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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Libelous Pseudo Report by Anonymous Cowards Todd Fahey, Tim White Et Al

A few months ago, it came to my attention that another libelous smear piece had been published about Barbara Hartwell. (So what else is new?)

How did it come to my attention? Harassing e-mails sent to a Yahoo address (now defunct, I shut down the account --the only way to stop the harassment) from two criminal stalkers, Timothy Patrick White and Todd Brendan Fahey. As usual, both criminals hid behind aliases, in White's case using the pseudonym "Patrick Alexander".

Knowing that the pseudo report had been written by Todd Fahey (just as he has done many times, since 2004, when his obsessive libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell began); and knowing that Tim White had been one of the "sources" (and promoters) of the outrageous lies it contained, I refused to read it.

Fahey and White have been in collusion since 2004 to libel/slander, stalk, harass Barbara Hartwell. These two perps (the demonic duo) could have been hatched from the same noisome pod --they are nearly identical in their appalling behavior and diabolical mindset. From my observations (and no, this is not a joke) they are both possessed by demons.

Others did read the pseudo report and were outraged and disgusted. One such person is my good friend and professional colleague, ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee.

Here are Geral's comments:

The thug who wrote the pseudo-report obviously seeks to harm Barbara Hartwell, whom I know to be in all respects truthful and honorable; Barbara is a target of the fbi/cia goons who seek to end her life, or alternatively to ruin any prospects of a normal life ( free of torture and abuse).

The low life characters and criminals who stalk, threaten and malign Barbara are, in their misplaced hate campaign against her on behalf of the fbi/cia rat bastards, exemplary of the worst form of human intellect that exists on the earth today; their tactics against Barbara reflect their small minds and their criminal intent. They should be prosecuted for violation of a number of federal crimes.

Geral Sosbee

And here, from an article on The Conpiracy Zone, America's Vile, Evil Government at Work, which exposes some of the same liars and criminals (along with a photo gallery of mug shots of these despicable characters), comments from editor Joe Lanier:

Also, do this. Do a Google search on Barbara Hartwell. You’ll find many of her articles exposing the parasites inside the U.S. Government. You will also find smear campaigns by many of the people we have pictured below against her. If her story wasn’t true, why is there such an assault on her writings? If she was just one woman who decided one day to make up a story… do you think the government would send out their cronies in mass to silence and discredit her? No!.... Let us put it another way..HELL NO! 
Let me tell you. I have spoken with Barbara at length. Let me assure you, this is a very highly intelligent lady that knows what she is talking about. She is not the kind of person who would make up a huge story for nearly fifteen years just in hopes of getting a few dollars from the readers' donations.

In November, 2008, I first became aware of this libelous smear piece, originally posted on an idiotic tabloid-style website, "Xena Carpenter", replete with pictures depicting cartoon characters (presumably "Xena Carpenter" herself, if she exists,which I doubt.) It has since been posted on many other sites.  

This is the typical M.O. of the two government stooges, Fahey and White. They pollute the Internet with the garbage they fabricate, the little cowards, as always, hiding behind myriad moronic screen names.

A few days ago, I came upon this pseudo report on a blog site while doing a search on an unrelated matter. Naturally, there was a gaggle of assorted idiots and cyber-junkies commenting and speculating, with their lurid gossip about Barbara Hartwell. (Don't these morons have anything better to do with their time?) One of them was Todd Fahey (using one of his idiotic screen names, naturally.)

As well, I had noticed that this "report" had made its way into the top listings in the Google search engine when my name was entered. It was right up there with the other libelous trash fabricated by Todd Fahey, Ken Adachi, Brenda Negri aka "James L. Choron" (and as always, posted and reposted, promoted and touted ad infinitum, by Tim White and Ken Adachi, including on Adachi's New Age/government disinfo site, Educate-Yourself.)

There is no way to stop these malicious liars from their works of iniquity and diabolical calumny. They are trying to destroy not only my personal/professional reputation, but my very life. I can't stop them from their cacophony of calumny --I can only continue to expose them, as tiresome and time-consuming as it is....

