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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Former FBI Whistleblower Bob Levin

NOTE: This report was sent to me by Janet Phelan, who received it from the author, Bob Levin. I do not know Bob Levin, nor am familiar with his work, but decided to publish this, FYI.
February 18, 2010
To: Norman Goldman, The Norman Goldman Radio Show 

From: Bob Levin, Bob Levin for Congress 2010, Oregon’s 1st Congressional District

As an Italian Jewish American and former federal agent of the U.S. government with skill sets in counterintelligence and subversive subculture penetration, I last served with the FBI and have very clear reasons for making the statement that the Jewish Holocaust never ended. Anxiously I am building three primary websites to publish the full story titled “Black File 7001” in advance of already scheduled radio and television interviews; earlier websites published in my writer’s pseudonym are being left in stasis to demonstrate the progression of realizing the effects of being subjected to “no touch” invisible physical torture.
While employed by a government laboratory as a technician and hazmat safety officer, I raised concerns that processed human waste products were vicariously being introduced into the food chain. In 1994 I survived a pseudo successful COINTELPRO assassination attempt by an electronic warfare engineer and military defense contractor operating an unmarked vehicle owned by the U.S. Navy Department. The incident caused my disability and death with an out-of-body experience before my recovery and relearning how to walk a second time during a seventeen week hospital stay.

In 2000 after officially leaving the FBI and with the clear emergence of a continuing criminal enterprise overthrowing the U.S. government infrastructure, I became a government whistleblower. In July 2001 while sitting next to former Senator Gary Hart on my way the lecture Special Agents in Training at the FBI Academy, the jetliner circled the U.S. Pentagon and I looked down to see the side of the structure later attacked by the Bush oligarchies oil trading partners. During that time my covert status began being outed multiple times to serve as a passive sanction for my assassination following my invitation to the Bush White House to go pound salt up their asses after their telephonic threat to remain silent under penalty of an “invented” criminal charge with the pretext that people in very high places were afraid to death that I was going to destroy their black projects.

In hindsight, before, during and after leaving the FBI, I have remained sanctioned by ongoing COINTELPRO operations in conjuncture with the applied four principles comprising the CIA Torture Matrix/Paradigm. Given the time limitations for radio, I recognize this is too long, but hope you’ll paraphrase some of my heartfelt thoughts. 

As to marching on Washington, D.C., “a thought without action is a beautiful flower that bears no fruit” and therefore given the sizable logistics and cost of promoting such a parade, I opine we must offset that expense and human investment by simultaneously orchestrating a “National Strike” [thank you Ed Schultz] to “shut it down” without ever taking to the streets and continue to expose the Judases within politicians like Senator Ron Wyden who subverts the employment of American Union Workers by quietly backing a Chinese Tire manufacturer in Oregon, offering an unscored healthcare amendment while knowing it would automatically be rejected, but recorded as a false positive and simultaneously supported a 1% across the board rate increase for the Insurance Industry in Oregon. Ron Wyden is another Joe Lieberman and blight in the eyes of real Jews who have Never Forgotten the mass murder and genocide of the over six million members of our tribe who suffered unspeakable torture and horrors because of filthy verminous craven traitors like these putrid drecks.

Note that as a retired couple living on fixed monthly incomes my wife and I now have to pay $12,000.00 a year through the Beaverton School District for the privilege of having a policy with Regence Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oregon. This is fascism and I say it is past time for a lawful restorative revolution, before our nation compresses and fractionalizes further while increasingly witnessing more and more lethal acts of violence being targeted against those viewed as affect the genocide of 45,000 Americans each year who die without health insurance. This godless existence in the absence of humanity forces me to remember the story told by a friend and Holocaust survivor, when two Jewish parents pleaded with a Nazi SS officer to give them back their child. The Nazi SS man said in German “you want your child back” and while two Nazi SS soldiers each held the little naked girl upside down by her ankles, the SS officer cleaved the child into two halves and handed the parts back to each of her parents.  Now ask me why I would not piss on anything being burned alive and begging for death when it smells of fascism! 

