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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PTSD, PSY WAR & Neutralization

NOTE: In keeping with suggestions made by my regular readers and friends, that my reports are "too long", I have been breaking some of my past reports into segments and publishing them piecemeal. 
I do this only with reports where individual segments may stand alone, without further explanation. But in all cases, the entire report provides the context for a full understanding of my message re the subject matter being addressed.
This comes from a report titled, The Wreckers: False Lights and the Nature of Evil (2006).
All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; next it is violently attacked; finally, it is held to be self-evident.
The process of writing reports like this one is always heartrending for me, and yet I find it necessary to address these topics for a variety of reasons, personal as well as professional.
Those who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) may find it quite distressing to read this report. The same could be said for those who are hypersensitive or empathic. Though I regret that this is so, to attempt to shield others (even my family and closest friends) from the brutal truth would be dishonest, a disservice to all.
On the other side of the spectrum, there are many who seem hell-bent on discrediting PTSD, claiming that it is not a "real" disability. And, as if the PTSD debunkers were not bad enough, there are others who, in their ignorance, attempt to marginalize its effects, as if they believe it could simply be cured by waving the magic wand of "positive thinking"; "releasing negative energy"; "letting go of the past"; or spouting some other such bromide redolent of New Age quackery.
Those of us whose lives have been severely compromised by the mental anguish, triggered by flashbacks of unresolved past traumas; as well as some of the attendant painful and debilitating physical symptoms, know better. Pretending that terrible, life-shattering events of the past never happened (or that the threat of such events recurring is not real); discounting cumulative damages to the psyche and body, via New Age pop psychology, these are not solutions; do not lead to any form of resolution, much less recovery.
PTSD was once called "shell shock" or "combat fatigue" as it was known to be most common among military veterans. But it doesn't matter what it's called, or who believes it does, or does not, "exist." What matters is that it is hell to live with, and made harder still when the people in our lives (as too often happens) lack understanding, and/or refuse even to acknowledge its validity. Unfortunately, I know the feeling all too well.
It also matters that some of us who suffer from PTSD know that our disability (among a potential host of others, such as Gulf War Syndrome or fibromyalgia) has been engineered; it was inflicted by design. Who engineered it? A cabal of evildoers, otherwise known as agents of the U.S. government.
Even worse, most of the veterans who suffer from PTSD have been abandoned and betrayed by the nation they served. As for the "treatment programs" run by the government, usually through the V.A. hospitals, they only make the disability much worse. Plying the patients with psychotropic drugs; along with mandatory group therapy or 'support groups' are the norm for those who receive disability benefits.
Mind control programming in various forms by government psychologists and psychiatrists completes the "therapy". Containment therapy, that is. The truth is, the V.A. is just another long arm of the octopus, designed to force its stranglehold on hapless Americans.
I have debriefed many military veterans and intelligence operatives (over a period of more than thirty years, both 'inside' and 'outside'); among them, those who had the misfortune of being dependent on the V.A. hospitals for medical care and treatment programs. What I have learned after many years of talking with these people, as well as from my own independent investigations, is absolutely appalling.
The government is engaged in a racket which includes "terminating" certain military personnel, especially those who have been involved in black operations. After my involvement in counseling these veterans, in efforts to help them break free of the government system designed to destroy them, I realized that the V.A. hospitals are no better than a "roach motel". Veterans check in, but all too often, they don't check out.
The real objective is to silence those who might wake up and smell the corruption; who might place the blame squarely where it belongs; who might go so far as to speak out, blow the whistle on government war crimes which they witnessed, and in which they often unwittingly participated.
I believe the intent of the majority who enlist in the military is to serve their country with honor. But what kind of honor exists in the DoD? Or CIA? Or any other government agency? The basic right of an individual to "informed consent" is certainly not honored. And these individuals have more than just the "need to know" about all which will deeply affect their own lives, as well as those of their families. They have the RIGHT TO KNOW.
