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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hartwell & Sosbee Vs. Gov't Rat Bastards & Useful Idiots

NOTE: As part of a continuing series, documenting political persecution against Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee, see these letters and reports, from the Hartwell Files, 2004.


August, 2004

The most compelling subject in my opinion today is the inhumane war on mankind now being waged by the United States, especially as directed by the fbi and the cia. I presently see very little coverage of this topic anywhere, even while the criminal activities of these two evil agencies escalates before our very eyes (i.e.: the cia lying to Congress about weapons of mass destruction, thereafter dragging US to war; the fbi and the cia use of high tech to kill/incapacitate the Targets; the fbi's wholesale and unjustifiable killings of our people).

Moreover when I attempt to focus attention on the ongoing (and past) atrocities of these two corrupt agencies, the little ones (whom I describe on my site as mental dwarfs) verbally attack or otherwise slander me. So, let the record show that each of you in so assaulting me and my work stand as prime examples of the low and sinister mentality that dominates politics, law and public policy in this country; by your ignorance you assist the fbi and the cia in keeping the voice of liberty muted, and you will therefore be remembered as cowards and "scum bags" (to use Barbara Hartwell's words). You should indeed be ashamed of yourselves, but your lack of good sense and conscience preclude introspection .

In your writings you exhibit the ugly side of mankind (that part devoid of sensitivity to the suffering of others and that part that cares not about improving the human condition today); in person I am quite certain that intelligent company is something you sorely miss and in a sense I am grateful that I do not have to look upon your empty blank faces, for there be nothing there of interest to the discerning artist/thinker/philanthropist. Finally, and again for the record,you are each in default of your duty (or responsibility) to society according to one we all know who stated:

"It is the duty of every citizen according to his best capacities to give validity to his convictions in political affairs". --Albert Einstein

Finally, as I have no realistic expectation that the fbi or the cia will be reigned in by the Congress (and knowing by experience that the courts are equally cowardly to hold the fbi/cia accountable), I have little energy left to fight this battle alone.

Geral Sosbee


Thank you for your interest in Barbara and me. The punks and assassins of the intelligence agencies (the alphabet agencies) are killing Barbara and me in inches. I accept it because they have taken all that was once beautiful and graceful from me; I have only the desire now to damage the fbi and the cia where it hurts them most: in world public opinion, and I intend to continue to do so in an intellectual sense (not a physical or violent way) until I drop dead. 

Barbara, on the other hand, should receive world support for her battle with the government rat bastards and she is the true hero in the unfolding story of the fbi/cia killing spree because she dare go where even the bravest men or women I have ever heard of have gone: straight into their little minds and schemes to show them that she, not they, is the real boss; and she even helps out others caught in the torture net (like me) as she herself is being torn apart (physically and emotionally).

Geral Sosbee


May 28, 2004

Barbara Hartwell
Legal Defense & Research Trust


Marilyn A. Guinnane:

This is the first and only warning you will receive from me. You have been engaging in character assassination and libel by writing letters to various people, including Geral Sosbee [letter below]. Unless I receive a written retraction and apology from you, your name will be added to a public list of those engaging in such defamation and libel against me and which may also be included in any future civil lawsuits to be filed.

Your first letter to Mr. Sosbee has already been published, as part of my report in response, titled NO SUBSTITUTE FOR STUPIDITY:GOV'T STOOGE'S BACKLASH which is posted on several public message boards, and my own website.

I suggest you read this report, as it will provide just a small preview of what is to come if you continue your foolish and unscrupulous activities. The more you shoot off your loud, misinformed mouth, the more ammunition you will give me to refute your false and libelous allegations with hard facts; and to expose additional detailed, accurate information about those to whom you have given your stamp of approval.

If you think you are helping your "friends" Don Stacey and Susan Ford by your ill-considered, hysterical outpourings of gibberish, you need to think again. If anything, you are serving as a hindrance to their agenda and will soon be seen as a liability. If they really need a junkyard dog to defend their territory, perhaps it would behoove them to find one with some serious teeth. Noisy barking dogs like yourself are expendable, especially when they only make their handlers look foolish by association.

Now, in your latest missive to Geral Sosbee you falsely accuse me of committing a criminal action. I don't give a tinker's damn what you believe about me; about Geral Sosbee; about Don Stacey, or about anyone else. Your glaring ignorance of the law and of the various subjects about which you make pathetic and laughable attempts to write is not my problem. Your inane mindset is not my problem. Your stupidity is not my problem. The malice in your heart against me or others who have done nothing wrongful to inspire it, is not my problem.

Here's my problem: You are publishing lies and character assassination about me.

Your presumptuous and intrusive attempts to interfere in situations that are none of your business will not be tolerated. I can assure you that you know absolutely NOTHING about me, nor about my professional or personal background.

Perhaps you enjoy being a stooge and toady for government operatives, like so many others who have jumped to the defense of those whose crimes and corruption I have exposed; the very same stooges who have gone on a rampage of verbal assaults against me. But I can promise you that you will not get away with your gratuitous libel of me, nor your unconscionable meddling. Mark my words: One way or another there will be a heavy price to pay.

In my considered professional opinion, as a former intelligence agent; as a psychotherapist; one holding a post-graduate degree at the doctorate level, you are at best, a mentally and emotionally unstable, loud-mouthed moron. A silly, shallow, approval-seeking twit whose low self-esteem is fertile ground for spawning a hero-worship complex. Trouble is, you've picked the wrong heroes. But again, not my problem.

Worship and idolize whom you will. Make a fool of yourself all over the World Wide Web, for all I care. Sell your sob stories about life-threatening pneumonia (sounds to me like he's a got a case of the "CIA Flu") to anyone willing to buy them. Just get the hell off my case. Cease and desist your libelous assaults on my character and professional reputation now, Guinnane.

And stop your meddling unless you are really such a flaming idiot, you don't know better than to tangle with a professional. It's clear that you have no idea whom you're dealing with, but I can assure you that you picked the wrong woman to mess with. If you'd like a full-scale war, if you insist, I'll be happy to oblige. Otherwise, get the hell out of the line of fire and return to your cheap seat in the peanut gallery where you belong.

Barbara Hartwell
May, 2004

Marilyn Guinnane's Harassing Letter to Geral Sosbee:

"Mr. Sosbee,

Seeing as a terrible crime has been committed, in that Hartwell dragged Don Stacey's excellent reptutation through the mud, and seeing as he's fighting for his life and frankly, I have my doubts that he'll make it, as he's been battling pneumonia for going on two years, never quite recovering, never 100%, and this last instance when it flared up knocked him for a loop, what can be done to make restitution? Someone needs to do something. He told me he was reeling from what she wrote. That, no doubt, would give her perverse satisfaction.

She has done him a grave injustice, and I too am reeling from it. There's no excuse! No excuse! Do you understand?!!!

Now tell me, what's to be done? What.

All of you: you, the wannabe editors of that miserable site, that pathetic poor excuse for a woman Hartwell, all of you ought to hang your heads in shame. What was printed was yellow journalism at its worst, all hearsay and conjecture from a b---- who sports fangs in lieu of teeth. A crime against a hero who has told me repeatedly that he wants his grandchildren to grow up in a free country, so he tirelessly gets the word out, never discouraged, never giving quitting even a passing glance. Sick as a dog he gets behind his 'puter and sends reams of informative news articles, which he gleans from sources all over the world, waking people up, waking people up.

"I've been saving this," Hartwell wrote of him. Right, I'll just bet she has.

Tell me, Mr. Sosbee, what's to be done now? You ripped into me, in defense of your "best friend", so be a little responsible here. Well?!

Marilyn A. Guinnane"