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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Debunking COINTELPRO Black Propaganda

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it....The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State."
--Joseph Goebbels, German Minister of Propaganda, 1933-1945

Ex-FBI agent Ted L. Gunderson wrote a report in 2003: The Fallout From 9-11 Terrorism Report. Below is an excerpt, titled GOVERNMENT DISINFORMATION PROGRAM.

This subtitle (the excerpt, as well as the rest of the report) clearly demonstrates that Gunderson is connecting his purported "exposure" of 9-11 to the "government disinformation program" which he claims is being run against him.

Furthermore, Gunderson accuses Stew Webb, Barbara Hartwell and Jackie McGauley of being the leading perpetrators in this "program." Similar accusations were made in a public letter to Attorney General John Ashcroft, in which Gunderson claims Barbara Hartwell is a "CIA disinfo agent."

Ted Gunderson has repeatedly libeled Barbara Hartwell by accusing me of being CIA. This quote, taken from Gunderson's Open Letter to Barbara Hartwell, sums up Ted's purported theory:

"You admit you were once in the CIA. There are no alumni in the CIA. Once a CIA agent, always a CIA agent. If you attempt to get out or expose them, you either go to jail or you die."

Ted Gunderson (in his letter to Barbara Hartwell) further claims: "I'll give you credit for one thing -- you are very good with your campaign propaganda efforts. This is the first and last time that I shall rebut your lies as my time is valuable and I have more important things to do. Ultimately, truth shall triumph. I have always stood on truth. I refuse any further arguments with programmed propaganda idiots like you!"

[For more information and rebuttal, see my Letter to Ex-FBI Agent Ted Gunderson, A Public Report on Criminal Conspiracy & Racketeering.]

But there are several serious problems with Gunderson's claims and with the "truth" he claims to stand on. Firstly, he didn't write this letter until October, 2003, MORE THAN THREE YEARS (closer to four) after I broke off my association with him (January, 2000); and well after the time frame in which I began to expose the REAL truth --factual accounts, including of crimes and corruption Gunderson was/is involved in.

As regards Jackie McGauley, she had thrown Ted Gunderson out of her home more than a decade before the time Gunderson wrote this report. And Jackie had previously published truthful accounts about her own experiences with (and abuses by) Gunderson, which had absolutely nothing to do with Gunderson's alleged role in "exposing" 9-11.

So why does he claim that our testimony about him is part of a "government disinformation program"; and further, that it is "fallout" from a report he wrote on 9-11? The fact is, the two issues are unrelated and the FBI-speak and fancy report with all the legal trimmings won't change that.

And I have no idea how he would expect anyone to believe that Jackie McGauley, the mother of an abused child in the McMartin Pre-school case --whom Gunderson had in fact driven into bankruptcy and destitution, and who was rightfully outraged by the scams and lies Gunderson subjected her to, most notably his false claims of "investigating" and"exposing" the McMartin Preschool case-- is an operative in a "government disinformation program."

This claim is preposterous! Jackie McGauley has never been involved with any such "government programs." Jackie simply told the truth about Ted Gunderson, as I have, and, as has Stew Webb.

Regarding Stew Webb, although I am no longer associated with Stew, due to "irreconcilable differences", those differences had nothing to do with Ted Gunderson. On this particular issue, Stew and I had been in complete agreement from Day One (March 2001) and I daresay he and I still are in agreement --upon information and belief, as well as substantive evidence, of which all three of us, Jackie, Stew and myself, have collected volumes.

But then, this is obviously why Ted Gunderson feels such a burning urgency to discredit us all. He has a lot to lose from the truth coming out.

He has already lied, and been exposed in those lies, about selling Stinger missiles to Osama Bin Laden in 1979, while still working for the FBI; and about having been married to Diana Rively, widow of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan.

Many more lies have been told by Ted Gunderson, and subsequently exposed as such. Evidence has been repeatedly presented that Ted Gunderson is an unrepentant liar. But it's important to remember that Ted Gunderson was heavily involved in COINTELPRO, under the direction of J. Edgar Hoover, during his FBI service. Evidence exists to substantiate that too.

And yet, Ted Gunderson never mentions COINTELPRO, never calls the "government disinformation program" (in which he was, and still is, involved) by its real name. That alone should be a red flag worthy of note to any discerning and intelligent person interested in learning the truth.

Ted's entourage of toadies and PR shills, such as government stooge Ken Adachi; predicate felon, transvestite, child porno collector and psychotic stalker, Tim White; and psychotic law-enforcement and intelligence groupie/stalker, Brenda Negri, have been promoting Gunderson's outrageous lies (as well as lies fabricated by themselves) about his targets for years; in addition to vociferously "defending Ted". In fact, Adachi has created a section of his website, Educate-Yourself) with that very title.

Adachi's job description, as Ted Gunderson's primary PR shill and factotum, is to DEFEND TED, no matter what kind of truth comes down the pike, no matter the expositor of that truth. As a function of Adachi's "defense" he must also demonize anyone who tells the truth, by promoting outrageous lies about people he does not know, including Barbara Hartwell.

Ken Adachi is a charlatan and a poseur, engaging in malicious libel, while pretending to be knowledgable and well-informed on the people and subjects on which he expounds. There is no one so contemptible as a government-sponsored shill who struts like a peacock in his vain hypocrisy, bearing false witness and promoting the false witness of his criminal cohorts.

And Ken Adachi has done as much damage, caused as much pain and suffering to those targeted for the black propaganda, as any other unscrupulous government toady and liar who runs a disinfo website on the World Wide Web.
But moving along, here, from Ted Gunderson, is an example of COINTELPRO in action:

[October 20, 2003 
The Fallout from 9-11 Terrorism Report   
Ted L. Gunderson
Senior Special Agent in Charge (Ret.)


20. AFFIANT has concluded based upon knowledge, information and belief that the Government is using informants to discredit him. AFFIANT has incontrovertible evidence that Stu Webb is a paid confidential informant for the FBI. (He admitted this in a letter he wrote to the Las Vegas Police Department and during a commercial video interview.) Webb and others, including Barbara Hartwell and Jackie McGauley, are actively spreading false, misleading, derogatory, slanderous and libelous statements about AFFIANT on the Internet and on several radio talk shows. Webb refuses to stop making slanderous statements and he confronted AFFIANT in person, as he boasted, ”I will destroy you in the Patriot Movement”. AFFIANT has a copy of both items as evidence. On the video Webb boasts that he has an FBI symbol number. A symbol number is a method the FBI uses. This technique is used to protect informants by replacing their names with numbers for investigative reports. AFFIANT is aware of this method from his 27 1/2 years with the FBI. Webb and others, acting in concert, were responsible for the cancellation of AFFIANT's speaking engagements on September 27, 2003.]

This is insufferable, but the real efforts of COINTELPRO to demonize Barbara Hartwell and others are far worse than anything written and published by Gunderson himself. Gunderson's false allegations are almost always vague and nebulous ("government disinfo program"; "fed informer", "CIA disinfo agent", etc.)

For the KILLER disinfo he has his minions promote the outrageous lies (complete with gory details -- but with NO BASIS IN FACT) written by others.
In such a way, Gunderson cleverly distances himself from the fallout of the disinformation spread against his targets. That's the tactic of COINTELPRO: Use disposable, dispensable, expendable useful idiots to promote the most outrageous of lies. The hired liars take the heat and Gunderson gets to enjoy the benefits, without getting his own hands dirty --or so he thinks.

Now, here is one of the worst examples of extremely damaging disinformation about Barbara Hartwell ever to be published on the Internet. This black propaganda was published (and remains a permanent feature) on Ken Adachi's website, Educate-Yourself, in the 'Defending Ted' section, naturally.

My purpose for including this disinfo tract is for one compelling reason only: TO RIP THE FILTHY RAG TO SHREDS --and refute the outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, once and for all. Although I have referred to this abomination in previous reports, I have not addressed it in detail, as I shall do now.

But before I get to the "report" itself, I need to again direct your attention to one of the lowlife lackeys who has been disseminating these particular lies (as well as many others) far and wide. Predicate felon Tim White has been instrumental in disseminating this "report" to anyone and everyone he could manage to contact, over a period of years. His recipients have included print journalists, radio/TV talk show hosts, editors of various websites; both legitimate persons and liars and useful idiots like himself.

In fact, the "author" sent the original to Tim White, who then passed it on to Ken Adachi and many others.

Just as Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp have recruited none other than government stooge and toady Tim White in the past, to disseminate their lies, coverups and scams, far and wide. Examples: The 100% Confirmation Gannon-is-Gosch hoax; the John DeCamp Seeks Barbara Hartwell's Address for Libel Suit debacle. Both disseminated, and posted on many, many Internet locations by Tim White.

Why is it that any time one of these government liars wants to run a coverup, promote a hoax, or target a legitimate person for harassment, stalking, or COINTELPRO black propaganda, they call upon predicate felon Tim White?

Maybe it's because he's always available, he works cheap and he's expendable. Maybe it's because he got his 'get-out-of-jail-free' card and now must labor as an indentured servant for government criminals to the end of his days.
Here (below) is evidence of White's dissemination of the filthy lies and outrageous libel against Barbara Hartwell, which was later posted by PR shill Ken Adachi on Educate-Yourself.

Note some of the recipients to whom Tim White forwarded this vile disinfo rag, which I have left in the e-mail. The fact that it was sent by Tim White does not "necessarily" reflect upon the character of the recipients, except in obvious cases of those known to be associated with White and/or in collusion with White to libel/slander, harass and/or stalk Barbara Hartwell.

[See reports on this site for names of known associates of (and/or co-conspirators with) predicate felon Tim White.]

I have removed the e-mail addresses of recipients, as I do not want them on my site. I have also removed all recipients designated only by screen names.
As for refuting the libel contained in this disinfo tract, my comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BH.

One brief note about the author: The author uses the name "James L.Choron." But upon information and belief, and based on years of investigation (as well as documented evidence of libel written by Brenda Negri) I have reason to conclude that the actual writer is one Brenda Negri, a criminal who makes a regular practice of using pseudonyms (such as Ranger Rick) and who also engages in identity theft, using the actual names of real people (such as ex-FBI agent Richard Wade); and publishing lies about her targets under those names.

In this case, "James L. Choron" appears to be an actual person, allegedly ex-military and living in Russia. If he is in fact guilty of writing this smear piece, then it's clear that his primary "source" for the libel is Brenda Negri.

I will elaborate on my evidence for these conclusions in my commentary. But I can guarante that anyone who was involved in constructing, distributing or publishing this work of iniquity, in any way, shape or form, will be held accountable and face serious consequences for bearing false witness and acting n collusion to destroy a life, that of Barbara Hartwell.

And lastly, I first found out about this defamation of the personal and professional reputation of, and character assassination against Barbara Hartwell from a friend, Karl Schwarz, who kindly forwarded it to me (2005) after he received it directly from Tim White.


Karl Schwarz wrote:
Tim White sent the following yesterday. Man is an idiot.

-----Original Message-----
From: Tim White []
Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2005 12:25 PM
To: American Free Press; Alex Merklinger; Michael F.Corbin; Noreen Gosch; John DeCamp; Molokai Advertiser-News (aka The MAN) George Peabody; Richard Bastian; Karl Schwarz; Connie Boisvert; CHUCK WILSON; Dennis Bossack; Dorine Pratt; Eric Phelps; Todd Brendan Fahey; Ted Gunderson; Larry Lawson; Jack Blood; Jeff at Federal Observer; John Allman;
JAH; Polly Cady; Sherry Shriner; Sherman Skolnick; Tom Scott at Denver Library; The Webfairy; Warren Edson.

By James L. Choron
June 11, 2004

From: "James L. Choron"
To: "Tim White"

Subject: Webb, Babbs and others...
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 02:00:47 +0400

You can pass this along, if you think it's worth passing. It's just some commentary on Babs and Stew... et al. Most of what I say may already be known. My comments will be in bold italics, between sections, as usual.

Sources tell us Stew Webb recently attempted to file another frivolous lawsuit in a Nevada court of law. His last "lawsuit" was tossed out for lack of grounds for prosecution or substantiating cause of action. The case was against the "Bush Crime Family" and "Leonard Millman, Kingpin", two entities that to all knowledge, do not exist.Stew holds three "degrees"... BS, MS, PhD... (Bull Shit, More of Same, Piled higher and Deeper). His "frivious" lawsuites, as well as those of Babs, are heavily funded by the "Powerst That Be", and are intended to create confusion, and to discredit eveyone involved in this mess, by making all of look ridiculous. Webb and Babs, both, pick their targets carefully, any moron knows that a suit against the "Bush Crime Family" or against anyone simply described as a "Kingpin" will be tossed out of court for lack of substantiating evidence. They idea is simply to generate adverse publicity.

[BH: First off, I am going to limit my commentary mostly to defending my own good name, which these liars have been methodically attempting to destroy over a period of years; and to refuting the libelous and defamatory allegations made by them with facts.

As for the allegations made about others (including Al Martin and Stew Webb) I will only address them as they concern the purported "connections" that the government sponsored liars claim exist. Since I am no longer in contact with either of the other targets of this smear piece, nor would presume to speak for them, my purpose will be best served by keeping the focus squarely on the libelous statements about Barbara Hartwell.

1) The only "involvement" I have ever had in any "lawsuits" purportedly being filed by Stew Webb, was as somone who had agreed to be a witness. I agreed to be a witness only in those lawsuits where my testimony (based upon my personal experiences, my own investigations and research, and facts of which I have personal knowledge) would be relevant, on an as-per-case basis. No such lawsuit (to my knowledge) has ever been filed by Stew Webb. If one has, I have not been called as a witness, nor have been involved in any way, shape or form.

2) I have never filed any lawsuit against anyone. Therefore, a non-existent lawsuit could not possibly be "heavily funded" by the "powers that be", nor anyone else. Nor has any person or entitly ever donated money to me in connection with any lawsuit.

Therefore, these claims are absolutely false. It also follows that the liars making these claims have no evidence whatsoever to support them.]

Webb, a known alchoholic, drug addict and who frequently takes large doses of Lithium, is also said to be a manic depressive who was interred in a mental asylum for a period of time. His website preys on supporters of "the Patriot movement" and he is known to have bilked single women in particular out of hundreds of dollars to support his 'cause'. He aligns himself with Ultra Right Wing Christian Patriot groups and seems to target them for donations. He has been accused by more credible Christian groups such as Larry Lawson's LLNews Organization as being a "fake" and a CIA controlled asset and snitch.

[BH: Note that the writer claims Larry Lawson (and his LL News) to be aligned with "the more credible Christian groups." Aside from the ridiculous notion that Larry Lawson is a "Christian", that is as idiotic a claim as I have ever heard.

Larry Lawson is in fact a flagrant promoter of the most outlandish hoaxes imaginable. Examples: That Martial Law is about to be declared!..this week...or next month...that the Mossad is about to Nuke America!...and on and on it goes. Not ONE of Lawson's sensational, alarmist "prognostications" has EVER come to pass. NOT ONE, over a period of at least six years.

And other than the hoaxes he promotes, Lawson spends the rest of his time libeling and slandering his targets, such as Barbara Hartwell; ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee; constitutional activist Rick Stanley; JBS leader John Perna; militia leader, activist and author Carl Worden...and any others who happen to be sincere patriots and truthful expositors of government corruption.

As all his longtime targets (and many other discerning people) know, Larry Lawson is a disinformation specialist, pure and simple. He publishes interminable tracts of libelous disinformation (very similar to the one being refuted here) on a daily basis; and defends/endorses the very COINTELPRO liars, shills and minions of COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted Gunderson --namely Tim White; Brenda Negri; fundamentalist zealot, fear-monger and grifter, Pam Schuffert; psychotic stalker and porno-monger, Todd Fahey; Bible-code nut, Sherry Shriner....and anyone else who comes out of the woodwork to demonize and defame the COINTELPRO targets, which include Barbara Hartwell.]

The unfortunate part, here, is that Larry has shot that same bullet at so many people, when he happens to be right, no one pays serious attention. In this instance, he is right, but has them connected to the wrong organization, as CIA is simply dancing on the strings of a far more powerful "Big Brother". CIA will not fart without permission from the Majestic 12, neither will NSA, and Majestic answers to someone higher, as well. Have you ever seen the movie "Dr. Strangelove"? If you have, you know who the title character was patterned after... and he's still at the top of the pole,as far as U.S. Ops go... or at least nominally so.

[BH: Here is just more gibberish and double talk. This moronic and feeble attempt to defend Lawson reeks of the same vague, illusory citing of behemoth entities (a la Ted Gunderson) which cannot be proven to "pull the strings" of any individual or government agency.

Therefore, it's useless and no credibility can possibly be attatched to it. Nor is any evidence cited to support these claims. No evidence exists, and that's the whole point. Evidence --along with those scrupulous investigators and expositors who furnish it in support of their allegations-- are anathema to COINTELPRO.]

Sources claim the money meant for Stew Webb's purported "anti government corruption crusade" is usually spent on call girls, liquor and gambling in Las Vegas casinos where Webb claims to meet his "CIA contacts" that he can never quite prove exist.

Webb has contacts, but so does everybody, I suppose. His "contacts" are his handlers. As far as the money goes... It's all true.

His only claim to fame is that he once was married to Leonard Millman's daughter. His own daughter has denounced him. He was last known to be shacking up in a Las Vegas apartment of a tax-protester, sleeping on a matress on the floor, feigning injuries so he did not have to work.

Very similar to another parasite that infests Patriot, Christian and Racialist organizations and sites... "Weird Harold" Covington... Who lived in some poor guy's garrage, in College Station, Texas, for almost two years, sponging off the guy, and soliciting funds for his "Organization" over the net, until he got tossed out. Same kind of operation and life-style, same type personallity and same controllers. Being married to Millman's daughter is no "claim to fame". His daughter shows amazingly good sense, here...

Webb is infamous for making virulent attacks on current and former federal agents, such as ex-FBI Agent, Ted Gunderson, former Secret Service Agents, and Yours Truly. He has been the subject of an ongoing on again, off again FBI investigation and is as of yesterday reportedly under investigation and surveillance for his latest Interstate threats.

[BH: Who is "Yours Truly"? Is it "James L. Choron", the purported author of this report? Or is it Brenda Negri, the pathological liar who has been caught in one lie after another, including her claims of being a "Federal agent"; a "spook"; a "mole inside the DHS"? 

And who, in fact, has been terminated from at least two (2) menial jobs (the only kind Negri has ever held) --one as a secretary, and the other as a low-level baggage screener at LAX airport, working for TSA.

Aside from the crimes of cyber-stalking and threatening targets from her employers' computers, in large measure, she was fired BECAUSE of her lies, which included furnishing false information on her application forms. Negri has been a "mental patient" in more than one psychiatric hospital, and that is a verifiable FACT.

(For details, see reports: Irrefutable Evidence: The Truth About Brenda Negri. Just the Facts: A Report on Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick. A Morality Tale.)]

As I said, these are carefully targeted, and financed by the FED, in order to cause division and disruption within our own numbers... and ocassionally to "out" a former Fed, who has been an embarrassment, or is about to become one. If you'll notice, he's been "under investigation" for years, now, and so far, nothing has been done... nor will it be. The alleged surveayence and investigations are a sham, intended to make him look credible.

Webb is an associate of another felon and Internet con artist, Al Martin, self-proclaimed "former ONI operative and Iran Contra figure" who bilked investors out of their savings and continues to perpetuate fraud in the form of his current 'financial forecast' he touts on his website.

Same song... second verse... Martin is a fake who is being used to spread disinformation. He tells just enough of the truth to get people to listen to him. He's rather like Bob Lazar, only not as polished, and working a different "crowd".

Most of Martin's claims about being the 'genius' behind forming shell corporations for the Bush family and Ollie North's "Enterprise" network, have been proven to be false, as no records exist to substantiate most of the companies he claims he ran.

Ollie North was a little fish. He took the fall for some bigger ones. Have you noticed that it took him almost 20 years to make Major, and that he was never promoted above that rank? The average time to Major, even in the Marines, where promotion is notoriously slow (believe me, I know...) is about ten to eleven years "time in service". This tells you something about Ollie's mental ability, doesn't it?

They pinned Lt. Colonel on me when I retired. My last active duty rank was Major... but... I was not "trade school" I was promoted from Gunnery Sargent to 1st Lieutenant (skipped the butter bar... ) in a combat situation. I actually went from 1st Lieutenant to Major in nine years. I'm not a "brain surgeon", but if I can make it in nine, and not be an academy graduate, then Ollie is certainly nott he sharpest tool in the shed, since he had all of the so-called "advantages", spent his entire career as a commissioned officer, and still couldn't get promoted.

North was a front man and fall guy. Selected because he was, infact, particularlly obtuse and not terribly bright... This being the case, what does that make Martin?

What is known to be true however is Martin is a perpetuator of financial fraud. Reduced to living in a Florida retirement community of condos, Martin, a textbook case paranoid, uses the name of "Dorothy Gossage" on his telephone Caller ID, has a neighbor drive him to the store once a week to stock up on booze to feed his alcoholic cravings, and has a ghostwriter do most of his Internet diatribes.

As I said, not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.. and definately as mad as a hatter. Where do you suppose the majority of his financing comes from? Also, his scams are well known and documentable. How do you suppose he's managed to stay out of a Federal Prison?

Legit intelligence community sources have come forward and further discredited Martin as a small player in the intel biz who is little more than "a bogus legend cooked up by some Langely goons" to spread disinformation on the Internet and appear to be more important than he ever was.

For once, the "letitimate" sources are telling the truth. His claims of having "FBI Agents providing him inside dope" have been soundly refuted and never proven; his "Friendly Colonel" was a hoax that quickly dried up once it was apparent Martin was running out of fresh material.

He is only given so much. The whole idea is to keep people laughing at the entire situation, and not seriously investigating it. He is just credible enough to cast some doubt, until his source turns off the tap. That is exactly as it is intended to be.

Uri Dowbenko, the creator of Martin's site, resides in Montana and is also linked to Webb and another Internet fake, Barbara Hartwell, former CIA prostitute, bogus "Patriot" and mind controlled honeytrap used to lure men into disinformation plots and to discredit real investigators.

[BH: Now, we come to some of the most outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell ever to be promoted: "former CIA prostitute" and "mindcontrolled honeytrap". Brenda Negri has been spreading these vile lies all over the World Wide Web, since 2001, after she was exposed (by Barbara Hartwell) as a criminal fraud, running scams, posing as a Federal agent named Ranger Rick, harassing and threatening legitimate government whistleblowers.

Brenda Negri is a CIA/FBI/Cop wannabe and camp follower. Her malicious envy of anyone who was ever 'the real thing', whose background and training in these areas is legitimate, fuels her spiteful actions when she is rejected by those she approaches. And the only former or current government operatives who will NOT reject her are those who can find some way to exploit her, namely as a minion to spread lies, stalk, harass and threaten targets of COINTELPRO.

Brenda Negri is very much like Tim White: She is a rank amateur, with no professional training or background, including in law enforcement/intelligence work. Like White, she is delusional (paranoid fantasies of persecution by the government and delusions of grandeur, fantasies of being a "player") and is a psychopath; also a sexual pervert and predator who stalks and threatens targets.

Negri has stalked and made sexual advances to many men, including Al Martin, Stew Webb, Ed Schooling and many others, most of whom were ex-military/ intelligence/law-enforcement. When her advances were invariably rejected, she went on a rampage of harassment, threats and libel against her targets.

Negri has also harassed and libeled ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, repeatedly, simply for being a friend and professional colleague of Barbara Hartwell.
In fact, Brenda Negri is a cohort of Tim White and has been in collusion with him for years as part of a criminal conspiracy against targets, including Barbara Hartwell.


1) I, Barbara Hartwell, have never, at any time during the course of my life, engaged in any form of "prostitution."

2) At no time while I was utilized by CIA (1969-1994) in various operations, did I engage in any form of "prostitution."

3) Never, at any time, while connected to CIA operations, have I been utilized as, nor regarded by, my handlers, fellow intelligence operatives, nor any person or entity, as a "honeytrap."

4) In a professional capacity, I worked for CIA as an intelligence operative, under Non-Official Cover (NOC); and in certain operations, as a CIA asset. I was involved in INTELLIGENCE WORK, NOT "PROSTITUTION."

5) My professional background and training, in large measure, pertained to Psychological Operations, which included (but was not limited to) counselling, profiling and debriefing military/intelligence personnel.

None of Brenda Negri's filthy lies about a "CIA prostitute", "honey trap", nor those being disseminated by her criminal cohorts, can change the facts, regarding my professional background, nor any other area of my life, personal or professional.

Until the criminal perpetrator, Brenda Negri (in December, 2001) began to disseminate these outrageous lies, no one (either inside a government agency, nor outside) had ever made such a vile false allegation against Barbara Hartwell, publicly (to my knowledge) nor even privately.

However, since Brenda Negri instigated this particular form of odious libel, many of her criminal cohorts have been parroting the lies fabricated by Brenda Negri; and have been publishing and disseminating such lies all over the World Wide Web. One such lie, being disseminated by predicate felon Tim White, is "George Bush's trollop".

One of the primary tactics of COINTELPRO is character assassination, accusing the target of immoral, unscrupulous, illegal activities which are in fact diametrically opposed to the REAL character of, and activities pursued by the target.

This tactic is also used in efforts to invalidate any legitimate claims made by the target; to discredit truthful, factual information exposed by the target; and to effect damage control by misdirecting attention from the facts under discussion to a sensationalistic and lurid side-show, based on fabrications designed to neutralize the target's effectiveness in exposing REAL crime and corruption.] 

Do the names "Uri" and "Dowbenko" have a certain "ring" to them. Somehow I see large noses and kinky hair in this. Never seen the guy, personally, but going on the name... You know what they say... "A Rose by any other name..." The same applies to a pile of manure, you know.

Hartwell, as well as Webb, uses the ruse of filing lawsuits as threats to silence those who would expose her connections to Wackenhut and black ops rogue intelligence factions connected to child porn and drug smuggling, illegal arms trafficking, and terrorism.

[BH: Here again, we have some total fabrications, but the most damaging ones imaginable. I've already addressed the "lawsuit" issue, so I'll skip it here.

1) As for the "connections to Wackenhut", this absurd lie was concocted by Brenda Negri, in 2002. The long and short of it is that Brenda Negri falsely accused a friend of mine, an attorney named Marcy Gordon (of New York City) of having "connections to Wackenhut", simply because this idiot, Negri, found a different attorney with the same name (Marcy Gordon) living in Florida, whose office was simply located NEXT DOOR to Wackenhut.

From this, Negri spawned another outrageous lie which has now been disseminated all over the World Wide Web and repeated by numerous other disinformers and morons. Negri also promoted the lie that Marcy Gordon is my "attorney" and that the two of us were involved in some nefarious plots with Wackenhut.

The reason for Negri fabricating this particular lie? My friend, Marcy Gordon (who has never been my attorney) wrote a public letter to Brenda Negri, asking, Why are you libeling Barbara Hartwell?

2) Regarding "black ops rogue intelligence factions connected to child porn and drug smuggling, illegal arms trafficking, and terrorism", this comes straight from Negri's bag of dirty tricks and filthy lies as well.
Fact: I, Barbara Hartwell, have never, at any time, been involved in any of the following "black ops rogue intelligence factions":

A) Child porn -- an absolutely SICKENING FALSEHOOD. Which, I might add, is exactly what some of Negri's criminal cohorts ARE in involved with, including Tim White, a collector of child porn.

B) Drug smuggling --I don't use drugs, nor have I ever been involved in smuggling, or selling drugs. Once again, check with Tim White for that one.

C) Illegal arms trafficking --Never involved in that myself, but interesting that this is Ted Gunderson's province.

D) Terrorism --Never involved in that either, though I have been falsely accused of it, by CIA agents who filed a "criminal complaint" against me in North Carolina, for "inciting violence and terrorism" and also threatened to sue me.
In fact, Brenda Negri was in collusion with these CIA criminals and liars, Ronald and Mary Ann Cerra, to destroy Barbara Hartwell. Why? Because Barbara Hartwell exposed their crimes (individually and collectively) and had evidence to substantiate their criminal activities, which included, breaking and entering, criminal harassment and stalking.

All named here were part of a criminal conspiracy, also involving racketeering.]

We all know who and what Babs is. Need to elaborate. As with the case of Webb, her cases either never surface, or get thrown out of court on charges of lack of proof. Her lawyer resides in the same complex as a Wackenhut agency. Hartwell, in her late 50's and aging, perpetuates her myth by posing provacatively on her website in an aged photo taken when she was much younger. All true. As far as the law suites go... "Same song... THIRD verse".

[BH: Here's the same "Wackenhut" lie again, which I have refuted above. And Negri once again (as she had done many times before she wrote this particular smear piece, in 2003), includes more lies about my age and my appearance.

1) In 2003, I was fifty-two (52) years of age. So, I was certainly not in my "late 50s" as Negri alleges. Everyone ages, so what's her point here?

2) Never, at any time, have there been any photos of me on my website which could possibly be interpreted as "posing provocatively", unless by a spiteful woman like Negri who clearly is envious of any woman who might be deemed physically attractive, unlike Negri herself, who is repeatedly rejected by the men she makes sexual advances to.

3) As for a so-called "aged photo, taken when she was much younger", such a photo was never posted on my website. The primary photo which was displayed on the front page, was taken in 1998, by a photographer from Hudson Valley Magazine. That photo would have been only five (5) years old in 2003.

Negri is trying to paint a totally false picture of Barbara Hartwell. I have never lied about my age (I was born in 1951); nor have I ever misrepresented myself, nor my appearance, in any way. The photo of myself and my son, Keith, on my new website (Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA) was taken in October, 2004.
So much for Brenda Negri's malicious lies about my character and my appearance.]

Al Martin, in connection with Webb, solicits money on underground radio shows and through anti-government groups. He is connected to Doreen Bishop, marijuana advocate and grower, out of Denver, CO, and a former Disneyland Mouseketeer.

"Say it ain't so, Joe... Say it ain't so"... Unfortunately it is. The only difference is that Doreen was "caught" as little kid, and isn't reall responsible for her actions. She is completely controlled. She isn't as doped up, at least not on herb, as people think, but it does look that way... Her "farming venture" is a cover. It's easy to explain erratic behavior if dope is thought to be involved.
Both Webb and Martin have been known to cohoborrate in ongoing criminal enterprises and were captured on tape last year making an Interstate terrorist threat to Yours Truly at their place of employment.

And, as I pointed out... completely true and verifiable... That being the case, why no arrests and convictions? There's only one answer to that one... and it is glaringly obvious.

Hartwell, Webb and Martin are said to be subject to ongoing federal investigations and surveillance for their threats and attacks on current and former federal employees and agents of the US Government.
See above...
A source has provided us the e-mails of two more people connected to Internet fraudster, felon and drunken militia affiliate, Stew Webb. We have discovered these people have received his anti-government e-mails and may be supporting his efforts.

To quote Shakespere... "What fools these mortals be"... They're writing a book about one of Webb's contributors. It's called "Gullible's Travels".

It appears that one person is attached to IOWA STATE and is using their WORK E MAIL to correspond with Webb.

As Ranger Rick would say: this is a NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY!!!

[BH: Note the reference to "Ranger Rick". Brenda Negri was posing as Ranger Rick (an FBI agent) but never has used her real name in her libel campaigns against her targets, including Barbara Hartwell. But Negri is known to promote herself (Ranger Rick) by writing comments, under another name (in this case, James L. Choron.) This is one of many clear indications that Brenda Negri is the author of this smear piece.]

Talk about not being the "sharpest tool in the shed". This person is about as sharp as wet leather, unless they are doing it deliberately. We have already forwarded this information to the appropriate university authorities...and suspect that this person, like most others, will choose to quickly distance themselves from this nutcase felon Stew Webb and his mind control triggered anti-government rants, rather than chace losing their job and their reputation. What little of it left they may have, that is....

As I said, his "anti-government"rants are exactly what the government is programming him to do. If they really wanted to put him away, he'd be long gone, by now. As it is, he's being protected by those who he attacks... Strange, wouldnt' you say?


Be warned of COINTELPRO. Be warned of those who run it and those being exploited (useful idiots) to disseminate it. Be warned of editors of websites who spread outrageous lies, promote libelous falsehoods and disinformation, sponsored by their corrupt government masters.

Be warned of criminals who have made a deal with corrupt Feds and their cronies. Be warned of liars, identity thieves, psychopaths and stalkers. Be warned of them all.

The next target(s) could be you, your family, friends, loved ones and colleagues.
The criminals running COINTELPRO belong in jail. May they all end up exactly where they belong.

Even if they are able to evade arrest and prosecution, they will all eventually end up in Hell, driven there by their own evil.

Barbara Hartwell
Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Defender of the United States Constitution
Enemy of the New World Order Police State
February 14, 2007