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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jewish and Israeli Blog Network Attack on Former FBI Whistleblower

From former FBI agent Geral Sosbee, posted on FBI/CIA Terrorists.

The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network Begins Gratuitous Attack

The following message is delivered to Sosbee from:

"... here's another class-A freakazoid, with a strange paranoid rant about the CIA and the State Department and the FBI ... geral sosbee's Blog: COLLAPSE OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...

Cue Twilight Zone theme.

(Hat tip: Adam.)"

Sosbee responds:

Now be it known that those on the so-called *"The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network" who often decry verbal assaults on their members, begin a bizare, unwarranted and pre-emptive verbal attack on Geral Sosbee. This low minded, mean spirited and ill advised move by "The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network " is hereby documented as representative of that segment of their closed and decadent community which seeks to intimidate, discredit, or disparage any author who does not first pay homage to their phoney leaders and pretentious cause. Thus, as events unfold that tend to confirm the unholy alliance between the dual axis of evil- the United States of America and "?Israel"- let the above words of the coward on the 'The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network' (perhaps little 'Adam' referenced above) be the symbol of their flawed character and hopeless depravity.

Geral Sosbee

*The above verbal assault begins after several visits to my reports by Israelis as reflected by the following site meter entry:

By Location > Visit Detail
Country : Israel
Time of Visit Jul 8 2008 10:31:02 am
Visit Entry Page

Further, the "The Jewish and Israeli" verbal assaults are fraudulently conceived (and presented) and politicaly motivated, as my reports are not unlike the journals and diaries of victims of the Nazi death camps which the world still has fresh in mind. Specifically, I document cruel non-consensual human experimentation, torturous assaults, and attempts at murder on my person. Few seem interested in my reports; similarly over the last half century (or so) the world has come to learn that few people reached out to help those in the German death and torture camps spread across Europe; many ignored the atrocities; some even pretended that the torture programs and mass murder did not exist; a few even mocked or discredited those who attempted to bring the fascist murderers and torturers into public focus. Today, the very group that calls itself "The Jewish and Israeli" is a contradiction of its own history by engaging in Gestapo tactics against modern day experimentees and torture victims. 

As "The Jewish and Israeli Network" reveal in their low minded verbal assaults on this author, all are reminded that the Israelis (& The Jewish and Israeli Network) seek to dominate and rule the Middle East by violent and murderous methods; in this way Jewish law and standards are thereby forged into many parts of the world by over zealous and militant Israelis who often brag (in their documentaries) about their abilities to identify, track down, torture and murder their perceived enemies/adversaries globally. The USA is seen by the Israelis as fertile ground for the indoctrination of this populace in the area of Jewish law and standards. Anyone who is perceived as a viable critic of the lunatic and homicidal fringe (such as those in "The Jewish and Israeli network") is subject to verbal or possibly murderous assault.

For more on the identities of Israelis engaged in crimes against Humanity and torture episodes do a little research; see my article at this site dated and entitled as follows:

18 Mar 2008 @ 18:45

Also note that the intelligence services of the Israelis and the Americans now work together so closely that the interests of one are inevitably shared by the other; the net result is that the two nations (the uSA and '?Israel') are in lockstep toward achieving the common goal of world inhumane domination. 

However, the Israeli intelligence service is light years ahead of fbi/cia and are in fact masters of the universe with regard to techniques used to subjugate their targets.
The Israeli terrorists are funded and supplied by the United States of America.

To the Jewish & Israeli Blog Network Slanderous Hatemongers and Followers, you are licking the heels of the fascist and murderous USA leader(s) to whom by your despicable conduct you symbolically address as, "Heil mein Fuehrer."

Hate Law Jihad!

A new video from the National Prayer Network, by Rev. Ted Pike.

Excerpt from E-mail Alert:

Have you ever criticized Islam - perhaps for its militancy or restrictions on women? An increasing number of people in Canada, Europe, and Australia have--thinking they were within their free speech rights. Next thing they knew, a Muslim or local Muslim council hauled them into court on the “hate crimes” charge of defaming Islam. One defendant in England--prominent political leader Nick Griffin--faced a possible seven years in prison for calling Islam a “wicked faith.”

Today, the hate laws the Anti-Defamation League established in Jewish self-interest are being exploited by Muslims. Hate laws are part of ADL's self-protective agenda of discouraging criticism of Jewish matters and Israel. ADL is also intent on restraining the advancement of Christian values, evangelism, and political activism.

But now, Islamic zealots are increasingly ready to use hate laws for their own ends, pouncing on any pastor, talk show host, politician, or outspoken citizen who “defames” Islam. In fact, the 56 Muslim nations that dominate the U.N. Human Rights Council are attempting to force all U.N. member nations to criminalize criticism of Islam through the “Combating Defamation of Religions Resolution.”
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