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Friday, February 26, 2010

Retrospective: Whistleblowers Vs. CIA & Ted Gunderson


This report was posted on Rumor Mill News, October 2003. First you will find a preface written by Barbara Hartwell, followed by a letter from Stew Webb.

Much has changed since that time and it is important that I clarify a few issues which relate to the information given here.

1) I resigned my posting privileges on Rumor Mill News in November, 2003, due to attempts by the editor, Rayelan Allan, to censor my reports; as well as the offensive and intrusive behavior of the gaggle of New Agers who tried to foist their silly secular humanist pop psychology on me.

The main topic around which the conflict (and the attempted censorship) revolved was my reports exposing ex-FBI agent and COINTELPRO operative 
 Ted L. Gunderson and some of his snitches and shills.

Gunderson and his flunky, Tim White, had made harassing telephone calls to Rayelan, and had also made threats of a lawsuit re my reports. They also told the usual outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell being CIA. Rayelan caved in to the intimidation tactics and I resigned with a truthful letter outlining my reasons for calling it quits.

 A Matter of Honor; My Resignation from Rumor Mill News 

Subsequently, I was attacked by many of the "news agents", and falsely accused of being CIA (the usual), while the one and only person who had the integrity and the guts to stand up for me (and for the truth) was "banned" permanently  by Rayelan. You see, the truth is the one thing which is simply not allowed on Rumor Mill News.

Anyway, when I stood up in my own defense (and for the truth) I was then publicly accused by Rayelan herself of "running a Psy Op" on Rumor Mill News, and, naturally, she then claimed I was CIA. I was, of course, "banned" permanently from Rumor Mill News. 

As for Stew Webb: He was banned from Rumor Mill News for witnessing for Jesus Christ, because as Rayelan stated, she did not want "all that Jesus stuff" on her message board. Satan was okay, I guess, as some of the "news agents" promoted Aleister Crowley and his nefarious black magic. Witchcraft was A-OK in Rayelan's book too, and she even solicited curses from "the many witches" who read Rumor Mill News, against "the enemies of RMN", undoubtedly myself included. Truly bizarre, but true.

2) A few comments about Stew Webb. First, Stew and I broke off our association and friendship (the decision was mutual) in early 2006. Since that time I have been saddened not only by the loss of the friendship, but also by the fact that Stew has felt the need to falsely accuse me of several things: "working with the enemy, Tim White"; and, "taking money from Karl Schwarz"; and, most outlandish of all, operating in collusion with Karl Schwarz, as part of an "Israeli spy ring"!

Of course, none of these allegations are true (nor were ever true); but it left me with a dilemma. The problem was (and still is) that although in my opinion,  Stew went off the deep end by switching his allegiance from defending Liberty and restoring Constitutional government, to being willing to support Illuminati insider and NWO proponent Al Gore, obviously under pressure (and likely believing false promises) from his cohort, Tom Heneghan, a former Gore campaign manager --Stew still told the truth about many other things. And is a firsthand witness to many other things, and has a large body of evidence about many other things.

Most notably, he has told the truth about the criminal activities of Ted L. Gunderson and his cronies and minions. So, although Stew's general credibility has unfortunately taken a dive (and this is agreed upon by many others who knew him from past associations or from Stew's many radio broadcasts), he is still in possession of truthful, accurate and factual information re Gunderson and his cronies, minions, stooges and shills. What's more, Stew has the evidence to support much of what he has exposed.

All that being said, I can state that I still endorse the truth of what Stew Webb has written in this particular report, at least as much of it as I can corroborate, upon information and belief, and which I can substantiate with evidence developed through my own investigations.

3) Lastly, regarding the government stooges, snitches and shills who do Gunderson's bidding, including libel/slander campaigns against targets; stalking; threats; criminal harassment, etc. etc.  They are pretty much the same crew as they were back in 2001-2003. Most notably, Timothy Patrick White, a predicate felon who made a deal with corrupt feds in 2002 for a get-out-of-jail-free card, in return for snitching, lying about, stalking and otherwise harassing patriots and genuine whistleblowers.

Also mentioned here are Larry Lawson (another "deal-maker"); Brenda Negri, a criminal psychopath and G-Man wannabe (who seems to have disappeared, but is almost certainly still out there operating under some other alias); Shirley Anderson (still out there, but who has distanced herself from Tim White, whom she now claims is "sick").

Many new stooges have since joined up to be a part of the libel/slander campaign and to participate in the harassment (including of the criminal variety) and they are too numerous to mention here, but are certainly exposed in many other reports on this website.

