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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rayelan's Ranch & The Gunderson Groupies Revisited

I suspect that I am going to sued by him [Ted Gunderson] for what Barbara has been posting. The man is such a slime bag and has hurt so many people, that maybe it is time someone takes him on.

Needless to say, I will be changing my phone number since Tim White and Ted Gunderson now are making harassing phone calls.

--Rayelan Allan, Editor of Rumor Mill News 

Here is an editorial written by Richard Green aka 'Patriotlad', the (then)  executive editor of Rumor Mill News. It was posted four days after I had resigned from RMN.

I have not addressed this particular article since it was published (November, 2003), though over the years since I left RMN, I have written a number of reports exposing the truth about RMN and the New Age, secular humanist, socialist bent of its 'news agents'. Find them on this site. There are more such reports (and rebuttals) to come, in addressing others who have defended Rumor Mill News and Rayelan Allan, at my expense.

This stuff is 'old news', and as such may not be of interest to many of my  readers.  But by my way of thinking, principles and facts are what matter, not whether a particular issue is 'old' or 'new'. Often (for various reasons, strictly my own) I wait years to address issues, but the fact of the matter is that I don't like unfinished business. I have the memory of an elephant, and I never forget an injustice. Furthermore, I am compelled to set the record straight --the public record, that is-- so that anyone searching for the truth may find it.

Richard Green (Patriotlad) was one of the few "news agents" at RMN whom at the time I had felt was a kindred spirit, because I believed he was guided by principles. And for the most part, he may well have been, but in the end, he compromised --at least in my opinion and by my standards-- when he chose to stand with Rayelan Allan, who was clearly in the wrong in her attempts to censor, manipulate and meddle in the business of others in pursuing her own self-serving agenda.

In my opinion, Richard Green's loyalty to Rayelan Allan supersedes his faithfulness to truth and principles. Which I find to be a crying shame. But then, the same could be said for anyone who continues to associate with Rumor Mill News.

As for myself, although I place great value on the loyalty of friends and family (of which there has been precious little in my own life), I would not want such loyalty --nor would I award it-- if it comes at the price of sacrificing principles and truth.

Another reason I find it important to publish this article: That is, because Rayelan censored it from Rumor Mill News, after she decided that it might give too much credit (or at least the benefit of the doubt) to Barbara Hartwell, whom she felt the need to demonize in a futile effort to protect her own reputation and defend her own position (indefensible as it is), at my expense.

Thus far, Rayelan Allan's many efforts at censorship, controlling the flow of information and rewriting history have failed miserably. As they always will, at least for as long as I have the means and opportunity to set the record straight. 

The motive? Justice.

My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.

To the Wranglers and Cowgirls on Rayelan's Ranch

Posted By: Patriotlad
Date: Wednesday, 26 November 2003, 1:49 a.m.

Dear Friends, Patriots and the Readers of Rumor Mill News worldwide -- comes now a message from one very angry half-breed Patriot and News Agent, the Executive Editor of Rumor Mill News:


Tossing the flaming arrows back and forth, spewing venom at each other like the Lizard monsters in some ancient Flash Gordon serial set on the planet Mongo, our own Barbara Hartwell has become embroiled in the nastiest kind of Internet-borne flame-war against one Brenda Negri, who once posted here as Ranger Rick and who has used other pen-names and aliases to deceive both Rayelan and other News Agents.

[BHP: This is an inaccurate representation of the facts. First of all, this was never about Brenda Negri --she is just a pawn and government stooge, being exploited by people a hell of a lot smarter than she will ever be. But I won't let anyone go unchallenged in mispresenting my righteous anger at --and truthful exposure of-- a scum criminal such as Brenda Negri, as if  this criminal perp, this malicious liar, this government stooge, namely Brenda Negri, were on equal terms with an honorable, legitimate person, a genuine government whistleblower, namely Barbara Hartwell.

The fact is, Negri came out of the woodwork in an attempt to infiltrate Barbara Hartwell, a target of government persecution, including, specifically, COINTELPRO. Negri failed and was soon exposed (by Barbara Hartwell) as a liar, a fraud, a whack job, an intelligence groupie and a criminal.  In fact, she was fired from her low-level menial job as a baggage screener for TSA, due to the efforts of Barbara Hartwell. Thus, the unwitting public has at least been spared from a criminally insane perp searching their bags --and from God only knows what other offenses. 

