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Friday, February 19, 2010

Got Disinformation? If Not, Get Some Here...

This report exposes but a few of the many websites and radio programs which are known to promote disinformation on a regular basis; and which have established a track record of libel/slander of legitimate persons; while also 'employing', supporting, endorsing, promoting government stooges and shills, charlatans and malicious liars, even criminals. Those who write, post, publish articles, reports, comments which are indicative of government-sponsored disinformation. 

A few words about "disinformation". Disinformation may be defined as purposefully fabricated false information about a person, organization,  subject, issue, which is publicly disseminated. 

Disinformation is most often carefully crafted and disseminated in an organized manner by government agencies. It is then fed to government stooges, minions and shills, who spread the disinfo among their cohorts and accomplices.

It ends up published on many websites and message boards; broadcast over the airwaves, and of course, spreads like wildfire. On its way, as it burns up the phone lines and blazes through the computer circuitry, it is embellished by the loudmouthed fools who are seeking fame and fortune as conduits of the government-sponsored lies.  

The spreading of disinformation is most notably connected to COINTELPRO and similar operations, and the basic agenda is to foment confusion, suspicion and distrust among special interest groups; to muddy the waters;  and ultimately to discredit --and thus neutralize-- any and all dissidents, legitimate critics/protestors against government tyranny and corruption: whistleblowers, journalists, sincere and genuine patriots and Christians.

The key to "credible" disinformation, is that it must attach itself to at least a few ideas generally accepted to be true. These ideas may be true --or not-- but belief in them is the key, not their actual veracity.

Of course, some disinfo is just too stupid to be believed. But still, unless one possesses the spiritual and intellectual discernment, honed through regular use of these faculties, along with a basic knowledge of the tactics of government disinformation programs such as COINTELPRO; and unless one is dedicated to finding the truth through his/her own research, one can easily be led astray by the pervasive and ever-proliferating lies.

For this report, I have focused on the websites/radio programs themselves, rather than the individuals who run/own them; although these individuals are named, as well as those being promoted by them.

I have not provided links, nor URLS, for these offensive websites.  I refuse to enable or encourage them in any way. Readers who want to visit the sites of these lowlife characters will have to find them on their own!

As for the government stooges, minions, shills, liars, charlatans and criminals, I have defined them simply as "Suspicious Persons." True, as far as I am concerned, most of these individuals are far removed from the category of mere "suspicion" --as I KNOW them to be bad guys, or at the very least, charlatans and grandstanders. But for the sake of preserving some degree of objectivity, I'll stick with that label for now.

I've only scratched the surface here, considering who all, and what all, is out there. The lists of subjects and individuals promoted are far from complete, and are only meant to serve as examples, simply the most salient ones I could think of. 

Look for connections. Meaning that the same criminals, liars, charlatans, keep turning up and are often featured by the same websites/radio programs listed here. It is like a mutual defense pact. One bad guy defends and supports another and the favor is returned. This is no coincidence. I don't believe in coincidences, at least not of of the unconnected variety.

The truth is, there is a loose network of criminals, liars and government stooges, shills and minions who are all working together for the same goal: To discredit/destroy anyone and everyone who will not compromise in the defense of Liberty; who will not sacrifice Truth for material gratification or other petty personal gains. 

And, as you may have guessed, most of these sites/radio programs (and associated persons) have targeted Yours Truly, Barbara Hartwell, for their libel/slander, black propaganda and disinfo, as well as my friends, colleagues and Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

As always, the readers may make of this report what they will.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartell Percival
February 19, 2010

Educate-Yourself (Ken Adachi)

