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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Truth: The Supreme Reality by Lisa Guliani

NOTE: At the time this article was written by Lisa Guliani, I was a member of Rick Stanley's Revolutionary Coalition, an organized effort to: "Unite patriots to defend our God-given (natural) unalienable, constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights." That was the one-line platform which described the purpose and mission of the organization.

As far as this disagreement between Rick Stanley and Lisa Guliani was concerned, I was not involved, nor did I publicly "take a side" regarding this issue. It's important to mention that I do not know Lisa personally, nor have ever had any direct contact with her. On the other hand, I know Rick well and consider him a good friend.

But even though I was an uninvolved observer, I certainly did "take a side", in my heart, that is. I agreed with Lisa Guliani from the moment I saw the issue come into focus. And I agreed with her position for one simple reason: On principle. I should have made my position public at that time, but better late than never.

I should also mention that I had my own disagreements with Rick Stanley, and over precisely the same issue: It has always been my policy to expose wrongdoing by liars, con artists, shills, government stooges, etc. etc.

My position? Take no prisoners. I absolutely refuse to coddle them; make excuses for unscrupulous behavior, or promote, support or defend liars. I've lost many friends over this issue; just as I have broken off professional associations for the same reason.

Sometimes, when I exposed one of these individuals (for example, Alex Jones) who happened to be on Rick's "Patriot A-List", Rick would try to persuade me that I was wasting my time, when he thought I should be focusing on the "larger issues."

And although it never caused a rift in our friendship (we simply agreed to disagree), this difference of opinion (in addition to the fact that there were quite a few "useful idiots" in Rick's online forum) did cause me eventually to remove myself from active participation in Rick's coalition, though I still supported him as an ally and friend; and in connection with his constitutional activism.

And I have no complaints about Rick's treatment of me personally. He defended me numerous times, when I was attacked by government operatives, stooges and shills, and he even took the heat for it.

Rick is now wrongfully and unlawfully incarcerated -- because he stood up for what he believes in: he courageously exercised his constitutional rights and stood up against tyranny and oppression by government rat bastards. And I have nothing but admiration and respect for him on that score. What happened to Rick Stanley is an outrage of monstrous proportions!

But here's the main point: Despite all this, concerning this one issue, I agree with Lisa Guliani. It is a simple matter of principles and ethics: of standing up for the Truth, no matter how painful, how unpleasant the Truth may be.

Those who know my position on these issues will understand why I agree: I have always stood on principle; and I have always refused to traffic with the devil, no matter what!

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 14, 2009

Truth: The Supreme Reality
By Lisa Guliani

Rick Stanley, a prominent well-known Patriot, has been critical of WING TV within the last few days. We have had some lengthy, impassioned e-mail exchanges followed up by an even lengthier long distance telephone call to discuss his comments. Although Victor and I have stood behind Rick for vocalizing his views on the NWO, as well as for his very public activism, we do not see eye-to-eye on all matters - particularly on this matter of exposing wrongdoing within the so-called “Patriot” movement.

Stanley believes that we are “attacking” certain individuals for their “mistakes” and “human failings”. He believes that there is no point in doing this, and that it is damaging the entire “Patriot” movement. He thinks we should stop pointing out what he characterizes as the “sins” and “mistakes” of others, and rightly says that we are all sinners. He also adds that Victor and I have made ourselves the “judge” of other people’s conduct, and this is very damaging. He says that we do not understand that what we do is “counterproductive, detrimental, and dividing” the so-called “movement”.

Stanley also states that Alex Jones’ act of selling out the Grays, a patriot family who trusted Jones, is “bullshit,” but is very human. He states that there are many “good patriots” who are still shysters and con-men for the almighty dollar. He calls this unfortunate, but excuses it as “human nature,” adding that, “this is how people are.” He points out that he honors all people who stand up for America, regardless of the mistakes they’ve made in their lives.

Rick says none of us are perfect. We agree on that. Nobody is, including Thorn and me. However, we see things very differently and take issue with much of what he’s said above. Let me explain why.

Consider the word “mistake” for a moment:


1. An error or fault resulting from defective judgment, deficient knowledge, or carelessness
2. A misconception or misunderstanding
3. An unintentional error

Now, consider the word “deliberate”:


1. Done with or marked by full consciousness of the nature and effects
2. Arising from or marked by careful consideration: a deliberate decision
3. Unhurried in action, movement, or manner, as if trying to avoid error
4. To think carefully and often slowly, as about a choice to be made
5. Characterized by or resulting from careful consideration
6. By conscious design or purpose

Next, think about the meaning of the word “premeditated”:


1. Characterized by deliberate purpose, previous consideration, and some degree of planning

Finally, please reflect upon the definitions of the word “truth”:


1. Conformity to fact or actuality
2. A statement proven to be or accepted as true
3. Sincerity; integrity
4. Fidelity to an original or standard
5. Reality; actuality
6. That which is considered to be the supreme reality and to have the ultimate meaning and value of existence
7. A fact that has been verified

It is not difficult to comprehend the distinct differences between the definitions of “mistake” and “deliberate”. A mistake does not involve conscious, willful planned intention, but rather an incorrect perception or faulty judgment. On the flip side, a “deliberate” action involves full conscious thought, a careful consideration and a fixed purpose. As much as I like Rick Stanley, I don’t see how he can characterize the following as “mistakes”:

a) Jack Blood conning and ripping people off for a number of years through brokered-time radio scams. Doesn’t this more than suggest a conscious, willful act with a deliberate fixed purpose?

b) Alex Jones selling out and betraying the Gray Family for money. Are we to actually believe this was just an “honest, inadvertent error in judgment” on the part of Alex Jones? A mistake? Doesn’t this more than suggest that if Jones would betray one patriot family for the “almighty dollar,” that he could conceivably do this to any patriot family? Furthermore, doesn’t this tell us something significant about his character?

c) GCN selling Michael Corbin’s shows after he no longer broadcast on their network, without his permission or knowledge, forcing him to take legal action against them. Was this also a “mistake,” an inadvertent error in judgment, or a deliberate, conscious action on the part of GCN?

d) Alex Jones altering and subsequently deleting approved articles after publication, which is quite different from the “editing” process. Editing occurs prior to publication, not afterward, and without the author’s permission. Moreover, are we to presume that Jones’ alteration and subsequent deletion of calls made to him during his radio broadcast from his archives to be a “mistake”? Who is anybody kidding here?

e) What about the massive lack of accountability for rampant unethical conduct, illegal activity, and dishonesty of many individuals and groups, for which we collectively condemn the government and mainstream media? How come Rick Stanley and others seem so willing to embrace such conduct within the “Patriot” movement and “alternative media”? How can we come to terms with such blatant contradiction?

Stanley goes on to say that we should all be the “glue” to cement the various people within the “Patriot” movement, whether they are criminals or not, honest or not, shysters or not, traitors, cowards, fear-mongers, hypocrites, or COINTELPRO. Pardon me, but why would anyone want to be united with a criminal? Why would anyone calling their self a patriot want to be aligned with and “glued” to a traitor, a censor, a coward, a hypocrite, or COINTELPRO? 

Aren’t these the very things we denounce in the political and mainstream media circles? Aren’t “patriots” always pointing-out these phonies and unsavory characters to the rest of us? Why bother to call them out, or display contempt for those people when we are willing to rationalize, make excuses for, justify and accept the very same behavior from people within the “movement”? Is it enough that they label themselves “patriots” to overlook such actions and questionable characters? Why don’t prominent people within the “movement” care enough to even try rising above our merely “human nature”? It is certainly a challenge, but not something that I’d call “impossible”. Our conscious free will, which gives us the ability to choose wrongly, also provides the choice to do the right thing. Our free will is what makes it possible. Someone once said: we are only as strong as our weakest link. I ask you, with so many weak links within this “Patriot” movement and its corresponding alternative media, how can we ever hope to defeat the evil that is destroying America?

Yes, we are all sinners. This is very true. But we don’t have to sin. When we sin, we are making a conscious decision to do so. This is a deliberate action, not a mistake. We can also choose not to commit those sins and conduct ourselves in honest, ethical, and truly decent ways. It’s all up to us.

Victor and I have committed ourselves to fighting the New World Order in all of its various infiltrations, whether they manifest in our government, mainstream media, alternative media, or within the alleged and highly questionable “movement”. I repeat; this is a FIGHT, not a tea party. It is getting vicious and it is for real. Need I remind anyone that these New World Order SOBs are cold-blooded murderers? Keeping our elbows off the table is not an option. As Rick Stanley once pointed out to us on our old radio show, “Does America have the stomach for freedom?” This is an excellent question, because if we do have the stomach, we better have the guts that go along with it. We better have the conviction and integrity that goes along with fighting for our very freedom. If we lack any of those elements, we will be destroyed. The “enemy common to us all” doesn’t fight fair. They fight to win, and they’re not used to losing.

Victor and I do not feel compelled to be “glued” to COINTELPRO, to crooks, traitors, censors, hypocrites, bold-faced liars, sociopaths and con artists. As Victor says, if anyone has a problem with what we’re doing, perhaps they should address those who are consciously and deliberately engaged in the wrongdoing and tell them to stop it. When they do that, we can shut up.

Until this occurs, and until people do more than just “talk the talk without walking the walk,” we believe that it is a responsibility of ALL genuine “patriots” - not just us - to do our absolute best to rise above human nature, to raise the bar of conduct higher than what we despise in the government and mainstream media, and be better people than those who wield power over this nation. We are fully capable of doing this, of being better than them, and rising above them, if we choose to do so. We must also strive to hold ourselves and those in positions of power, both politically and journalistically, accountable for their words and actions.

Lastly, I’d like to say that Victor and I are absolutely not concerned with how our information is perceived or if people “like us”. We do what we do because our consciences dictate that this must be done. We are not in this for a popularity contest; and truth should not - and MUST NOT - depend upon mere “perception”. I maintain; truth is absolute. When we begin rationalizing bad behavior, excusing it, turning a blind eye to it, and accepting it, then the “patriot” movement is doomed to failure. Then we have a lot more to worry about, because in so doing, we literally become the enemy we claim to despise. Think carefully about this. Think Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Remember, silence is construed as consent. Acceptance of the status quo, apathy, and ignoring our consciences have led to the horrifying state we’re in as a nation. How can we expect change if we continue to repeat the same actions again and again and again? It is insanity to believe you can get a different result by doing the same thing over and over again. It is crazy to think that by attaching to people who do the exact same things we condemn is going to be our salvation, or lead to it. Settling for illusion is a piss-poor substitute for reality, unpleasant as it may be.

In the end, we all have a choice as to how we conduct ourselves. Either we do it honestly and aspire to rise above those things and unscrupulous persons that drag us further down, or we uplift ourselves and one another by aiming higher and setting a higher standard. You may choose to ignore, rationalize or deny what I have said here, but in the end, truth is the ultimate, supreme reality; and as Morgan Reynolds says, “Truth must always be sung, though the heavens fall.” If you choose to accept deliberate wrongdoing and hypocrisy, then this is NOT a mistake. This is a willful, conscious action, and perhaps you need to examine what this says about you.

It’s time to decide which path to take. Our destinies lie in our own hands.



I don't think my article was harsh. I simply made my points in response to the things you said on the phone and in e-mails. What are you so worried about? You sure had no problem being highly critical of us, did you? Well, we also have very strong beliefs and opinions. We also have the facts. And just so you know, the "enemy" is already too close for comfort. I'm certainly not going to sleep with the enemy. What the hell are you thinking? So, you're disappointed? Well, guess what, amigo; so am I, particularly in the fact that you seem to think we should lay down with shit instead of cleaning up our house. Is this "good form"? For whom? The NWO?

The old Rick Stanley would never have said we should unite with criminals or hypocrites. I don't seem to recall you ever saying anything like that before you went to jail. The old Rick Stanley stood fearlessly at the front line against the bad guys. The old Rick Stanley didn't lay down with shit or tell others to do it. I know this because I saw you out on the street. I don't know what changed, but somebody has done a 180, and it ain't me. Are you saying what I've written makes no sense? Come on already. It's a no-brainer, Rick.

We disagree. So what? I didn't misquote you, and I didn't smear you. I told the truth. I have no reason to use “bad form,” Rick. You're just embarrassed because you know damn well how your own words make you appear. I didn't say them. You did. And I'm sorry you did. And I had a strong response to those words.

I have to say, though, I am the one who is disappointed. Something has changed with you, and it's very troubling. You can rationalize your position all you like, Rick. I admire the good things you've done in the past, and I have defended you to every person who ever said a bad word against you over the last few years. I wrote glowing articles about you, and even wrote to the governor of Colorado defending you. I have sung your praises from the rooftop. Why? Because I respected you tremendously, as I've already pointed-out. You have been nothing less than inspiring to me, and many others. But I disagree with your thinking now because I know it is wrong. It is DEAD WRONG. Simple as that.

If you're disappointed, maybe you should hold the mirror up to your own face and ask yourself who it is you're really disappointed in. I didn't do the 180. We don't have to agree, but don't try to give me some guilt trip for telling the truth. It's maybe the one thing about my self that I genuinely respect. And think about it: what cause would I have to lie to you or to anyone else? Have I ever lied to you before? The answers to that is "no".

To even suggest that the deliberate wrong actions of this phony "truth/patriot/9-11" movement and alternative media are "mistakes" is absurd. To even suggest that intentional dishonesty, hypocrisy, censorship, betrayal and fear-mongering are something akin to an inadvertent error is mind-boggling to me. To even suggest that we lay down with those who act the same way as those who are the "common enemy" is very strange to hear, particularly coming from you.

Very strange and very disturbing. Hell, if you're going to tell people to do that, then maybe you should just tell them to unite with George Bush, the NWO, or the mainstream media. Is that what people should do, Rick? Just embrace the enemy and everything will be swell? God almighty.

So, you got to speak your mind yesterday and we listened and didn't bite your head off or attack you in any way. I'm not attacking you now. You said all you wanted to say and we heard it all, although there is a lack of factual information in the things you put forth to us. We have provided proof of everything we say, and still you make excuses for people deliberately doing the wrong thing. You are okay with it because you say its "human failing" and seem to think that by uniting with these con-men, hypocrites, etc that somehow the problem will go away? Uhh, think again. Does that seem like linear logic to you? It makes no sense to me. Maybe you should re-read Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Something has definitely changed with you, my friend. And this, I'm sorry to see. I have looked up to you for a long time, but I am oceans apart from you on this one. Your point was not primarily that each person is unsavory to someone else. And that is a lame point in my mind anyway. Your basic point - both on the phone and in your e-mails - was that we shouldn't point out wrongdoing, but instead be "glued" to the people behaving badly, conning people, running rackets, censoring people, betraying people, COINTELPRO ops, you name it. We should unite with all of them. And if we don't, then we're "damaging and dividing" the "movement". Guess what, Rick? There is no damn movement. I know we want there to be a movement, but as of this time, there is no damn movement. There are a lot of e-mails and articles going around the Internet. That is not a movement, my friend. I still can't believe you said that. I really can't. Remember, you e-mailed me first about all this. You were highly critical based upon perception or ... "something" other than fact. It is absurd and unrealistic to think Victor and I would have no response. We always have a response, especially in regard to misperceptions and off-base criticism.

I don't sleep with the enemy, Rick. And I never, ever, ever will. I can promise you that.

To each his own I guess.

Lisa Guliani