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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Violators of the Right to Privacy: Names of Perps Exposed

NOTE: Here, another segement from my report (2008), Privacy: The Final Frontier. This part exposes the names of criminals, malicious liars, government stooges and shills, who have with malice aforethought committed monstrous invasions of privacy against Barbara Hartwell and others who are targets of COINTELPRO.

Since this was written, the ranks of these violators have grown, and their acts of aggression (some of which are criminal in nature) have become ever more outrageous.

Some of these violators (including Todd Fahey and Tim White, known as the demonic duo) are cowardly fugitives from justice, living in foreign countries where they cannot be apprehended for their criminal offenses.

There are other lowlifes, such as James F. Marino and "Xena Carpenter" (whose trash Marino also promotes), who have joined up with them, and are engaging in violations of privacy, aiding and abetting the criminals (such as Fahey, White and Adachi), by parroting their libelous falsehoods and promoting the smear pieces which include monstrous  invasions of privacy, such as publishing a person's PRIVATE, UNLISTED street address and thus soliciting further crimes of aggression such as criminal harassment and stalking (as described herein).

But these godless swine all have the same unscrupulous mindset: ZERO respect whatsoever for the privacy, personal boundaries and basic God-given human rights of the Individual (as guaranteed and protected under the U.S. Constitution) --as demonstrated by their acts of aggression against their targets, including Barbara Hartwell.

Which also means, that contrary to their oft-stated --and indeed loudly touted-- proclamations that they are "friends of liberty"; "defenders of human rights", etc. etc., they are in fact lowlife hypocrites who violate those very rights of others, simply out of misplaced spite, because they mistakenly believe they can aggrandize their own flagging egos by unjustly attacking others, and to indulge their twisted fantasies of self-importance.

May their names be always remembered in shame and disgrace. May we forget they were our countrymen! 

For the record, here is my warning to each and every one of these slugs (including all named in this report): I won't stop at just exposing you; I will make it a solid priority to put you out of the  business of gate-crashing, snooping, and all other forms of your ungodly aggression, once and for all.

Get behind me, Satan!

Barbara Hartwell Percival
February 27, 2010


Unfortunately, the invaders of privacy are legion and not limited to government bureaucrats and operatives, nor aggressive corporations. Some are minions of the government, G-man/spook wannabes. Others are just garden variety busybodies who have simply not learned to MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS or to respect the privacy or personal boundaries of others. And I have ZERO TOLERANCE for such persons; for any person who disregards my clearly stated directives regarding showing respect for my privacy and personal boundaries.

I have drawn my line in the sand: at the borders of my private property; at the door step of my home; and within a stone's throw of my person. Cross the line and there will be consequences. Always.

As a Sovereign Child of God, I have the Right to Privacy. I have the right to protect and defend my person (as a living spirit, and the flesh-and-blood body I inhabit); my private property; and my "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" against all aggressors, invaders and intruders. My home is my sanctuary and my cloister, a place where God's Love and Justice Rules. And I will defend it fiercely, against all aggressors, until the day God sends the chariot to take me home.

As for my private life, it is just that-- PRIVATE. What information I choose to make public (which may include certain personal information, at my discretion and for my own purposes) is up to me --and only me. Contrary to the misguided beliefs of numerous fools, my private life is not an open book, just because I have a public website.

Though, in the above statements, I am speaking strictly for myself, anyone who truly understands these concepts (and has suffered from so many of such unconscionable intrusions) will agree with me. On the other hand, many more do not understand. Some, lacking any scruples, simply do not care. It is the increasing invasions of privacy by these disrespectful and/or unscrupulous individuals which made it necessary for me to write this report.


Again, it bears repeating: The right to privacy is just one of the God-given (natural), inherent, unalienable rights, also protected and guaranteed under the Constitution. Rights are bestowed by God, NOT by any government. The government has no right to take away what God has given. Yet it is amazing how many people just don't "get it". Either they don't get it, or worse, they don't give a damn.

Those who don't give a damn are invariably the aggressors, the psychopaths, the intruders, the invaders, the globalists, totalitarians, communists, Marxists, fascists, etc. To hell with them all.

