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Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome to the New Age...On Rumor Mill News

And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
John 8:32

In October, 2003, I wrote a report exposing the New Age Movement, which was posted on Rumor Mill News. At the time, I was very close to resigning from RMN (I did, in November, 2003) mostly because RMN had become little more than a hotbed of New Age propaganda; and because the meddlesome New Age busybodies (otherwise known as "news agents") just wouldn't leave me alone or respect my personal boundaries.

Their foolish attempts to foist their New Age, secular humanist pop psychology on me were offensive in the extreme. Some of these fools (including Rayelan) even thought they had the right to push their unsolicited advice on me, in the form of amateur psychoanalysis --and in a public forum, yet!

I repeatedly --and bluntly-- told them that I did not agree with their New Age gobbledygook and Mickey Mouse metaphysics, and even more pointedly, to mind their own business and leave me to tend to mine. Naturally, instead of showing respect for my personal boundaries, they became even more aggressive. (New Agers always do!...)

By the time I actually resigned my posting privileges at RMN, I thought they might be sending out a New Age lynch mob!

But anyway, the New Agers finally showed their true colors. Their mantle of "love and light" fell away, revealing a hissing nest of vipers who wasted no time in viciously denouncing --and openly attacking-- Barbara Hartwell.

For the coup de grace, I was accused by several of the New Agers (including Rayelan) of being a "CIA agent", running a Psy Op to "destroy Rumor Mill News".

Some time later, Rayelan publicly solicited "curses" ("I can't think of a curse that is bad enough to throw at these people!...") from the "many witches" who read Rumor Mill News, against the "enemies of Rumor Mill News". No doubt, I was considered one of those "enemies".

This did not surprise me in the least. After all, the New Age doctrines are the "doctrines of devils", as described in the Bible.

I have included here an excerpt from my report (tenets of the New Age) and following that, Rayelan's initial response to my expose' of the New Age movement.

Note that Rayelan actually denies being a New Ager!....

And her ignorance of the true history of the New Age movement is also revealed:

"The New Age movement plopped "fully formed" in the early 80s in the form of Shirley McLaine..."

No, as a matter of fact, it started long, long, before that, with the doctrines of Theosophy and Madame Blavatsky. But elaborating on the history of the New Age exceeds the scope of this report.

For now, here's a brief analysis from my 2003 report.

Excerpt from New Age Politically Correct Thought Police:

Here are some basic tenets of this New Age psychology and philosophy, which more or less could be said to form a sort of "New Age Manifesto" for the True Believers.

I haven't included them all; however these should serve as a fairly comprehensive list of the most salient and well-established among the New Age Community.

1: We create our own reality. Therefore, we are "responsible" for all that happens to us, and have no one to blame but ourselves for any event that takes place in our lives, including poverty, illness, assaults and even murder. 

Therefore, it follows that "There are NO victims". Whatever it is, get over it, say the New Agers, it's a "lesson" we needed to learn.

2: "Negativity" is to be avoided at all costs. Therefore, if you don't have something "good" to say, something redolent of "love" and "light" say nothing at all.

3: "What you resist, persists". Don't resist, no matter what may be coming down the pike. Resistance is futile. Just "let go"; "go with the flow" and submit yourself, trusting that "the universe" is "gifting" you with an important "lesson".

4: Good and evil don't really exist. They are "illusions"....just "polarities" which need to be "balanced".

5: "We are all one'. This includes even the baddest of the bad guys. We must be "tolerant" of ALL, no matter their crimes or atrocities. Yea, verily, we must roll out the red carpet for evildoers, as they are a "part of us" and have "lessons" to teach us.

6: "LET GO!" NOT "Let go and let God"....just "Let Go !" of anything disturbing your "process" (They LOVE that word!) or which makes you angry. Anger is a no-no in the New "Paradigm" (Another buzzword they adore!) Anger is NEVER justified, no matter what the outrage, the injustice or the transgression committed against you. Don't get mad, it might interfere with your "process" or retard your "spiritual evolution".

7: Individual rights must be subsumed by the GROUP; the "team"; the "committee"; the "community" or the "Global Village" for "the highest good of all". It is "selfish" to attempt to protect one's individual rights or sovereignty. By the same token, holding and protecting private property is seen as "selfish".

8. The earth is a "school". We are here only to learn, so that we can "evolve spiritually".

9. ALL relationships with others are for one basic purpose: "To teach us about ourselves". This of course, includes adversarial relationships of every stripe, even domestic violence, incest or sexual abuse. No problem!.....they say. "We chose these relationships to LEARN." Yes sirree Bob, ALL Others are a "mirror" for ourselves.

10: There are no moral absolutes. No behavior is really "right" or "wrong". Everyone has "the right to be wrong" and therefore even to DO wrong. It's all part of the "lessons" we are here to learn.

11: The world of "Third Density" (3-D) and all it contains is ONLY for those among us who have not "woken up" and are therefore "trapped". The "awakened" and "spiritually evolved" New Agers, with "Fourth-Density Consciousness" will "ascend" while all others will be left behind.

According to various theories, which the New Agers continually squabble over, this "ascension" will take place when "Mother Earth gives birth" to "earth changes"; When "Niburu" or "Planet X" enters the solar system; When a special spiritual entity, such as "The Mahdi" manifests; when "The Matreiya" incarnates; when the "friendly ETS" come to "beam up" the chosen "lightworkers", etc. etc.

12: "Divisiveness" (another World-Class New Age buzzword) is seen as "negative"; while "consensus" and collectivism are seen as "positive"; "loving" and "peace-nurturing."

13: All religions are nothing but a form of "mind control". There is no value for the evolving human "BE-ING" (New Agers love to break up words, intimating that there is a deeper meaning to be gleaned for those "in the know".)

Anyone who chooses to worship God through a religion (God forbid!) is seen as being spiritually retarded or in a sort of spiritual kindergarten class. But not to worry, say the New Agers, WE (their favorite word) will ALL "get there". WE are ALL following the very same "spiritual evolution" or "process". True, they say, some of us (usually themselves) are "ahead" of others on the "path" but ALL will "arrive" eventually at the same place, no matter the evil deeds they have committed, because there really is NO EVIL, only "learning" on the "journey" of spiritual evolution.

14: It is an "illusion" to believe there are any real differences between individual human beings, any separateness or individual spiritual integrity. NO individual is unique, since really, WE ARE ALL ONE.

15: Those who [dare to] speak and live THEIR OWN TRUTH, based on their own experience and knowledge, in a myriad of ways, be it through a religion; through being agnostic; through being loners by choice; through claiming their natural God-given INDIVIDUAL rights in such actions as SELF DEFENSE; and who refuse to CONFORM to the tenets of the New Age Manifesto, are seen as "debunkers"; "spiritually unevolved prisoners of Third-density Mind". "unawakened" etc. etc.

Rayelan Allan's Response to New Age Politically Correct Thought Police (October, 2003)

'I have fought the New Age movement from the moment it reared its ugly head! I was born spiritual, with extremely psychic and intuitive abilities and I have walked the spiritual path from the day I was born!

Barbara, you and I have talked on the phone for years. You know my philosophy, and yet many of the things you wrote about as being NEW AGE are things I believe!

Yes, I DO believe we create our own reality!! I have seen it in myself and I have done what I needed to do to free myself from the "realities" I did not like!!

I also believe that ALL things that happen to us are lessons. That's such a simple idea. I can't believe that anyone would argue with it. They are NOT just lessons to us, but many of the things that happen to individuals go into history books and become lessons for all of mankind! If we can learn from our past "lessons" - some may call them mistakes -- then we won't walk down that path again... the same can be applied to the entire world. The world saw what happened in Rwanda... maybe the people of the world will see that such a thing doesn't happen again... and then again... maybe it will take a lot more of these kinds of "lessons" before mankind "wakes up" and decides NOT to repeat these kinds of things.

I also believe that EARTH IS a school! This belief is born out in some of the oldest religious books upon the earth. The Vedas and the Upanishads. If you call this belief NEW AGE, then you are labeling the oldest philosophy on earth, NEW AGE!

I do NOT belong to the Shirly McLaine brand of NWO New Age ninnies... but I do happen to believe some of the things that are associated with the New Age... However... these things existed LONG before the name NEW AGE came into being!! The things I believe are as old as the earth and the ancient religions and texts which document most of what I believe.

Barbara, you have lumped 90% of Rumor Mill News Readers into your definition of New Age!

I don't like being branded this way and I will bet that most of our readers don't like it either. And yes, I took this personally because the way you wrote it.... the shoe fit!!

You didn't give us any wiggle room. You failed to acknowledge that there is a spiritual aspect of each and everyone of us. Religions tend to stifle that spiritual aspect. EAch of us grows and matures in their own way!! And the oldest of the spiritual philosophies gives us the room to do this!!

The New Age movement plopped "fully formed" in the early 80s in the form of Shirley McLaine and her NSA handlers! In order for this movement to succeed they had to build it on a spiritual base that had been there before!! They built it on a blend of all the ancient truths. Only after they built the base did they begin to distort and throw in their own brand of brain washing and restructuring of society.

I was spiritual BEFORE the New Age Movement and I will continue to be exactly WHO I am no matter how many New Age epithets you throw my direction.

I know I speak for countless readers when I say this!

Sorry Barbara... I think your arrow missed its mark on this one!!

Spiritual Patriot Warrior!

Afterthought: Just think about it... RMN was created by someone that YOU have now labeled as being New Age!! Gee...what a concept! Create a platform where everyone can speak their mind freely and without censorship, then stand back and wait to be nailed to the cross!

Oh... BTW... I am the ONE who wrote the Awakening Prose. And NO it is NOT a spell! It is a means to a rapid "awakening"... IF you are ready for it!! If you aren't, then it may look like a spell to you!"