Promotes: New Age occultism; secular humanist pop psychology; Mickey Mouse Metaphysics; space alien 'Galactic Federation' nonsense; unsubstantiated conspiracy theories; mind control (of the sex-slaves-and satanism variety); Monarch project; shape-shifting reptilian aliens; charlatans, channelers, whackjobs and freaks of every stripe, peddling their weird gizmos and gadgets (for a hefty price, of course); fraudulent "alternative health" products (also for sale by Adachi -- beware!); libelous pseudo reports fabricated by government stooges, shills and criminals, with intent of malice, to discredit/assassinate character of legitimate people; monstrous invasions of privacy; soliciting crimes against targets.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Pamela Schuffert; Ted Gunderson; John DeCamp; Don Stacey; Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor; Timothy Patrick White; Todd Brendan Fahey; Brenda Negri; Larry Lawson; Don Nicoloff; Rayelan Allan; Gunther Russbacher; John Allman.

9-11 the Mother of All Black Operations (James F. Marino)

Promotes: Leftist, bleeding heart liberal ideology; globalism; petitions appealing to the the United Nations; articles based on nothing more than the author's uninformed conjecture and speculation; inaccurate reports (often gets dates, details, facts, etc. wrong); filled with subjective editorial comments  about various well known people; 'copycat' reports of legitimate writers/journalists  which come as close to plagiarism as possible without blatantly crossing the line; whiny tirades bemoaning harassment by "Intel" or "FEDS", apparently based on the author's paranoid fantasies, but for which no evidence is furnished.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Ken Adachi; Barack Obama; Walter Bowart (deceased); Sherry Shriner.

Rumor Mill News (Rayelan Allan)

Promotes: New Age occultism; witchcraft; satanism; space-brother-alien gobbeldygook; writings of hundreds of amateur "news agents" based mostly on second hand information or bizarre conspiracy theories. Not a decent, legitimate journalist among them. Any and all of those left long ago!

Suspicious Persons promoted: George W. Bush; Arnold Schwarzenegger; Todd Brendan Fahey ("news agent"); Barack Obama; Stewart and Janet Swerdlow; Polly Cunningham.

The Unhived Mind (Craig Oxley)

Promotes: Unsubstantiated rumors; scandal-mongering; libelous pseudo reports targeting legitimate people, written by government stooges, shills and criminals, hiding behind silly screen names;  soliciting crimes against targets by monstrous invasions of privacy; conspiracy theories  blaming all the world's ills on the Vatican and the Catholic Church, and more  specifically,  'Jesuit Coadjutors'; obscene language/threats against targets by the likes of Tim White, a frequent contributor to the site.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Eric Phelps (who is the primary shill touted); Greg Szymanski; Craig Oxley; Timothy Patrick White; Xena Carpenter; Aaron James.

Gulu Future (Fintan Dunne)

Promotes: New Age secular humanist pop psychology; The United Nations; globalism.

Labvirus (Alex McGowin Studer)

Promotes: Writings of various charlatans, criminals and government shills and stooges.

Suspicious Persons promoted; Ted Gunderson; Doug Millar; John DeCamp; A. True Ott; Alex McGowin; Timothy Patrick White; Xena Carpenter.

The Story Behind the Story (A. True Ott)

Promotes: New Age ideologies and guests, occultism; Monarch project; mind control (sex-slaves and satanism variety with "anonymous" guests who claim their lives are in danger --please!)

Suspicious Persons promoted: Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp; Doug Millar; Eileen Danamon.

Friends of Liberty (Todd Brendan Fahey)

Promotes: Pornographic filth; nudist colonies; scandal mongering; libelous pseudo reports, filled with malicious lies about targets, written by government stooges and shills, criminals; soliciting crimes against targets via monstrous invasions of privacy; identity theft; fraud; plagiarism. 

Suspicious Persons promoted: Timothy Patrick White; John DeCamp; Ted Gunderson; Todd Fahey; Xena Carpenter; Ken Adachi; Rayelan Allan; Alan Stang (deceased); Alex Merklinger.

