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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Radio Show Sabotaged: Ex-CIA Hartwell on Standing Up For America

Note, January, 2007:

After the show I was supposed to be on was cancelled, there was another "incident" of a different type the next week when Larken and Tessa Rose were supposed to be on Rick Stanley's radio program.

"Something" was definitely amiss at that radio station (American Voice); even if there were personal problems for the station owner/manager, it still comes down to the same old story: Government whistleblowers exposing truthful, accurate information and who name names of the bad guys get censored/banned/cancelled one way or another.

Rick Stanley finally had enough and, like Jeremy Floyd, went over to Truth Radio. I believe he is still there on Sunday nights with Standing Up For America.

And lastly, Clay Dougals (mentioned in my commentary, below) is a Ted Gunderson crony; also friends with CIA operative Mark Phillips, who tried (and failed) to discredit me quite a few years ago. Same old group of disinfo agents and goes on.

From The Revolutionary Coalition Forum

July, 2005

OPINION RELEASE...Radio Show Cancelled Last Night

STANLEY NOTE: Well folks, we definately had a strange one tonight. I was to have ex-CIA operative and Revolutionary Coalition forum member on my radio show "Standing Up For America" with Rick Stanley, to discuss the Revolutionary Coalition and other issues.

When I called in to the station owner tonight at American Voice Radio Network, he was incoherent, appeared to be drugged. When Barbara Hartwell called in to the show as well, she was struck in the same way, as to his manner, slurred speech, inability to function. Both Barbara and I were just left hanging on the phone lines and he never returned. We both finally hung up and the phone lines remained busy after that.

There was a pre-recorded Clay Douglas Show playing tonight in my time slot. I will try and find out what has happened in the days ahead.

Barbara said this "type" of thing has happened before to her when she was scheduled to be on radio programs across the country. Come to think of it, I have had this type of thing happen a few times in the past 4 years as well. Power cut of in the middle of shows, etc, that I was on with other radio show hosts.

Two months back, the power sub station that serviced the radio station at American Voice Radio Network was inexplicably burned down. Now this...

My guest next week is to be Larken Rose at 7:00 PM MST on "Standing Up For America" with Rick Stanley at American Voice Radio.

Will the show go on or not? Stay tuned...

Life goes on, doesn't it?

LIVE FREE or Die! Liberty in our Lifetime!
Rick Stanley

STANLEY NOTE: Frank Steffan is the station owner and manager. As of this morning the host call in line was still busy, the 800 number was back on the hook, but was unanswered, and the office number was unanswered as well. Updates as they happen... As I said, this is out of character for Frank Steffan.

OPINION RELEASE: What happened last Sunday night on Standing up For America

STANLEY NOTE: Apology accepted. We were all very concerned and with the government destroying liberties across this land, the concern was heightened. I expect it won't happen again. I am very sorry about your wife's death and I have been praying for your situation several times per day since Sunday night.

I appreciate how difficult it must be to lose a loved one. At least several thousand people are wondering what happened. They should be given a full accounting. I believe you gave that. I will pass on to the Revolutionary Coalition, with 511 forum members now, which was looking forward to the show, as well as the Scoop list and the forums I post to, beyond the Revolutionary forum. There has been a lot of concern expressed regarding the situation. You have done a lot for America by providing a voice for the Patriot movement through myself and others who wish to expose the fraud, deceipt and lies perpetuated by the government that has overthrown America from within. Don't lose faith that you are not doing important work Frank. You are. You are right where the Lord would have you.

I will reschedule the show with Barbara Hartwell if she will still come on one Sunday night. She is a wonderful christian patriot woman. I have great respect for who she has become through her life's journey. I hope she will understand. I believe she will. I have a very important show next week with Larken Rose and his wife Tessa. I am looking forward to doing that show at 7:00 PM MST at Standing Up For America with Rick Stanley.

Each of my guests is important and must be respected. This is now the second show that has been canceled for causes out of my control. My own time is valuable and I seem to be running out of it (time) as well. Lets give our audience of the American Voice Radio Network their due respect as well, as they are the reason we are doing the shows. Many people depend on you Frank. As they say, "the show must go on"...

