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Thursday, February 25, 2010

War Crimes, Institutionalized Human Rights Violations

NOTE: Here is a segment from my report (2006), The Wreckers.  In keeping with my decision to break up reports into shorter segments (as suggested by my readers), I add this to my archives.

For the entire report:
The Wreckers: False Lights and the Nature of Evil

All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; next it is violently attacked; finally, it is held to be self-evident.



Now, they have implemented treasonous legislation which allows them to commit war crimes under the color of law; as well as to be 'exonerated' from past war crimes. Not Constitutional law, the Supreme Law of the Land, to be sure, but who is going to stop them?

Now, the bastards can hold prisoners without formally charging them with any crime and with no access to legal counsel. The bastards can also torture their captives with impunity.

They can spy, violate privacy, engage in 'round-the-clock surveillance of American citizens, all the while waving the flag in their rabid, war-mongering frenzy: The War on Terror, don't you know?

Terrorists, running a war on terror. Terrorists, terrorizing anyone who dares to stand up and defy them, who dares to fight for Liberty, who dares to call them what they are: TERRORISTS. And traitors to these United States of America.

As for the wreckers who have destroyed my own life, their hideous handiwork has been wrought not by rogue gangs of thugs, but in a highly organized manner, at the behest and the expense of the U.S. Government. And their terror campaign against private citizens like myself started long, long ago, before their illegal covert operations morphed into the "war on terror" and reached the public perception as such.

I'd been writing and speaking publicly about it for many years before 9-11, attempting to warn all and sundry. Mostly, I only encountered resistance from people whose eyes glazed over at the mention of domestic terrorism by the government; who just couldn't get their minds around the fact that the U.S. government would persecute American citizens.

Moral considerations aside, not to worry, they can easily afford it. They've got the resources --in spades--gleaned from their extortion of "taxpayer dollars"; their sponsorship of pervasive corporate debt-slavery; as well as black budget funding, scavenged from drugs-for-arms deals and other criminal enterprises. Nor are they at a loss for manpower (if you could call them "men". ) They operate under plausible deniability, their methods are insidious as hell. 

Cowards, liars, traitors. Terrorists R Us.

Those of us who seek justice, who defend our individual rights and liberties, bestowed by God, fight them with every fiber of our being. We expose their evil, bringing it into the light. But to fight them, to expose them truly and well, we must first understand the nature of evil. Unless and until evil is recognized for what it actually is, all efforts to expose it, to vanquish it, are in vain.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
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