Now, there is one particular gaggle of government operatives, stooges and provocateurs (who answer directly to government criminals) who have targeted Barbara Hartwell for criminal harassment and persecution for well over a decade. Invasions of privacy are a particularly nefarious component of this harassment campaign. 

These criminals, working in collusion, as part of a criminal conspiracy (which includes racketeering) have invaded my privacy by the following malicious acts:

1) Publishing PRIVATE, UNLISTED e-mail addresses and phone numbers for the malicious purpose of soliciting additional privacy violations/harassment by like-minded criminals.

2) Publishing a PRIVATE, UNLISTED street address for the malicious purpose of soliciting additional privacy violations, criminal harassment and stalking by like-minded criminals.

3) Harassing phone calls, including DEATH THREATS, to PRIVATE UNLISTED phone numbers.

4) Stalking on foot or in vehicles at or near a private residence.

5) Soliciting criminal harassment/stalking/invasions of privacy. This is a crime in and of itself.

Once again, I find it necessary to get some of the names of these criminals on record, in the public spotlight, even though I have exposed them numerous times over a period of many years. Better to be redundant in the cause of justice than to allow them to continue to harm others with impunity. Forewarned is forearmed.

Regarding the mindset of these criminals, here is an excerpt from a report by my good friend and professional colleague, ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee:

"Barbara, you are the Best that this country has to offer and, as we have seen, the fbi and the cia make sure to send against you the very worst human beings that this country can produce; I truly believe that these individuals who are assaulting you represent the very lowest form of human intellect that has ever lived on the face of the earth. Their names should be forever remembered as such."

--Ex-FBI Agent Geral Sosbee on Miscreants and Cowards

(Thank you, Geral, from the bottom of my heart.)

The criminal harassment and invasions of privacy have not stopped, not by a long shot. These perps are still out there, still on the loose. Still harassing, stalking; still publishing PRIVATE information; still libeling and slandering for the purpose of destroying the lives of anyone deemed a threat to their criminal government masters. Being abject cowards, these perps fear truth. Truth is their worst enemy; therefore, anyone who exposes the truth about their deceptions, malfeasance, scams, crimes or cover-ups becomes a target of their limitless malice.


Among the most aggressive and malicious of these criminals is one Todd Brendan Fahey, a psychopath who has, since July 2004, perpetrated a relentless campaign of criminal harassment; stalking (including cyber-stalking); outrageous libel and slander; identity theft, forgery, plagiarism, and soliciting invasions of privacy, criminal harassment and stalking against Barbara Hartwell. These criminal offenses have continued, unabated, to the date of this writing, August, 2008.

Because of the severe damages (including financial losses, trauma and extreme emotional distress) to me, my family and colleagues, which have accrued over the last four (4) years I will gladly take this opportunity to expose Todd Fahey (once again) as the primary example of malice, aggression, psychosis, and the criminal mindset which totally disregards morality, honor, honesty and righteousness in any form. For Todd Fahey, PRIVACY and PERSONAL BOUNDARIES are totally alien concepts, given his complete moral and spiritual bankruptcy.

The main focus of this report is invasions of privacy, but for those interested in a more extensive background on this criminal psychopath, see the reports exposing Todd Brendan Fahey, previously published on this website. In particular:

Retrospective on a Man of Dishonor: Why I Am NOT a Todd Brendan Fahey Fan

Beginning in July, 2004, Todd Fahey embarked on his rampage of privacy invasions by stalking at my home (removed by police on July 6, 2004); followed by publishing my PRIVATE e-mail address (long since defunct); PRIVATE, UNLISTED phone number (long since changed) and my PRIVATE, UNLISTED street address in many locations all over the World Wide Web, with the malicious purpose of soliciting further stalking and harassment by like-minded criminals and whack jobs.

As part of the criminal conspiracy described above, Fahey, with intent of malice, entered into collusion with others (including government-sponsored criminals) for the purposes of harassing, stalking, threatening, libeling and slandering Barbara Hartwell.

One of these criminals, Tim White (whom Fahey sought out in 2004, as a co-conspirator against Barbara Hartwell) had targeted me in August, 2001, starting with a bogus death threat (I have evidence of this threat in writing, in my files, which, along with other documents, will be published, at my discretion.) which he falsely claimed had been made by an innocent person, a man whom White's criminal government overlords also wanted to neutralize. 

White escalated to criminal harassment and making his own death threats against Barbara Hartwell and others, at the behest of his government overlords, with whom he made a deal to get out of jail, where he was serving time in Colorado on a drug-trafficking conviction.

Tim White is a career criminal, sexual pervert (including a collector of child pornography), transvestite and a stool pigeon/snitch who does the dirty work for Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp and others. Both Gunderson and DeCamp have publicly acknowledged him as an associate; have enlisted his "help" in threatening/harassing Barbara Hartwell and others; and have furnished him with a carefully-crafted body of disinformation related to crimes and coverups, primarily connected to sexual abuse of children, child pornography and prostitution rings. 

Tim White has boasted numerous times that Gunderson and DeCamp are his "personal friends" and even that DeCamp is his "attorney".

White has been used as a stooge and town crier, not only to distribute false information designed to maintain cover-ups; but also to spread libelous/slanderous falsehoods and disinfo/black propaganda targeting Barbara Hartwell and others, including constitutional activist, Rick Stanley and ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee.

Another government stooge, Ken Adachi, has been publishing libelous disinformation from Tim White, on his website, Educate-Yourself, to my knowledge, since 2002. Adachi launched his own massive libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell early in 2001, publishing outrageous lies concocted by himself and others, primarily serving as as a flunky and PR shill for Ted Gunderson. In 2004, Adachi gleefully added Todd Fahey's libelous smears against Barbara Hartwell to his "news headlines". Adachi has dedicated a special section of his website to libeling Barbara Hartwell, which he has titled: "Barbara Hartwell, CEO of Liars, Inc."

Fahey's outrageously libelous writings targeting Barbara Hartwell have been posted on numerous websites, message boards and Yahoo! groups over a period of more than 4 years. I could not begin to name every site, as they number in the hundreds. And in all this time, I've only read but a few of the ravings of this loathsome freakazoid. Why subject myself to the further stress of reading his outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, some of which include pornographic filth dredged up from the cesspool of his debased psyche?

Fahey's pathological obsession with destroying my professional and personal reputation is glaringly obvious to any and all discerning persons. Even though I have simply ignored most of the trash spewed out by Fahey, he keeps at it with no end in sight. Who would dedicate so much time and energy, day after day, week after week, month after month, for FOUR YEARS, but for an obsession?

As for those of Fahey's ilk, consumed with spite and moral rot, I have no doubt the Almighty will judge them accordingly. All I can do is expose these lowlifes for the public record, stand in my own defense, set the record straight, report the criminal offenses to law enforcement, and issue public warnings. The rest is up to God.

Each time I have come across a piece of trash concocted by this psychotic slug, Todd Fahey, and also posted by his fellow criminals and sleazy cohorts (including Tim White and Ken Adachi) I have noticed (as have others) that he always invades privacy by posting my PRIVATE street address.

Usually, the criminal stalker Fahey places the PRIVATE street address right at the top of the post ("Barbara Hartwell, who lives at XXXX....") So, this is the first thing the reader sees, even in listings for my name in a search engine. 

Fahey and his loathsome cohorts, especially Ken Adachi and Tim White, have spent tremendous amounts of time and energy writing up their bogus "reports" and loading the search engines with their outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell.

Fahey also lifts reports from my website, and CHANGES the content, FORGING text I did not write; and/or selectively removing content. He has also repeatedly engaged in IDENTITY THEFT, by putting my name, Barbara Hartwell, as the "poster" of certain pieces on various websites, when in fact I had ONLY posted my reports on my own website. Another form of identity theft has been repeatedly perpetrated by Fahey by FORGING reports and articles (as well as e-mails) NOT written by me, which he posts, falsely citing Barbara Hartwell as the "author".

Often, when exploiting my reports for his malicious purposes, he REMOVES my postal mailing address from the header (the ONLY public address I have, and that of my Legal Defense and Research Trust), replacing it with my PRIVATE street address, making it look AS IF that were the address given by me in my reports. This is not just invasion of privacy. This is FORGERY and it is a crime.

Just one example, among many: Fahey posted a report titled, Death By Government: Part 2 (November 2007) on a site called Liberty Forum. Fahey changed the title (forgery); changed the address (forgery) and posted it in the "humor" section of the site (malice, misdirection); and also FORGED MY NAME as the "poster". Naturally, in his usual deceitful manner, he posted my report using one of his many, many screen names, which the spiteful little coward hides behind to do his dirty work.

Todd Fahey has also has been obsessively posting an item titled: "Whereabouts of Barbara Hartwell?" on many message boards. And as usual, hiding behind various idiotic screen names, including: spookyermomma AT Yahoo dot com.  He queries the readers as to my whereabouts, asks if anyone has "heard from" Barbara Hartwell and asks, Does she still live at XXXXX? Once again, publishing my private street address. The scumbag from hell strikes again.

Last time he carpet-bombed the Internet with a post about the "whereabouts" of Barbara Hartwell, he claimed to "know" that I had lost my home in Maine, due to "non-payment"; had "moved to Brownsville, Texas" and was "sharing an apartment with one Geral Sosbee." Of course, as is always the case with Fahey, this was a complete fabrication and Fahey's lies were refuted not only by me but also by Geral Sosbee himself.


The damages to me, as a direct result of Fahey's invasions of privacy, have been extensive and severe. And he hasn't stopped at simply PUBLISHING my private street address. No, the little maggot has evidently gone so far as to enlist some local yokel lowlifes to "stake out" my home.

One day, while conducting a search on an unrelated matter, I happened upon a post made by Todd Fahey (under the screen name, "obvious") on a site called Freedom Underground. The title of the post was: "Anyone wanna see pictures of Barbara Hartwell's house?" He claimed that "a friend of a friend" had taken photos of my house, and Fahey offered to send them to any interested parties who requested them, by e-mail.

Now, I can't imagine why anyone would be interested in a picture of my house, except Fahey himself, since I doubt anyone shares his rabid obsession with Barbara Hartwell. However, the so-called "friend of a friend" (or perhaps several of these lowlifes) apparently did more than skulk around near (or trespass on) my property taking pictures.

Because I have had four (4) separate incidents of theft from my property since Fahey and others (including, but not limited to, Ken Adachi, Tim White, Robert Sterling) have been publishing my PRIVATE street address on the Internet.

Before the inception of Fahey's campaign to destroy my life (including the privacy violations) I never had any problems on my private property. No stalkers (except Fahey himself.) Nothing was ever stolen. 

I live in a small town, a seaside community in a quiet neighborhood, where there is very little crime.

But, ever since this malicious lunatic has been soliciting crimes against me, I have reported to the police the following crimes of theft, over a period of the past four (4) years: Three bicycles (two mountain bikes and a racing bike) and one large stone lawn statue.

These items were not inside the house, but outside on my front porch, and in my yard and garden. Since I haven't been able to afford a shed to protect my possessions from thieves, I had no choice but to leave them outside.

All of these items are worth a total value of over $3,500 and that is just the estimated monetary value. The value to me personally is another matter. In fact, two of the bikes were not owned by me, but by a friend, kept on my property for his use when visiting. As for the statue, it had been a gift to me many years ago, a religious icon made of stone, and is irreplaceable. Of course, I could not afford to insure my property, being financially destitute.

None of these thefts took place while I was at home. Each one happened while I was out or away for an extended period of time. Each incident of trespassing and theft was reported to the police. In addition, I have met with police detectives (including one detective who investigated the drunk-and-disorderly, stalking, and threats of violence made by Fahey in July, 2004) several times over the past four years, and have given them a list of names of the various criminals who have engaged in stalking, threats (including death threats), invasions of privacy, soliciting crimes against Barbara Hartwell. I have also furnished them with evidence and hardcopy documents.