Note that there is no by-line for the "report". Yet the author (Todd Fahey) speaks with smug arrogance as if he is an authority on the life and times of Barbara Hartwell. No sources are given either. There are no facts and no evidence provided.

There are only wild speculation; unfounded assumptions; unwarranted conclusions and outright fabrications.

The same tactic (pretending to be an authority on persons and topics of which he is woefully ignorant) has been used numerous times by Ken Adachi, the primary PR shill for ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson. Gunderson has been engaged in a COINTEPRO campaign of libel and slander (in print, on radio, TV and at conferences, etc.) of Barbara Hartwell, since 2000.

I should also mention that on the "Xena Carpenter" website, the perps have posted photos of my house, along with my PRIVATE unlisted street address. Fahey, White, Adachi and others have been invading my privacy for years in this manner --while also soliciting the crimes of further harassment and stalking by like-minded scum criminals.

They have thus compromised my security and endangered my safety.

As a result of these criminals' monstrous invasions of my privacy and soliciting of crimes against me, I have had other criminals invade my private property, stealing over $2,ooo worth of my possessions.

Police detectives have been furnished with a list of names of these perpetrators (Fahey, White et al) and their criminal accomplices. They already have records of stalking, threats and harassment by Todd Fahey, who was removed twice from my property by police in 2004, once for drunk and disorderly conduct/ making threats of violence; and once for stalking.

Other individuals are also being libeled on this Xena Carpenter website, with similarly outrageous lies being promoted --and of course, pseudo reports written by anonymous cowards. One such person targeted for libel is talk show host and private investigator, Michael Herzog. These perps (Fahey and White) have also harassed Michael by e-mail; and engaged in monstrous invasions of his privacy.

Why was Michael Herzog targeted? Because he defended Barbara Hartwell when Tim White and Aaron James publicly accused me of being a "CIA agent" responsible for shutting down Aaron James's website. Yet another false accusation fomented and promoted by predicate felon and fed snitch, Timothy Patrick White.

Also note that Todd Fahey has concocted several other smear pieces with the exact same title: Who is Barbara Hartwell?

In these previous instances, the so-called "facts" that Fahey (hiding behind a pseudonym, as always) claims to "know" or states with authority, contradict the lies in this latest version. That is to be expected...the liars cannot keep track of their own lies; and when one set of lies are refuted/exposed (including by multiple witnesses) they simply fabricate another set of is all in the nature of patholigical liars and psychopaths, hell-bent on destroying the lives of others.

So here, find my rebuttal of this pathetic and ludicrous pseudo report. My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.

But before I begin, it is important to state the following: I am addressing and refuting this libelous "report" for the public record.

Contrary to what the aggressive, invasive and malicious attitudes of those who wish to destroy my life would falsely suggest, I am not on trial. I am not running for public office. I am not employed by any government (or non-government) agency or entity which would require me to answer interrogations; nor to provide information about my personal life or professional background to the public or to individuals.

What I choose to disclose about my life and personal/professional background is my prerogative --and ONLY my prerogative. And for my own reasons, which are nobody's business but my own.

Additionally, I have no criminal record; nor have committed any crimes. Since these criminals cannot dig up any dirt; nor find any such skeletons in the closet, they must resort to fabricating lies (including about totally irrelevant issues) in order to attempt to discredit Barbara Hartwell.

I am a Sovereign Child of God. As such, God is my only authority and I answer only to God.

Among my God-given rights is the right to privacy. Just because I have made public certain aspects of my personal/professional background does NOT mean that my private life is an open book.

And though I may not be able to stop these loathsome criminals from prying into my private life, I will not be baited or goaded by the likes of Todd Fahey, Tim White and their criminal accomplices into making my private life a topic for public consumption.

Anyone interested in factual information about Barbara Hartwell --or about any of the issues I deem important to expose (mostly involving government crimes, corruption, cover-ups, etc.) may see my website (link given above) or listen to those radio interviews which are still archived on the Internet. The readers may make of the information what they will.

