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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Have Paranoid Fantasies, Will Travel

Criminal Psycho Stalkers, Porno Freaks Continue Libel Campaign

Here is an e-mail message written to Todd Brendan Fahey by predicate felon Tim White, and posted on a Yahoo message board: Office of the CIA. I'm sure it was also posted on many others, as Tim White has boasted of belonging to "over 100 message boards."

Aside from his spite-filled, rabid delusional rants about Barbara Hartwell and others who have exposed his criminal activities, useful idiot and government stooge/snitch White posts nothing but second and third hand material (mostly old news), written by others.

Note the recipients to White's message. In addition to Todd Brendan Fahey, there is John DeCamp, Ted Gunderson, Eric John Phelps, Thomas Reisinger, Jim Rothstein, Larry Lawson.

I hope all of them appreciate being publicly named as known associates of career criminal Tim White, who has made numerous death threats to many people, over a period of more than five (5) years; has violated various restraining orders (for stalking, criminal harassment, threats of violence and death); and yet has never been apprehended by law enforcement. 

Great company to keep! Great public image to enhance their credibility, integrity and legitimacy!

Once again, as always, Tim White accuses Barbara Hartwell of being CIA. He appears to be arguing his "case" to fellow stalker, porno freak and pathological liar, Todd Fahey. Evidently, Fahey disagrees with his cohort White on this important point.

White (along with Ted Gunderson) insists that I am STILL CIA. White is no doubt parroting Ted Gunderson, who wrote, in a public letter to Barbara Hartwell:

"You admit you were once in the CIA. There are no alumni in the CIA. Once a CIA agent, always a CIA agent. If you attempt to get out or expose them, you either go to jail or you die."

Fahey, on the other hand, insists that I have NEVER been CIA.

But as it happens, neither of these lying criminal perps is correct. Aside from the fact that both are delusional psychopaths and pathological liars, both are also lacking in facts and evidence to substantiate either of these false allegations.

And I really don't give a tinker's damn what they "believe." No, the ONLY thing which concerns me is their continuing criminal harassment, stalking, identity theft, and the outrageous lies these lowlife perps continue to publish about Barbara Hartwell.

It is also a matter of great concern to me that these criminals continue to PUBLISH my PRIVATE, UNLISTED street address all over the World Wide Web. Thus, violating my privacy, compromising my security and endangering my safety.

It also concerns me that these two known criminal stalkers and psychopaths are SOLICITING the crimes of stalking and harassment AT MY HOME, by publishing my PRIVATE, UNLISTED street address. Soliciting such crimes is a crime in and of itself.

But for those who are interested, here, for your reading pleasure, are more wild allegations and crazy delusional paranoid fantasies from government stooge, Tim White:

Posted on Office of the CIA
Mon, 5 Feb 2007

From: Tim White
Subject: Re: Blabbles: At it again (she's screwing you hard here)
To: Friend Liberty [Todd Brendan Fahey]
CC: John DeCamp
Ted L Gunderson
Eric Jon Phelps
Jim Rothstein
"Larry L. Lawson"


This CIA CXXX--she IS in fact USED by the CIA whether or not you don't believe so. The fact that I am the one to have received from Jimmy Gibson and released the Johnny Gosch photos is THE reason why I am being heavily attacked.You'll remember the "outing" of rep Mark Foley of Florida.This was done less than TWO WEEKS after these photos surfaced and was equivalent to an AC-130 gunship dropping flares and chaff to guide off heat seeking missiles.In this same time frame,my name is "rumored" to be on a "top 100 hitlist" coming out of the basement of the White House which turns out to NOT BE a rumor.Also because of the photos that I released,more photos came out as a direct result of what I did and those are posted to .....this was all discussed on air by the chief investigator for Noreen Gosch,Jim Rothstein,in 2 shows he did with Greg Szymanski on Arctic Beacon...Jim was mentioning my name on air as the source of the first photos.Of course,you must know the effect of these photos in reviving the entire Franklin Coverup and the pedophiles in Poppy Bushs' White House.Hence,the outing of Foley and look what has happened since...NOTHING...nothing except increasing attacks on ME and THAT is coming straight from Poppy Bush...I have SOLID VERBAL CONFIRMATION OF THIS.Also,in mid November, Jimmy Gibson was arrested at the US border,in Lynden WA,before he crossed into Canada.Seems that he was hauling 572 POUNDS of cocaine in an empty utility trailer but with a false bottom.I just happened to be paging through the newspaper here on that day and saw the article.He's at the SEATAC Federal detention facility still and you can see this by pulling up BOP.GOV and entering JIMMY DEAN GIBSON.