However, one perp in particular should be mentioned: Todd Brendan Fahey, a malicious liar, blackmailer, porno-monger, sex pervert/predator (including targeting children); forger, plagiarist, identity thief, and most significantly for the purpose of this report, Tim White's "other half" of the demonic duo, who has been engaging in criminal harassment of Barbara Hartwell since 2004.

Fahey is also in collusion with Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp, Ken Adachi, Larry Lawson, "Xena Carpenter" and others, to libel/slander and generally destroy the life of Barbara Hartwell.

But here's the most important point: If you consider the large body of evidence I have collected (only a fraction of which I have thus far incorporated into my reports), you will begin to discern a pattern, over a period of years.

You will see that my reports (and the facts presented therein) are nothing, if not consistent, in the statements about these perps and their crimes, year in, year out.

You will also see that my statements of fact --and even the personal and professional opinions I present-- are corroborated by other legitimate people, who have often discovered the same facts (and arrived at the same conclusions) independently. In other words, disparate and totally independent, unrelated  sources, stating the same truths; presenting the same (or similar) opinions and viewpoints; and sometimes corresponding evidence, about these perps.

On the other hand, look at the libelous falsehoods these perps try to pass off as "truth"; as "exposing" Barbara Hartwell or others. Most will simply accuse me of being a "CIA agent" or "CIA disinfo agent". They'll claim I am a "liar"; a "whore"; a "government spook", and the devil only knows what all else.

Do they have even one scintilla of evidence to substantiate any of these outrageous claims? Not one. And they never will, because these are fabrications meant to destroy my personal and professional reputation, so that hopefully, the public will not believe in the truth of my reports; so that the perps can continue their crimes, hoaxes and scams with impunity; and so that consequently, I will not receive the material support, that being destitute and disabled, I need to survive.

These loathsome characters also seem to think that "exposing" someone involves invading her privacy in the most monstrous way, thus also compromising the security and endangering the safety of the target. And in the process, soliciting additional crimes of stalking and criminal harassment by like-minded thugs, a crime in and of itself.

These perps, in their monstrous invasions of privacy, have also claimed to be "exposing" personal information about Barbara Hartwell, which is actually false, even claiming that my "real name" is not Barbara Hartwell. It most certainly is, and I have no other "real name", except that of Percival, which is in fact my family name.  

The liars have claimed also to be "exposing" certain information about my background and family, which although not incriminating in and of itself in any way, is also false; and some of which presents me and my family in a false (and derogatory) light.

I do wonder though, what exactly is it that they are trying to prove?

It seems that since they can't come up with anything that is truthful AND incriminating (there is simply nothing to dig up) that they must fabricate additional falsehoods, hoping that some of the mud they are slinging will stick.

Perhaps the most ludicrous aspect of this libel campaign is when they claim to be "exposing" information about my alleged connection to CIA, some of which is related to my family. AS IF these fools (rank amateurs, all) would have access to classified documents which could possibly corroborate their claims.

The truth is, no one can ever "prove" with certainty (except perhaps the individual in question and/or the Agency) who is, or is not, CIA. And it is hard to know for sure, even when it's your own family or closest friends under suspicion.  I have been struggling with these questions all my life, and have accepted that the best I can do is to rely on my own training as an intelligence analyst, as well as the Truth spoken to me by the Holy Spirit. That's all I can do, but I've found that it is enough.

These morons are pretentious poseurs who actually seem to think they know anything about how CIA operates --but as is made clear by their plethora of foolish comments, they don't have a clue. 

Real CIA people (current or former) reading their nonsense, are howling with laughter, I can guarantee.

As for the content of my reports (information about myself as well as about the criminals I expose), I have always said that it is for "information purposes only". The readers may make of it what they will. Those with the spiritual and intellectual discernment will know the truth when they see it. Others will not. I cannot allow that to concern me, as I have no interest in "feedback" from the readers, nor in discussing my work with anyone except those friends and colleagues who have earned my trust and respect.

In any case, my primary purpose has always been to defend Liberty and put those who threaten it out of business, including the criminals I expose in my reports. As for information about my personal/professional background, it is my prerogative what to divulge and what is to remain a part of my private life. I am entitled to my privacy and anyone who invades it will face serious consequences, sooner or later.

But in all of this persecution, these lowlife scum criminals have not come up with even one piece of evidence that  Barbara Hartwell (or Geral Sosbee, or any of a number of other targets) has committed any crime; has engaged in any wrongdoing; has told any lies; has run any scams, nor done anything else that would even begin to indicate a lack of honor or integrity.

Nor will they ever be able to furnish such evidence, because there is, very simply, nothing to be found.