Who is Barbara Hartwell?
[Author not credited; but written by Todd Brendan Fahey]

"Barbara Hartwell appeared online around the time the rest of the world did, circa 1995. She claims to have been employed by the Central Intelligence Agency "for nearly twenty years," prior to "breaking from her handlers." She says she is a "black-ops survivor of Project MK-Ultra"--the CIA's hydra-headed program to brainwash American soldiers and civilians, using drugs such as LSD."

[BHP: Nowhere have I ever stated the phrase "for nearly twenty years" in connection with CIA. What I have stated is the following: From 1969-1994.]

"Such whistleblowing activities are commendable...if they are true.

Unfortunately, many "whistleblowers" today are scam artists who utilize widely-known information from Google searches and sucker the public for monies that they cannot earn by working a real job."

[BHP: All information contained in reports by Barbara Hartwell was gleaned from 1) personal experience and/or firsthand witnessing; 2) my own investigations/research; 3) the testimony of reliable, trustworthy witnesses. Period.

I have never participated in any such "scams" for the purpose of receiving "monies". Period.]

"Barbara Hartwell refuses (or is unable to) provide factual material of her supposed "involvement" in MK-Ultra. To-date, she has never named her "handlers," nor the specific locations of her "employment." She has concocted false and elevated *degrees*: "I was ordained as a minister in the Universalist Church in 1979 (formerly licensed in N.Y. State) and hold a Doctorate of Divinity degree (D.Div.) specializing in pastoral (spiritual) counseling." Ms. Hartwell disregards the fact that a Ph.D. requires having at least a basic college degree--which she has not achieved."

[BHP: Any and all information I have furnished regarding my involvement in MK Ultra, which, as those who have read my reports; heard my radio interviews; seen videotapes, etc. over roughly the past 15 years know, is available for anyone who chooses to search for it.

There has been no "refusal" on my part to "provide factual material". Again, there is plenty of such factual material available.

In point of fact, I have named some of these handlers, as well as "specific locations." The gross ignorance of Todd Fahey on these issues is not my concern.

I have never, at any time "concocted" any "false and elevated degrees"; nor do I lack a college degree, as Fahey claims.]

"Ms. Hartwell does not work "I am destitute" "unable to work" "due to a debilitating, chronic illness brought on by years of persecution by the Government rat bastards", yet resides in beachside southern Maine, in a 3-bedroom home with a market value of $280,000. She claims to be the "owner" of said dwelling. See XXX [NOTE: I have removed the address and replaced with XXX] as of July 2007, here. Click the photos to see full pictures. Photos courtesy of a nice real estate agent who was in the area to take them."

[BHP: Fahey has no idea about any sort of "work" I do. Just because I am not an "employee", does not mean I do not "work". For those interested in my "work" (at least that which has been published) see my website.

The location of my home and my street address are my PRIVATE business. Same goes for any private/personal business connected to my home. Case closed.

As for the "nice real estate agent", who participated in invasions of my privacy, if such a person exists, I will track this intruder down and expose him/her, along with the name of the real estate agency, and the fact of his/her collusion with the criminals who contributed to this "report". 
(The name of the scumbag real estate agent who aided and abetted these criminals invading my privacy is one Katherine Flynt. May her name live in infamy.)

However, it is more likely that the photos were taken not by a "nice real estate agent", by some lowlife local yokel, recruited by Fahey and White as part of their criminal conspiracy.]

"Ms. Hartwell claims to come from "a CIA family" and that her own sister, Irene Adrian, was kidnapped in Mexico by the late Nelson Rockefeller and current Vice President Dick Cheney, drugged, and forced to perform sexual acts for their pleasure. [Additional story by Ms. Hartwell's sister here: "The Mexican Horror".

[BHP: So what if I come from a CIA family? I made that public from Day One. And an article written by my sister has nothing to do with me, except that I published it on my website ( What's his point?]

"At points in her writings, Ms. Hartwell has claimed that "the CIA got hold of me as a child." Such a claim would render her part of Project Monarch--a particularly twisted sexual slavery and brainwashing subproject of MK-Ultra, alleged by late CIA Director William Colby as having "been stopped in the late-60s or early 70s."