American Holocaust and the Coming New World Order (Pam Schuffert)

Promotes: Bogus "Christian" ideology. Fear mongering and apocalyptic sky-is-falling propaganda. Soliciting crimes against targets by monstrous invasions of privacy; scandal mongering, libelous pseudo reports on targets fabricated by criminals, government stooges and shills, malicious liars.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Ted Gunderson; John DeCamp; Timothy Patrick White; Charles Bruce Stewart; Larry Lawson; Ken Adachi;

Info Wars (Alex Jones)

Promotes: Mainstream "alternative media" conspiracy theories; controlled opposition propaganda. (Think:  CIA's Mockingbird)

Suspicious Persons promoted: Ted Gunderson; John DeCamp; Rosie O'Donnell; Charlie Sheen; Paul Joseph Watson.

Prison Planet (Alex Jones)

[same as above]

Godlike Productions (Jason Lucas -?-)

Promotes: Idiotic message board touting every conspiracy theory imaginable. Malicious liars abound, attacking whistleblowers and anyone else telling the unvarished truth.

Truth Be Known (Don Stacey)

Promotes: Liars, charlatans and reports authored by government stooges, shills and criminals. CIA propaganda heavily featured.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Don Stacey; Marilyn Guinnane; Ted Gunderson; John DeCamp.

Ted Gunderson dot com [and other sites advertising free DVDs] (Ted Gunderson, Clarence Malcolm)

Promotes: Conspiracy theories about "SPOOKS" and black ops; PR material on various government shills, mixed in with some legitimate people to throw off the reading audience. Libelous pseudo reports attacking legitimate whistleblowers.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Ted Gunderson; John DeCamp; Doug Millar; Clarence Malcolm; Ken Adachi.

Larry Lawson News (Larry Lawson)

Promotes: All manner of conspiracy theories, like impending martial law (for at least the past 10 years); death threats against targets; libelous pseudo reports;  filled with obscene language by contributors.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Ted Gunderson; John DeCamp; Tim White; Brenda Negri; Pam Schuffert; Shirley Anderson; Charles Bruce Stewart.

Sherry Shriner dot com (Sherry Shriner)

Promotes: Alien conspiracy theories; Bible codes; false doctrines and New Age secular humanism masquerading as "Christianity." Libel and slander attacking genuine Christians and patriots.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Tim White; Larry Lawson; Shirley Anderson; Ted Gunderson.

Xena Carpenter dot com ("Xena Carpenter" - may be an alias for other government stooges)

Promotes: New Age secular humanist, occultist and satanic ideology. Libelous pseudo reports for which no author is credited, but some of which are written by one Todd Brendan Fahey, assisted by Tim White. Solicitation of crimes against targets by monstrous invasions of privacy.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Todd Brendan Fahey; Timothy Patrick White; Aaron James.

Vatican Assassins (Eric Phelps)

Promotes: Anti-Catholic propaganda; pseudo reports naming many innocent people as "Jesuit Coadjutors".

Suspicious Persons promoted: Tim White; Greg Szymanski; Craig Oxley.  

Direct Light Productions (Don Nicoloff)

Promotes: New Age occultism and black magic; alien-space-brother/'Galactic Federation' garbage; reptilian aliens; pseudo intellectual gobbeldygook; fraudulent voodoo science.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Ken Adachi; Ted Gunderson; George Green (Hatonn cult); Ellie Crystal.

Evident Footprints (Don Nicoloff)

[same as above]

Help Aaron James (Aaron James)

Promotes: Paranoid rantings and pompous pseudo intellectual political pieces.  Attacks genuine whistleblowers, while promoting government shills, stooges and lowlife criminals.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Tim White; Xena Carpenter.

The Konformist (Robert Sterling)

Promotes: Male supremacist garbage; scantily clad bimbos and whores; scandal mongering targeting legitimate people.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Cathy O'Brien; Todd Brendan Fahey.

Trance-Formation (Mark Phillips, Cathy O'Brien)

Promotes: Government disinfo at its most blatant. Mind control (of the sex-slaves and satanism variety); Monarch project.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Mark Phillips; Cathy O'Brien; Clay Douglas.

