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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Ed Brown's Statement on Individual Sovereignty

From Quest For A Fair Trial in Concord New Hampshire

Ed Brown's Statement on Individual Sovereignty

“I as a man under Creator am pre-Constitution sovereign. That means I am sovereign only to myself as each man or woman is only to themselves. We are King. We come together as Kings and Queens and make decisions. And one of those decisions we made was the Constitution and the amendments to that Constitution under a Republic under Creator. That’s it. It’s no more than that. So anything we that created we control. Our creation does not control us like they’re trying to pretend that they do. That includes State government as well, or Town government or County government. We came first. We control them! God first. People second. Government third.”

"The IRS operates unlawfully within the 50 union States. It is our obligation and our duty to refuse to participate in this fraud against the American people. They, the government, have continuously failed to show us the law that requires the average American to file and pay a tax on our labor - ie. they are in breach of contract under sworn oath. And these ficticious laws that compell us, by force and fraud, to take part in illegal activities is both unlawful and unconscionable." 

--Ed & Elaine Brown