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Monday, February 15, 2010

EXPOSED:Outrageous Libel from Aaron James and Accomplice Fed Snitch Tim White

My disgust and outrage know no bounds. A demonic liar named Tim White, a psychopath, career criminal, fed snitch, psycho stalker and sex pervert (including targeting children), has once again managed to wreak havoc with his outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell.
White's primary lie? That Barbara Hartwell is CIA. 
What is the source of this libelous falsehood?
The cabal of corrupt feds (including those who claim to be "former" agents) for whom White has become a go-fer and attack dog. These agents know better than anyone that I am NOT CIA. If I were, they'd have no problem with me, as I'd be one of them, a member of the club, so to speak.
But the only possible way they have to discredit me as a whistleblower and an expositor of truth about government corruption and criminals, is to promote black propaganda, so that I will be ostracized, and considered suspect by the greater portion of those who read my reports or listen to my radio broadcasts.
Tim White has enlisted yet another accomplice for his libel/slander campaign, a man named Aaron James, a resident of Canada, where the yellow-bellied coward, Tim White, fled to escape justice for all the criminal offenses he has committed in America. 
Among these offenses are criminal harassment; stalking (for which several victims have applied for and/or received restraining orders); felony threats; and a hit-and-run automobile "accident" in which Tim White was culpable in injuring another party.
Tim White boasts of the following self-aggrandizing --but non-existent-- "credentials": "Researcher"; "Investigator" "Whistleblower", with which he signs all his libelous (and mostly obscene) messages. 
But Tim White is none of these things. He has absolutely no training or background in any kind of investigative work or even research. He is uneducated (obvious from his writings). And lastly, calling himself a "whistleblower" is absolutely preposterous. White was never involved in anything of importance, nor even a witness to same. He is simply a scavenger of second and third hand "information" which anyone could find on the Internet; and a stooge who promotes the outrageous lies about genuine whistleblowers fed to him by his government overlords, who exploit him to do their dirty work. 
I had been offline for 6 months (June 2009-December 2009) due to another computer (#8 since 1994) destroyed by my government adversaries. Due to dire poverty I was unable to replace the computer.
In late November, 2009, I finally got back online, after a friend donated a computer to me. One of the first things I found, when putting my name in a search engine to assess the latest damages, was a sensationalist tabloid-style post with the headline:
This headline was superimposed over a large photo of me, promoting an audio of a radio program (RBN) Truth Hertz, hosted by Charles Giuliani, on which Aaron James was the guest.
And here's another headline posted by Aaron James:

Now, here is the so-called "evidence" touted (and posted) by Aaron James: a foreword to a repost of an old report on psycho stalker Tim White, in which I name some accomplices of Tim White.

Nowhere, and I repeat, nowhere, do I ever state that the accomplices are "federal agents". More to the point, nowhere do I "accuse Aaron James of being a federal agent".

To clarify further, at no time have I ever accused Tim White of being a federal agent. He's not a federal agent (the very thought of that is laughable!), only one of their little snitches and shills, one of the lowlife criminals who made a deal to  be a snitch/stalker/liar-for-hire against legitimate people who are defending liberty and exposing government corruption.

So much for the "evidence" Aaron James claims he is furnishing...

But see for yourself: 
Unbelievable as it would seem, Tim White is still on the loose...harassing, stalking, threatening the lives of targets. His libel and slander of targets is more prolific than ever, and may be found on numerous message boards and websites all over the World Wide Web.

In fact, White has more accomplices than ever before: those who support and/or defend and/or promote him (including his libelous and defamatory writings and malicious lies, some of which are disseminated as gossip and slander); and/or are using him to do their dirty work in targeting legitimate whistleblowers and journalists.
Some of the accomplices of Timothy Patrick White (only a partial list): Ken Adachi; Pam Schuffert; Ted Gunderson; John DeCamp; Todd Brendan Fahey; Brenda Negri; Larry Lawson; Charles Bruce Stewart; "Xena Carpenter" (identity unknown); Francine Kelly; James Rothstein; Mark Hostlaw; Marilyn Guinnane; Don Nicoloff; Craig Oxley; Eric Phelps; Aaron James.

For those who may have been reading the outrageous lies disseminated by White and his cohorts, but who have yet to learn the real story, the unvarnished truth about Timothy Patrick White, here it is. This comprehensive summary was written in 2003.

(Make sure you have a barf bag at'll need it!)

April 1, 2009

Of course, I'd seen the many false accusations promoted by Aaron James for quite awhile, which I mostly ignored. However, enough is enough and I now find it necessary to refute the lies and expose Aaron James as the government dupe he so obviously is.

But he has shown himself to be something much worse than just a government dupe, buying into the lies promoted by his pal, Tim White, specifically, that Barbara Hartwell is CIA, sent to target him and his mother.

The obvious white-hot hatred and the outrageously false accusations made against Barbara Hartwell (a person he does not know) define him not only as a stooge (of the most paranoid variety) but as a lowlife who would viciously  attack an innocent person, having NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER for his accusations, in order to promote his own case and for his own self  aggrandizement.

Shame on you, Aaron James!

Here's one of the links for Aaron James's libel of Barbara Hartwell.

Just a few more comments before I move on to two items:
1) A libelous message from Tim White himself. It is self-explanatory.
2) A letter from Aaron James endorsing and supporting Tim White.
First, I should say that I'm sorry that Charles Giuliani found himself in the middle of all this. He doesn't deserve it. I know he had nothing to do with any of this, and in fact he tried more than once to reason with Aaron James (including on the air), stating that in his opinion, I had nothing to do with targeting Aaron James and his mother.
I find it despicable that Aaron James would exploit Charlie's name, and his radio show, to promote his libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell. Charles Giuliani is a person I respect and I've been a fan of his radio show for years.
I've also talked to a few other radio show hosts whom Aaron James made the rounds contacting and calling in to their shows. Here was the basic consensus: Aaron James is a little too paranoid for their taste.  And, being associated with the likes of notorious government snitch Tim White did not enhance his credibility.  A couple of these talk show hosts, who had James on the air more than once, told me they were through with him and wanted no further dealings with him.
I hope not to have to cover this subject again, re Aaron James, but it needed to be dealt with. However, if he persists in libeling me with his sensationalist tabloid-style posts and his pompous, pseudo intellectual political commentaries, then if he wants a war, I'd be happy to oblige him.
As for his pal, the "YEOMAN", Tim White, he is nothing but a liability to anyone's credibility, but Aaron James doesn't seem perceptive enough to pick up on that.
For the truth and the facts concerning this issue, please see related reports (links above).
Barbara Hartwell Percival
February 15, 2010
----- Original Message -----
From: "Tim White"
To: "Aaron James" , "Tim Wingate" , "Michael Herzog"
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 11:44:25 -0700 (PDT)
Cc: "Pam Schuffert "Truth 4 All"" ; Lenny Bloom ; Lenny Bloom ;; Polly Cady ; Xena Carpenter ; Alex Christopher ; Ojos Criollos ; John DeCamp ; Todd Brendan Fahey ; Ted Gunderson ; Ted Gunderson ; Ted GundersonFBI-SAC ret ; Gianni D Hayes ; Clarence Malcolm ; Paul Andrew Mitchell ; Eric Jon Phelps ; Tom Reisinger ; Jim Rothstein
Sent: Wednesday, October 8, 2008 11:44:25 AM
HERE'S THE FACTS about Aaron James and myself...
I have been doing YEOMAN duty to HELP Aaron since August of 2007--about 1 month after I first became aware of him from another friend of mine,Mitch Yamamoto,who I met at the Vancouver 9-11 "truth" conference,June 22-24,2007....I have spent MANY hours on the phone with Aaron since then(at least 100 hours--much of that time I PAID FOR with a calling card I use) and this also includes dozens and dozens of emails going back and forth between Aaron and myself since then and several others too..I have spent AT LEAST 150-175 HOURS of MY TIME to HELP Aaron anyway I have been able to and this despite the FACT that I am FLAT BROKE,as I have been a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL(TI) for many years and as a result of this targeting,not only am I BROKE,but I have had at least 11 attempts on MY LIFE as well going back to 1995 with 3 of those attempts in 2006 alone..this is all DOCUMENTED and is WELL KNOWN by many and just a partial list of those people who know me WELL is represented in the CC header of this email...I'm the one to put Aaron in touch with Lenny Bloom of CLOAK&DAGGER (Lenny never heard of Aaron till I contacted Lenny by phone)..I also put Aaron in touch with my good friend Eric Jon Phelps,who just had Aaron on his radio program on Monday of this week...I have caught A LOT of attention(SURVEILLANCE) and FLAK(RETRIBUTIONS) because of my activism on MANY things and this includes my HELPING Aaron James....I was just on the phone with Aaron to tell him of this LIAR Hartwell wrapping herself around Aaron James for a PATHETIC GRAB for "credibility",which is her well established M.O., and Aaron will be writing his own report to VERIFY what I am saying here..Eric Phelps is now aware of this too and Eric will also being VERIFYING what I write...BARBARA HARTWELL is a VICIOUS LIAR,LIBELER,and SLANDERER and I am THE TARGET--NOT this LYING-STILL-A-CIA-ASSET who has ATTACKED the REAL WHISTLEBLOWERS and this is also indicated of WHO they are by the many of the names in the CC header...

Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF)
Concerned Citizen,Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblower

 Without Prejudice:  Aaron James Northwest Airlines Profiling Attack Victim with now 14 attempts upon my kidnapping and murder(*formerly at recently downed by Government in pre-kidnapping ploy as of Oct 6/08 only several days prior)  204 477 6497  speaking on behalf of Tim White in assert of his considerable assistance of our persons against the effect of police state tyranny and covert government afflictions:
Regarding Tim White, I , Aaron James, am writing this letter in attest to the assistance Tim has provided me in making contacts necessary to assist us in our plight. We have found him to be extremely helpful in providing us with referrals to media and independent media within the 9/11 truth medium.
As illustrated below, he has given us referral to such lucrative media contacts as with Lenny Bloom, Eric Phelphs, Greg Syzmanski (Vatican Assassins show host with Phelphs), all of whom have afforded us with critical airtime coverage as deterrent to the insipid repeated attempts towards my kidnapping at the expense of peril and suffering upon our family on going for almost 3 years now since the original Jan 18/08 attack.  Henry Makow, a well known whistle blower and orator is among the recent lucrative contacts Tim has garnered diligently on our behalf- all of this without motivation via monetary or personal gain, but through a genuine sense of integrity and moral fortitude in the fight against the forces of state oppression and persecution.
Tim has been an extremely proactive individual in this regard and has always stressed the need to act immediately on things in a time of crisis and sensitivity.  His proactive sense of urgency in exposing Steven Davis as FBI, given the nature of the threats we have since received from Mr Davis, have proven invaluable.
“Silence is death” is a favorite proverb, an aptly so, of Tim White. 
I first made my acquaintance with Tim through a mutual trusted friend by the name of Mitch.
As Tim relayed unto me, Mitch had assisted Tim in dealing with some acute persecution he had been met with at the 911 truth conference of last year, whereupon on Alfred Webre by his attest, attempted to engage police presence into an attack on Mr White in effort to silence Tim and his contribution to the freedom of thought and expression in challenging views at the 911 truth forum. Mr. Webre had banned Tim from the forum without cause and apparently with a view to preventing challenging views from sufacing at the forum from people with extensive source information such as Tim White.
Tim White is not alone in the strangle hold and persecution upon the freedom of though and expression- look no further than X-Liberal MP candidate Lesley Hughes a renown and well respected journalist- denounced attacked and finally expelled by the Liberal party only  days before this coming Canadian federal election, because of a 2004 posting attesting to her views challenging the official story behind 911.
The St. Paul RNC (Republican National Convention) and DNC in Denver, are prime examples of the freedom of thought and expression being met with brutal insipid enforcement in capacity police state brutality and tyranny.  Tim has been unrelenting in his stand against these oppressions and has assisted us even to the point of placing his own life in peril, having had many near brushes with disaster for his fortuitous stand against the state over the decades past.
It should be noted also that Tim has also spent considerable time in forwarding our information to various contacts of his to add a networking element to the propagation of knowledge concerning our plight, in this same spirit, of which we are eternally grateful.
We have also found him to be very affording of his personal time in many ways.
*He has spent considerable time and effort forwarding me instructive and education literature from multiple sources in order to allow us an unprejudiced multifaceted perspective on world issues concerning covert political agendas, and he like Tim Wingate of Republic Broadcasting, another valued asset, have administered to sending me indispensable education links to provide an accelerated learning curve in the area of covert mechanisms- an area of study unfamiliar to the general public but one that is critical to VERY SURVIVAL once one is the subject of such attacks. Our extreme gratitude to both for their ongoing unrelenting efforts therein.
At this time I must also collectively provide thanks to both Tim White and Xena carpenter for researching and providing our family with insightful information on Mr Steven Davis in order to provide us with greater awareness and resource with which to fight our oppressors.
as he describes below and I duly note that he has in past provided us with timely advocacy and defense with regards to attacks we have received by FBI in capacity Steven Davis, who has been working covertly with Canadian government and U.S. agencies (*Including John McCain) towards my kidnapping, by his own attest, the verification of which has been sent in prior email. 
The severity of these attacks can only placed in terms of the nature of Steven Davis self professed affiliations and friendships including Mr John McCain, and as attest to the validity of his claims it should be noted that one Kelly Meutschler, a U.S. Martial he referenced in capacity of threats towards our abduction through telephone conversation, has recently appeared listed in the Winnipeg Police notes here in Canada- a faction led by FBI asset Winnipeg police chief Keith McCaskill, president of North West Chapter of Associates FBI! (Cross border Collusion, North American Union evidentiary herein.) provides a chilling ominous account of yet another case of cross border collusion kidnapping carried out into full effect resulting in torture and near death consequence- torture now practiced openly by U.S. government.  We have been expressly threatened with all of the above and consider Tim White and invaluable asset and ally in the REAL WAR ON TERROR- the WAR AGAINST THE ESTABLISHEMENT.
Once again, amidst this time of peril and persecution onset  upon our family our thanks to Tim White and others who have assisted us in our survival against the inroads of covert state tyranny that we might finally overcome the oppressor and free ourselves from the torment kindred with the oppressed,
Without Prejudice,
Aaron James Police State Tyranny Survivor , Activist