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Friday, February 9, 2007

Scraping The Bullshit Off The Truth?

Note, February, 2007: My report (titled: Scraping The Bullshit Off The Truth?) was written in July, 2006, as a response to the disinformation being published about Barbara Hartwell, Karl Schwarz and others, by a former friend, Stew Webb, and his associate, Tom Heneghan.

Karl Schwarz later included my report in one of his own, titled, Outing A Liar Named Stew Webb. Given here is my report, with some of Karl's comments which corroborate the information.

In reposting this material, I also find it necessary to clarify a few points.

1) My report addresses the specific issues covered here, but pertains ONLY to those issues.

2) Before Stew and I reached the point where we had "irreconcilable differences", we were good friends. The loss of Stew's friendship hurt me and I won't pretend otherwise. When it comes to friends and family, I wear my heart on my sleeve, even if it's a public issue. But my decisions are made on principle, even if that means losing relationships which are important to me.

It was heartbreaking for me to watch Stew making such poor and injudicious choices in following a path which was not about defending Liberty, or seeing justice done, but rather a political agenda in support of Al Gore.

3) The fact that Stew Webb and myself are no longer allies does NOT reflect in any way on other issues on which we had been in solid agreement: Specifically that we had (and still have) common adversaries who have done tremendous damage to us both, through threats, harassment, stalking, criminal conspiracies and racketeering.

I do know, that in reference to these adversaries, including (but not limited to) Ted Gunderson and his minions, predicate felon/stalker Tim White, and grifter and fundamentalist fear-monger, Pam Schuffert, that Stew did expose much truthful information about crimes and scams in which they were in collusion to harm those targeted in neutralization campaigns, including Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb.

4) Because of the rift between Stew and me (which by all indications cannot be reconciled) there are many unscrupulous opportunists spreading lies about both Stew and myself, designed to do more damage and disseminate additional disinformation by exploiting the situation for their own ends.

One such person is Gunderson PR shill, Ken Adachi, who is promoting outrageous lies about both Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb, and has been doing so for years, solely in his attempts to "defend" Ted Gunderson. Adachi endorses and promotes Pam Schuffert, a notorious liar and patriot/militia infiltrator, who collects personal information from her targets, violates privacy and betrays trust by publishing information she has been given in confidence. Pam also twists anything she is told into a parody of the truth.

One example is Pam Schuffert's lie that she received a phone call from Stew Webb, "while he was robbing Ted Gunderson's home". This lie has been aggressively promoted by Adachi, Tim White (Schuffert's cohort in stalking and harassment of patriots), and others. I know this to be a lie and I have evidence to support that knowledge.

As for myself, I simply defend the truth, wherever I find it. Some of that truth is painful to me, including that which is given in my report, below. As always, the readers may make of it what they will.

From Karl Schwarz's report, Outing A Liar Named Stew Webb

Former CIA Barbara Hartwell is one of the people that cut off Stew Webb due to his trying to use lies to get his way and get Al Gore into the White House. She recently wrote the following and I have included it in its entirety.

Scraping The Bullshit Off The Truth?

Here is just one of the ridiculous announcements made on the front page of Cloak and Dagger:




Oh really?

For the longest time, I've heard nothing BUT bullshit being promoted by Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan, Lenny Bloom and others on board at the Cloak and Dagger website. Recently the Webb-Heneghan duo were ousted from the Hal Turner Network. I'm no fan of racist Hal Turner, but I'll at least give him credit for getting his facts straight about Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan.

Here is how Hal Turner, who allowed Webb and Heneghan to have air time on his network describes it, in a message to a former Webb-Heneghan supporter (to the tune of thousands of dollars) who finally had enough.

Hal Turner wrote:

[For a long time, Stew told me that Bush himself had been indicted, that Cheney had been indicted, That US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had been indicted. Instead of any of them being bagged, it turned out to be Scooter Libby.

Then Stew started Rove being indicted. He spoke for weeks about it. Finally, it became official, NO INDICTMENT of Rove.

Each time we suffered the big let-down, Stew always had an excuse. For instance, the indictment of George Bush was voted and filed, but is sitting on the desk of a federal Magistrate who simply refuses to sign it, thus making this alleged Indictment worthless because there is no Warrant signed by a magistrate to effectuate and arrest. Gee, how convenient. When the Rove news came down, Stew actually told me "Someone got to the prosecutor with death threats." I just hung up on him. That was the stupidest thing anyone ever said to me. Of course Prosecutors get the death threats. Happens everyday - yet the legal system goes on. For Stew to use that as an excuse for Rove not being Indicted was just sheer idiocy.

Another reason their show was canceled was because on more than one occasion, Stew claimed to have been attacked by the government with microwave weapons. Then he started claiming he had been attacked by a new type of weapon called STONAR, which caused him chest pains and knocked a filling out of one of his teeth.

My eleven year old son had great fun every week saying "Dad, he's getting beamed with microwaves again."

Things like that made their show the laughing stock of my network. And it would have been great comedy, if they weren't serious! Sadly they were serious.

Then, there's the issue of libel/slander/defamation of character. They've accused people of having penile implants. They've accused people of having sex orgies with children. They've accused people of being members of international spy agencies.

Sooner or later, somebody was going to get tired of them and sue. You know who they'd sue? ME. Because neither Stew Webb nor Tom Heneghan have so much as a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. Why should I put myself at risk of legal liability so they can slander people? No thanks. They're out. End of discussion.]

In addition to the lies and slander formerly disseminated on Hal Turner, here are more being promoted on Lenny Bloom's radio program and elsewhere. Stew Webb has claimed that, I, Barbara Hartwell, am a "fallen angel"; that Karl Schwarz has "promised money" to me for "slandering Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan and Tom Flocco"; that Karl Schwarz and myself are part of an "Israeli spy network". And that Barbara Hartwell is now "working with" Tim White, her "former enemy".

I guess he'll say anything, since I have never worked with Tim White and never will, considering the fact that Tim White is nothing but a wannabe, a conspiracy theory whackjob and a minion of Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp, sicced on me in 2001 to harass, stalk, tell lies and make death threats against me. Stew must truly be desperate to come up with such an absurd tale.

Stew has also been trying to exploit my sister's case against Dick Cheney, claiming on various radio programs (including Hal Turner Network and Cloak and Dagger) that he had an affidavit from a woman (my sister) about being sexually abused by Cheney, though he did not name her. I asked my sister if this was true and she told me that although Stew had called her trying to procure such a document, that she had never given him one. And she never will, now that she knows what Stew is up to.

But there's more. Today, I got the following e-mail from Karl Schwarz, who replied to yet another pack of lies promoted by Stew Webb.

[Subject: RE: 'Karl Schwarz Phony story

NO FOLKS, I parted company with Stew Webb when he fed TOM FLOCCO bogus information regarding the JFK Jr alleged murder, alleged grand jury.


That one incident costs Tom Flocco a huge amount of credibility and no longer welcome on many radio shows, DUE SOLELY TO HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH STEW WEBB and pushing of lies on the public.

Come on Stew, tell us what HAL TURNER said on his website about you, Heneghan and the BOGUS AMERICAN FRENCH ALLIANCE.


Karl is certainly correct. But let me elaborate a little on Karl's testimony. Here are more details about the actual reasons why both Karl and myself felt the need to part company with Stew Webb.

First, I personally was shown a copy of the document re the JFK Jr. "murder", years ago, from the original "source", a person I knew well. As a trained intelligence analyst, I knew the document to be bogus, the minute I saw it. I will not reveal the name of the source, who used a pseudonym in his interviews with Tom Flocco. I will not reveal the source because I will keep my word to him and I refuse to violate his confidence, as a matter of honor. Stew Webb was the conduit who put the source in contact with Tom Flocco in 2005.

I had told Stew Webb repeatedly, during the period of time spanning 2005, that I refused to have any part in the stories he and Tom Heneghan were feeding to Tom Flocco, as to my knowledge, there was no hard evidence to substantiate any of them. He admitted to me, just as he did to Karl Schwarz, that he KNEW the JFK Jr. document to be bogus, but was planning to use it anyway to promote the story. I also knew that the entire agenda of Heneghan/Webb was to promote Al Gore, and it was clear to me that the truth had ceased to matter to Stew Webb, if in fact it ever had.

I had many telephone conversations with Karl Schwarz, in which we discussed these matters in great detail, as well as face-to-face meetings. We were in agreement about the Al Gore issue. Neither of us supports Al Gore, nor have we ever done so.

Karl had contacted Tom Flocco early this year and told him that Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan were feeding him false information and explained the reasons why. In fact, he tried to warn Flocco that he was being duped and exploited.

Tom Flocco then called me in a state of high agitation, and asked me if he had been "set up" by Stew Webb. As a matter of conscience, I told him the truth about everything I knew, except the actual name of the source for the JFK Jr. article.

I explained to Tom Flocco that I was trying to do the right thing and when he asked for my advice about whether or not he should just take his website down and cut his losses, I told him it was not my place to tell him what to do; but I did suggest that he confront Stew Webb and demand the truth; that he seek independent corroboration for all the stories, use his discernment and make up his own mind.

Karl Schwarz advised Flocco to do the same, as well as to publicize the results of any investigation he might conduct to determine the truth. Unfortunately, shortly after my last conversation with Tom Flocco, he refused to return my phone calls or Karl's. We both tried to help him, we even offered backup, since we believed he would welcome an opportunity to regain his credibility. Instead, he chose to continue to write articles based on completely false intelligence, which amounted to fairy tales, furnished by Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan and others. The latest of these, published in May of this year, was another tall tale about a "shootout on Capitol Hill", in which (naturally) the American French Alliance saved the day....

That's all I have time for today, but more will follow in the weeks to come.

Barbara Hartwell

July 5, 2006

Karl Schwarz wrote:

[When Barbara Hartwell cut him off, they then alleged that I bribed her to cut Stew off. No, actually Barbara is a lot like me in that lies have no place in her life, or liars, and she severed ties with Stew Webb on her own and at no cost to me. He even called and threatened her to stay in line with him, or else. He threatened other people as well when Barbara Hartwell and I put Tom Flocco on notice that he had been fed false information by Stew Webb.

Then Stew tried to ingratiate himself with a wide range of people trying to find more suckers that would send him money every month for his “important work”. Most people that go to Stew’s website walk away thinking it is a menagerie of a lunatic and they are not far off in that assessment. He commingles issues that are not related in the least bit and tries to spin them into a story that attempts to make him important. If the dots do not connect, he and Heneghan just create a new fictitious dot and keep babbling.