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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ex-FBI Agent's Tribute to Barbara Hartwell

NOTE, February, 2007: In July, 2005, I wrote a report (in the form of an affidavit) outlining the political persecution I have been targeted for. I did not have a website at that time, so I just sent it to a small e-mail list, with permission to forward and post the report.

Some time later, I found that Geral Sosbee had posted my report, as well as this preface, in support of me.

Over the course of years, there have been so few people who even begin to understand what it is like being targeted by the government for neutralization. Geral is one of those few.

To this day, the persecution continues, in various forms, against both Geral and myself.


Work and Friendship of Barbara Hartwell

By ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee

Aug 3, 2005

From about the time I first posted my story about the fbi/cia torture campaign to silence me until now, at least two individuals emerged from the seemingly intangible and infinite spaces of the internet to announce their considered belief in my reports: Giovanni Flores of Italy and Barbara Hartwell of USA. I paid tribute to the inimitable Giovanni on my site; now, I salute the truly remarkable (for her courage) Barbara Hartwell.

She came out of nowhere (to use a worn but true cliche) to befriend me when the fbi in Los Angeles, California, taxed my sanity to the limit with their sinister assaults and inhumane provocations. Barbara tutored me almost daily on survival techniques necessary to overcome the fbi's psychological operations.

Most of all Barbara offered me her friendship and her understanding of the nightmare life thrust upon me, and for that I am grateful to my dying breath. I was never really able to do much to help Barbara in her on going battles with the punks and thugs of the fbi and the cia , due to the unending trauma that I was and am dealing with in my life as a result of rough and treacherous methodologies of these rogue and out of control agencies.

Today, I pray that all of God's forces touch graciously the heart and soul of Barbara to remind her that all the world benefits from her work and from her friendship to those under attack by the hooligans of the intelligence services of the United States. In return for her dangerous work on behalf of freedom lovers of all times , Barbara receives no tangible benefit. She continues to be harassed, assaulted and financially abandoned by the nation she served.

While Barbara could not be properly compensated for the losses she has suffered at the direction of the thugs and the assassins of the fbi/cia, she deserves a redress of her grievances; and even though she could never be made whole by efforts to address the injuries put upon her, she deserves the chance to try to gain some semblance of a normal life (i.e.: one free of torture.)

This nation will never see another of her kind anytime soon, and I am most fortunate to have had contact with her during my own ordeal. I hope that all who read this note will say a silent prayer for Barbara and be sure to include as I do regularly a heart felt 'THANK YOU BARBARA for all you gave in defense of liberty'. The following article by Barbara [affidavit on political persecution] explains more succinctly the effects of fbi and cia assaults on this national treasure, Barbara Hartwell.

Geral Sosbee