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Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Fifth Horseman Website & Brenda Negri: Lies, Libel, Fraud & Disinfo

NOTE, January, 2007:

Some of Brenda Negri's supporters, who have endorsed her 'credibility'; and who have posted her libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell and others, are predicate felon/stalker Tim White; scamster Shirley Anderson; psychotic stalker/ identity thief/porno-monger, Todd Brendan Fahey; government-sponsored disinformer Larry Lawson; and government stooge and shill for ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp and other false patriots, Ken Adachi.

Adachi has gone so far as to make the absurd claim that Brenda Negri is a "whistleblower", connected to her short term employment at TSA as a low-level baggage screener. A job from which she was fired for the same old reasons: her targets (including Barbara Hartwell) made complaints about criminal harassment, death threats and libelous postings, made from government computers, while Negri was on the TSA payroll.

Ken Adachi has posted, as a permanent feature on his website (Educate Yourself) one particularly despicable and very libelous fabrication written by Brenda Negri, using the alias, James L. Choron, titled: Barbara Hartwell, Stew Webb, Al Martin, All Connected.

There is not one iota of truthful information in this smear piece written by Brenda Negri, hiding behind the alias James L. Choron. It is filled with the most filthy lies imaginable.

Negri supporter and malicious liar, Ken Adachi continues to post libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell, in a pathetic attempt to "defend" Ted Gunderson's credibility.

As for Negri herself, I don't know what aliases she's using these days. She seems to have disappeared off the radar. Maybe somebody finally punched her one way ticket to Hell....

September, 2002


Written by Brenda Negri, posted on the Fifth Horseman Website:

[PART OF WHAT MAKES UP YOUR CHARACTER, BAT FANS, IS HAVING THE COURAGE TO STAND UP FOR IT AND HAVING THE INTEGRITY TO SAY 'GO TO HELL' WHEN TEMPTED BY THE OPPORTUNITY TO 'SELL OUT'. - Part of the responsibility you must shoulder includes ratting out corruption within you employing federal agency. This includes having the guts to take the risks you have to take in order to do the right thing. No one said staying on the high road was gonna be easy, did they....???? Something to mull over this week as this year draws to a close...

THE INTERNET DISINFO GIANTS CONTINUE... - With the likes of Rayelan and Blabs Hartwell, scraping the bottom of the deperation barrel by claiming, once again, that they've been "hacked", when it's all just smoke and mirrors, kids....smoke and mirrors.... The Bird had it right about that whole crew, did he not? Yup! And the war within the intelligence community, goes on....and onward.....]

The Fifth Horseman website is an Internet scam being perpetrated by one Brenda Negri.

For roughly the past fourteen months, Negri has used this public forum to defame, libel and otherwise harass legitimate and credible investigators; survivors of government black ops; ex-military personnel and whistleblowers: Those of us who have risked our security and even our lives to expose corruption in government and to defend the Constitution.

Negri has also been posting her malicious lies on many other sites and message boards under various silly aliases such as Black Bag Job; Agent Scully; The Blond Spook; Captain Blood; Angel of nauseam.

Over the course of the past year, Negri has been banned from one message board after another, for harassment (sexual and otherwise); libel; obscenity; threats and vicious attacks and generally sowing discord wherever her sleazy head pops up.

Negri was long ago exposed for the phony and provocateur she is. Negri has been banned from Rumor Mill News; Above Top Secret; CIA and Drugs; American Patriot Friends Network and others too numerous to mention.

Despite being ostracized for her obnoxious, unethical behavior —psychopath that she is— Brenda Negri continues her obsessive trashing and harassment of legitimate investigators and whistleblowers.

Brenda Negri has never used her real name. When Negri first began her scam on The Fifth Horseman website, she was using the alias 'Ranger Rick' and pretending to be an FBI agent —or as she put it— 'Ace G-man'.

But not just any FBI agent. At one time, there actually was an FBI agent by the name of Richard Wade, also known as Ranger Rick. Reliable sources maintain that Wade is now deceased.

By attempting to co-opt Wade's identity; by misrepresenting him —and herself— and using his identity to publish lies and libelous material, Negri has committed a shameful fraud. And I can only imagine that Richard Wade (wherever he may be now, in spirit) must be horrified —not to mention the consternation felt by his family and friends, still among the living— at the grave disservice done to him and his reputation; the tainting of his good name; the undeserved dishonor heaped upon him by this malicious, cowardly liar seeking to aggrandize her own ego at Richard Wade's expense.

But Richard Wade is not the only target Brenda Negri has set her sights on. She has also targeted other legitimate individuals for her smear campaigns, in particular ex-ONI and Iran Contra whistleblower Al Martin; Federal whistleblower Stew Webb; investigative journalist and editor of Rumor Mill News Rayelan Allan; attorney and investigative journalist Marcy Gordon; ex FBI agent Geral Sosbee and myself, CIA whistleblower Barbara Hartwell.

Like clockwork, my name appears on The Fifth Horseman website day after day, as Negri continues to post her libelous, defamatory allegations, paranoid fantasies and incendiary lies about me in her attempts to assassinate my character; destroy my professional reputation and impugn my sanity.

As to Negri's motive for targeting me personally? It needs to be understood that Brenda Negri is nothing more than a psychologically unbalanced law enforcement/intelligence groupie; a pretentious wannabe; a name-dropper and gate-crasher.