As for the Internet terminology, such as "flame war", it is meaningless to me. I don't use, nor acknowledge such lingo. I am a journalist (from the old school) using the Internet as a venue. I expose criminals. And anyone who tries to minimize or marginalize my work by the use of such terminology will be refuted.]

This fight has brought into our pages the names of Ted Gunderson -- Mr. Quotability, who is often referenced by the American Media group of Florida as some kind of expert, because of his experience with the FBI -- Tim White and others. By her own admission, there was a time when Barbara Hartwell worked with Ted Gunderson and alongside him, not so many years ago, to further her discussion of those issues which are key to understanding how and why the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has apparently gone off its tracks, and greatly exceeded its covenant and mandates.

[BHP: Yes, I worked with Ted Gunderson from 1997-2000. But most of my exposure of CIA (including written reports, radio/TV broadcasts) had nothing to do with Ted but came directly from my own experience and investigations.  By the time I joined RMN any mention of Ted Gunderson was only as an adversary, not as a professional colleague.]

Barbara Hartwell is easily one of the most brilliant people in the United States today, strong in her beliefs including a belief in a loving God, and headstrong in her pursuit of the truth as she knows it. She came to see and believe that the CIA was operating from a playbook which was fundamentally filled with evil, if not specifically based on an evil agenda. She chose to separate herself from that evil and to 'blow a whistle about it all,' which is both her right and her duty as a person who has sworn to uphold the Constitution for the United States.

[BHP: Well, thank you for the compliments, Richard. I do believe you were sincere in your remarks. But too bad Rayelan felt the need to censor you. And too bad you allowed her to have her way at my expense.] 

Entered into federal law are numerous provisions which are supposed to protect 'whistleblowers,' like her and others with whom she has had interactions over the past few years. The CIA is apparently above the law, or thinks that it is above this law, and by her accounts has deliberately harassed her and annoyed her and tried to injure her both professionally and in a very personal way. For the record I have accepted her accounts of these abuses at face value, more or less, partly because they were consistent with things I had learned from other people at other times, about the CIA. Some of the abusive behavior was laughable and stupid and some of it was purely malevolent.

[BHP: CIA has more than "tried" to injure me personally and professionally. They have done it, in spades. In fact, they have destroyed most every area of my life, leaving me destitute and disabled.  I'm not the only one who has been assaulted with these atrocities. I know several other whistleblowers who came out of intelligence/law enforcement and were similarly targeted, but that does not change the fact that I have been forced to stand against these bastards  alone these many years, having no one I could rely on for any form of assistance or support.

As for 'whistleblower laws'?  Supposedly, retaliation against a federal  whistleblower is a crime. A crime for which none of these government-sponsored perps will ever be arrested, tried or convicted, as far as I can see. It's all stacked against us and always has been. No hope there, never will be.]

Furthermore I well understand Barbara Hartwell's maverick personality and her personal determination not to be silenced or intimidated: silenced by her enemies, nor intimidated by erst-while friends like Ted Gunderson and his groupies. All of that cooperation has turned into confrontation.

[BHP: The only "friend" I ever had among the Gunderson groupies was Ted Gunderson himself. We were not only friends, but professional colleagues. The others (Negri, White et al) were not ever friends of mine, though I can't speak for Ted Gunderson. I doubt he ever considered them friends, as he was just exploiting them for his own ends.  Additionally, the groupies are amateurs, and I don't work with amateurs.]

Gunderson has labored mightily to make himself well-known.

Over the past few years, and certainly since that awful day in Oklahoma City in 1995, Gunderson has had a lot to say about a lot of subjects and he has gotten a lot of notoriety along the way. It seems certain that he has built for himself a platform of credibility, in that he has frequently told the truth about a lot of these "subjects", although it was seldom the whole truth.

Given the innumerable layers of deception which surrounded the Oklahoma City event (I cannot in good conscience call it a bombing), the truths he did bring out were very much welcomed by many people. Yet it is important to remember that the best propaganda is that propaganda which tells a story containing the most truth possible: doing that enables the person manipulating the propaganda to insert whatever falsehoods need to be installed, or to spin the meaning of events according to a pre-determined plan, if there are no lies involved.

