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Friday, February 9, 2007

Police State Fascist Tactics at Yahoo

Last night I received a phone call from a friend in Colorado, Cliff Hughes. I hadn't heard from him in months, and wondered why. I can't make long distance phone calls myself, as I have no long distance service and cannot afford to buy phone cards.

Cliff was calling to tell me that his e-mail account on Yahoo had been completely wiped out, and that I could no longer reach him at his Yahoo address.

I first got to know Cliff in 2005, through Rick Stanley's Revolutionary Coalition.

Cliff has shared many stories with me about his run-ins with the police, most of which were confidential, but here's one he gave me permission to post.

It is also very interesting to me that I myself have reported those abusing Yahoo guidelines --and I mean REAL CRIMINALS, using these message boards to stalk, post threats and even DEATH THREATS.

I even contacted the Yahoo legal department several times. They never responded. Nothing was ever done. To this day, the same criminals continue their stalking and threats, as well as perpetrating identity theft, another crime.

And yet, Cliff Hughes lost his Yahoo account, plus 15 years of e-mail messages, simply for "offending" some fascist cops by defending an old man who was a victim of police brutality.


Message from Cliff Hughes:

You will be Harrassing someone....

Just an FYI.

When you join yahoo, google, hotmail and others, and have your main e-mail account connected to them you sign a statement that you will follow the "community guidelines."

In these "guidelines" your account will be deleted if ANYONE feels offended by your "ideas" that you may send out on one of these servers.

I was naive and kept 15 years of information stored on my yahoo account, and they deleted my account because I violated their community standards.

My family was SWATTED wrongly, for no reason so I have researched the police and cop culture and found that cops are very much criminals supporting and enforcing evil laws and politicians.

I have posted many stories about police abuse and their criminal enterprises. I suspect that I pissed an officer off and he and his friends got my account deleted.

I posted a story about a WW2 vet that was 85 years old and he didn't pull over soon enough (2 miles) and the cop beat him up, pepper sprayed, and tasered him. The old man was charged with attacking a cop, who was twice his size, resisting arrest and not pulling over.

My question to the forum was why this cop was allowed to keep his job. A retired cop said that the old man got what he deserved because he ignored the cop. We had a dialog about this and I believe this cop and others complained to yahoo to get my account deleted.

According to the community standards you cannot hurt anyone with regards to race, ethnic origin, sex, sexual preference, religion, or beliefs, and of course you cannot commit crimes on the Internet.

When I contacted yahoo about this, they told me they didn't record why my account was deleted other than it "hurt someone's feelings."

Be forewarned.

Use yahoo to join groups like this, but get a separate e-mail account for personal things and items you want stored.