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Monday, February 19, 2007

Using Homeland Security to Persecute Ex-FBI Whistleblower Sosbee

Note: My good friend and professional colleague, ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, a high-profile target for persecution by FBI/CIA, sent me the following testimony. Geral regularly documents the harassment, assaults and outrages, including upon his person, by the fascist element (including FBI/CIA) who act with impunity to continually disrupt and destroy his life.

This type of brutal 'neutralization campaign' is what happens to those of us (former law enforcement, intelligence) who have stood up for Liberty and have become whistleblowers on government corruption.

The human/constitutional rights violations (ongoing for many years), reported by Geral and myself, and once reserved for high-profile targets, have now become increasingly commonplace, as criminals in government have institutionalized this evil through abominations such as the Patriot Acts and Homeland Security.

And the following report from Geral represents but a small snapshot of the harassment directed against him. I have collected large files of his testimony, going back to 2001. And I will continue to post reports from those files, as well as updates on Geral Sosbee's situation as a target of government persecution.

For more information, see my report, Targeted for Terror: Ex-FBI Agent's Gruesome Ordeal, on this site.

February 18, 2007

By Geral Sosbee

Over the past four years the U.S. Border Patrol, Customs and now Homeland Security (hereinafter, ' HS ') has harassed Sosbee upon his re-entry into the uSA from Mexico at the Matamoros Mexico/ Brownsville, Texas international checkpoints. Most recently Sosbee regularly sleeps in Mexico in order to avoid fbi's continued poisonings, etc. In order to facilitate Sosbee's re-entry into the United States from Mexico on a regular basis, Sosbee applied for and received admission into the "Sentry" program administered by HS at the border check point. 

HS and the U.S. Immigration, Customs, Border Patrol and other federal authorities approved of Sosbee's clearance after criminal background checks, interviews, fingerprinting, etc. Admission into the "AIS" (Sentry program) gives Sosbee access to the express lane daily (not weekends) from Mexico into the U.S. No other rights are intended to be conveyed by the pass. 

However, the pass indicates that the person of Geral w. Sosbee and his car are recognized by HS as worthy of the trust implied by the granting of the pass. HS in this regard issues a photo ID (#980088216) to Sosbee and *HS places a specially incripted, bar coded, identification card on the front windshield inside Sosbee's vehicle (for easy access by HS). All such ID s were properly displayed by Sosbee at the check point, as was his US Passport.

On this date, at approximately 1:30 PM, as Sosbee was entering the uSA from Mexico he was told by the Homeland Security at the point of entry that his car has been selected by computer for inspection; prior to the inspection order, the officer asked Sosbee if he had anything to declare; Sosbee replied, 'No'. Then, the officer of HS ordered Sosbee to pull over into the inspection area, open all doors and hood, get out of the car, sit in a specified area, not use his phone for any purpose, and await the results of the inspection.

Sosbee complied; upon the termination of the inspection, Sosbee asked the two inspecting officials of HS as to why Sosbee was regularly harassed unnecessarily by HS at the check point (Note that the previous inspection involved the use of dogs and an extensive search of the vehicle). The HS official responded, there are many reasons why a person can be ordered for inspection; in this instance the official stated that Sosbee's vehicle is not from this area as evidenced by the license plates. Sosbee then responded that this statement is false. The license plates are issued to Sosbee who lives in Brownsville, Texas, by the State of Texas; the plates on Sosbee's vehicle are registered to a State recognized Texas Disabled veteran, and as such the plate is easily identifiable as locally based. the Texas license plate number on Sosbee's vehicle is

When Sosbee reported to the HS official that the stated reason for stopping Sosbee was false, Sosbee proved on the spot that the plates are local and state approved and that the * HS security pass on the windshield also contradicts the HS official's statement. Then, Sosbee asks to speak with a supervisor in order to determine exactly who placed Sosbee's license plates on the security point's computerized mandatory inspection list; the officer refused this request. 

Then Sosbee asked the officer to report this incident to his supervisor ; he again refused. Sosbee identified himself by the fbi identification shown at [link not given] and Sosbee explained that he believes that the fbi and the cia are interfering with HS work by distracting HS from its duties for the purpose of harassing a former intelligence officer of the fbi.

Sosbee also explained that all statements by Sosbee could be confirmed by visiting Sosbee's website. The HS officer stated he cannot report this to his supervisor because no one is interested and that he can't be seen by his supervisor as an officer who makes such a report. Sosbee adds that the HS official who entered the order to search Sosbee and his vehicle this date is corrupt and is therefore a threat to the security of the United States.

This update is being forwarded to as many government officials as possible.

[Also note that during the time that Sosbee reports this information as set forth in this update to "A Snapshot of My Typical Day", the fbi assaults Sosbee with nausea producing directed energy weaponry at the public library in Brownsville, Texas.]