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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Right to Privacy

 NOTE: This is from a report (2008) on the right to privacy. This particular segment addresses defending personal privacy from government invasions; I will also be breaking that report (a very lengthy one, even for me) into parts which focus on the various aspects of privacy.
I've never known anyone to whom privacy is more important than it is to me.  Privacy, in my book, is second only to Liberty, and in fact an integral part of my liberty. Liberty from the aggression of intruders, busybodies and gate-crashers, whether they work for the government or not!
Additionally, for me personally, the measure of respect and trust (both of which must be earned) I accord any individual is in large measure determined by that person's respect for the privacy and personal boundaries of others.
If someone wants to make an enemy of me, there is one very simple way: Invade my privacy, disrespect my personal boundaries.
Lock and load!
By their fruits shall you know them.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Defender of Personal Privacy
Enemy of All Violators of Privacy
February 27, 2010

For entire report: 
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
--Amendment IV of the U.S. Constitution

Among the many, many, crimes being perpetrated by various agencies of the government is the unlawful domestic spying directed at designated targets, whom the perps deem to be "persons of interest."

Gone are the days of constitutional protections, such as "the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects..."

Gone is "the reasonable expectation of privacy", the opinion issued by the Supreme Court in reference to Amendment IV.

Certainly, we have the RIGHT to such protections. The unalienable right. Trouble is, the government is flagrantly disobeying the Constitution.

Although privacy violations have now become commonplace among the general populace, the rule rather than the exception, I have been a target of unlawful domestic spying for decades, long before the advent of the unconstitutional Patriot Acts and Homeland Security, which represent institutionalized (yet unconstitutional) invasions of privacy under the completely false pretext of "National Security".

I find it tragic that so many people are just sitting back and allowing Big Government to violate privacy with impunity; allowing every area of their lives to be monitored and manipulated. Anyone who uses a social security number; files a "federal income tax" form; takes a drug test when making an application for employment, or submits to other abusive and intrusive practices/policies of government or corporate bureaucracies; cooperates with a census taker; allows their luggage/person to be searched at an airport (just to name a few of the most common instances) is enabling the system of the BEAST.

Most will simply "go along to get along", clueless as to the consequences of their ignorance and apathy. What they don't realize is that the more information the BEAST gathers about an individual, the more an individual willingly submits to the system, the more control it can gain over that individual's life.

The BEAST is not humane, but is demonic. It is lawless and relentless. It is a behemoth machine without conscience. It has no built in checks and balances, no mercy. The voracious BEAST will devour all who cross its path, chew them up, grind their bones to dust, and spit out the remains. Next victim!

This is not the life of a Free man or woman, not the life of the Sovereign Child of God, certainly not the life God intended for His children!

I've heard many people complain loud and long about invasions of privacy, but they won't actually stand up against these violations of their rights. It's all talk, no action. Sadly, this attitude of not walking the talk is typical of most of the people I have ever known. Even worse, most in the general populace do not even seem to find privacy violations to be a serious concern. 

They'll say, Oh, but I have nothing to hide, so I don't mind them knowing my business. Would they change their minds if they understood that EVERY piece of information the tyrants gather will be used against them, one way or another? That the ONLY agenda of the BEAST system is COMPLETE CONTROL?

What's more, most people don't realize what these increasingly pervasive privacy violations portend. In actuality, the plot to wipe out privacy has absolutely NOTHING to do with National Security or identifying "terrorists" (either foreign or domestic). In fact, this plot was hatched long, long ago by the movers and shakers of the Global Elite and is now in the final stages of the lockdown. 

By expunging the privacy of the INDIVIDUAL, the criminals pave the way for their globalist agenda: A Communist, One World, Totalitarian Government, the abomination of the New World Order.

And what about the REAL I.D.(IOT) card? The I.D.(IOT) card will allow the tyrants to own you, lock, stock and barrel. Only an idiot would accept this most flagrant of all invasions of privacy. Only an idiot would be so blind as not to see that once your privacy is gone, you are nothing but a slave. But then, that is their overarching agenda: to enslave every person on earth. The plot for global enslavement comes in increments. Next will come the actual Mark of the Beast, a chip in the hand.

God-given (natural), inherent, unalienable rights, protected and guaranteed under the Constitution. These rights are determined by the actual supremacy and sovereignty of the INDIVIDUAL. Amendments 1-10 of the Constitution (Bill of Rights) are specifically meant to protect these rights of the individual against any and all abuses by the government. And these abuses are escalating so fast that the only hope of stopping them is for each INDIVIDUAL to REMOVE himself/herself from the BEAST system. If you can't stop the system, then at least make sure the system won't stop you.

BOYCOTT the BEAST system. Refuse to be a part of it. BOYCOTT the REAL I.D.IOT card. BOYCOTT the North American Union. Do you really want to have the sovereignty of your country forever destroyed? Do you want more invasions of Mexican drug dealers, murderers and rapists? Do you want to be subsumed into a socialist government like that of Canada? Do you want your country irrevocably destroyed? The BEAST does, count on it!

BOYCOTT everything and everyone who threatens your LIBERTY, your SOVEREIGNTY and your PRIVACY. Expunge them from your personal universe. Amen and amen.

This report covers not only the general issue of the Right to Privacy; and the pathological mindset (as evidenced in the "herd mentality") which is responsible for invasions of privacy and the complete lack of respect for the privacy and personal boundaries of individuals; it also includes some of the specific invasions of privacy which have been perpetrated against me personally. I document these for the public record.