So, these lowlife criminals, Fahey's pals, his "friend(s) of a friend" might be interested to know that if I ever catch one of them trespassing on my property, I won't be dialing 911, at least not until AFTER I punch out their lights and cuff them myself. And, if they are really unlucky, one of my ex-military relatives might be visiting and decide to lend a hand. And who knows, if they make one aggressive move against someone's person while trespassing on my property, he might be likely (given his first-rate training in deadly force) to snap their necks like a twig. (In self defense, of course.)


For the record, here are some websites who have been in collusion with Todd Fahey to invade my privacy; compromise my security; endanger my person and/or to libel, harass and stalk; and/or to solicit the crimes of stalking and harassment against Barbara Hartwell --by publishing a PRIVATE, UNLISTED street address.

--Educate-Yourself, owned by Ken Adachi. Adachi is in collusion with Todd Fahey and other criminals/disinformers, including Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp, Brenda Negri (aka "James Choron") Larry Lawson, Tim White. Adachi serves as the primary P.R. shill and lackey for Ex-FBI Senior SAC Ted Gunderson.

--Friends of Liberty, owned by Todd Brendan Fahey. A site which publishes lies, pornographic filth, filled with obscenity, paranoid fantasies, outrageous libel about Barbara Hartwell and others, and similar repellent garbage.

--Vietnam Veterans on the Net, an apparently unmoderated Yahoo! group. This group is now defunct. But for all the years it was online, it was used by a number of criminals named here (including Todd Fahey, Tim White, Larry Lawson) as a venue for a smear campaign against Barbara Hartwell and other legitimate investigators, government whistleblowers and expositors of truth about government corruption.

--Freedom Underground, where Fahey and certain other like-minded cohorts frequently invade privacy and post libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell.

--Friends of Barbara Hartwell, a Yahoo! group maliciously designed by Todd Fahey for the specific purposes of: publishing outrageous falsehoods about/libeling Barbara Hartwell; invasions of privacy against Barbara Hartwell; identity theft; criminal harassment, stalking, etc. Again, it is used by the same gaggle of criminals to post their disinfo trash.

--The Konformist, owned by Robert Sterling. A site to which Todd Fahey has been a frequent contributor, along with other misogynists, sleazebags (the site is filled with obscenities and photos of nearly naked women) and conspiracy-nut grandstanders.

--Larry Lawson News. Not a website, but a "newsletter" which Lawson distributes far and wide and in which he regularly libels quite a number of decent, legitimate people, all of whom oppose totalitarianism. Examples of Lawson targets: Rick Stanley, Geral Sosbee, John Perna, Barbara Hartwell.

--Rumor Mill News, owned by Rayelan Allen. A large commercial New Age/government disinfo site. Todd Fahey is one of the "news agents." Some of the idiots posting on this site (including Rayelan Allen) have libeled Barbara Hartwell and claim I am CIA.

--Breaking All The Rules, owned by a pseudo-intellectual poseur using the alias SARTRE, real name George F. Smith. Todd Fahey posts his trash on this site as a "columnist."

[Note, added February, 2010: "Xena Carpenter" is another such website which perpetrates monstrous invasions of privacy against targets; and where malicious liar Fahey writes libelous pseudo reports not credited to any author, but which are purportedly written by "Xena Carpenter", either an actual person (if so, another demonic liar and lowlife moron),an accomplice of Todd Fahey, Tim White et al; or just another alias used by criminals to harass, libel, invade privacy of targets, including Barbara Hartwell.

Another lowlife now in collusion with the criminals Fahey, White, Adachi et al to invade privacy of Barbara Hartwell and associates is James F. Marino, editor of a website called 9-11 The Mother of All Black Operations. Marino is an obnoxious busybody, name-dropper and gate-crasher (and a vocal supporter of  the communist despot, Barack Hussein Obama, the biggest violator of privacy ever to come down the pike), who promotes outrageous libel, his own ignorant nonsense and malicious lies, and the libelous falsehoods written by his criminal accomplices, whom he promotes for the purpose of doing maximum damage to Barbara Hartwell.]

I know there are many others, but I don't have time to track them all down. That, in itself, would require more time and energy than I'm able or willing to expend.

But mark my words, they will all be held accountable --by me-- for the violations against me and my family, friends/colleagues.


A list follows of some of Fahey's known associates, marked with an asterisk*. Also listed are like-minded malicious aggressors participating in the libel and slander campaign (including talk show hosts, owners of websites, involved in promoting the libel/slander and/or perpetrating privacy invasions) against Barbara Hartwell. Known current and former government operatives are identified as such.

As you read the names on this list (marked with an asterisk* for those known associates of Todd Brendan Fahey), consider this:

What kind of person would associate himself/herself in any way (including promoting him or his libelous smear pieces) or have any dealings with Todd Brendan Fahey --a psychopath; a criminal stalker; a forger; an identity thief; a porno-monger; a sexual pervert/predator (including targeting children); a misogynist; a blackmailer; a thief; a malicious pathological liar; a coward; a raging drunk/drug-abusing lunatic?

WHO would want anything to do with this utterly toxic, corrupt and deranged individual?

Birds of a feather, that's who! By their fruits shall you know them, and by their associates shall you be given a window into their moral character (or lack thereof.)

Make no mistake. These unscrupulous individuals (and many others like them) are, in large measure, the reason this country is going to hell in a handcart. They love to put ALL the blame on corrupt politicians and government agencies, whom they smugly claim to be "exposing". (That's a no-brainer and hardly worth noting.)

But it might behoove them to clean up the corruption in their own lives, as I have never seen one of them make an UNCOMPROMISING STAND FOR LIBERTY & JUSTICE. As for TRUTH, it is apparently of no consequence to them. They, in their arrogance and hubris, are just as much to blame for the demise of this country and in the end will be held accountable for the grievous harm they have done.

Yet most of them claim to be "Christians"; "patriots"; or "freedom fighters" (or all of same.) From my observations, none of them could fight their way out of a wet paper bag. Where is the the courage of the purported "convictions" which they loudly proclaim far and wide?

They're too busy with their poseur patriotism; bearing false witness, running their media smear campaigns (on radio and/or in print) against legitimate, sincere individuals; running cover-ups of their own deceptions, fraudulent operations and scams; as well as vying shamelessly for publicity and ego-gratification. And let's not forget bilking the hard-earned dollars (one way or another) of their target audience: SINCERE patriots, Christians and hard-core freedom fighters.

If you've been conned, duped or hoodwinked by one of these unscrupulous individuals, if you've been taken to the cleaners, it's time to take a closer look --a much closer look. But please, don't take it from me. Do your own research. 

Caveat emptor!

Timothy Patrick White*

Craig Oxley
Ted Gunderson* (Ex-FBI Senior SAC, ex-officio COINTELPRO, de facto COINTELPRO)
Clarence Malcolm
Barbara Crouse Brown
John DeCamp* (Former senator, Nebraska, Op Phoenix, CIA black ops)
Larry Lawson*
Brenda Negri*
Alan Stang*
Ken Adachi*
Robert Sterling*
Rayelan Allen*
George F. Smith* (aka SARTRE)
Christina Cook*
James Rothstein
Alex Merklinger
Alex Jones
Eric John Phelps
Pamela Schuffert
Don Stacey (CIA)
Marilyn Guinnane
Ronald Cerra (CIA)
Mary Ann Cerra (CIA)
Susan Ford (aka Brice Taylor)
Charles Bruce Stewart
Mark Phillips (CIA)
Mike Eggleston (aka SMOKESCREEN)
John Kaminski
Clay Douglas
D'Anne Burley
Virginia McCollough
Daryl Sturgis aka Tim Hall (Former Army Special Forces, Op Phoenix under Gen. Singlaub CID, IRS--current government employment status unknown)
Fintan Dunne
Mark Hostlaw (FBI, Anti-Terrorist Task Force, former NSA)
Shirley Anderson
Sherry Shriner
Daryl Bradford Smith
Vanessa Davis
Gerry Donaldson
James F. Marino*
Peter Kawaja
Kevin Gagan
John Allman
Dennis Slatton
Alex McGowin
"Xena Carpenter" (may be an alias for another perp)*
(Note: additional names have been added since original report was written.)

 Barbara Hartwell Percival

Legal Defense & Research Trust

Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA