepared to do just that. Question: Have you really took a good look at your whole picture and what you are doing for the 'public'?

Example: 9-11 was a wake-up call for the populace, however no one gave a damn about it and still go one w/their stupid-no caring ways...they don's give a rats-ass about what 'you' put in you web site, they don't care about the evil Gov' what's you point here??? My whole life has been totally 'fucked' since I became involved w/your cause and sites like yours....take a good look at Al Martin.. he's probally a millioniare 3 times over now, has a web site, talk show many sponsors and rollin in the $$$$$$..and you?????, poorer that a 'broke dick dog', not pot to piss in and no window to throw it out.....get the picture??????

who gives a 'flying fuck' one , one...well their lose not ours... ...there fore I accepted their offer and am going to be re-instated w/the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS...I'm out of retirement and going after the 'evil ones' as you say, this time w/all the power and legality we can have...

My advise to you is to 'get out of this program your in' and get on w/your life and go out and get employed and make use of what time we have left.....You have put your best foot fwd, however like it one gives a rats-ass about the evils within....Pls do this as soon as you can, as I'm not sure how long they will wait to make their move, I requested that they leave you alone for the time being and not interfeir w/you til I can reach you on this matter. They agreed on this, however for only a short time..I would highly suggest you get rid of your web site and any other items to this effect. I can protect you for only so long...

This is the way it's going to and has be, so it's up to you on the next move, they all ready know all about me and my past dealings and connections, so no lost time there....see around some time, pls don't disregard this info.


And now my response to Tim Hall:


It's hard to believe you wrote this to's like it came from a different person, I'm deeply shocked that you could say these things to me.

So, now you are going to be working for 'them'? Well then, I don't want any 'protection' from you.....not if it comes with such a dear price of compromising my integrity and everything I believe in. I won't buy 'protection' from these bastards...that's what it amounts to, doesn't it?

What they did to me, what they did to you and many others, what they are still's wrong and I won't give up my liberty, nor let them take my rights away. I thought you felt the same way and it's hard to believe you would give me such advice, to just back down, to be bought off like that.

I won't take hush money, if I'm such a problem for them they can just kill me, cowards that they are, at least I'll die with honor, but I won't live as a slave, ever.

And no, you're wrong, I'm not "losing it" as you say. I just have the courage to stand up for my rights, which most people, apparently including yourself, do not.

I'm very sorry that your life became a nightmare because of me, that's not the first time I've heard this. But you didn't have to get involved in my "cause" as you say, I thought it was the same as yours and don't know why you would blame me for what they did to you.

All I ever tried to do was help you and I thought you would back me up instead of turning to their side. I'll just have to try to find backup somewhere else.....if there is even one person who has the guts, that I don't know, haven't found one yet.

I can't tell you how disappointed I am, but you've made yourself very clear and your position. So I guess there's really nothing else I can say. I will do what I have to do and I will not compromise my principles nor will I allow myself to be intimidated by these people.

I wish you nothing but the best, I hope you take care of yourself and unless you tell me otherwise, I won't contact you again, I would not want to be the cause of further trouble for you, since it appears your decision has been made.

Just give the 'boys' a message for me though, would you? Tell them they can go fuck themselves, they're cowards and liars and traitors and if they don't have the guts to do the right thing, then I have nothing but contempt for them....they are beneath contempt.

But for you, I pray for love and blessings and that you will see the truth.


Now, all I can say is, God help Tim Hall..... and God help us all.

All I know is that I have done nothing illegal, nothing immoral. Nothing but defend our Constitutional rights and I have done all in my power to fight for freedom.

I have been persecuted by these criminals for many years. And why am I being persecuted? I have done nothing but tell the truth and I am prepared to die, to fight the tyrants alone, if need be, if that's what it takes to be free.

Barbara Hartwell
December, 2001