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Monday, February 5, 2007

WARNING: Gov't Sponsored Snitches, Stalkers On The Loose

NOTE: This letter from journalist Janet Phelan to Pam Schuffert was forwarded to me by Janet. I had included a reference to the stalking, harassment and threats against Janet Phelan by predicate felon Tim White in a report titled: Polluting the Patriot & 9-11 Truth Movements, on this site.

Now, it appears that Tim White has become part of Pam Schuffert's traveling carny show, which she touts as a "prayer journey" --but which in fact consists of one loud, intrusive, meddling busybody who sticks her nose in everyone's business, bilks the patriots and militia folks whose homes and lives she descends on, and reports back to her government controllers.

Pam violates confidence left and right and sells out anyone whose trust she has gained with her phony "Mighty Warrior for JC" confidence games. Worse, she publishes people's private business and twists it in such a way as to demonize those whose trust she has violated.

In addition to Tim White, known associates of Pam Schuffert are Ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson and Ken Adachi, a PR shill for Gunderson, who also promotes Pam Schuffert on his website, Educate-Yourself.

Then there is government shill and disinfo specialist, Larry Lawson, who promotes Pam's fear-mongering, fundamentalist, anti-government tracts in his newsletter, Larry Lawson News, while demonizing sincere patriots and Christians.

This gaggle of shills, provocateurs and useful idiots are all working together (and have been for years) to target legitimate whistleblowers, journalists, sincere Christians and patriots.

BEWARE OF ALL OF THEM. Don't give them ammunition (your private business, phone numbers, street addresses, etc.) to use against you. Don't give them the time of day.

I, Barbara Hartwell, have been personally targeted by each and every one of these perps. Stalked, libeled, slandered, harassed, threatened. And just about every other decent, honest person I know --anyone who defends Liberty-- has also been targeted. What does that tell you?

And consider this: Why in hell is Tim White still on the loose? And why do each and every one of these other government shills and liars (Lawson, Adachi, Schuffert et al) protect him and champion his "cause"?

Why hasn't White been arrested, in all this time?

Why is this criminal stalker not in jail, where he belongs?

Who is paying the freight, paying for him to live, travel the country, make his harassing phone calls? Who is sponsoring his stalking?

Travelling the country, stalking the government's designated targets, COSTS MONEY, AND LOTS OF IT.

The writing is on the wall.

Janet Phelan's Letter to Pam Schuffert

Ms. Schuffert,

I returned to my home in Sandpoint after a week's stay in Seattle. I had taped a public affairs TV appearance, and had been interviewed, along with Chris Bollyn, on police assaults on reporters (

On my return, I received several reports that you are now making extensive "outreaches" in Sandpoint and attempting to alarm both people I know and people I do not know about the situation between Tim White and myself.

I want you to know that I have contacted a lawyer concerning White. If he surfaces again in my vicinity, I know exactly how to deal with his continued threats to my well-being, swiftly, legally and effectively.

I understand from my landlord that you have repeatedly accosted him at the Internet Cafe, making statements about my "endangerment" that might have seriously alarmed him I also understand you are talking to the staff at the cafe about me and have contacted others, including a purported "psychic" named Lois. I do not know Lois, but she apparently knows my landlord. Lois was so concerned about what you were saying that she contacted my landlord, fearing for his safety vis-a-vis Tim White. You have also contacted my chemist friend. He has prior knowledge of you and does not wish to meet with you.

I am living a quiet, unobtrusive life here in Sandpoint, Pam. I am focussing exclusively on my work, which I have shared with a few new friends here; however, I am generally not trying to draw undue attention to myself. Your actions are creating shock waves around me that are undesirable and could be construed as threatening to my peace and well-being in my new home. I was homeless for three and a half years, Pam, and your behavior might be construed as terrifying my landlord to the point where he might wish to break my lease.

I am asking you, one more time, to cease and desist contacting people about me. I spent about twenty minutes talking with you in front of the Sandpoint Library a couple of weeks ago. At that point, I had just received more threatening emails from White, which I told you about. You did not disclose to me at that time that Tim White was in Sandpoint Library, nor that you were, in fact, travelling with him.

The email I sent you in response to yours, in which you stated you wished to write about me and talk about me on the air follows:

"I am requesting that you do not do anything to publicize our meeting. In fact, I am insisting on it. You have taken some minimal information I gave you and amped it u p into something it is not. Just continue on with your work, as I am, and leave me out of i t. You have apparently misunderstood what I told you, and I am not endorsing anything you might state about it.


Janet Phelan

I am extended pretty far legally with the lawsuit again the City of Santa Monica for violating the Public Records Act (more water stuff) I understand that I may need to extend my legal efforts to deal with Tim White. I will state here that I am considering your behavior towards me redolent of stalking and harassment. I am requesting you cease and desist immediately.

Janet C. Phelan