Expansions (Stewart and Janet Swerdlow)

Promotes: Mind control (of the sex-slaves and satanism variety); Monarch project; weird alien conspiracy theories; "counseling" for victims of mind control by unqualified persons (the Swerdlows.)

Christian Common Law (Charles Bruce Stewart)

Promotes: Mind control (of the sex-slaves and satanism variety); bogus "Christian" ideology; whackjobs, liars and government shills/stooges.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Tim White; Shirley Anderson; Larry Lawson.

News Making News (Virginia McCollough, Kate Dixon)

Promotes: Liars and government shills touting conspiracy theories;  libelous pseudo reports attacking genuine whistleblowers and patriots.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Tim White, Martin Cannon.

Breaking All the Rules (SARTRE --pseudonym)

Promotes; Pseudo intellectual political fare; contributors include many male supremacist, misogynist morons.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Todd Brendan Fahey; Alan Stang (deceased).

Web Fairy dot org (Rosalee Grable)

Promotes: "Discordian' philosophy; unsubstantiated conspiracy theories; libelous pseudo reports on legitimate people written by government stooges and shills.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Ted Gunderson; Tim White.

Revere Radio Network (Robb Revere)

Promotes: Pornographic filth; male supremacy and misogyny. Idiotic conspiracy theories.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Tim White; Jack Blood; Sonny Crack.

Eric Hufschmid dot net (Eric Hufschmid)

Promotes: Hatred of all Jews and anti-Jewish propaganda; pseudo reports vilifying patriots and whistleblowers; attacks and harassment of decent people who have made it clear they just want to be left alone.

I Am the Witness (Daryl Bradford Smith)

[same as above, more or less] 

John Kaminski dot info (John Kaminski)

Promotes: Hatred and distrust of all Jews. Leftist, communist philosophy. Whiny reports airing the dirty laundry of the author (and there's plenty of it!); attacks on America and those patriots who would lay down their lives defending liberty.

Cloak and Dagger (Lenny Bloom aka Nelson Thall)

Promotes: Disinformation from just about anybody and everybody; no discretion or discernment used --ever;  guests are grandstanders, charlatans, liars, government shills and stooges

Suspicious Persons promoted: Tim White; Henry Makow; Aaron James; Eric Phelps.

The Free American (Clay Douglas)

Promotes: Liars and criminals, almost exclusively (occasionally gets a legitimate person on the air.) Macho minded moronism, misogyny and male supremacist ideology.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Ted Gunderson; John DeCamp; Mark Phillips; Cathy O'Brien.

UFO Lab (Dennis Bossack)

Promotes: Weird UFO and black ops conspiracy theories.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Ted Gunderson.

The Sting of Stang Radio (Alan Stang, deceased)

Promotes: Male supremacist and misogynist ideology. Attacks on women, simply by virtue of their gender.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Ted Gunderson; John DeCamp; Todd Brendan Fahey.

Alan Stang dot com (Alan Stang, deceased)

[same as above]

Save the Males (Henry Makow)

Promotes: Male supremacist and misogynist ideologies.  Psychobabble and New Age secular humanist philosophy.

Free Republic (Jim Robinson)

Promotes: Extreme right-wing Fascist ideologies.

Suspicious Persons promoted: George W. Bush; Don Stacey.

Mysteries of the Mind (Alex Merklinger)

Promotes: Every bizarre topic imaginable; mind control (of the sex-slaves and satanist variety); Monarch project. Sponsors guests (criminals and government shills) who attack patriots and whistleblowers.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Ted Gunderson; John DeCamp.

Freedom Underground (?)

Promotes: Idiotic opinions of numerous stooges, ignoramuses and morons  hiding behind silly screen names; pornographic filth (by the likes of Todd Fahey); solicitation of crimes against targets via monstrous invasions of privacy. Libelous pseudo reports against patriots, whistleblowers and Christians.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Todd Fahey.