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Sunday, January 7, 2007

JUST THE FACTS: Report on Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick

February, 2002



On Tuesday, February 26, 2002, Brenda Negri was terminated from her employment at Swan Legal Services in Los Angeles, California.

As Negri's supervisor, Delia Swan, told Stew Webb and Al Martin, she made the decision to fire Negri when she found out that Negri had been using the law office's computer to write libelous material about myself (Barbara Hartwell), Webb and Martin, which was being posted on Negri's website, The Fifth Horseman and also on other Internet message boards. Negri had also been using the metered mail system in the office to send packages to Al Martin and others.

I also spoke to Ms. Swan on February 27, in order to get a formal statement from her to set the record straight and establish the facts. Ms. Swan repeated to me what she had told Al Martin and Stew Webb:

"I had no idea that any of this was going on, or what Brenda was doing, and I was completely shocked."

Negri's boss said she had been totally unaware of these abuses of trust and inappropriate uses of office equipment owned by the legal firm, by Negri, and that Negri had engaged in these activities without her knowledge or consent.

When Webb and Martin called Delia Swan to make a formal complaint about Negri's transgressions and the libelous writings on her website, The Fifth Horseman, put online from the computer at Swan Legal Services, they also explained that they had no intention of implicating Negri's employer, Swan Legal Services, in any future litigation which may ensue as a result of Negri's libelous writings about myself, Webb or Martin.

Ms. Swan told me that Al Martin and Stew Webb were both polite and respectful, that they seemed "honorable" in their intent and that she fully understood their concern, and mine, as to the damages we have all incurred due to Negri's unwarranted interference in our professional investigations and other business and her libelous attacks on us.

What Ms. Swan made clear to me was that she wanted only to "put all this behind" and have no further involvement in any way with Negri's activities, now that Negri had been removed from the workplace.

Al Martin told me yesterday in a phone conversation, that when he made a follow up call to Delia Swan, Brenda Negri had picked up the phone in the office. When Al asked to speak to Ms. Swan, Brenda lied, claiming to be Delia Swan.

Brenda, impersonating attorney Swan, proceeded to tell more lies to Al Martin in response to his questions and comments. Al told me that Brenda called him shortly afterwards and boasted that she had taped the conversation, with the implied threat that she would attempt to use it against him in some way. Brenda then hung up on Al Martin. Brenda also made a call to Stew Webb, in which she threatened him in a like manner.


On February 22, an attorney by the name of Marcy J. Gordon, a friend and supporter of mine, wrote a letter to Brenda Negri, asking her why she was libeling Barbara Hartwell and admonished her for so doing. This letter from Marcy was posted on my own site as well as on the Rumor Mill News Agents Forum.

Negri's response to this was to jump to several wild, unsupported and false conclusions and then post her comments on various message boards and on her own website.

Negri cited the wrong lawyer, a Marcy G. Gordon in Miami, Florida. She then claimed that this lawyer from Miami was "representing" Barbara Hartwell and that the lawyer was "cozy with Wackenhut" because they happened to have offices in the same building.

She also accused this lawyer, Marcy G. Gordon in Miami, of "running an MK Ultra operative"....Barbara Hartwell.

I wrote a response in order to correct the false information being disseminated by Negri and stated the facts:

1) Negri had falsely identified a lawyer named Marcy G. Gordon of Miami, Florida as my legal representative.

2) Marcy J. Gordon lives in New York City, NOT Miami, Florida.

3) Marcy J. Gordon of New York City is NOT "representing" me (and neither Marcy nor I ever claimed she was) but is a friend and advocate who supports my professional work.

4) Negri is spreading disinformation and as a result of her false allegations, is libeling three (3) different people: Barbara Hartwell; Marcy J. Gordon of New York City; Marcy G. Gordon of Miami Florida.


To date, Brenda Negri has received formal warnings from myself, Stew Webb and several others to cease and desist from her libelous writings, her interference in our personal and professional business, and other harassment which has resulted in damages for which she may be held liable in a court of law, possibly in a class action lawsuit, should the injured parties choose to file such a lawsuit against Negri.

Negri's employment has been terminated as a result of her unscrupulous activities and legal violations.

Negri has been banned from the following message boards: Rumor Mill News; CIA-drugs; abovetopsecret; APFN and possibly others.

Negri is now under investigation by the FBI, as a formal complaint has been filed against her for impersonating Federal Officers; using false identification and other offenses.

Negri's mother, her fifteen year old son and others have expressed their concern to witnesses over what they described as Negri's "unstable" mental condition, apparent paranoid delusions and bizarre behavior.

Negri has been reported to the geocities web server, the host for her website and formal complaints have been filed against her for libelous material posted on her site about Barbara Hartwell, Al Martin and Stew Webb.

Negri continues to this day, February 27, 2002, to write and post libelous material on her website. Many others have also sustained damages due to Negri's public slander, libel and disinformation campaign against various legitimate researchers, whistleblowers, and ex-military personnel.

Barbara Hartwell
February 27, 2002