[BHP: Here is just more unfounded speculation by Todd Fahey. As for "Project Monarch", I was never a part of any such project. Furthermore, Monarch was not a CIA operation. I have stated these facts publicly numerous times, when other igoramuses and malicious liars of Fahey's ilk tried to tar me with that brush.

Again, what is his point? How would Fahey know what is true and what is not? What are his sources for these claims?]

"Ms. Hartwell claims that her sister, Irene, was placed into sexual bondage since childhood, but that she--chaste Barbara--was never subject to such abuses. Indeed, she becomes indignant when questioned about ever being used by Intelligence in sexual functions."

[BHP: Again, again, I will repeat (for the hearing, or thinking impaired): I was never involved in any way, shape or form in any sort of "sexual bondage", etc.

And although I have not been "questioned", as Fahey claims, by anyone regarding this topic, I have certainly been the target of many liars (including Ken Adachi, Tim White, Pam Schuffert et al) who have been spreading such lies and disinformation about Barbara Hartwell...including about "Monarch"; about "sex slavery"; and even "satanism".

For those interested in the truth about these issues, you may find a number of reports addressing them on my website.]

"Hartwell, herself, has written of her alleged past-CIA tenure: "Among the code names assigned to me and under which I was utilized were: Sleeping Beauty, Blue Rose, and Black Angel. These code names make references to esoteric symbolism which relates to the nature of the various black operations and to the missions assigned to me. I reveal these names because I believe that some of those reading this may recognize them and understand their meaning."

[BHP: what? They are just some code names. What is this moron trying to prove?]

"But this is as far as she has ever gone in her "reports." The purpose of "whistleblowing" is to right official injustices; Hartwell does not seem to be interested in exposing those who performed wrongdoing...or else she is fabricating a past that exists only in her imagination."

[BHP: Fahey's 'report' becomes more absurd by the paragraph. Anyone interested in what I have exposed regarding injustices, crimes and corruption by CIA and others may read my reports. He's clearly not too bright if he can't think up anything more "incriminating" to say against Barbara Hartwell than this drivel.]

"And because lies are a loathesome thing and those suckered by scamsters deserve the truth, a generic Google search was executed on Barbara Hartwell. The first question was to chart her physical steps from 1995 - present, to follow the crumbs, as it were."

[BHP: Anyone who believes that a "Google search" will unveil "the truth" about any individual is an imbecile. And it's clear from what follows here that Fahey is simply engaging in more speculation, since he has no facts or evidence to support his claims.]

"Prior to living in Southern Maine, Ms. Hartwell's previous address had been Woodstock, New York. So, in reviewing P.O. Box 832, Woodstock, NY (to which she solicited funds to her "Legal Defense and Research Trust"), a curious co-mingling was revealed with one Roy Francis Stewart, who shared the very same P.O. Box during the very same years as it was used by Ms. Hartwell."

[BHP: There is, nor has ever been, no "co-mingling" re my Legal Defense & Research Trust with any individual, including Roy Francis Stewart. Period. But again, what is the point? Fahey thinks this "exposes" me as a "scam artist"; or "loathesome" (misspelled by Fahey) "liar"?]

"In fact, the two seem to be a couple of longstanding: a review of the U.S. Copyright Office shows that Roy Francis Stewart and Barbara Hartwell penned jointly and registered a screenplay titled Kidnap [Registered 1990, PAu 1-325-491]. A dramatic screenplay does not write itself, and it would be reasonable to assume--by this discovery--that Mr. Stewart and his collaborator have known each other since 1988, minimum."

[BHP: Just more speculation here...I am not part of any "couple", as Fahey insinuates. And any professional/business dealings I may have had with others are once again, my business, and only my business, and bear no relevance to the alleged subject matter of this "report".]

In summary, this criminal's attempt to "expose" Barbara Hartwell as a fraud, and a "liar" running a scam for money, has failed miserably.

But I do have a judicious piece of advice for this government stooge, this poseur, this CIA-wannabe, Todd Fahey, and his accomplices: Don't give up your day job!]

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 5, 2009