In late summer/early autumn of 2007, I was having serious trouble with my dial-up Internet connection. When I called the technical support people at my server for help, they did some tests and informed me that there was "another party" breaking into and using my private phone lines. No surprise there, this particular invasion of privacy has been happening to me for decades. But as is my standard policy, I called the phone company anyway, to make a report and file a formal complaint.

The bought-and-paid-for liars at the phone company were of no help at all. They at first claimed that they would be sending out a repair person to "check the lines", but though I waited at home for hours on the designated date, nobody ever showed up. Nobody even showed the basic courtesy to call. When I called back to find out why they failed to send the repair person, as promised, I was told, oh so casually, that there was "no problem" with my phone lines. But there certainly IS a problem, I told them, and I demand to know exactly what it is. What's more, it needs to be fixed. The intrusions on my phone lines need to be identified and stopped.

I explained that it had already been determined that there was a "third party" breaking into my lines. In other words, a phone tap. The phone company robots then told me they "could not" tell me, even if such a tap existed. 

I'd heard the same nonsense many times (in many different locations) in years past when I reported problems on my lines which I knew were caused by government criminals bugging my phones. I knew because I'd had the lines checked in each case by a private investigator/surveillance expert with the proper equipment. But the phone companies (like so many other corporate behemoths) answer only to the criminals in government, NOT to the paying customers, and so have gag orders placed on them regarding phone taps. They are "not authorized" to tell the truth to a customer even if they know that there is indeed, a tap on the line.

I told the phone company representatives: Listen up! I am PAYING for this phone service. It is your responsibility and obligation to provide the services a customer is paying for. Which includes a PRIVATE phone line with no interference from outside parties. 

I did not order a "party-line" service. I do not want interference on my lines. I am being prevented from conducting my personal and professional business, because the parties breaking into my line are stopping me from using my computer.

More importantly, I have the RIGHT TO PRIVACY; the right to conduct my personal and professional business free of spying, surveillance, snooping, interference on my private lines, and what not.

Naturally, the problem was never resolved. Just as none of the other problems of similar nature were ever resolved. During this time, the bastards had also stepped up the sabotage of my e-mail, preventing me from sending e-mail to certain persons. I finally decided to (for the most part) stop using e-mail, as well as the phone. It was the only way I could think of to protect my privacy, at least as regards direct e-mail/telephone communications.

But the irony of all this unlawful surveillance is this: I never discuss truly "sensitive" information on the phone, or by e-mail. This has been my policy for many years. If it can't be discussed face-to-face (with ambient noise in the background to block listening devices from picking up the conversation) then it is not under discussion, at least not by me.

Over the years, the spooks have wasted much of their time and resources eavesdropping, only to hear me talking about my cats, or to them (I love you, more than the expanding universe!...Lord have mercy! but you need a new flea collar....I know you don't like that brand of cat food, but I can't afford anything better right now, so eat it or you'll be limited to dry rations....My life purpose is serve you!...I worship and adore you.....Let's give these bastards some intelligence they can USE: the rendevous point will be the feeding bowls at 17:00 hrs.)

As far as I am concerned, I value my privacy second only to my liberty. In fact, my privacy is an integral part of my liberty. To be FREE from any and all unwanted attention by snoops and busybodies, to be FREE from all invasions and intrusions! And I will do whatever is necessary to protect myself against any and all invasions of my privacy by spies, snoops and busybodies of any stripe, government or otherwise.

No doubt, I am a Privacy Extremist. Because privacy is so very important to me, I have always taken measures to protect myself from all forms of invasion, intrusion and interference, in every area of my life.

1) Unlisted, private phone numbers. Always.

2) Unlisted, private street address, not available in any public records. Always.


4) I never answer a knock at my door unless I am expecting an invited visitor or service person. Never. If the intruder persists, I simply speak through the closed door and say: You see that NO TRESPASSING SIGN? See that NO SOLICITING sign? Leave the property. NOW. If that doesn't get rid of the intruder, I simply call the police.

5) Since 9-11 I have refused to fly on any commercial airlines, on principle. NOBODY is going to search my luggage or interrogate me with intrusive personal questions. NOBODY is going to conduct a search of my person. 
NOBODY is going to confiscate any of my personal possessions. I boycott the airlines, and now even the trains, as they demand to see your "papers" (a driver's license or other photo I.D.) simply to buy a train ticket. I have the right to travel anonymously and unmolested within my own country. It is nobody's business who I am or where I am going. If I do decide to travel, I find a way by which I am spared the harassment and intrusions of the tyrants and their minions.

6) When the census-takers come knocking, I do not open the door. I tell them (again, through the closed door) that they are trespassing on private property; that I do not talk to census takers; that they have no legitimate business with me; that I do not answer their questions, nor will I be engaging them in any discussion or argument. "This conversation is terminated. Leave my property. Now". And I say no more.

Usually, they try to force their will on me by aggression and empty threats about "the law" --which does not exist. They have no jurisdiction whatsoever over me, a Sovereign Child of God. Frustrated and foiled, usually after shouting their empty threats, they leave their intrusive paperwork outside the door. I use the census form for kindling in my fireplace.

7) I do not have a public e-mail address. Not published on my website, nor anywhere else. My e-mail addresses are all PRIVATE. I have no interest in communicating with the general public, the readers of my website, or curiosity seekers who may have read my reports (or the writings of others, about me, by either legitimate writers or disinformers) on the Internet or in hardcopy publications.
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