What subjects Gunderson has used his skills to spin, or to install false conclusions, or to create doubt where certainty prevailed among thinking-people, is not the subject here. More than one person has told me that Gunderson is a master of propaganda. By her own account Barbara Hartwell needed some considerable exposure to Gunderson and his methods to become convinced he was not being 'honest and straightforward,' about certain key subjects and issues which mattered to her.

[BHP: Ted Gunderson is COINTELPRO. Ex-officio COINTELPRO and de facto COINTELPRO. So of course he never tells the truth, or at least not the whole truth. No argument with Richard here. For those interested in the specific issues I have exposed re Gunderson, please see my reports on this site.]

When exactly they ceased to be comrades in a patriotic and selfless kind of work for these United States, is not relevant either. It wasn't that long ago, in truth, but what matters is that Barbara came to the belief that Gunderson was at least a conniving opportunist and a phony, if not something worse and more calculated.

[BHP: I ended my professional association and personal friendship with Ted Gunderson in January 2000. By that time I had seen more than enough evidence that he was not a trustworthy person. And yes, it was "something worse" I found out about. So it was almost 4 years later by the time this editorial was written. And that may not be relevant to Richard, but it is to me.]

So too, she developed some very real contempt for Tim White and Brenda Negri and others who seemed to come and go from Gunderson's private domain. All of that led to hard feelings and hostility and all of that has been thoroughly expressed elsewhere, and this feud has spilled over into these pages, too. But enough is enough.

[BHP: Not a chance I'll let this minimizing comment slide. Let me state the facts and tell it like it is (or, as it was). Brenda Negri and Tim White are criminals, plain and simple. These perps committed CRIMES against Barbara Hartwell and others. Among these crimes are: stalking, threats (including DEATH THREATS), criminal harassment, criminal menacing. I have no doubt they would have liked nothing better than to arrange a meeting for me with the Grim Reaper, and would have done so, had they had the means and opportunity. No need to ask about the motive.

"Hard feelings"? Did the Jews incarcerated in Auschwitz have "hard feelings" against the Nazis?  Do the families of murder victims have "hard feelings" against serial killers?  Does the mother of a rape victim have "hard feelings" against the monster who raped her child? Please.

Speaking strictly for myself, as far as feelings go, there are only a few: Outrage. Righteous anger. A passion for justice. Let me say it this way: For those who understand, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not, no explanation is possible.]

Lawsuits, Libel, Lack Of Time

Most of the concerns about libel and lawsuits against Rumor Mill News which have been expressed by Rayelan, have to do with these ugly exchanges and this festival of insults: Brenda Negri and others who seem to circle around Gunderson (like carrion crows waiting for the Big Lion to finish his supper, so that they can scrape up the pickings and leavings), are the ones who have said cruel, vile and disgusting things about Barbara Hartwell. And about Rayelan Allan. Hartwell has been called a whore and a harlot. And worse.

She has every right to be peeved with these troublemakers and provocateurs, and to counter their most outrageous assertions and attacks. Her attackers have used their rights to free speech to vilify her and also to question Rayelan's abilities and attitudes. She chose to defend herself here, among other places: and this brings back into focus the problem that lawsuits and libel charges can bring an Internet website, which is pages published to an electronic medium.

[BHP: Again, Richard is minimizing the situation. Negri and White are criminals. Yes, they are used by Gunderson to do his dirty work.  They fabricated many outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell (the "whore" and "harlot" blasphemes among them) which these perps (along with an expanded crew of Gunderson groupies and government stooges) are still disseminating to this very day.

But name-calling is hardly the point. My reports (published on Rumor Mill News, or elsewhere) EXPOSE CRIMINALS.  I expose the truth about Ted Gunderson and his minions because it was the right thing to do.  Because, as a government whistleblower, that is what I do.  Many innocent people were harmed, in a variety of ways. I wasn't about to just stand by and let it continue to happen.

I need to make this very clear: This situation was not about some little 'falling out' among 'friends'.  No indeed, it was a criminal conspiracy sponsored by government perps and their lackeys (Negri, White et al) --and I was one of the targets.

And not only will I defend myself, I will defend others and I will seek justice. If anyone tries to hamper me, to stand in my way, to censor me, to manipulate me, in attempts to stop me from doing what I need to do, I will simply walk away from that situation, which, in the case of Rumor Mill News, is exactly what I did.]

