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Thursday, February 1, 2007

All Americans Are Now War Criminals?

NOTE, February, 2007:

Over a period of years, author John Kaminski has shown himself to be concerned, not with the God-given rights of the individual, but seemingly instead with his attempts to lump entire groups of people into categories, based on race, creed, or national origin.

One particularly distasteful example was a statement made in one of his commentaries last year: "Never trust a Jew." And mind you, this was not a comment on Zionism; not in reference to political ideology, nor religious beliefs, but very simply a blanket statement denouncing all persons who are Jews.

In fact, Mr. Kaminski denounced Barbara Hartwell in a similar fashion, by stating authoritatively that "Barbara Hartwell is a small-minded, preprogrammed intellectual whore." And also, a "mainstream Republican Zionist demogogue."

He also falsely accused me of "supporting" the war crimes of George W. Bush, including putting bullets in the heads of innocent children!

None of Kaminski's allegations are truthful or accurate; nor are based on facts.

John Kaminski does not know me. Has never spoken to me, nor communicated with me. Yet he decided to throw out these completely fallacious labels, apparently only because I exposed the fact that much of his political ideology (based on my analysis of his writings) is decidedly tainted by communist sympathies.

[See: Kaminski: Neo-Bolshevik Utopian Fantasy and Open Letter to John Kaminski & Related Commentary, on this site.]

For my response to another of Kaminski's hare-brained ideas, see below.

From the Rumor Mill News Forum

March, 2003

In the words of John Kaminski, from his article, ALL AMERICANS ARE NOW WAR CRIMINALS:

"All Americans are now war criminals, willing to support any kind of lie, no matter how ridiculous or lethal, to maintain their immoral position of economic dominance over the sincere but oppressed people of Planet Earth.

Let there be no doubt about this. Even those courageous American souls who protest for peace are willing to admit their complicity in this matter, for it is this segment of the American population that realizes it has been inattention to the improper and destructive behavior of its own government that has led to this current danger that the entire world must now confront, or be raped and vandalized by a gunslinging Texan with his shaky, dry-drunk finger on the nuclear trigger."


Oh, really?

Hold it right there, Mr. Kaminski. This is an outrageous statement, and worse, a BALD FACED LIE. It is ridiculous to lump ALL Americans into this category just because of the treasonous and atrocious action being run by the criminally insane element who have taken over the U.S. Government.

I myself am not a "war criminal" nor are any of my friends and colleagues, most of whom are whistleblowers from some sort of "government service", whether intelligence, law enforcement or military. And you can take that to the bank...or shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

How DARE you make a blanket statement like that, especially when some of us, including those who have used up almost every moment of our waking lives, FOR YEARS, and sacrificed almost everything else, doing ALL in our power to expose and STOP these war crimes (as well as criminal "actions other than war"), often at the risk of our own lives?

Just what MORE do you think we SHOULD have, or COULD have done?

And who are you to make such a judgment?

Let me tell you something, Mr. Kaminski. I am a defender of the Constitution and I will be until the day I die. And if it comes down to the ballot box versus the cartridge box, I think you and your cronies can guess which one I'll use to cast my vote. I am an INDIVIDUAL, not part of any group or team who blindly follows orders or adopts any party line position.

And as for people such as Carol Valentine and David Icke, whom you tout as such "courageous" individuals, they are both, in my opinion, guilty of disseminating the sort of propaganda and disinformation which rivals that of Josef Goebbels. Therefore, I have to wonder about you.

I cannot fully express my disgust, Mr. Kaminski, so I won't even try.

Barbara Hartwell
March 24, 2003