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Monday, March 9, 2009

Sherry Shriner: False Doctrines, Bible Codes & Libel/Slander of Barbara Hartwell

Bible Code Nut Sherry Shriner

Note: This exchange of messages was posted on a Christian message board in 2003. I joined at the invitation of a friend, but quickly removed myself when I realized that some of the people who belonged to this group were using it to promote false doctrines and lead others astray...

It started when I cited a post (one of many) on Larry Lawson News (populated by a nest of vipers) in which Barbara Hartwell had been libleled by Sherry Shriner.

To see my position on this issue, read the messages here. My position remains consistent (as it always will); and yet, despite her apology to me, Sherry Shriner continued to libel and slander Barbara Hartwell, becoming even more aggressive --including on her radio show, in collusion with such demonic liars as Larry Lawson; Tim White, Shirley Anderson et al.

Why? I can't be sure, except to say that this woman, Sherry Shriner (just like Pam Schuffert), tried to interfere with me, in this case in connection with the "Bible Codes" she promotes, even going so far as to claim in a public post that it was "revealed" to her that Stew Webb would "shoot and kill" Barbara Hartwell!

Such an idea is absurd. And despite the fact that I am no longer friends with Stew Webb (that's another story...) I still pray for Stew and wish him well.

Basically, when this started up, I told Sherry to mind her own business; that I did not share her beliefs; and that I was not in need of unsolicited advice or the "counsel" she was trying to foist on me.

And by the way, I do not believe (nor have ever done) in these "Bible codes" promoted by Sherry Shriner. In fact, no genuine Christians that I know believe in this witchcraft either. God does not need such "codes" to spread His Word, nor the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit reveals the truth in scripture...and that is enough for me.

Some of these so-called "Christians" are way off the deep end, especially with their aggressive proselytizing and attacks on anyone who disagrees with their viewpoints.

Sherry Shriner (as I later learned when I read some of the other outlandish doctrines she promotes) is in my opinion an absolute whackjob! And there are many others who agree.

Personally, I want nothing to do with any of her ilk who continue to assault me with their demonic lies....including that I am a "CIA disinfo agent", etc. etc.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Get behind me, Satan!

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Sovereign Child of God
Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
March 9, 2009

Wed Dec 10 2003

To Sherry Shriner:

Ma'am, you are one of many who do NOT know what you are talking about!

You have posted comments about me personally, on Larry Lawson's Yahoo! group which are way out of left field.

You accused me, quite some time ago, of being a fake and nothing but "damage control for Cathy O'Brien". You do NOT know me. You know NOTHING about me. And you obviously don't know anything about Mark Phillips, CIA HANDLER for Cathy O'Brien.

Mark Phillips is a Ted Gunderson crony, who has tried to discredit me for years and he is still using Cathy to do his dirty work.

I can assure you, you don't know who these people are, and you sure as hell don't know who I am.

The so-called "Monarch project" is gov't disinfo to discredit REAL survivors of CIA mind control and REAL black ops, such as myself.

Larry Lawson is a gov't disinfo plant, working for Ted L. Gunderson, going back many years. His "mission" is to demonize legitimate people, such as myself and Stew Webb, who are a threat to the perpetrators, like Ted Gunderson.

You are shooting off your mouth, with NO FACTS, NO EVIDENCE and NO DOCUMENTATION to back up your allegations.

All I can say is, shame on you, if your "sources" are people like Larry Lawson et al who are paid to slander and libel me, Stew Webb and others.

If Stew has categorized you as a "government stalker" then maybe it would behoove you to STOP making ignorant, libelous comments about people you don't know. Get your facts straight, or keep your mouth shut.

Unless I receive a written retraction and apology of your libelous comments about me, I will be adding your comments from Lawson's moronic website, which I have archived, to my list of LIARS, soon to be posted on my website.

If you were a real "Christian" you would NOT be bearing false witness against people you do not even know!

You cannot "expose frauds" when you have NO SOLID EVIDENCE NOR INFORMATION to validate your absurd claims. You are operating out of ignorance and apparently, spiritual pride.

Don't mess with me, if you do, you will take the consequences.

Barbara Hartwell

Sherry Shriner

re: Sherry Shriner

Wed Dec 10 2003


Barbara Hartwell, I don't even know you. I can't even remember saying anything in the past year negatively about you.

I remember the comment about Kathy, that was about 2 years ago before I learned that Mark Phillips was her handler. I do apologize for that.

I have always been an outsider looking in. I do not fight the same battles you or others do, although I do get drawn into them when people attack Larry Lawson. I have no reason to believe he's anything but a Christian. And he knows himself how far I will or will not go in revealing info I have to the public about anyone. When he asked me to do a Bible code on you and Stew Webb, I did Stew and told Larry that Stew was indeed a believer, but being manipulated. It's in his code, should I lie? I also told Larry that it would behoove him to just ignore Stew and move on to causes instead of people, because Stew was MPD, thus he would be attacking a brother who was being manipulated and not even in full control of what he was doing in the first place. Larry has never taken my advice.

As for you, I refused. There's something about you I totally relate to and I know you're a sister in Jesus. To me that means more than flame wars over who is yelling at who's friend. Yes I've taken Larry's side on many occasions, because he's a watchman. He has a Watchman's code. As does Stew. These two don't realize that they are both brothers in Christ set up to fight against each other and keep flame wars going and neither of them will realize it. I sent a letter to the government watch group on Saturday calling and pleading for a truce among God's brethren and it has yet to be posted to that group. Someone is holding it back.