A very genuine offer of support was made to Barbara Hartwell. This offer was to enable her to transfer her personal website to a server that sells time to Rumor Mill News, and to lock down some basic technical support for her site, so that she could post various commentaries and "web log entries" or 'blogs' on her own pages with a minimum of fuss and bother. It was made with respect and in a comradely spirit. Unfortunately this bloody Internet wrangle and "the Negri feud" spilled over and became purely emotional, before that offer could be completely settled and accepted (or rejected for cause).

[BHP:  Although I already had my own site (Barbara Hartwell dot com) I was at the mercy of a webmaster, as I was unable to post my own material in a timely manner, and sometimes not at all.

But the last thing I needed was to be at the mercy of Rumor Mill News, by transferring my site to one of their servers!  I refused this offer of "support"  because there would have been no benefits to me whatsoever.

As I explained to anyone who would listen (and stated clearly and publicly  numerous times for the information of all and sundry) I am an INDEPENDENT investigator, intelligence analyst and journalist. INDEPENDENT: that is the key word.

Rumor Mill News was simply one site where I posted some of my reports.  As far as I could see, many of the other "news agents" had their own websites as well. I was under no contract with RMN, nor was I a member of any collective, "team" or what Rayelan referred to as the "RMN family".

Unfortunately, nobody seemed to understand my clearly stated position, much less respect it. Bottom line: I am not a team player nd I do not compromise with anyone for any reason. If I can't do what I need to do because of meddling, manipulation or interference, I sever my connection with the offender(s) and continue my work in peace, and as I see fit.]

But now Barbara Hartwell has taken what was essentially a minor "back-stairs disagreement" with Rayelan and turned it into a very public dispute with a very public recitation of her reasons and reasoning. And her opinions on what Rumor Mill News should be and where it has gone astray, or badly wrong, if you will -- in recent months. All of these comments could have been posted to the RMN Lounge, where our News Agents try out ideas on each other and engage in various arguments and where they sometimes offer unsolicited advice and even some bitter criticisms. There was not one reason under the solar flares of the Sun for Barbara to go public with her decision to resign as a News Agent, nor to continue tossing flaming arrows by proxy after having resigned.

[BHP: Richard is entitled to his opinion, but it is based on false assumptions which I must correct  for the pubic record.  The disagreement between myself and Rayelan was anything but minor, at least from my perspective. The disagreement was in fact one which could not be resolved, as the only resolution acceptable to Rayelan would have been for me to stand down and sacrifice my principles in order to conform to her agenda. This, I refused to do, as I always have, always will.

And no, I would never have let the issue be marginalized by posting it in the lounge. I like things out in the open and it was important to me to make sure my position was stated for the public record. This is my policy, and I don't allow anyone to place a gag order on me for any reason.

As a matter of fact, I DID try at first (and for months) to resolve the issue semi-privately by that very method. All I got for my trouble was being accosted by New Age busybodies trying to tell me how to run my life. For that matter, they were doing the same thing on the main forum, which is one of the reasons I needed to resign. There was no stopping these idiots from their insufferable meddling.

And on the contrary, I had not just ONE reason, but EVERY reason to make a public declaration about why I was resigning. As for unsolicited advice and bitter criticisms, I'd already had more than enough of all that.  I've never been interested in what other people think about me or my work.  My only interest is in being free to do what I  need to do with no interference. 

I knew by then it was time to leave.  I didn't belong at RMN. It had been taken over by New Age busybodies who were constantly harassing me and trying to foist their New Age secular humanist pop psychology on me --and I simply found the situation insufferable. After I resigned, they showed their true colors -- a nest of hissing vipers who accused me (among other things) of being CIA.

I had every reason, and every RIGHT to speak the truth, to state the facts, and to outline my position, as I saw fit.  Some of the collectivists at Rumor Mill News were not happy about it -- but that's their problem, not mine.]

On several occasions I have spoken in support of Barbara Hartwell and been pleased to note her support of me, when warranted, and her corrections to my facts or interpretations of facts, when needed. That's been plenty, in fact. 

Furthermore I defy anyone to trump my bona fides as a patriot and a stalwart defender of the constitutional republic we all once had ... before that liar Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his crew of communist agitators and National Socialist bankers shredded the basic principles and premises of our United States.

[BHP: Well, sadly, Richard (if you're reading this) you lost my support when you defended Rayelan (the apologist for George W. Bush and the gun-grabber Arnold Schwarzenegger) and her manipulative and unfair policies at my expense.]

One Year Ago The Hong Kong Hackers Attacked Rumor Mill News

One year ago at this time, I was helping V.K. Durham to explain and to flesh out the nature of the Durham Trust, and the Peruvian certificate known as the Bonus 3392-181, which was once evaluated by the Federal Reserve Bank as being worth $ 206 quintillion US gold collateral !! In the course of posting many articles about the Trust, the Bonus, the death by torture of Russell Herrman, the Tripod conspiracy or first bankruptcy of the United States in 1907, and other issues, Rumor Mill News came under attack.

Barbara did wonderfully well, along the way, in helping us to put out as much of V.K. Durham's messaging as we could: we all helped to elucidate the basic information about the Durham Trust and her loss of her late husband, Russell Herrman (OSS/CIA).

And we all helped to try to make sense out of the frauds and dissembling heaped up by Doris and E.J. Ekker -- who once betrayed Rayelan's confidences, as well as the trust of V.K. Durham when she was newly widowed -- and who sought to injure both of these wonderfully patriotic American women. Barbara was very sanguine in evaluating this process, and her help was more profound and valuable than even she knows, in my opinion.

But we were attacked. We were attacked from Hong Kong, probably by the infamous Hong Kong Hackers, as hired by the rotten b*st*rds who own Citigroup and who help keep the tyranny of the Federal Reserve System in place today. RMN was knocked down and knocked down hard.

[BHP: Yes, I tried to support VK as best I could, and I put up with a lot more than I should have; however, when she (along with Rayelan) started toadying to George W. Bush, I knew all hope was gone. 

How anyone could call Rayelan a patriot is beyond my ken. Patriots defend the Constitution --not the criminals and warmongers who are subverting the Constitution and America. Case closed.]

Rat b*st*rds, yes -- but the Hong Kong Hackers could not destroy the fundamentals of Rumor Mill News or any other WEBSITE which publishes its pages to the worldwide web or Internet. So, one year later we see what amounts to a back-alley brawl being played out in this public forum. With a dozen difficult and important issues to thresh out, and to explain, the "Negri feud" began to consume too much time, too much emotion, and it began to make Rayelan vulnerable to a lawsuit for defamation or libel.

[BHP: This is nonsense. Nobody asked Rayelan to get involved. I was simply writing reports exposing criminals.  I didn't expect anyone to fight my battles  for me, but I wasn't about to let anyone tell me how to fight them either.
None of these perps has ever sued anyone, and they probably never will. People who are going to sue --and who have the grounds-- simply DO IT.  They don't waste their time making threats.

I've been repeatedly threatened with lawsuits by government perps (CIA, FBI, former officials, etc. etc.) but I have simply ignored them.

The truth is, Rayelan caved in to threats from Ted Gunderson and his flunky, Tim White. If she was afraid of lawsuits, that's her business. She had a right to do what she wanted to do to protect herself. But I won't be blamed or even implicated, because I did nothing wrongful to anyone--least of all Rayelan.

But it is far more important to state that I told Rayelean I would abide by her wishes regarding Rumor Mill News --that I would not post any more reports about the criminals (Negri, Gunderson, White), as it was her site.

[For evidence see my letter to Rayelan, posted in the RMN Agent's Lounge at bottom of page.]

When Barbara Hartwell resigned in such a public fashion, Brenda Negri and Tim White and perhaps some others seem to have been brazen enough to call Rayelan and to insult her and laugh at her and Barbara both. Precisely who called and where they were is still a matter of some disputing.

The point is that the cyber-violence done to Rumor Mill News by the Hong Kong Hackers was resolved and steps taken to prevent such a thing from happening again: Rumor Mill News has continued to post a variety of messages from V.K. Durham about the status of the Trust, and about how her offer to pay off the debt of the United States as claimed by the Federal Reserve System was accepted, then rerouted and used for other purposes. The essence is, that the tyrants agreed to the liquidation of the debt and then crawfished on the deal. They cheated and lied to Ms. Durham. They cheated us all.

