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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Plight of the Whistleblower: The Richard Taus Case

It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.

The Plight of the Whistleblower

A whistleblower is a person ruled by principles. A whistleblower sees a wrong and feels compelled to make it right. A whistleblower is driven by a passion for justice.

Whistleblowers may emerge from the bowels of any corrupt organization, corporation or institution; but perhaps the most dangerous places are government agencies.

Government whistleblowers, by their very nature, are considered "enemies of the state". In a world where governments were honorable, where Liberty and Justice for All was not simply a glib slogan, whistleblowers would be welcomed and appreciated for their service to humankind.

But in the real world of pervasive and institutionalized government corruption, government whistleblowers are targeted for neutralization. At the very least, they are  vilified, demonized and ostracized, libeled and slandered until their good names are destroyed. 

Plots are hatched against them by the evildoers whose crimes have been exposed. They are persecuted, stalked and harassed. They are set up on false charges and wrongfully and unlawfully imprisoned.  And some are murdered, the final solution which will silence them.

This is an issue I think about every day, as I have for many years. I think not only about my own case, but about the others who are suffering the conseqences of persecution. For speaking the truth and exposing corruption; for defending Liberty; for being champions of the oppressed and protectors of the innocent.

Over the years, I've published numerous reports about the plight of whistleblowers. But mostly, I think about them, I pray for them (probably not as often as I should) and I try to do what I can to support them.

Normally I attend Mass twice a week, but in the tradition of Holy Week, there are daily services at my church.  Yesterday evening I attended a special service which included a long period of silent prayer in the darkened sanctuary. And aside from praying for my family, friends and members of my church, I meditated on the plight of the whistleblowers.

And I found myself thanking God for His blessings and grace, that despite how bad it's been for me, I've survived it this far; and although I am destitute and disabled, the evildoers have not managed to silence me. 

There are those who have not been as fortunate. This includes Richard Taus, still wrongfully imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. I've looked into the case over a period of years, though not thoroughly; and I do not personally know Richard Taus.

But from what I do know, and from what has been revealed to me by the Holy Spirit, I believe in Richard Taus and would like to support him, even if the only thing I can do is publish some information about his case.

Here are two links to articles which address the case of Richard Taus. One is an article by Mike Ruppert. I have also included an excerpt from that article, which I find to be a heart-rending description which speaks to my own feelings about the grave injustices which have been perpetrated against us all.

The second link is to an article which gives an overview of the Richard Taus case.

Lastly, I have included the testimony of Richard Taus himself, an affidavit given to Ted Gunderson. I won't say much about that, because I do not believe the testimony of Richard Taus to be tainted simply by virtue of the fact that it was submitted to Gunderson.

However, I do hope that Mr. Taus has, since that time,  reevaluated any confidence he may have placed in Ted Gunderson; and that he has found some true supporters with honorable intent.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Good Friday
April 2, 2010


"But, You Don't Understand, My Case Is Different!" 

Advice and Experience for Whistleblowers Looking for Help


"A human heart can contain only so much suffering.

To all of the wonderful, courageous victims who have reached out to me I must tell you honestly that if I were to tell anyone's story about years of sacrifice and torment - of pain, disillusionment, humiliation and betrayal - it would be my own. I would do that for no other reason than that I have been at it far longer than any of you have (24 years since 1976) and I have suffered as much as any of you - except the ones who have been murdered like Col. Jim Sabow, or those who have been imprisoned like Bill Tyree and Richard Taus. I am selfish and I want sympathy and consolation for my sacrifice. I want someone to make it better for me too. What I have discovered is that we have to do this ourselves."



I, Richard M. Taus, declare and state: I am a former Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation assigned to the New York Field Office and the Brooklyn-Queens Metropolitan Resident Agency from July 1978 to November 1988. I was assigned to both the Foreign Counter-Intelligence Division and the Criminal Division.

During this period of time, my investigations into these matters revealed criminal activities and operations which I reported and documented to my superiors in the FBI, as follows:

The involvement of officials, agents and operatives of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) with organized crime members and drug-trafficking activities. And the participation by members of the CIA who engaged in the looting of the Savings & Loan (Thrift) Industries, financial scams and fraudulent securities transactions.

The involvement of people from the National Security Agency Staff and Council and the White House in criminal activities associated with funding the acquisition of military supplies and equipment, arms and ammunition which were referred to as the Iran-Contra Arms Initiative, known as Irangate, and the Iraqi Scandal, known as Iraqgate.

The associations between known and suspected members of the Mafia and CIA agents in conducting drug-trafficking activities and financial frauds.

I was ordered by my supervisors in the FBI to halt these investigations, destroy my written reports, terminate my informants and make no reference to these criminal and subversive activities implicating high-ranking government officials, politicians, Mafia and business leaders who controlled and manipulated government agencies and operations.

Without any support from my superiors at the FBI New York Field office, I then sent a letter describing what I had discovered in my official status as an FBI Special Agent to the FBI Director, William Sessions, and this was ignored. I proceeded to write Congressional officials, among them Senators Arlan Spector, Alfonse D'Amato, John Kerry and Congressmen Norman Lent, Charles Schumer, and many others who were on both the Senate and House Intelligence Oversight Committees. None of the above officials or representatives provided any support or assistance in exposing the CIA-White House corruption and the obstruction of justice tactics by my FBI superiors.

My sole purpose in preparing this affidavit, to be used by the former FBI Special Agent-In-Charge of the Los Angeles Field office, SAC Ted Gunderson, is to bring to justice the criminal and subversive activities that I and other government agents and operatives have discovered during our official and government related duties.

I declare and affirm under penalty of perjury that these statements are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Executed this 13th day of August 1997, in the County of Clinton, State of New York.

Richard M. Taus