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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Matter of Conscience

NOTE, February, 2007: Since this was written, Tom Flocco has proven (at least to me) that he has no credibility whatsoever. He continues to write and promote "news" stories which have no basis in fact. He continues to use anonymous sources (using pseudonyms) who cannot establish that their testimony has any basis in fact. 

He continues to promote documents (as in the case of the JFK Jr. "investigation") which are known to be bogus --and this, after he was warned that he was being fed false information by some of his sources, including Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan, who KNOWINGLY fed him false info to serve their own agenda.

From the Revolutionary Coalition Forum

September, 2005

A Matter of Conscience
As a matter of conscience I must address some issues on which I have seen commentaries posted here on the Revolutionary Coalition forum. I don't expect anyone to take my viewpoint as gospel, nor to believe anything I say. Why should they? My policy has always been: The readers may make of my reports what they will. Same holds true with this report.

I also have no interest in further discussion of these issues, nor in engaging in arguments or debates, so please do not e-mail me with comments. Those who have something to say will no doubt write their own public reports. For those who wish to repeat the government-sponsored lies that I am a "disinfo agent", be my guest. I'm used to it by now and have developed quite a thick skin over the years. I've openly admitted being CIA in the past (25 years, NOC, Psychological Operations) but not for the past 11 years, since 1994. Take it or leave it, your choice.

Before going further, I should also say I am aware of the possibility that certain people (some of whom are my friends) will be unhappy with this report. Possibly very unhappy. So be it. I've never let that get in the way of expressing my viewpoints or telling the truth as I know it, upon information and belief, and I'm not about to start now.

Thing is, I'm very tired of seeing these "anonymous sources", these cloak-and-dagger types who refuse to come forward with their real names and just stand up for their claims. And while they're at it, furnish the evidence and let it be scrutinized by qualified investigators.

They always claim they are risking their lives to talk to journalists. Well, I have news for them: I've risked my life over and over to expose some of what I know. I use my real name and always have. So have other whistleblowers and activists, like ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, Rick Stanley, John Perna, Carl Worden, Liz Michael and others. You may disagree with any of us, or all of us, but at least you know our names and where we stand.

And I'm tired of taking the heat for some of these "anonymous insiders", using pseudonyms, while they hide in the shadows and don't do a damn thing to watch my back. Kind of self centered, wouldn't you say?

Although under normal circumstances, I'd refer the readers to my website for certain articles and reports which relate to the issues here, my site has been off-line for over a year but the new one should be up soon. Any reports I refer to (or persons) will be in the archives.

[My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BH. Several writers are represented here, including Tom Flocco, Don Stacey and "Paul from Pokerface."  In certain parts I have chosen the excerpts which are relevant to the issues I wish to address. None of the original text has been changed.]

NOTE FROM DON STACEY, as preface to Tom Flocco's article, Who Killed John-John? (also posted under Purge the Evil from Among Us.)

Don Stacey wrote:

"This is a detailed account of another assassination of a person who might have challenged the power structure in this country. Please read it carefully. Don't skim it. Reflect upon what is said in this report. Open the links. THINK ABOUT IT!

Are we coming to a cross-road in our country's history? Will we seize the moment? Will good overcome evil at last?

If you agree that this is a stunningly important message, please send it on to as many people as possible. You can bet on the fact that the main stream media will not provide this information to the public.

Do your part. Spread the word.

Don Stacey"

[BH: Firstly, Mr. Don Stacey is CIA. Naturally, he denies it and has accused me of "libeling" him in a public note to Tim White re John DeCamp and Ted Gunderson and their threats of lawsuits. One of his fellow operatives, however, admitted it to an acquaintance of mine, after he was confronted with my testimony. The response was something like this: Well, yes we are CIA. But we are the "good CIA" and Barbara Hartwell is the "bad CIA".

Stacey's "cover" is as a "semi-retired investment banker with no connection to government". This quote comes directly from an e-mail he sent to me in 1998 in attempts to draw me into his little operation. Stacey is a crony of ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson and frequently disseminates sensationalist anti-government propaganda (just look as his rhetoric, above!) which is not backed by any reliable sources and cannot be independently corroborated.

Stacey's firm, Stonebridge Associates, is a CIA proprietary. For more information about Don Stacey, please see my report, Exposed: CIA MK Ultra Containment Op, which you may find on ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee's website:  

Go to the Barbara Hartwell banner on the front page and click on: Sample the Hartwell Genius. (Thanks for the compliment, Geral, whether I deserve or not.) When I see anything posted by Don Stacey, I have to figure the content is questionable. By flooding the market with a combination of disinfo and accurate factual information, Stacey covers all the bases, or so he thinks. If you're looking for government disinfo agents, here's one who has been operating for years.]


To: Wolfram
From: Tom Flocco

Re: Grand jury investigations of White House crime familes

1. Good to hear from you. Yes, I have been offline for 10 days. As a matter of fact, I will pass this reply to you on to a few others to keep everyone up to date, since I have been out of circulation for a fair length of time. My computer crashed just minutes after I started to send email regarding the JFK Jr. story; and I had to get the hard drive repaired, etc.....quite a mess.....phones tapped, phones turned off for 36 hours on four separate occasions in last three weeks....the Department of Defense continuously port-scanning and trying to break into my computer 24/7....still have not sent out any emails on new stories for the last two weeks. The violations of personal rights are a lesson for all to observe--and for what is coming IF criminal administrations are not prosecuted.

2. The JFK Jr. story received at least 20 million hits and counting at my site, so people somehow found and read it around the world. Jeff Rense and David Icke played a major roll in promoting that story around the web since my computer had problems. Those two are great patriots and took on some personal risk like some of us. I was told the CIA in Langley, VA is VERY appreciative of their help in promoting the JFK Jr story. I am still shocked by Delbert's interviews for that piece and the gravity of it all. It caused a second grand jury to investigate the evidence. Most don't know the story was finished long before it was released to the public. I had to wait about two weeks to get the approval of some nine witness families who are in physical jeopardy for what they saw and heard regarding the murder plot involving the Bushes and Clintons. But the witnesses know probes are ongoing in multiple states; so "Delbert" gave the final approval as the key source for the story and we went with it. U.S. Intelligence told me Bushes 41, 43, Bill 42, and Sen. Clinton met together in the White House and discussed the story on the evening of the day it was released.
[BH: Let me begin by saying I don't know Tom Flocco. I have never spoken to him, nor communicated with him, though it was suggested I do so by mutual acquaintances. But I have seen Mr. Flocco promote stories from the likes of Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp, such as the Gannon/Gosch Whitehouse Homosexual Prostitute debacle. The "sources" mentioned here leave much to be desired, especially when you consider that government (FBI, Division 5) stooge Tim White was also used by Gunderson and DeCamp in spreading this story, which appeared on hundreds of websites all over the World Wide Web.

Now, how do we know who these "U.S. Intelligence" sources are? Yes, I'm aware that there are credible sources within the intelligence community who give information to journalists. At times in the past, I've used them myself. But I stopped that practice several years ago. I was hoodwinked enough times to realize that if I couldn't corroborate information independently, it was likely not accurate or credible. I am no longer willing to take the chance. And when someone is making claims of this magnitude, I for one need to know WHO ALL they are. I also need some evidence, or I can't believe a story is based on facts.

Now, we also hear Tom Flocco claiming that David Icke and Jeff Rense are "great patriots". I beg to differ. Firstly, David Icke is not an American. He's British and a former mainline journalist in the U.K.. So, of what country is he a "patriot"?

Icke also claims, in his writings, that Jesus Christ never existed. That alone is enough to tell me what his agenda is. As well, Icke is known to be associated with Ted Gunderson and other disinfo specialists (surprise, surprise).

In fact, that's how I first met Icke, at a conference in Atlanta (1997) which I attended on a press pass, where Ted Gunderson (I was working with Ted at the time) and David Icke were both speakers on the topic of mind control. Though I only met Icke briefly, through Ted, I didn't like the vibes and avoided speaking further with him. From what I know of David Icke, he's a slick character who makes lots of money on his books and tapes promoting his far out "lizard people" theories. He also is known to scavenge much of his "information" (at least that which is based on facts) from other researchers and investigators without giving credit where it is due. No patriot here.

Now, we come to Jeff Rense. I don't know him but I do know some of his associates quite well. He had published a couple of my articles, years back, which he picked up from other sites, but I was blacklisted from his radio program, as I have been from many others, and always, always those who are "warned off" Barbara Hartwell by government disinfo agents. (People like Ted Gunderson, who by the way, has been a guest on Rense's program, as have other disinfo agents I know.) Which tells me all I need to know.

The fact that Rense promoted these stories, from dubious "cloak-and-dagger" sources does not surprise me. This is not to say that Rense has not had some very credible people on his radio program. He has, but for the most part, I find the lack of discernment unsettling. In any case, I can't see Jeff Rense as a "great patriot", not by any stretch of the imagination. A great patriot defends the Constitution and God-given (natural) unalienable, Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights. Period. Case closed.]

3. The Chicago grand JURY the mainstream sometimes writes about is really at LEAST six or seven grand juries. I know they exist in several states; and I am personally aware of a couple people who have already testified and others who have presented evidence and/or additional grand jury demands to Mr. Fitzgerald. All those grand juries are probing White House(s) past and present--regarding murder, 9/11 and related financial issues at the minimum. The most important story I have ever written is the recent Cash payoffs, bonds and murder linked to White House 911 finance . The financial issues in that 9-11 related story have the juice to place congressmen and senators in prison. Don't miss the evidence document links either, as the documents have already been presented and evaluated by one of the grand juries.

4. One caveat. Just as in the past, a few things could stop the wheels of justice from completely turning this time around: little things like bribery, murder, bombings and/or marshal law--all of which are quite possible, given this coterie of criminals. But even then, I have been told that U.S. intelligence is closely monitoring the probes and will go after Fitzgerald if he and the other prosecutors fail to do their job. I have heard that elements of the military and intelligence have refused to obey presidential orders over the past couple weeks. That is astonishing in and of itself.

5. This could be a very interesting fall; and I will be shocked if the President, members of his cabinet, agency officials and some members of Congress have not already inquired about seeking asylum in Australia or another similar English-speaking country to flee potential charges of treason, murder, obstruction of justice and other crimes. I have also been told there is evidence proving the Supreme Court is dirty and their law clerks and one Justice on the Court have already testified against other Justices regarding 2000 election fraud after an attempt to bribe the Justice testifying against other members. Quite incredible stuff. And can you imagine the implications: a five-year fraudulent presidency which sent troops to die and be maimed for life based on lies!

6. The crimes are so great that executions are a distinct possiblity, IF the officials involved are successfully brought to trial. The stakes are high and powerful officials will attempt anything to avoid justice--even destroying U.S. cities. In the wake of my JFK Jr. story, there are now grand juries in separate states probing information and evaluating evidence. I have sat with my mouth wide open while listening to other stories which are widespread among the intelligence community. I have been told that 60% of the intelligence community is ready to see the administration removed from office and fully prosecuted, 10% are too timid to take sides and the other 30% are loyal to the administration.

7. So, it's a very difficult situation for the country. But think of the example which could be set for the rest of the world if three presidents and a senator were severely punished for their crimes against America. The cleansing would be dramatic; and it would open the way for prosecution against the media and Congress for ongoing obstruction of justice with accompanying prison terms.

There you have it: my current--albeit short--take on the grand juries no one wants to talk about, and with the fall just about upon us. But God is in control of what happens to America. This all goes back to events surrounding our forefathers at the outset of U.S. independence. And remember, French sons who helped America in the past are buried on U.S. soil from 1776, 1812 and very recently--in 2005. The crime has to stop. Period. Thanks to all for your support and to those who bought "Loose Change" 9/11 DVDs to help keep the site up online and pay band-width/website expenses.

For honest government--in our lifetime,

Tom Flocco

[BH: Okay, I'm certainly aware of the magnitude of crimes and also of some of the Grand Jury proceedings. Some of my written testimony has been submitted in connection with some of the criminals in government. I'm on the witness list as well for several of these investigations and I don't have a lot to say about that at this time, except that there are a number of criminals in government I'd love to testify against for things like obstruction of justice, murder, criminal conspiracy and racketeering. I've got the evidence too, for crimes to which I was an eyewitness and/or from my own investigations. But for me to believe that Bush and Cheney have actually been indicted, I would need a far, far more credible source than the writings of Tom Flocco and his secret-cloak-and-dagger- black-ops- intelligence-insiders. Sorry, I can't buy it, not without seeing the evidence with my own eyes.]


[BH: Rosalee Grable aka The Web Fairy has been posting lies about Barbara Hartwell for years, along with some of her cohorts, though I've only seen a fraction of them. Grable doesn't know me and I have never had any communications with her. Where she gets her "information" is anyone's guess. But she is tied in with some of the same government disinfo crowd and their minions, including Larry Lawson and Todd Fahey. She bills herself as a "Discordian" and has promoted some outlandish theories about 9-11. If memory serves, something about holographic images of planes crashing into the WTC towers.

Whatever.....Since this "Web Fairy" has shown up here with a message thread from BATR, a group which has a mixed bag of members, some of whom I consider credible (Carl Worden and Liz Michael, for example) and others who are just whackjobs (Todd Brendan Fahey and the religious nut JAH, for example) and since my name has been added to the mix, I'll address this passage, below.]

Excerpt from a message, BATR

(Posted by Mike Knapp. Signed by Paul from Poker Face.)

On recent attacks of patriot writers by Carl Worden

"Carl... I have found many of your posts in the past to be just that...propaganda, or trying to slander someone else. Tom Flocco and Greg Szymanski* have a lot more credibility then you on any one subject. *I have seen you repost articles from dis info agent provocateurs of the likes of stewie webb and barbara hartwell that made me cringe, but made me make a note to myself as to take anything from you with a grain of salt...
paul from poker face"

"Writing the soundtrack to Americas 2nd American Revolution"

[BH: Well, I don't see Carl Worden as a slanderer. Just because he demands facts and evidence and credible, named sources. That's slander? Not in my book. I respect Carl Worden because he does not go flying off the handle with outlandish theories and is not willing to promote information unless he believes it to be factual. What's wrong with that? And Carl made some good points about Tom Flocco which I can't help but agree with. This "Paul" whom I do not know and have never heard of until today, also considers Barbara Hartwell a "disinfo agent provocateur". Now, I wonder who/what his sources are?

And by the way, "Paul from Pokerface", I am not joined at the hip with Stew Webb and am damned sick and tired of hearing these lies, spread by the likes of Ted Gunderson, Ken Adachi, Tim White and Larry Lawson. Stew is my good friend. I know him to be a sincere patriot and Christian. He is a good man. That's enough for me. He publishes my work on his website and we have worked together over the past four years on some cases. We certainly have common enemies among the criminals in government.

But there are definitely some times when Stew and I don't agree on the issues or on what constitutes credible journalism, sources or evidence. At these times, we agree to disagree. He goes his way, and I go mine. I know that Stew has been involved, in some measure, in these recent Tom Flocco reports, which I declined to be a part of, since my requirements are strict for evidence and because I am aware of certain other issues that I would rather not speak of, as I have no wish to hurt people unnecessarily. People who may be trying to do the right thing, but in my opinion, going about it the wrong way. So, next time you want to spread some government-sponsored disinfo about me, hire a fact checker to corroborate your sources, would you? Thank you.]

To sum up, I should say that I wish every person who claims to be a journalist would adhere to standards of journalistic integrity. Check your sources for credibility. Check the facts. Don't accept anonymous cloak-and-dagger sources as gospel truth. Know their names, or dismiss them. Find independent corroboration for your story.

And meanwhile, if you want a real revolution, work for it! Go out and do something. A revolution is not created by "keyboard commandos" who argue endlessly on message boards about who's who and what's what in the so-called "patriot community"; or who spend their time waging gratuitous attacks on people they don't know, usually because of envious spite, or because they're parroting disinfo they heard through the grapevine. Some are patriots, some are not.

Do they, first and foremost, defend God-given (natural) unalienable, Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights? Or do they promote conspiracy theories, grandstanding to get attention for themselves? You be the judge. By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell
September 14, 2005