As for the outrageous falsehoods these demonic liars promote about Barbara Hartwell, I have mostly stopped paying attention to what's out there on the Internet. Yes, it is extremely distressing, but I have learned that it's less so to simply ignore most of it, especially if I have already exposed the liars and refuted the lies.  

Once in awhile, if I happen across an unknown perp, another malicious liar or stooge, promoting the libel, I'll refute the lies and expose the lowlife, then move on to something more important. 

Each perp has his/her own "spin" and set of lies, which they mostly keep repeating year after year; each perp parrots some of the lies of their accomplices. And then of course, they contradict each other, as well as frequently contradicting themselves --which always happens to liars, as they can't help but get tangled in the skein of their own lies. It is the occupational hazard of being a career liar.  

Sometimes the stooges fight among themselves about which lie is "the truth"; and even stranger, the same stooges will often promote two totally contradictory sets of lies, posting them on the SAME message boards.

As for the truth, it is sometimes stranger than the fictions they promote, when it comes to these government-sponsored stooges and useful (and useless) idiots!

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
February 26, 2010

October 2003

Following is a report written by Federal Whistleblower Stew Webb, in response to ex-FBI agent Ted L. Gunderson's false accusations against him in a letter written by Gunderson on September 27, 2003.

I am one of approximately 200 witnesses to be called in Stew's grand jury demand.

I have discussed all the issues Stew mentions here with him at length and in great detail over the past two and a half years. I do have direct personal knowledge of some of the information Stew presents here, which has been corroborated by other witnesses, including but not limited to, Stew Webb and McMartin Preschool whistleblower and activist, Jackie McGauley.

I cannot verify ALL the information Stew presents here. However Stew has posted documents on his website which CAN verify much of what he states to be true. Particularly involving Ted Gunderson's role in the sale of Stinger missiles to Osama bin Laden; the CIA operation known as The Finders; and as regards money laundering and the Promis/Inslaw scandal.

Other documentation exists, not yet posted, but which will be on Stew's website soon.

As a result of my post on Ted Gunderson on Rumor Mill News, provocateur, mental case and Gunderson dupe, Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick, came to Gunderson's defense and is endorsing Gunderson on her website, The Fifth Horseman.

Negri has now implicated herself even further in some very nefarious, criminal and felonious activities by posting all over the Internet on various message boards the following: "Stew Webb, Murder for Hire". That is, she took Gunderson's false accusation about Stew Webb and ran with it, trying to do as much damage as possible to Stew's reputation.

Her many lies and libelous allegations about myself, Stew Webb, ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee and others, tell anyone with a functioning brain precisely WHO she is and WHAT she is.

It's obvious that Negri's REAL purpose (following along with Gunderson, whom she answers to) is to attempt to set up Stew on a false attempted murder charge.

Negri has also falsely accused me, on her website, most recently, of "making terrorist threats across state lines", which is as much a crock of Negri's usual bullshit as ever.

Now, consider this: Both Tim White and his sidekick, gov't dupe and scamster Shirley Anderson, have falsley accused me and Stew Webb of attempting to set up MURDERS, of themselves respectively. Both accuse me of working for CIA. 

Negri and Anderson, along with journalist Virginia McCollough, of NewsMakingNews (who was stupid enough to use Tim White as a "source") have also tried to implicate me and Stew Webb in the death of investigative journalist Brian Downing Quig.

In fact, these lies have been posted not only on public message boards, but on websites such as APFN, Rick Stanley's Constitutional Activist website and others.

Libel is one thing; it's bad enough. But it's hard to believe that these dupes and provocateurs could be SO STUPID as to leave themselves open for felony charges.

Making a DEATH THREAT (publicly or otherwise) is a felony (felony threatening). 

Here, as just one example, is a death threat against Barbara Hartwell, made by Brenda Negri, under the alias Ranger Rick, and posted by Larry Lawson on his newsgroup, LLNews.

"The Mexican Mafia, the gangs, the heroin junkies and the meth dealers. They'll whip your ass into a pulp if we ask them to, and thats only if you're lucky. If you're not, they'll just flat kill ya......they'll slit your throat just as soon as say fuck you " .

Do these idiots really believe that they will be PROTECTED from prosecution? 

Who do they think will protect them?

Ted Gunderson, maybe?

They need to think again.

And do they really believe that a person such as myself, or Stew Webb, will allow them to continue their criminal harassment, false accusations and felonious death threats WITH IMPUNITY?

If so, they need to make a reality check, and SOON.

These people are not only criminally insane, they are gutter trash and pond scum!

Insanity is no excuse. And let them try it, it won't be much of a defense in a court of law either.

October 2003

Sept. 30, 2003


By Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower

All the statements made regarding me, Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower, in CIA-FBI Ted L. Gunderson's letter Dated Sept 27, 2003, claiming I hired someone to murder Denver FBI Cross-Dresser, Child Porno Queen, Drug Addict Tim White; stating I am a drug user; stating I spent 7 months in a mental hospital; stating I have a criminal record, are nothing but pure LIES from a professional GOVT. OPERATIVE STILL WORKING FOR THE GOVERNMENT AS A PATRIOT SPY & one scared on-the-run Govt. Plant known as Ted L.Gunderson.

First: Tim White is an attempted extortionist, a slanderous punk, who will lie to anyone who will pay him.

He is a declared mental case feeding Denver FBI with perjured information, which is a felony. He has been declared mentally unstable by the Colorado Department of Corrections (Prison) system who evaluated him after being busted on dope charges in 2001 and a convicted felon.

I had him busted after he tried to extort me for money $100,000 for boxes of documents he was storing in Colorado for me. I did not know this punk except by others who claimed it would be safe to leave these vital documents there. He has been playing snitch to the Denver FBI in exchange for his freedom and his probation dropped (Oct 2002). He had continuously lied to the Denver FBI, but after nothing checked out they dropped him, and my former father in law hired him at the direction of Denver FBI to criminally harass and stalk me on the internet, he has made death threats to myself and others, including Barbara Hartwell.

Tim White further criminally harasses and slanders, stating Stew Webb is on lithium. I am not on lithium or any medication. I have never hired nor attempted to hire anyone to murder anyone.

I was held as a Political Prisoner from 1992-1993 for exposing the Savings and Loan (Silverado Saving & Loan Scandal Neil Bush Director),the HUD Scandal, the Denver International Airport Scandal, The Keating 5 MDC Holdings 200 Illegal Political Campaign Money Laundering, involving my ex father in law The Bush Crime Family Boss Hog Leonard Millman, aka "The Denver Connection".

During the 10 1/2 months I was Illegally held as a Political Prisoner I was evaluated by the U.S. Government's Shrinks, who stated there was nothing the matter with me. This was part of The Bush Crime Family's game to try and get you declared crazy. This failed.

The charges of Death Threats that never occurred and reported by Leonard Millman were Dismissed with Prejudice, Aug 20, 1993, By U.S. Federal Judge Richard Matsch, Denver Colorado.

Third: I have been Illegally arrested 30 times on false charges for exposing the Bush Crime Family's Denver Connections. All Charges have always been dismissed.

There are no convictions against me. Yet to this day, the U.S. Government has falsified the NCIC Computer system record on me, which is part of my Federal Grand Jury indictments, ready to present.

Yes, I have given the FBI and lots of other Federal Agencies, Congressional Investigations, Inspector Generals and others information relating to "The Bush Crime Family" activities.

Yes, I gave FBI agent Robin Salvador of the Las Vegas office information relating to Bush Terrorist activities, in particular the Ft. Worth Shooting in 1999, the Alaskan Airliner Crash and other terrorist activities of The Bush Crime Family during a short time. I requested an informant number for my own protection.

I was referred by FBI Denver Agent Mark Holtslaw who I now know is running a cover-up op, working for the Bad Guys in the FBI. I even gave them this info a week before each event, to try and stop it.

During this the period of time CIA Ted Gunderson had infiltrated me, I did not know he was working for General John Singlaub and CIA George Pender, controllers for "The Bush Crime Family".

Yes, I was fooled by Criminal CIA Shadow Govt. Bush Crime Family Player Ted L. Gunderson, like many of you are and have been. Further, Gunderson has referred to a video I have called CIA Terror In America where I state I went to the FBI to report this to the Las Vegas Office. See: Videos, under Table of Contents. It is a great Video, and explains a lot, one full hour. Go to my web site to get your copy.

Yes, I am a Federal Whistleblower against Government Corruption. I do not, and never have worked for the U.S. Government or any other Government, or Agency.

Except when I was in the USMC in my late teens, and received an honorable discharge.

I currently have a Federal Grand Jury Demand against The Bush Crime Family naming CIA Ted L. Gunderson as one who brought false charges to extort me out of documents with a convicted felon killer, Tom Gaule of Las Vegas. Those charges were dropped 1 month prior to a Jury Trial by the Prosecution, December, 2001. The prosecutors knew I was innocent of the false charges of robbery which is a form of assault in Nevada. They were dismissed with Prejudice.

Further, Gunderson was involved in murder of a Black Panther acting as an FBI Agent in the early 1970s.