Yet even they cannot destroy Rumor Mill News, at least not with the tools of their National Socialist Corporate State ....

But lawsuits for libel and defamation could destroy Rumor Mill News, not because they would be winning suits but because the cost in time and money to defend is sometimes prohibitive.

Rayelan explained it very well to the News Agents in the Lounge: "A private individual can sue Rumor Mill News and destroy everything all of us have worked to create. I do not have the time or the money to defend us .... while I think that some of our supporters would help, my main problem is time. I barely have enough time to keep RMN up as it is. A lawsuit from Negri or Gunderson would probably kill me right now!"

That couldn't be more clear or more convincingly stated.

[BHP: Rayelan made her decision and she has to live with it. But the truth is, she bought into Ted Gunderson's protection racket and allowed herself to become a pitiful supplicant. And she betrayed a friend (Barbara Hartwell) in the process, rather than admitting that she was in the wrong.

Rayelan, shortly after I resigned, accused me of being CIA -- and worst of all-- of working with Brenda Negri.

Her motives? Fear, greed and ego-aggrandizement. How very pathetic. 

Am I outraged? Absolutely.

Can I forgive this betrayal? I hope so, someday, but I can never forget it.] 

The Gunderson crew and all of these types of people "formerly associated with" such and such agency or bureau have apparently been detailed to wreck Rumor Mill News by starting as many of these "Negri feuds" as they can. Just a few drops of gasoline can poison a well with a million gallons of water in it. The same thing holds true for the present structure of this News operation. We all work as volunteers. We cannot afford to let petty disputes or feuds derail our sworn duty, to scout, detect, analyze and expose the murdering savagery of the New World Order.

[BHP: Speaking for myself, I was never part of any "petty disputes", at RMN or elsewhere. Ted Gunderson is in fact a COINTELPRO Kingpin, New World Order all the way. 

And the folks at Rumor Mill News claim to be "exposing" the New World Order?

As far the NWO is concerned, Rayelan and her lackeys couldn't do a better job of supporting it if they tried. Defending George W. Bush says it all, at least for those with ears to hear. And promoting New Age doctrines (which are simply part of the NWO plot) seals the deal.]


As regards "libel," Brenda Negri would have to prove that something written here was both defamatory and injurious ... which, given her chequered history, and all ... would not be easy. She would have to pay her own lawyer (unless hometown security is gonna pay ... and that's just not bloody likely), and that's prohibitive for a person like her who really makes a mess of things. Libel is still fairly hard to prove and even harder to get an award for damages, if it is proved. Remember that most lawyers bill by the hour, and don't offer flat rates for something so complicated as libel.

Furthermore, when a plaintiff sues for libel they have to be deposed and they probably have to take the stand under oath, as well. Then all the miserable rotten things she's ever said or written will be put on the plate, as well. That's a fairly daunting condition. In addition to that, it would take a year or more to ever come to trial, maybe two full years given the clogged courts.

Rumor Mill News is on the verge of doing something really sparkling and fine, and the diversity of voices here has been a key element in drawing new Readers and in re-attracting older visitors. But one key fact needs to be stated:

This publishing operation, created and sustained by Rayelan, is rather like a large ranch in the southwest: the vaqueros and the cowboys and Annie Oakleys who come here to offer their work and their insights do so because they love the open scene, the colors of the golden west, the freedom to think and talk and be themselves. All of it can be killed off and we all know that the Truth has enemies ....

This is Rayelan's ranch. We are the ranch hands and the helpers, the drovers and the cooks and the fancy girls ironing the tablecloths for the big kitchen, the fencepost riders and the wranglers. We have a certain rough equality here.

But the ranch belongs to Rayelan. The vision for this operation is hers and until she hands it off, sells it, or shuts it down it remains her domain and her rules pertain. There aren't that many rules, in fact, but they are her rules.

Every Reader and every News Agent should understand this clearly:

Personally, I adore Barbara Hartwell and love her style. But I am standing with Rayelan and backing her play. This is her ranch and I am here by invitation, as are all the News Agents.

Either we determine to settle this dust now, and terminate the "Negri feud," or see the end of Rumor Mill News as an effective news operation. Get with the program and hear Rayelan's call for an end to feuding and potential lawsuits over libelous accusations or get off the Rumor Mill News ranch.

