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Monday, April 12, 2010

Google Gives U.S. Government Access to Gmail

NOTE: Here,  just one more piece of documentation which is damning to Google. Google is a shadow government operation whose agenda is spying, sabotage, censorship and control of the flow of information.

Google is a proven supporter of government-sponsored criminals, demonic liars and disinformation specialists, whose black propaganda and libel campaigns are given top billing in the search engine, at the expense of the targets, genuine patriots, legitimate whistleblowers and  journalists.

Google also manipulates hit counters on the blogs they control through the "Blogger Team".

It seems there is no escaping Google. It is just another tentacle of the Octopus.

However, forewarned is forearmed: Know that Google is not a legitimate,  credible or trustworthy source of information. 

Boycott Gmail and choose a service provider which is NOT Yahoo or AOL, all of which will invade your privacy and censor your communications at the whim of government-sponsored liars and tyrants.

Down with Google!

April 12, 2010 

“Google condemns the Chinese Government for censoring its results, and Australia for planning to do the same. Meanwhile, its lawyers and security experts have told employees to ‘be intentionally vague about whether or not we’ve given access to end-user accounts,’ according to engineer James Tarquin, hinting that Google may be sharing its data with the US government. Perhaps Australia’s most hated communications minister, Steven Conroy, could be right in his criticism of Google’s privacy record after all.”
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