Those who dare to ask the vital questions, or challenge authority; or those with integrity, who stand up against human rights violations, tyranny and corruption, must be neutralized, one way or another. Why? Because the whole system is based on lies, cover-ups, manipulation and brainwashing. On using human beings without regard for their God-given (natural) rights; completely lacking respect for the Inviolability of Personhood.
Which brings me to the next issue: neutralization campaigns. Those who have been targeted for neutralization (especially former military or intelligence professionals) will undoubtedly recognize the larger truth contained herein, a truth which supercedes any personal facts I may reveal about my own life.
My hope is that others, those persons not targeted, may see it too, and it may be that the most I can do is open a small window into the world of targeted individuals and ask them to take a look through it. I guarantee, they won't like the view, but there's always the chance that at least a few among them may become outraged enough to stand up and be counted, to join the opposition to tyranny, to put their lives on the line in the battle for Liberty.
It's their battle too, or at least it should be. If not on behalf of themselves, what about their children and grandchildren? If they won't fight for freedom for their own families, for future generations, who will?
Those who remain in denial; those who, for whatever reasons, cannot or will not look at the truth, for fear that it may require them to change their view of the world; to finally admit the stark reality of evil and the lengths to which evildoers will go to destroy a life, I implore them to pray for the courage to look anyway, to ask God to give them a Love of the Truth.
As for the wreckers themselves, the subject of this report, I hold no illusions about them. They are evil incarnate; as always, evil is as evil does. There is no speculation here, nor idle conjecture. I am not just a bystander, peddling secondhand conspiracy theories, as is the case with many who call themselves "researchers"; "concerned citizens"; "journalists" or even "whistleblowers".
I have witnessed many of these atrocities with my own eyes; have documented the testimony of reliable witnesses/targets/ victims; and over the course of more than half a century, have been the victim/target of all too many of these abuses by government, as have my relatives, friends and professional colleagues.
There are many who are so misguided and/or malicious that they actually try to attach blame to me, simply by virtue of the fact that I was born into a "CIA family."
By this line of faulty logic, I'm to blame for my family's bloodlines; for their profession of "government service"; for the choices they have made; and for the fact that as a child (like most children) I was not allowed to make my own choices early in life. Maybe, according to their skewed philosophy (blaming the victim) I'm to blame for being born at all.
Or, these unscrupulous detractors vehemently insist that if I were really "out", and telling the truth, I would be in jail, or dead. Another blanket statement which is patently absurd, as it has been disproven many times by former CIA who did get out, did live to tell the truth, did not end up in jail.
Since we all die eventually, maybe after I'm gone, some of these fools will decide I was telling the truth. More likely, they will have a field day libeling a person who can no longer speak out in defense of herself. But while I live, I will continue to speak out, in my own and others' defense, and I will continue to name the perpetrators and the liars and shills who cover for them.
They call me a liar; a CIA disinfo agent and much worse. Each time I have exposed the truth about illegal domestic and foreign covert operations, criminal conspiracies, racketeering, scams and hoaxes, naming the names of government criminals, their cronies, minions and useful idiots --foaming at the mouth, they shout: CIA! CIA! CIA!
Have they presented any solid evidence in support of their libelous claims? 
None at all, ever.
Have they come forward with the testimony of truthful, reliable witnesses against me? Never once.
Certainly they have fabricated many outrageous lies for the purpose of discrediting Barbara Hartwell. They have recruited malicious liars (some using pseudonyms, in their cowardly fear of being identified and exposed) to bear false witness against me.

They have engaged in defamation of character and every smear tactic imaginable. But they don't have the facts, nor do they have the truth. As for the evidence which might prove their claims, that is someting they will never have, as it simply does not exist.
There is really not much I can do about the lies being disseminated by this network of psychopaths and criminals. I can only continue to expose them, by name, refute their libelous falsehoods and hope that the readers of my reports will use discernment and do enough of their own research to ascertain the facts and arrive at the truth.
It is my hope that as an expositor, I may serve the truth in the only ethical way I know: By refusing to minimize, whitewash or sanitize the truth in any way, specifically the truth as I have witnessed and experienced it.
My feelings about the truth are another matter. I don't expect most others to share them, though I believe there are certain feelings and responses which will be universal among people of conscience; among those who defend individual God-given (natural) rights and liberties; and certainly among those who seek justice, who seek to be vindicated, even avenged, for the evil done to themselves, their families and loved ones.
The brutal assault upon the Spiritual Integrity of individuals and upon our God-given rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, as always, is my greatest concern. In that crusade for justice, I will not apologize for being a firebrand. There are those who have called me an "extremist" or a "radical". Fine with me, never would I have reason to deny it.
But I wonder, how can they believe it is possible to be too extreme, too radical, in the exposure of evil or in the pursuit of justice? Shall we just allow tyrants and evildoers to run roughshod over us? Shall we allow them to make us into slaves? Shall we compromise with evildoers, in the false belief that it will keep us "safe"?
Or shall we expose them for what they are and fight them with everything we are, everything we have? It is a choice which must be made by each individual. I made my choice long ago.
In large measure, this is a report about the nature of evil. And so, my personal message to the evildoers, the wreckers, is this: May you and your evil be vanquished; expunged from the face of the earth. May you reap what you have sown. May God, in His infinite wisdom, judge you, in the fullness of infinite time, as only God can do.
Time is running out. The plot by the criminals and psychopaths in government to neutralize me beyond recovery seems finally to be achieving its end. 
By that I mean complete financial destitution with no known prospects of reversal; years of disability and chronic illness with no access to medical care; deemed "not eligible" for disability benefits, denied by the very government entirely responsible for the disabilities, caused by decades of abuses and persecution; total isolation and lack of any support system, having no family or friends I can rely on for any form of support or assistance.
It is the classic Psy War against a target: Isolation, alienation, deprivation. And for its overall effectiveness, it is second to none.
Who can survive it, and for how long? How can one person, completely alone in the world, with no backup, no resources, expect justice? I don't expect it. But my battle plan remains uncompromised and I will continue fighting for it, as long as I may live.
What more can they take from me? What is left to destroy? Over the course of many years of their relentless persecution, I have salvaged what little I could, time and again, but the primary hope that now remains is only that I may leave behind enough of the truth so that all and sundry have access to it.
Those few with eyes to see will know what I write to be the truth. What they do with the truth, whether or not they choose to act on it, is entirely left to their own discretion and of course, individual conscience.
Some years ago, I related a story in one of my reports about a conversation I overheard when perps from the Criminally Insane Agency mistakenly believed me to be unconscious, after they had drugged me. They were discussing --actually arguing amongst themselves-- what they should do about their "problem" with me, as I had been deemed "beyond salvage." Those familiar with the intelligence community will recognize the phrase and understand its meaning all too well.
In my report, I commented that the way they were talking about me, you would think I were a sunken ship, rather than a human being. And I have learned through brutal experience, after more than half a century of dealings with these cold-blooded life-wrecking rat bastards, that they do not view any person as a human being, but rather as a commodity, a subject, or perhaps at best, a "talent" to be used for their own ends.
You are deemed either an asset or a liability. An asset, depending on what use they can make of you, how they can "utilize" you. And in that case, they will use you, and use you, and use you... until they use you up. That is, if you let them.
If a person is in any way a threat to their overriding agenda, which is COMPLETE CONTROL, that person is deemed a liability. If you are one of their operatives, trained and groomed by them, for their ends, and not "going along with the program", not cooperating by allowing yourself to be utilized in the ways they see fit; if you are in any way defiant, then "beyond salvage" accurately sums it up. That phrase is what put me in mind of the wreckers.
Barbara Hartwell
November, 2006