In addition to the planned march on Washington and a call for a National Strike that demands the rapid creation of American Jobs while Supporting the Collective Bargaining Power of UNIONS, Single-Payer, Publically Funded Elections, and the establishment of finite Term Limits for Politicians, Federal Court Judges and Supreme Court Justices [since the myth of tampering has been disproven by their self-prostitution], WE MUST FIRST DEMAND the criminal prosecutions of all former and current politicians like Roy Blunt, Chris Dodd and his father and those named in FBI criminal investigations for major index crimes, treason, sedition, complicity in the Armenian genocide, bribes, money laundering, blackmail, threatening federal witnesses, kidnapping and raping and female non-criminal federal witness, human trafficking, attempted murder, conspiracy, conspiracy to commit torture, terrorism, wrongful death, Congressional perjury; et al. 

We must respect the sworn depositions and complaints of the often forgotten True Patriots within the FBI, CIA and elsewhere who stand as government whistleblowers and sanctioned targeted individuals for the American people and our human brothers and sisters around the world; e.g., Sibel D. Edmonds [Former FBI Translator], Coleen Rowley [Coleen Rowley for Congress, Minnesota], Barbara Hartwell [Former CIA], Geral W. Sosbee [Former FBI], and Bob Levin [Bob Levin for Congress 2010, Oregon’s Write-in Candidate for the Congressional 1st District - Robert Dov Levin].   

Within my possession numerous case files expose local, state and federal corruption that would have already resulted in criminal prosecutions within the private sector provided these same actionable offences were not affected during ongoing COINTELPRO operations that have continued since 1956.  Continuing criminal enterprises are the allowed to fatten cash cows of law enforcement, routinely harvested for the legal seizure of illegally gotten financial assets. 

The Jewish Ghettos of WWII have evolved to become the American Shtetl, an invisible yet very tangible ghetto, systematically barricaded by godless corporate fascists who are converting our once meaningful lives into an existence of adjunct human slavery within the virtual death camp environment of the United States. In this place that was once the nation of dreams and promise; our citizens are herded like sheep towards the slaughterhouses of oblivion through the tactics, techniques and technologies employed beneath layers of counterintelligence reverse methodologies through the illegal fractionalizing practices of ongoing COINTELPRO operations in conjuncture with the four primary components comprising the CIA Torture Matrix/Paradigm.  In micro concentrated forms the individual sense of self-identity in human beings is eroded to a state of hopelessness that recognizes the primary earmark of CIA torture programs; i.e., to cause self-inflicted harm or suicide.  When these concentrations are expanded in the macro the resulting harm is systemic genocide for negative eugenics.  The Jewish Holocaust was conceived in the U.S. Eugenics Program, was exported to Nazi Germany and imported back to America at the end of WWII. 

Beneath the global plantation model, the three major breadbaskets of the world have been targeted for destruction through deliberate global warming producing catastrophic climactic changes.  The projected loss of these three food producing regions, which currently sustains eight billion human beings, recognizes a calculated chain of ensuing events that some estimates include the targeted genocide of 68% of the world’s population.  No borders will prevent a starving nation from seeking the bounty of its neighbors and the perpetuation of endless wars for profit will result while the primary goal of corporatism continues to process the total aggregate of the earth into a commodity.

Under the lawful terms of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, “We the People” must rise to bring forth a Restorative Revolution that includes the criminal prosecutions of all foreign and domestic enemies complicit in the overthrow of the United States of America and its economic infrastructure while seeking the death penalty where applicable.  Cloaked within the defiant red capes of the Roman Legions, we must cross the Rubicon of the Potomac and stand upon the looted ground of today’s crumbled empire to bear truthful witness that the three branches of government have become the timbers of bordellos now sheltering the harem whores of corporatist sedition and treason.