I am sick of the fighting, it's not my calling to get involved in flame wars, it's my calling to expose the evil facade of the NWO and my area is the alien domination and crises that is coming.

Yes, last year or so I took Kathy O'brien's side over yours. I didn't know you then, had only been in contact with Mark Phillips. I apologize for this and seek your forgiveness. I seek only truth, and sometimes you go all the around the yard several times before you see it or God reveals it to you. The patriots online are a mess. I'm ready to throw the towel in on all of it and stay the loner I've always been.

I have MANY questions about people, and have been questioning this whole facade very much the past few weeks. I have no ill feelings toward you or Linda, although Stew has tried to stir up trouble between me and Linda. I love her as a sister despite Stew's attacks on what she supposedly said to him about me etc..I've never heard it from her own mouth.

The fact that Pam Schuffert is against you reveals volumes. She has come against me as well and you must realize we were friends for the past 2 years until recently so I had her influence on me as well over who was what. I sought her help when I was going through military black op tech targeting. You know that game. I don't appreciate being in it either and have suffered much the past couple years because of the stand I take for Jesus, and my websites online exposing their plans.

The Lord has had you on my heart for the past two weeks. When I read your email about what the government has done to you, I could relate, and there was something about it that just made me realize, this woman is NOT an enemy.

In our worlds, where there is a boogeyman behind every tree, it's hard to know who your friends are or could be.

If I've done anything to hurt you or said anything about you that was not of God I apologize, and loudly on a public forum. Unification is much stronger in Jesus than division. Let's unite as sisters and work together to expose the evil and fulfill our callings in Him. If you can forgive me.

in Jesus, Yahshuah HaMaschiach,
Sherry Shriner

Barbara Hartwell
Thu Dec 11 2003

Dear Sherry,

Thank you for your apology. It is accepted and appreciated. Of course, I can easily forgive your mistake.

The problem I have is that too many people talk about me, and THINK they know things that are nothing but malicious lies, spread by the likes of Larry Lawson, Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick, Tim White, Shirley Anderson et al.

They ALL answer to Ted Gunderson, whether they know it or not. Lawson certainly does! I have evidence that he has been involved with Gunderson and his COINTELPRO operation since the early 90s.

I understand that you do not see Lawson for what he is, and that is unfortunate. I believe that one day, if God has given you a love of the truth, you will. He is a viper and will pay for his crimes against humanity and God, just as the rest of them will.

One day I will be able to prove who he really is, and who he works for and you will be able to review the evidence, like everyone else.

I never "attacked" Larry Lawson. On the contary, he targeted me two years ago and began making vicious libel attacks against me, claiming I am still a "spook"; that I spread disnfo for CIA; that I am a "whore"....etc. etc.

I had never heard of him until he started attacking me FOR NO REASON, except that he was ordered to do so, by Ted Gunderson and his cronies.

I mostly ignored him and his little nest of vipers. I gave him a formal warning and occasionally exposed his lies and refuted his libelous comments about me and others. If I were to answer every liar who attacks me, it would literally be a FULL TIME JOB. I have more important ways to spend my time.

I have published only a fraction of my personal history, or the brutal persecution the gov't has targeted me for. I don't consider it to be important, compared to fighting the NWO. So people can read my material and believe what they will. It does not concern me what people think. Those who have real spirit-filled discernment will KNOW THE TRUTH. Others will not. It's not my problem.

But if they choose to bear false witness against me, and publicly, that's another story. There will be consequences for that, from God Almighty.

I don't get involved in any "Patriot" or "Christian" groups online, so any arguments they may be having do not concern me. I just want to be left alone to pursue my work with no interference, which is my prerogative.

Again, thank you for the apology and God bless you.


Sherry Shriner
re: Apology
Thu Dec 11 2003 3:15:05 pm


It IS a concern of mine with the constant mud slinging. When you sit back and you watch professed Christians calling others whores and scumbags, and the endless list of trash talk, it raises me. Yes I was influenced by Pam Schuffert and Larry Lawson, and not just against you, but others as well.

As believers we are to forgive and to forget, just as Jesus forgives us and no longer remembers our sins. If you are walking with Jesus forgiveness is paramount to becoming more of who He is and doing what He commands us to do. We are to walk in love to all people. I'm not a prime example, I've had my faults and my nerves get short, but I try, and I'm trying because I love Jesus and I want to walk in the love of Jesus. It does get on my nerves what happens in these lists and the mudslinging instead of the even smallest attempt to reconcile, to forgive, to find a foundation and bond in Jesus and move on as brethren.

So yes, there are red flags, there are issues about people I have that I call a friend, or think is a friend, and even those I dont' think are that end up as friends..I only look for one thing and that's Jesus. We're to be a light to the world not a fountain of spew and hate..these things are really beginning to turn me away from some people.

I really don't know why Larry attacks you with the hatred he does. Stew just begs for it. I mean come on, he attacks me and comes up with silly attacks that are groundless, so why wouldn't I suspect he does that to everyone else? If you have info on Larry I would read it from you. I would never believe Stew on anything he says he just has no credibility with me, do you remember last year when he filed an internet restraining order and I was among the listed on it? There's no such thing as an "internet restraining order" it was hysterical. And then this case in Colorado? Linda herself didn't even know her name was on it when I asked her about it (she was supposedly going to be a supportive witness against those people whose names he listed). Then Larry called the court house and the filing didn't even exist. Can you see how delusional he/Stew is?

I dont' know what to do about him? He loves the Lord so what am I supposed to do about something like this?

In Jesus,
Sherry Shriner