You will have my continued prayers Frank. God bless.

LIVE FREE or Die! Liberty in our Lifetime!
Rick Stanley

Quoting Editor [Frank Steffan]

I apologize Rick. I have been having a difficult time dealing with my wifes death. This weekend I slipped into a deep depression and tried to drown it with alcohol. I don't mean this as an excuse, there is no excuse for my behavior. Some days I think I am doing ok and will be fine then bang I am so far away from fine. I hope you will accept my apology.

Barbara Hartwell
Legal Defense and Research Trust
PO Box 7487
Ocean Park, Maine 04063

What happened last night with the last minute "cancelation" of Rick's radio program has been an all-too-common occurence in my life. It's called sabotage by the government. Sabotage any activity where people are attempting to work together (unite) in Standing Up for America (the name of Rick's show.)

And I was very glad to see that he reported the incident here. It was the right thing to do. Some people would have just let it pass and said nothing. But it's important to become a witness for a fellow patriot. As I mentioned in my radio networking post, I have already been blacklisted from quite a number of radio shows because of the simple fact that I am telling the truth in my reports of government crime and corruption. My reports are based on facts and I have evidence and witnesses to back up my testimony.

Some of the government criminals I had planned to talk about on the show were the very same criminals in Denver whom Rick has been persecuted by. What a coincidence. But I've never believed in "coincidence", not after many years of the same pattern operating.

One way or another, there is some form of interference. Sometimes it's electronic interference and/or phone lines being cut (which by the way, happened on the Spyman program the week before.) Sometimes a phone call is made to the host or the station, "warning" them that "Hartwell is a CIA disinfo agent".

In fact, I found it very interesting that Clay Douglas (whose pre-recorded show was run in place of Rick's program last night) invited me on his program back in 2000 and started a hostile interrogation of me on the air; this, after being very courteous and "supportive"in the pre-interview phone conversations.

He had invited me, out of the blue. I didn't ask to be on his show. His intent was obviously to set me up to discredit me. When I told him ON THE AIR that I would not tolerate his rudeness and hostility, he simply cut me off in the middle of the program after accusing me of being a "CIA disinfo agent".

He told the listening audience, Let's get rid of her, let's cut her off! The next thing I heard was a dial tone. Unbelievable, but true.

A couple years later, Clay Douglas made phone calls to other talk show hosts, telling them the same lie about me. A lie which caused some of them to cancel their shows with me.

The criminals certainly don't want people working together and one of the biggest threats to their agenda is witnesses who can corroborate one another's testimony. Interestingly enough, the criminals in question got on my case for the same reason they got on Rick Stanley's case: The "crime" of defending the Constitution.

Standing up for our God-given (natural) unalienable, Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights.

In fact, in 2001, certain criminals from the Denver FBI threatened to "bring the roof down" on Barbara Hartwell, claiming that I had made a "mess" for them.

The "mess" was the factual reports on my website, naming some of their names and furnishing details about their criminal conspiracies. They sent one of their minions to deliver their threats and "warnings" that I must take my website off- line. Or else....

Of course, I did no such thing. I sent a message back to them that if they were "real men" they could come to me directly if they had business with me. Otherwise they could go to hell. I guess they went to hell, because the cowards never did contact me directly. They just continued their little mind games and sabotage, which by the way, continue to this day. I've no doubt last night's episode was part of that.

The sad thing is, many people would be (and have been) intimidated by these criminals. Intimidation tactics have never worked on me. It just makes me angry and more defiant. I know the same thing to be true of Rick Stanley.

So, as we agreed, we'll just do the show another time. And probably won't announce it ahead, so they won't have time to screw things up.

And I'll now just increase my efforts for the Revolutionary Coalition, since they seem to "like" us so much. I always see harassment as a good sign. It means we are doing our job. It means we have become a "problem" for the criminals, liars, cowards and traitors in government. It means we have credibility and that people are listening. It means we are influencing others to stand up for America.

Barbara Hartwell
July, 2005