Gunderson sold Stinger Missiles to Terrorist Bin Laden for the Bush Crime Family's Shadow Government, whom CIA Ted L. Gunderson still works for. This was why he was still working as the head of the FBI, LA.

Is the FBI supposed to supply terrorists with Stingers?? Gunderson was involved in other murders of adults who were part of CIA-Satanic Sex rings. Gunderson is involved in a wet-ops to identify and kill those who are victims, now adults who could finger Bush Crime Family Members and other Satanists. Gunderson was further involved with various illegal activities, Iran/Contra Drug & Weapons shipments Inslaw software, neutralizing of key witnesses, murder etc.

Gunderson further is a scamster for the Bush Crime Family. He offers Gold Scams with his Criminal Felon Partner Victor Hancock of Las Vegas, and steals the life savings from little old ladies. Gunderson further sells as a scam, condominiums on Baja, an Island in Mexico, to patriots, and others he can con into purchasing these so called condos to be build in 5 years, with payments now on something that does not exist.

He further owes over one million dollars to little old ladies he has conned out of the money, claiming, I need to borrow this money to break open the Nebraska case, and I have a client who will be paying me $300,000 in two months, you loan me the $50,000 I will pay you back then. He never has a client and never pays them back. Several complaints have been filed against him. He further claims he retired from the FBI, Gunderson was relieved of duty, kicked out for holding Satanic Ceremonies in his FBI Office, and was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.

(A NUT CASE) 2 of his adult children have been repeatedly hospitalized for this condition. This is why the FBI Alumni kicked him out.

Further Gunderson claims he is against Satanism. If this is the case, WHY DID TED L. GUNDERSON MARRY ANTON LAVEY's WIDOW, Diana Rively, IN 1998, Anton Lavey, THE FOUNDER OF THE CHURCH OF SATAN IN AMERICA ?????

For the record Tim White, Ted Gunderson, Doug Millar, Brenda Negri, Shirley Anderson, Larry Lawson, are all tied together as Agents Provocateurs working to do Criminal Harassment, slander and defamation of character, to try and ruin my reputation.

Since January 2003 when I got my internet site up with evidence on The Bush Crime Family, these Criminals have all worked daily to criminally harass and slander, and threaten myself and others, including radio talk show hosts. I have proof these people are tied to Leonard Millman Bush Crime Family Boss Hog my former father in law and the Denver FBI offices for the Bush Crime Family.

Ex FBI, Now CIA Shadow Government Player Ted L. Gunderson is the ring leader of these dupes and provocateurs.

There are so many indictments to present to the grand jury regarding the above named, including information I am not yet at liberty to discuss, of criminal activities they have all participated in.

I might add that since I released the entire FULL-- not blacked out-- CIA/George H.W. BUSH/Richard CHENEY CHILD SEX RING reports "Finders" in Aug 2003 on my internet site, suddenly Ted Gunderson now claims in this letter he has been exposing The Finders.

He passed out "blacked out" 3 pages as disinformation for the gov. to discredit the operation. And John Decamp's Nebraska cover-up was not limited to Nebraska, it was nation wide, all the orphanages were used, and the operation was called "Brownstone" to blackmail congress and senate with kids.

George Pender was in charge of Brownstone, Pender was a Partner of CIA Clint Murchison and CIA-FBI Ted L. Gunderson. Gunderson was in Dallas living at the Murchison Estate for 1 year while he did a radio show on short wave late 1990s, during that time he accused Radio Talk Show Host Art Bell of being a child molester, and Gunderson was sued and Art Bell won The Case against Ted Gunderson for slander.

Therefore I am going to conclude my report, and ask that anyone reading this to visit my internet site below, and review the link associated with these Criminals named above.

My reports and the reports by Jackie McGauley, a mother of a victim of the McMartin Preschool case, who Gunderson broke her finger, made her deaf in one ear, and forced her to file bankruptcy as a result of his stealing her credit cards and using them, and his infiltration to cover up the McMartin case, these reports are here.

I have tons of documents sent to me by Jackie, relating to CIA Ted Gunderson and his illegal activities.

Jackie McGauley's Credentials & Reputation are impeccable.

And The Reports by Former CIA Operative Barbara Hartwell.

[site defunct.] 

All these reports are detailed about the above named Criminals, they can be found on either internet site.

Barbara Hartwell's Credentials & Reputation are impeccable.

I have named some of these "Criminal Government Agents" & Government Provocateurs (Domestic Contact Services) in My Federal Grand Jury Demand Dated July 3, 2003 Case Number 95-Y-107

Filed U.S. District Court Denver Colorado.

Attached are links to my web-site , which lay out in detail who these people, named herein, really are.

Thank You,
Stew Webb
Federal Whistleblower