[end of article] 


In all of this, my behavior was never anything but forthright and honorable. I don't attribute a fraction of the importance to Rumor Mill News that Rayelan and her supporters (including Richard Green) do; but they are entitled to their beliefs.

What they are not entitled to do (at least not without consequences) is to blame Barbara Hartwell for the potential demise of Rumor Mill News.

And I always understood that it was Rayelan's website, or as Richard Green called it, Rayelan's ranch. And knowing that, I always respected the rules. 

Trouble was, the rules kept changing at Rayelan's every whim. And that was unacceptable to me, as it would be to anyone who operates on principles. I am nobody's good soldier and nobody's compliant ranch hand.

And that's why I knew it was time to get off the ranch.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
April 1, 2010



Posted By: BarbaraHartwell
Date: Friday, 31 October 2003, 10:58 a.m.

I suspect that I am going to sued by him for what Barbara has  been posting. The man is such a slime bag and has hurt so many people, that maybe it is time someone takes him on.

Needless to say, I will be changing my phone number since Tim White and Ted Gunderson now are making harassing phone calls.


You know as well as I do who and what TG is, though I realize you don't know him personally as well as I do.

For a long time, I held back exposing his criminal activities even on my own website, or others who publish my work. As for RMN, I tried to be careful how much I said, so as not to bring more heat on you.

I figured that after you brought Jackie [McGauley] in as an agent, you expected that there would be more about Ted, so I tried to back up Jackie as best I could. Before me, I don't think she really had anyone willing to help her take on the task of exposing him, and of course, you helped by giving her posting privileges.

And then I put her in touch with Stew.[Webb]

Ted was careful with me, knowing he could not get away with the same stuff he has done to others, partly because of my training (which Stew and Jackie do not have) and perhaps because of my family connections. I think he believed he could count on my "loyalty" to him. But he was wrong. My loyalty is not to persons, but to principles.

I did not see how bad he was until I had broken off my association with him. It was at least partly because of Stew Webb and later Jackie McGauley, that I got much of the real story of what TG is involved in and how deep his ties are into the Bush family and NWO.

He sent a SWAT team to Stew's house!....they broke the door down, came in with assault rifles, threw grenades and destroyed the place! I kid you not. Why? 

Because Ted falsely accused Stew of a "burglary" of his apartment in Las Vegas.

All the charges were later dropped against Stew for lack of evidence. NOTHING happened to Ted for what he did to Stew.

TG controls Tim White and also Brenda Negri. He has tentacles that reach far and wide and he answers to General John K. Singlaub, and I don't have to tell you who and what he is.

I don't want to bring any more heat on you or RMN, and yet, I must continue, in good conscience, to expose the corruption, the treason, the atrocities being perpetrated by Ted and his band of goons, dupes, minions and provocateurs. I have no fear of any of them, so the dilemma for me is not IF I will continue to expose them, but whether or not it will be on RMN.

In good conscience, I must leave that up to you. If you say the word, I will not post anymore about Gunderson, at least not on RMN.

I also have found some backup here in Maine. When I was recruited by the John Birch Society, it was by a man, career military, 22 yrs service, Lt. Commander in Navy AND ONI. 

[This man died in 2007, and unfortunately, Tim White had been harassing him with his lies about Barbara Hartwell. In any case, another friendship lost, along with the support.]

He and I have talked extensively about the persecution by all the goons, the legal cases, etc. He understands everything, and because we both have an intelligence background, he knows what I am up against. He's heard of Ted Gunderson (who hasn't?) but did not know what to make of him, as Ted presents himself as the great patriot (hand me the barf bag!)....until he talked to me.

He will back me up, whatever I need. He has already arranged for a safe house, just in case I need it.

And he is trying to get me some legal representation so that I can sue these bastards in a civil lawsuit for what they have done to me, my family and the rest of us.

Raye, I don't want to be responsible for any more harassment of  YOU by these scumbags. So if you want me to stop posting re TG, just say the word.

Of course, that won't stop Negri or White. They are like wind-up toys who will just keep on coming, until the batteries die, and they are truly deranged!

But even though they are low-level pawns, when you go up the chain of command, there is the NWO.....

So let me know what you want me to do re posting TG on RMN and I will do as you wish, with no problem.


Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 7487
Ocean Park, Maine 04063
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA