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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Letter to Loony Larry Lawson: A Walk Down Memory Lane

From the Hartwell Files (2005)

Letter to Loony Larry Lawson from Barbara Hartwell

Known Associates/Accomplices of Larry Lawson:

Timothy Patrick White aka "Patrick Alexander aka "George Mateski"
Brenda Negri aka "Ranger Rick"
Shirley Anderson
Sherry Shriner
Pamela Schuffert
Todd Brendan Fahey (hides behind many aliases and screen names; identity thief, forger)
Ken Adachi
Ted Gunderson
"Xena Carpenter" (identity unknown)
Charles Bruce Stewart

These individuals are part of a criminal conspiracy to stalk, harass, libel/slander, and generally persecute legitimate government whistleblowers, journalists, survivors of government black ops, etc. In other words, they attack Messengers of Truth & Defenders of Liberty, with the intent of destroying our lives; and in the hope of discrediting us through diabolical calumny. All are malicious pathological liars.

Loony Larry Lawson...A Walk Down Memory Lane

From Barbara Hartwell. (Percival is my family name, not an alias. How many aliases do you have, Larry?)

Dear Loony Larry Lawson:

Let us reason together.

Can you not find a better use for your time than harassing people? Your behavior is juvenile. How old are you? Are you, perhaps, a case of arrested development?

Why do you post death threats from psychiatric patients like Brenda Negri on your message board?

Here, as just one example, is a death threat against Barbara Hartwell, made by Brenda Negri, under the alias Ranger Rick, and posted by Larry Lawson on his newsgroup, LLNews.

"The Mexican Mafia, the gangs, the heroin junkies and the meth dealers. They'll whip your ass into a pulp if we ask them to, and thats only if you're lucky. If you're not, they'll just flat kill ya......they'll slit your throat just as soon as say f*ck you " .

Do these idiots really believe that they will be PROTECTED from prosecution? Who do they think will protect them? They need to think again.

And do they really believe that a person such as myself will allow them to continue their criminal harassment and death threats with impunity?

If so, they need to make a reality check, and soon.

Insanity is no excuse. And let them try it, it won't be much of a defense in a court of law either. If they tell that to the judge, they'll be remanded to a psychiatric ward for the criminally insane.

You know, Larry, I challenged you to a public debate once, on radio (that is, if I could find a network I haven't been banned from, for exposing the truth about some of the criminal element you hang out with and promote).

I suggested that we could address whatever issues you wanted to in a civilized manner, no name calling (yes, I know I call you Loony Larry, but that's mild compared to the names you've called me, and I promised I would follow the rules if you agreed to do so as well) and have an impartial moderator.

You declined my offer, on the grounds that you would not be able to "stand before God" if you gave a person like me more airtime.

Larry, I wouldn't want to be you on Judgment Day.

But if you are worried about standing before God, why do you continue to give me publicity by telling the world that I am a LYING GOVERNMENT AGENT?

Why do you claim I work for CIA?

Why do you keep insulting me?

Why are you insulting Rick Stanley, and harassing him on his own message board?

Don't you think anyone with an ounce of discernment sees through you?

And, even stranger, why give whackjobs like Tim White a forum? None of it makes sense to me. Unless of course there is a method to your madness. Like maybe, you are on somebody's payroll?

How else would you find the time to compile your extensive reports, harass decent, legitimate people and spread libelous disinformation about them on hundreds of public message boards? Every single day, week after week, month after month, year after year?

Who's paying the freight? Doesn't it get tiresome?

I know you don't like John Perna any better than you like me, but here's a reasoned analysis by Perna that sums up your M.O.

"Larry Lawson combines logical fallacies together to evade discussing issues. Larry Lawson has a LONG history of perpetrating hoaxes. I had decided to leave this professional fraud alone, but apparently he will not allow that.

So let us review his record and his tactics

Poisoning the Well Fallacy - involves trying to discredit what a person might later claim by presenting unfavorable information (be it true or false) about the person. Actually a type of ad hominem; except that it is done IN ANTICIPATION of debate.

ad hominems - personal attacks to shift the discussion from the message, to the messenger.

Straw man - Attempting to burden an opponent with an unpopular, or indefensible, position; which was never presented.

Why does he do this? Because I have repeatedly exposed his hoaxes:

How MANY hoaxes are we supposed to accept, from one person, before we just stop listening all together?"

I have to wonder what you hope to accomplish, Larry Lawson. Do you EVER check your facts before you hurl an insult? No. Your insults are baseless.

Do you ever come up with anything original? No. Just the same old, same old. Do you ever give a person the benefit of the doubt before you go on the warpath? No.


I think you, the Loon, could benefit from taking a vacation, get a breath of fresh air, come up from your doomsday bunker for even a day. You have a beautiful wife, Larry. Why don't you spend more time with her, rather than make fun of someone else and his wife? [Rick Stanley]

But since you express your concern about standing before God, here is something to reflect on, the Gospel Truth:

He deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord. Therefore shall his calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be broken withoutremedy. These six things the Lord hates, Yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, A lying tongue, Hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that are swift in running to evil, A false witness who speaks lies, And one who sows discord among brethren.

Prov. 6:14-19

Consider it, Larry. Before it's too late!

Barbara Hartwell