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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Barbara Hartwell: CIA Mind Control Survivor

NOTE: This article was written by Rayelan Allan, editor of Rumor Mill News, in 2000. It  was posted on my old website (Barbara Hartwell dot com). I post it here, for the first time, as evidence of the beliefs and opinions held by Rayelan, my former friend and colleague, in the time period before her betrayal of Barbara Hartwell.

During that time, Rayelan supported me, and apparently, believed in me and in the truth of my reports, as stated in her piece given here. She had invited me, for years before I finally agreed (in hindsight, a mistake on my part), to be a "news agent" on her site.

Rayelan betrayed me after I resigned from Rumor Mill News (November 2003) by accusing me of being CIA, and running an 'op' to destroy Rumor Mill News. I was also accused of being in collusion with a scum criminal, namely one Brenda Negri, who is nothing but an amateur, G-Man wannabe and intelligence groupie who had targeted Barbara Hartwell for criminal harassment and libel.

In fact, Negri was posing as a male FBI agent, 'Ranger Rick', which name she used to post her idiotic comic book style writings on Rumor Mill News. After she was exposed as a fraud and liar by Barbara Hartwell, she lost her posting priveleges on RMN.

Negri answers to ex-FBI chief Ted Gunderson, COINTELPRO Kingpin, and her accomplices are her fellow Gunderson groupies and criminals, Todd Brendan Fahey, Timothy Patrick White, Ken Adachi, Larry Lawson et al.

From what I understand, Rayelan did not come to the conclusion that Barbara Hartwell is CIA, and working with Brenda Negri (in truth, my enemy) on her own. Certain individuals who were at the time Rumor Mill "news agents", namely Brian Fischer and Fintan Dunne (neither are Americans) devised a scheme to defame Barbara Hartwell, accusing me of being CIA, AND of working with my adversary, Brenda Negri.

Whether these two individuals acted independently of one another I do not know. What their motives were, I can only surmise. But at the very least, I do know that Fintan Dunne seized upon a falsehood first promoted by Brian Fischer --that Barbara Hartwell and Brenda Negri were only pretending to be on opposite sides, and that Negri's attacks on Barbara Hartwell were staged to create the impression of enmity, while Hartwell and Negri were in collusion for the same agenda.

Liar extraordinaire, Fintan Dunne, then fabricated a libelous story, complete with details (but no evidence, naturally) claiming that there was a 'psy op' against Rumor Mill News, perpetrated by Hartwell and Negri. The smear piece was titled; The Real Story of Barbara Hartwell and Brenda Negri.  As for the story, there was absolutely nothing "real" about it, and it contained not one piece of factual information.  

But it did the damage it was intended to do. The damage to Barbara Hartwell, that is. Nobody cared about the inconsequential amateur and psychopath, Brenda Negri. She was just a pawn to be used as a means to an end: the attempt to destroy the only real target in the whole cast of players, Barbara Hartwell.

As for Rumor Mill News being the target of a psy op? In truth, nobody working for the wrong side in all of this (NWO, totalitarians, tyrants et al) would want to destroy their own cash cow --at least in the sense that it is a perfect vehicle to distribute government-sponsored disinformation. This includes all the New Age propaganda, the anti-Christian occultism and black magic, and most obviously, the promotion and support of fascists like George W. Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As for true patriotism, those who would defend Liberty and the U.S. Constitution? Those who would speak the unvarnished truth about corrupt government and criminal officials and their stooges and minions? Those who love God and would witness for Jesus Christ?

No place for any of that on Rumor Mill News.

It's all very sad, really. I never had anything against Rumor Mill News, nor would I have any reason to run a 'psy op' against them. It was simply a place where I did not belong, and knowing that, I finally left, on my own terms. And exposing the New Age/NWO agenda? At Rumor Mill News, or elsewhere, it's my duty as a patriot and a Christian, and if someone takes offense, that's not my problem, as I am an "equal opportunity offender."

As for Rayelan, again, sadly, she became just another supplicant in Ted Gunderson's COINTELPRO protection racket. Out of cowardice, she caved in to the extortion and betrayed a friend, thinking it would make her "safe". But there is no safety in a protection racket --you see, they're all run by the devil and the devil is a liar.

Lastly, I do not necessarily agree with everything Rayelan states here, nor do I consider Rayelan's late husband, Gunther Russbacher, a particularly credible source. 

What's important here is that there is some truthful information in the article, specifically that the "sex slave" and "Monarch" women (people like Sue Ford aka Brice Taylor and Cathy O'Brien) were NOT trained nor utilized as professional intelligence operatives and that these individuals are in a completely different category from Barbara Hartwell; that CIA did in fact use mind control to train and utilize certain high-level intelligence operatives, to "create the perfect spy" during the Cold War era; and that the information exposed by Barbara Hartwell regarding these operations, is indeed accurate, truthful and based on facts.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
April 10, 2010

Barbara Hartwell --CIA Mind Control Survivor

By Rayelan Allan

I have spent hours on the phone with Barbara Hartwell. From my own personal experience I can tell you that her story rings true.

I have steered clear of most of the mind control victims who have "gone public" and written books about their experience. Gunther told me that the "famous ones" were created as "cover stories", designed to sidetrack researchers and the public, rather than expose mind control. This was done in a sensational way in order to discredit ALL serious research into mind control.

Needless to say, the type of mind control the CIA and NSA created is NOT about making sex slaves for high ranking NWO government and corporate leaders.

The type of mind control that the CIA and NSA have developed is about creating Manchurian Candidates who will do the dirty work and then kill themselves. They use these Manchurian Candidates to assassinate their enemies in many clever ways. An M.C. (Mind Control/Manchurian Candidate) can be the pilot of a plane who hears a trigger word over the radio and crashes the plane into a mountain. The M.C. can be a passenger on a plane who forces his way into the cockpit, grabs the controls and crashes the plane.

These types of Manchurian Candidates are used for assassinations.

But there are OTHER types of Manchurian Candidates. These are the ones like the school shooters and the fellow in Australia who single handedly caused Australia to grab all the guns. Manchurian Candidates of this ilk are created to be used to change society. I have explained in depth how this works in an introduction I wrote to Gunther Russbacher's article called Operation Open Eyes.

In the introduction I explain how mind controlled assassins are being used in a modified Hegelian Dialectic to change society. In the body of the article, Gunther explains how Manchurian Candidates are created. The article is on the front page of Rumor Mill News on the right side.

In the article "Operation Open Eyes", Gunther also explains how the government uses mind control to create leaders who have had an "overlay" put on their personalities. This overlay will turn the person into a willing "slave" of the people who created them... and the poor "slave" will have NO idea that he or she has been "altered" in anyway. Bill Clinton is the most famous "over lay".

Gunther told me that "overlays" are found in ALL movements, corporations and governments. These are the people who naturally rise to the surface and then control whatever it is they were sent to control and pervert.

Mind control is probably used for hundreds of other purposes, but the point I am making by talking about Manchurian Candidates and Overlays, is that the CIA and NSA have a lot more important things on their agenda than creating sex slaves for satanic rituals and satisfying old men's perversions.

Gunther told me that if Congress ever got the "balls" to conduct a hearing into mind control, that the Monarch women would be "trotted" out to discredit the entire hearing and make researchers and actual victims of mind control look like fools.

When I talked with Barbara, she told me stories about things she had done that rang true with stories Gunther had told me and things I experienced myself. Barbara is one of the real ones.

Please take the time to read what she has written, and take the time to visit her webpage. You will come away a little more enlightened.