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Friday, April 16, 2010

COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted Gunderson: More Lies Targeting Whistleblowers

Yesterday I found this new libelous assault on Barbara Hartwell and my friend ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee on former FBI chief Ted Gunderson's website.

Ted Gunderson, through his mouthpiece and proxy, Clarence Malcolm, once again accuses Barbara Hartwell of running a "smear campaign" and spreading "disinformation" about him. 

I am also accused of being a "SPOOK-hireling" (whatever that is supposed to mean...I've also been accused by Ted of being a "CIA Agent.") So, either the two terms are meant to be synonymous...or Ted and his accomplices have once again contradicted themselves in their blatantly false allegations against Barbara Hartwell.

Gunderson's webmaster is Clarence Malcolm and it appears that this material has been written by him, as I can see from the style (Malcolm has written other libelous material about Barbara Hartwell, which I  have collected for my evidence files); and by certain spelling errors (example: he spells the word crony incorrectly, as "cronie".)

Clarence Malcom, who is Ted's latest sidekick (who bills himself as a "private investigator" in Ted's "firm") and calls himself the "Truth Ranger" (could he get any more hokey?) is in reality a common  criminal.

Specifically, he is a counterfeiter ($100 bills) and is now, according to my confidential  sources, on the lam, a fugitive from justice, just as are so many of Ted's other criminal  accomplices....people like predicate felon, psycho stalker and fed snitch Timothy Patrick White, and forger, blackmailer and identity thief Todd Brendan Fahey, just to name two of the worst of the lot.

I don't yet know what other crimes Clarence Malcolm has committed, but it's a sure bet that where there is one crime, there are others which have not yet come to light.

Clarence Malcolm is also a malicious liar who has been libeling Barbara Hartwell in print  and on radio ever since he took up with Ted Gunderson a few years ago.

And speaking of webmasters, Ted's last webmaster, Christopher Jones (who engineered Ted Gunderson dot com) is now in prison for raping little boys. That is the reason Ted's former website is no longer online.

How is it that Ted Gunderson always seems to have criminals (most notably child rapists and child porno freaks) as "associates"?

Is this a coincidence, or what?

Here is an excerpt from the libelous trash on Gunderson's website. My comments, refuting the lies, are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.


"The following individuals are accused by Ted Gunderson of perpetrating disinformation and lies about him. Ted has obtained information from a reliable source which indicates a few detractors to be SPOOK-hirelings."

[BHP: What "reliable source"? I can guarantee that there are no reliable sources connected to Ted Gunderson, or his cronies, minions and stooges. Nobody who is reliable, honest or trustworthy would have anything to do with this COINTELPRO Kingpin and his criminal network.

For the record: I, Barbara Hartwell, am not a "SPOOK", nor a "SPOOK- hireling". This is just another typical, but ludicrous ploy to paint me as a bad guy. If Ted wants to talk about "spooks" then he needs to look closer to home. In fact, looking in the mirror  would show him a bona fide Super Spook named Theodore Lee Gunderson.]

"Nevertheless, as Colonel Bo Gritz has correctly said: "You know you are over the target when the flak is heaviest."  Ted has been hit hard! Because of his FBI credentials and public-percieved-credibility, he has for years been viciously attacked by the individuals listed below and their "copy cat" writers who simply parrot the same lies over and over, again and again, across the internet with outrageous exaggerations and false and fraudulent tales...which are deliberately mixed with true facts as the most effective strategy to fool the readers into believing the authors have first hand knowledge or reliable information--- which, of course, they do not.  

Ted Gunderson warns how it is the modus operandi  for spooks and/or their hirelings to orchestrate smear campaigns against credible and effective truth-sayers with intent to compel them to spend time defending themselves against the false accusations and thereby detract them from their more important mission to expose the crime and corruption of rogue government officials and spook-operatives. Ted is a target!"
[BHP: Why drag Bo Gritz into this? Why use a generic statement and try to apply it to a situation (and persons) which are unrelated?

As for the individuals accused of "vicious attacks against Ted Gunderson", only two of the names are of any concern to me: Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee. And neither of us has publicly stated anything but the truth and the facts in exposing Ted Gunderson.

Furthermore, there are no smears, no lies, and no frivolous accusations, but only what, on information and belief (and substantiated by solid evidence) we know to be accurate, factual and true.

Ted Gunderson and his criminal accomplices, typically accuse their targets of the very offenses (criminal and otherwise) of which they themselves are guilty as sin. Very typical, especially in the tactics of COINTELPRO.

As for the real targets, if interested in the truth, look at the individuals Ted and his accomplices are accusing.]


As stated, only two names on the hit list are of concern to me: Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee.

"2. Barbara Hartwell

As she admits in this video [link removed] Ted Gunderson was a "friend" who helped her---not for money---but she later turned against Ted.  She is a FAKE "CIA-mind control" victim while Brice Taylor is the real thing.  Watch the above video and you will see she is very intelligent...but a liar and a fraud.  Ted trusted her, believed her "story" and tried to help her...only to ultimately be betrayed by her."

[BHP: Here is the same tiresome old story promoted by Ted  Gunderson: that he was "betrayed" by Barbara Hartwell. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, he was my friend, or so I believed at the time that video was made. (A video, by the way, which is a bootleg copy, pirated by Gunderson & Co., including Susan Ford, Jon Gentry, Doug Millar --a copyright violation for which Barbara Hartwell never signed a release.) 

That video is now being exploited to libel Barbara Hartwell, who is accused of being a "CIA plant" and "phony mind control survivor".

And my beliefs about Ted changed drastically when I uncovered some very damning information (and evidence) about Ted and his cronies. I broke off the personal friendship and professional association as a result of this.

As for "Brice Taylor" (real name Susan Ford) there is nothing "real" about her, at least as regards the propaganda she disseminates about "Monarch", which was never a CIA operation and was never part of MK Ultra. Taylor is simply a minion in a containment operation, and part of Gunderson's protection racket. And she's been raking in the bucks ever since.

Moreover, there are no commonalities between Ford's background and mine; there are only the outrageous lies being spread by COINTELPRO Kingpin Gunderson and his minions.

And FYI, Ted, one of your cronies, the con man and patriot infiltrator  Doug Millar, disagrees with you re "Brice Taylor" . Millar claims that she is "still under mind control".

So, which is it? I think it would behoove you and your associates to compare notes and at least agree on an official party line before making your lies public.

Lastly, I  am no liar, nor a fraud. That would be you, Ted. How many lies have you told over the past half century? Have you lost count? It sure seems that way, as you have also contradicted yourself about the various lies. 

Better get your stories straight. People are paying attention, and what's more, your targets have collected irrefutable evidence of your many deceptions.]

In Ted Gunderson's Defense by Educate-Yourself [link removed] and Tiny URL [link removed]

[BHP: Educate-Yourself is a New Age idiot website run by a government stooge, Ken Adachi, Gunderson's primary PR shill. 

Enough said. Same goes for the moronic "Tiny URL" which has been featuring libelous articles about Barbara Hartwell for years.

Of course these stooges are defending Gunderson. It is what they are ordered (and compensated for, one way or another) to do.]

A Barbara Hartwell cronie who purports she is "one of the true and great defenders of liberty." Click on his name to see his lies about Ted."

[BHP: Geral Sosbee is my friend and professional colleague. We are not involved in cronyism, that is, because we are both legitimate whistleblowers and genuine patriots.

Geral is not a liar, but the most honest and trustworthy person I  have ever known. His astute comments about Ted Gunderson are well worth reading for anyone who wants the truth. See the link, the only one I have not deleted, as it contains the unvarnished truth.]

"Outrageous LIES about Ted saturate the net. For example one BIG LIE about Ted states he was married to the widow of Satanic Church founder Anton leVay. It turns out she claims it was a...get this "spiritual marriage". Huh?!?"

BHP: Time to wrap this up. What a debacle Gunderson et al have caused with their outrageous lies!

I happen to know that Ted Gunderson did indeed marry Diana Rively in 1998. Here, just a few facts:

1) I was told about the marriage by Ted Gunderson himself, via a telephone call shortly after the wedding.

2) I spoke for hours on the phone with Ted's former wife, Diana Rively, who is in fact the widow of Anton LaVey (misspelled by Clarence Malcolm), founder of the Church of Satan. Diana confirmed the marriage to me, as did Ted.

3) I have a handwritten note from Ted Gunderson in my evidence files, which I have not yet posted (for my own reasons) but which will be posted as evidence as soon as I deem the time is right.

The note (which came by post) stated (among other things) that "the marriage did not work out."

4) I later received a phone call from Ted, from a casino in Las Vegas, and he explained to me that the marriage had been annulled.

Why Ted continues to lie about this marriage, I can't understand.

But then, that is what liars do. They lie... and lie...and lie.... 

And from my observations and experiences, Ted Gunderson is a World Class liar.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Target of COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted L. Gunderson and his minions
Barbara Hartwell Percival
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