Her low self-esteem and negatively inflated ego apparently cannot withstand the rejections from legitimate, credible people who see through Negri's desperate and pathological need to draw attention to herself.

And if you happen to be a man —ANY man who once wore a uniform or held official government credentials— watch out! This sex-crazed groupie and camp follower will harass you to the ends of the earth. That is, until you reject her sexual advances, then she'll retaliate by trashing your reputation.

Brenda Negri's M.O. goes something like this:

1) She develops a fixation on an individual —usually someone well-known for his/her writings and political activism, someone whom she envies and wishes to emulate. A classic example of a wannabe, she attempts to imitate those who by virtue of their accomplishments, are the 'real thing'.

2) She wangles an introduction, one way or another, and approaches her target, usually using flattery, pretending to be a humble supporter of the individual's work, claiming that she wants to offer 'help' .

3) She begins dropping the name of the target on her website, along with rave reviews, putting the target on a pedestal. She boasts that she has 'insider connections' and access to 'inside information' provided by the target.

4) If she is able to scavenge any such information from the target, she posts it on her website, flagrantly disregarding the individual's confidentiality and violating privacy, showing no respect for the individual's personal boundaries.

5) Inevitably, sooner or later, the individual she has fixated upon becomes justifiably angry at Negri's intrusive behavior, violations of privacy, scavenging and coattail-riding and cuts off contact with Negri.

6) Once Negri is rejected by the person she formerly idolized, she reacts by trashing the individual's character and professional reputation. No tactic is too low for Brenda Negri. She will fabricate outrageous lies which have absolutely no basis in fact or reality —designed only to do maximum damage to insult, harass and provoke the target.

As is typical of a psychopath, Negri has no conscience and no concern whatsoever for the feelings or welfare of others. She certainly has no interest in knowing the truth, much less reporting it.

For Negri to call herself an 'investigator' is like a hospital orderly calling herself a heart surgeon.

Negri's pattern of behavior is predictable, as observed without exception, by all those whom she has targeted for libel campaigns.

Witness: Al Martin. Witness: Rayelan Allan, or Stew Webb or any number of others....they've all told me the same story.

Negri moves in on her target, fawning and toadying. She calls and e-mails non-stop, scavenging whatever she can, violating privacy and confidentiality along the way.

When the target warns her that she is overstepping her bounds, instead of heeding the warning, she continues to push and attempts to bulldoze her way further into the target's life.

When her attempts fail, as they always do, she goes on a rampage, libeling the target in every public forum she has access to. I speak from personal experience, since this is exactly what Brenda Negri did to me.

Negri first approached me while still using the alias 'Ranger Rick' in October 2001, claiming to admire my work. Before making a direct contact with me, she began dropping my name and recommending my articles to readers of various message boards.

Since it is my policy not to communicate with anyone who hides behind an alias, I requested that she furnish her real name and bona fides. She then revealed to me the following information:

1) She is NOT a man, but rather a woman.

2) Her name is Brenda Negri, NOT 'Ranger Rick'.

3) She admitted she has NO bona fides. NO background, NO training in intelligence or law enforcement.

4) That she is NOT even college-educated and held a mundane secretarial job.

Negri told me she was posing as a male FBI agent because women, especially civilians, got no respect when dealing with the law enforcement/intelligence community. Although I am well aware of the pervasive sexism in these 'boys clubs' Negri's approach —pretending to be something you're not— doesn't solve the problem.

A woman pretending to be man....a civilian pretending to be employed by the government...a rank amateur pretending to be a professional.

As for myself, I have always simply refused to tolerate a lack of respect based on my gender, just as any self-respecting woman would do. If 'the boys' don't respect me; if they expect to limit my roles to those they deem fit for a woman, whatever the situation, I'm out the door.

It's a simple equation: Anyone engaging in gender-based discrimination loses my respect. Case closed.

Who is the REAL Brenda Negri?

Brenda Negri is 45 years old. Her last known place of residence was in a crack hotel in San Pedro, California.

Although I have never seen Negri in the flesh (and she has also lied to various people, including myself, about her appearance) witnesses have described her thusly: 5' 10" tall; skinny and flat chested; bleached blonde hair with dark brown roots; small brown eyes and unremarkable features.

One alias she has consistently used is 'the blond spook'. But Negri is no spook, neither is she blonde. Negri is a fake and a phony in every way. Every aspect of her life, every description of herself and her background, as she publicly represents it, is a lie.

Negri has no formal education, except possibly a high school diploma. She has no training or background in any professional field. She has never worked in the fields of intelligence or law enforcement.

The last place where she was known to be employed was Swan Legal Services in Los Angeles, California where Negri worked a low-level office job as a secretary. She was fired from this job when her boss found out that Negri had lied about her activities on company time; committed theft of services and was using the office computer to perpetrate her scams and to write libelous material about several individuals, including myself, Al Martin and Stew Webb.

Brenda Negri: All that she is.....and all that she does.....all are based on lies, pretense and deception. Brenda Negri is a charlatan, a fake and a phony. This woman is totally devoid of honor and integrity. She is a liar, a coward and a traitor to our country and our Constitution; a defiler of all that is sacred. And she spends all her time and energy attempting to destroy anyone who would defend what is sacred to American Patriots and our way of life.

So next time you visit The Fifth Horseman website, if you are tempted even for a moment to believe ANYTHING written by Brenda Negri....please, first consider the source.

Barbara Hartwell
September 24, 2002