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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Aaron James Redux: Scapegoating of Barbara Hartwell


EXPOSED: Outrageous Libel from Aaron James and Accomplice Fed Snitch Timothy Patrick White

Atrocity: The Targeting of Aaron James

PANDEMONIUM: Brought to You by Tim White

Aaron James has accused Barbara Hartwell of being a "CIA Agent" and claims I have "targeted" him and his mother for "harassment" and intimidation".

These libelous allegations have been repeatedly published on the Internet (via print, radio and video) by James and his accomplices, since 2008, when notorious fed snitch, predicate felon and government stooge, Timothy Patrick White, by James's own admission, was his original source for these outrageous lies.

The lie that Barbara Hartwell is a CIA agent is nothing new. Tim White has been running with it since 2002, helped along by his fellow government stooges, and backed by the government operatives who are responsible for the massive libel campaign meant to neutralize Barbara Hartwell.

And although I have already addressed this issue re Aaron James, refuting the lies he is disseminating (see related reports above), the smear pieces continue to appear, and the libelous disinformation has become more pervasive than ever.

It is clear to me that Aaron James is just another government stooge who has bought into the lies about Barbara Hartwell told by other government stooges and their overlords. It is also clear that he is laboring under what I can only call "paranoia", an opinion shared by several radio talk show hosts who have interviewed James over roughly the past two years.  
Certain of these journalists have told me they want nothing further to do with him, considering that his credibility has been compromised by his unwarranted attacks, and unsubstantiated allegations against Barbara Hartwell, and his association with fed snitch and psycho stalker Tim White.

But paranoia, even if exacerbated by "peer pressure" from his fellow stooges (or even stupidity, which I am beginning to suspect may be a contributing factor)  does not justify James's  unscrupulous behavior.  There is no excuse, and I have had enough!

Here are some excerpts from one of James's many libelous assaults on Barbara Hartwell. 

I have given only excerpts, in the form of quotes, because the smear piece in its entirety was incoherent, at least by my standards.  I have also removed most of the links which were scattered throughout in a haphazard manner, as I have no wish to promote Aaron James's lies, but only to expose them.

As for Fintan Dunne, one of the "sources" cited by Aaron James, he is notorious (among many legitimate journalists and whistleblowers), not as a "reknowned international journalist", but as a New Age shill, malicious liar and disinfo monger who has been libeling Barbara Hartwell and others since at least 2003. 

Like Aaron James, Dunne is not an American, but targets legitimate  American whistleblowers and journalists for libel/slander. 

Lastly, for the public record:

I am not a CIA agent. I have no dealings with and no connections to CIA.

I have never "harassed" nor attempted to "intimidate" Aaron James, his mother, nor anyone else. Harassment and intimidation have never been activities in which I was involved, in connection with CIA or otherwise.

I do not know John McCain, nor any of his political cronies (including in CIA or FBI) and I have never been in collusion with them.

In summary, Aaron James has done tremendous damage to my personal and professional reputation, through defamation of character and the promotion of outrageous lies. I will not allow him to make me into a scapegoat, nor to blame me for any harassment he may have been targeted for, not without consequences for his unconscionable actions.

As for his accomplices, those who have promoted and/or endorsed his lies about Barbara Hartwell and/or who have been part of a criminal conspiracy to destroy Barbara Hartwell by various means, here's just a short list. I will add to this list in future, as I find it necessary.

Timothy Patrick White
Ted Gunderson
Fintan Dunne
"Xena Carpenter"
James F. Marino
Todd Brendan Fahey
Chris Andre


By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
April 21, 2010


"Barbara Hartwell CIA Exposed"

"YOUTUBE CENSORING: COMMENTS AND VIEW COUNT FROZEN/DISABLED TO DISPEL INTEREST ON BEHALF OF GOVERNMENT -  (referring link sanitized by Gov please see Barbara Hartwell exposed link archived on my server at: Attack aboard McCain Admin/FBI affiliate Airline Spawns Abduction/Murderous Attempts To Silence Our Voices of Protest"

"My name is Aaron James. My mother and I were racially profiled and attacked aboard a Northwest Airlines aircraft of which we have provided detailed account  and have spoken out. It is the ties between Northwest Airlines, the McCain administrative body and all said factions that have precipitated this egregious response to our lobbying against Northwest. McCain has Northwest Airlines as the top two clientele along with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for his executive legal council and Northwest was the official air carrier for the McCain campaign."

"For our efforts in having spoken out, there have been numerous attempts upon our lives (abduction attempts without basis in warrant or charges) in order to silence our voices. Involved are factions within the McCain administration FBI CIA and Northwest Airlines corporation, acting surreptitiously in state initiated cross border collusion "psy ops/blackops" operations upon our family. Concordantly, we have received threats and harassment from FBI and CIA, the most noted of which in the form of email based threats received carbon copied to Senator *John McCain amidst *attempts upon our lives. "

"CIA agent Barbara Hartwell first called in to an RBN broadcast my mother and I did from undisclosed location in early Jan/08, shortly after the original Oct 27/07 abduction attempt, to harass. CIA Agent Barbara Hartwell would appear once further over 10 months later- Oct.2nd/08"

"CIA agent Barbara Hartwell called in once more during broadcast on RBN radio to intimidate during this interview at 14min:53s, the second day in a row-and only shortly after I had mentioned her name in capacity the presence of CIA stalking of our persons at 7min:26 seconds while discussing also, the connections of our persecution to the McCain administrative body; Only 4 days later on Oct 6/08, Government attacked and shut down our website in response to the interview above and *REMOVED their defamatory account of our ordeal from to sanitize ALL online account of our ordeal positive negative or otherwise-prior to further abduction attempts to come only 4 days later Oct 10/08"

"KBOO reporter Chris Andre has given discourse of the attack upon our website online Although Barbara Hartwell claims to be X-CIA (similar to claims of being X-MAFIA) Hartwell has been exposed online by renown international journalist Fintan Dunne, as a CIA disinformation agent. Immediately following our telephone conversation, his online account was sanitized from his account as was my RBN broadcast where Hartwell called in-necessitating that I archive it here on youtube as a video! I have archived an excellent link exposing Barbara Hartwell herein:"

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust