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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Government Stooges Mutual Admiration Society: Adachi, White, Fahey

Ken Adachi, Timothy Patrick White and Todd Brendan Fahey are but three of a gaggle of government stooges whose favorite pastime seems to be promoting outlandish conspiracy theories.

These theories, naturally, are rife with scandal-mongering, defamation and character assassination, directed against legitimate persons who are actually exposing the very government corruption these stooges loudly denounce, in their foolish attempts to aggrandize their own egos.

Do these stooges furnish any facts to validate their theories or claims? No, since facts are unimportant in their view. Do they have evidence to back up their claims? Certainly not! Who needs evidence when they can rely on parroting hearsay, malicious gossip, and the wild speculation (and let's not forget the outrageous fabrications) of their fellow stooges?

Here, just a few examples of the idiocy run rampant in the government stooges' deluded minds....

Tim White & Ken Adachi Mutual Admiration Society

Tim White Pontificates on TRUTH, Satan, & Endorses Ken Adachi

This is something that just blew me away when I noticed my very own listing on Kens' great site,he just started with but a few posts of the many I sent his way;Ken is absolutely buried with his workload so he will post more when time permits.This he did just 2 days ago and I-to say the very least-am very honored and thankful to him for this recognition.I hope that I can continue to be a bearer of the Sword of Truth for as long as the Good Lord allows me and also to help make the SLEEPING masses AWAKEN as I steadfastly try to do,many more informed,aware,and activated people are doing their part also but we must have many more join us,time is now very critical and short on hand.There simply is NO greater weapon against EVIL than the TRUTH-may it be spread FAR and WIDE to destroy Satan,his minions,and their evil plans for us all.

Tim White, Viet Nam Vet/Concerned Citizen

Ken Adachi's Promotional Statement for Tim White
Tim White Postings


September 17, 2004

I originally met Tim White over the internet because of my association with Ted Gunderson. Tim came to Ted's defense over the internet on numerous occasions against government mind controlled disinformation agents and slanderers with names like Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb. Working from a library computer, Tim has the habit of picking out the most cogent and germane articles for re posting to other web sites and some sixty odd chat groups.

Tim sends out so many 'on target' articles to his daily list, that I decided to devote a special page exclusively to his chosen material and commentaries. I've grouped one series of Tim's postings under the heading of "The Planned Destruction of America" because that's what Tim's postings make crystal clear: we are being betrayed by our own government and that betrayal is about as in-your-face as it can possibly get, yet the public walks around as if in a sleepwalk, allowing the media ministry to keep them mesmerized with sin, sex, and TV survival sensationalism, followed up by a morbid preoccupation with sports. The Roman emperor Nero called that sort of calculated diversion "Bread & Circus". Today, it's hot dogs and baseball.

Another Government Stooge Surfaces: Fan of Tim White & Ken Adachi

Stephen Calkins wrote:
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 14:43:38 -0400
Subject: Hi Pat
From: Stephen Calkins
To: Patrick Alexander [Tim White]

Hi Tim/Pat,
Excuse the long delay. I am WAY behind on emails, and just now reading this one. Sorry to hear of the difficulties created by Janet and friends. I did a Google search (as you recommended), and the following is what I came up with, (after about a half hour of reading.) I sent the following to the moderator of a list that Janet and I are on together: Tim White is starting to make real sense to me, and I believe that Janet's attacks on Tim, are attacks on a real patriot. Also Janet is connected to and supports 'former' CIA agent Barbara Hartwell, who attacks Ken Adachi, amongst others. I have read Ken's website, and find it to be excellent, and filled with truth. If Barbara Hartwell is attacking Ken Adachi, then this is a big RED FLAG.

Since Janet Phelan, and Barbara Hartwell quote one another's views on Hartwell's website, similarly attacking a number of expose persons,(Gunderson, White, Adachi, etc.), this immediately raises red flags concerning Janet's real motives as an 'activist', especially since her father was connected to very dark activities personally.

Ken Adachi: Stooge & Apologist for Whackjobs, Liars, Crooks, Porno-mongers

Selected Excerpts:

Although I often use sarcasm and humor to make my case, it will become clear that the subject matter and the characters featured here lend themselves to just such an approach. There are some very strange and whacked-out people in this world, involved in some very bizarre activities and operations. What is even stranger, most of them seem to be working for the U.S. Government!... as law enforcement personnel, intelligence operatives or, as some featured in this report, their stooges, dupes and minions.

Nonetheless, I'm sure that the more discerning readers won't let the satirical nature of my writing style overshadow the fact that that I am as serious as deadly sin (of which there is much elaborated on herein) about what is being reported here; as well as in my dedication to putting as many of these crooks and scamsters as possible out of business, once and for all.

All persons named in this report are referred to by their actual names and bear as precise a resemblance as I am capable of describing, to themselves. No names have been changed to cover up for the guilty, nor even to protect the innocent. This report is not about protection. It is about justice.


For those who enjoy "educating" themselves --at least about the latest escapades and schemes of some of the sleaziest con men, whackjobs and liars on the planet-- here's some exciting news!

Congratulations are in order to Ken Adachi, crackpot and willing stooge for the New World Order, who serves as PR man and apologist for ex-FBI agent and COINTELPRO Head Honcho Ted L. Gunderson and his entourage of dupes and flunkies. The ever-enterprising Mr. Adachi has now expanded his disinformation data base and shown himself to be quite the talent scout.

Apparently, Gunderson's handlers (the Dark Overlords who control Adachi through Gunderson) have become so desperate to discredit Barbara Hartwell (whom Adachi has been running his malicious smear campaign against since 2000) that he is now scraping the bottom of the barrel and has dredged up two (2) fabulous new "talents" to promote on his government-sponsored disinfo site, which he calls "Educate Yourself". (Better known among legitimate professionals as Indoctrinate Yourself.)

What's more, it's a real plus that Adachi's splendid new recruits have no need of indoctrination: They're already working 'round the clock to harass Barbara Hartwell, against whom they are each running their own malicious libel campaigns, just chock-full of outrageous lies. (How's that for a coincidence?)

Yes indeed, Adachi has gone slumming. If you thought Patriot Spy Ted Gunderson was bad news (or perhaps becoming an increasing liability where credibility is concerned) well, just take a look (though you might not want to look too long) at what Adachi has scraped from the bottom of the trash bin: Todd Brendan Fahey, "Friend of Liberty" and false "conservative patriot"; and cross-dressing conspiracy kook Tim White. (I do hope Adachi was wearing rubber gloves, or he'll surely contract one of those dreadful diseases.)


As will become quite clear as you read on, Adachi's new compatriots and partners-in-slime, Fahey and White, have much in common. Both are foul-mouthed users and promoters of pornography. Both have a long history of arrests on drug and/or alcohol related charges.

Both are delusional wannabes who fancy themselves "players" among the International Intelligence/Law Enforcement Community and attendant Conspiracy Crowd. Both are pathological liars. Both engage in criminal stalking and harassment (on foot, in vehicles, by phone and in cyberspace).

Both have been known to cook up some very nasty blackmail/extortion schemes. Both make a regular practice of theft of documents and sundry other items. Both labor under the burden of profound psychopathology, including paranoid fantasies (of the clinical sort) and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Both are sniveling little sissies and cowards who couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag if their lives depended on it. Lastly and certainly most relevant for the purposes of this report, both Fahey and White have targeted Barbara Hartwell and associated persons for libel, stalking and various forms of criminal harassment.