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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Barack Hussein Obama: Legacy Greater than the Election

At the very least, Obama offers an opportunity for the middle class in this country to get a fair shake for the first time in this country's history.

--James F. Marino
Obama Supporter
November, 2008

The above quote is typical of the profound ignorance and outright stupidity of those communist sympathizers who voted for Barack Hussein (the long legged mack daddy) Obama.

A "fair shake" for the middle class? Let's get real. And while we're at it, let's take a look at some hard facts.

Now that the impostor is in, what can we, the People, do to get him out?

Fortunately, the law is on our side. Constitutional law, that is. 

Please take the time to view this important video from Pastor James David Manning, a brilliant Spirit-filled Christian preacher and American patriot extraordinaire. The video contains vital information about Barack Hussein Obama and his communist agenda, which is rapidly running this country into the ground.

Pastor Manning implores every Christian and American patriot to unite with him to expose the truth about the usurper Obama, before it's too late.

Some points covered in the video:

-Cap and Trade agenda
-Healthcare reform
-Homosexuals in the military
-Massive taxation leading to redistribution of wealth
-Entire political process corrupted
-Unprecedented unconstitutional legislation
-Amnesty for 20 million illegal aliens
-Wire fraud and mail fraud
-Usurper "president" --violated U.S. Constitution
-Not a natural born citizen
-Treason and sedition

Is this a "fair shake" for the middle class? Hell, no!

Don't let the ignorance of the masses of asses who voted for Obama destroy our beloved country!

Support Pastor Manning and his CIA Columbia Obama Treason and Sedition Trial.

Watch the video here:

And forward the link to everyone you know!
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