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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cyber-Stalker Tim White Invades Christian Message Board Under Alias: Demands 'Hate Crime' Style Censorship

Here, find an excerpt from a report (2005) which shows the tactics of predicate felon, criminal stalker Tim White. White, along with accomplices Larry Lawson and Todd Fahey, joined this group with the specific and malicious intent of harassing and libeling Barbara Hartwell.

Also note that both White and Fahey joined the group hiding behind aliases, to prevent themselves from being identified as disruptors. The demonic duo, Fahey and White, have been in collusion since 2004, to stalk, harass, libel and slander Barbara Hartwell.

And these loathsome criminals are both still at it, to this very day. The latest (at least that I know of) is Tim White's DEMAND to Google for 'hate crime'-style censorship of Barbara Hartwell's website.

White demanded that my website be REMOVED, and accused me of being "in the employ of the CIA". And ironically, White's DEMAND to Google (in which I was accused of all sorts of dastardly deeds) was comprised of nothing more than the usual vicious, sensationalist name-calling, libelous as all hell....

I'm sure Tim White will be happy as a clam if the communist tyrant Obama succeeds in forcing through the 'Hate Crime' legislation which could make "criminals" out of Christians (and others) simply for exercising their God-given right to free speech. For this is precisely what Tim White, Gerry Donaldson and many other hypocrites are advocating....

In this case, the cowardly Tim White hides behind the alias "Patrick Alexander". At the time, I suspected that this was indeed Tim White, but had no evidence. Since that time, I have gathered plenty of such evidence, in the form of harassing e-mails to me and others, using the same alias, "Patrick Alexander."

The moderator of the group, one Gerry Donaldson, was at the time a member of Rick Stanley's Revolutionary Coalition, an organization formed for the purpose of uniting patriots and "defending our God-given (natural), unalienable, constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights."

Donaldson's message board, Awaken American Christians, was an offshoot of the RC.

For the entire report see:

Riding Herd: Micro-Management by Consensus Vs. Individual Liberty

Gerry Donaldson wrote:


FYI. Barbara must have been having a bad time when she mentions "admonishing" her on Awaken American Christians. Actually, she was the one getting attacked and I stepped up and said, "those who bash other members of the forum rather than keeping with the mission of the forum to educate Americans as to their unalienable and Constitutionally guaranteed rights..will be removed from the forum."

See what happens when you defend some people? LOL

BH: Here, I present the ACTUAL postings to which I referred in my commentary; and which refute Gerry Donaldson's contentions and prove my original point: That he admonished me for purported "bashing."

I should add that Gerry Donaldson DELETED one of my posts before he wrote this, which is what started the whole thing. The post in question was about cyber-stalking and criminal harassment by Todd Brendan Fahey, who in collusion with his cohorts, Tim White and Larry Lawson, was posting outrageous lies and character assassination against Barbara Hartwell on various message boards, including this one, Awaken American Christians. Gerry Donaldson did NOT "defend" me, as per his claim. On the contrary, here is the evidence shown by his actual words:

Patrick and Barbara Hartwell,

I have posted several times that bashing other members will not be allowed on this forum. This goes for everyone on here.

While I've seen postings on other forums from both sides of this mess and am fully aware of the allegations that both sides make. This is not my issue as I'm not involved, nor do I wish to be. I'm not lending creedence to either side here.

However, for the purpose of this forum, I do not condone this type of activity as it is counterproductive and serves no useful purpose in returning this government to its biblical basis. We can debate, discuss and sometimes argue over issues regarding our government, and some of these will get heated, but this type of posting will not be allowed here.

I really hate to remove members, but I will have no choice but to do so if I see this continue.

The message I mention [Barbara Hartwell's post] will be deleted immediately.

Gerry Donaldson

"Patrick Alexander" wrote:

Then delete ALL of the trash put up by this slanderer-Hartwell.If you do not act evenly and fair on this then you will be suspect.

Gerry Donaldson wrote:

That is fair. Tonight I will review previous messages for "bashing" of members and delete those messages.

People on this forum will find that I am a fair person and will not hold a double standard. I am easy to get along with as long as we don't have a lot of this kind of posting which, as I said before, is counter productive.

Hopefully we will not have any further conflicts on this.

Gerry Donaldson

Response of Barbara Hartwell:

Given above is an exchange between Gerry Donaldson and one "Patrick Alexander."

I have no idea what is being referred to here. I do not know, nor have I ever heard of, this person, "Patrick Alexander". This is the first time I have ever seen his name. Nor, obviously, have I ever read anything written by him, on this forum or elsewhere. I have certainly never used his name in any of my writings, not knowing of his existence until this moment.

Whomever he is, he does not know me. He calls me a "slanderer" and claims that I post "trash". He is entitled to his opinion. I will make a note of it, conduct my own investigation and perhaps will address him (whatever his real name may be) elsewhere. However, since he is allowed to call me by this epithet and state this opinion on this forum, please have the courtesy to allow me this response, which will be the last thing I post on this forum.

The only post of mine that I have ever seen be removed was on August 4, 2005. I assumed that since the forum is moderated it was removed at the discretion of the moderator, Gerry Donaldson. That is his prerogative. Having the post removed does not concern me. I have posted it elsewhere.

However, I disagree with Gerry Donaldson about what constitutes "bashing". My reports are based on facts, are backed by solid evidence and expose the criminals and their minions who are destroying this country from within, which was exactly what the post in question was about.

I believe in exposing crimes and corruption and naming names, especially when the criminals are persecuting me personally. These people are my enemies and I refuse to pretend otherwise. I call a spade a spade. And that is what I will continue to do.

Many of the posts I have seen here are just second hand information, common knowledge among educated and informed people for many years. Yet they are presented with a dramatic flair by the uninformed, as if they were some sort of "news flash". Personally, I find no value in them. They just take up space.

Please consider this my formal notice that I will no longer be posting here and will remove myself from the membership. I'm sure that will make everyone happy. Feel free to remove all my previous posts.

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell
August 6, 2005

So much for Gerry Donaldson's purported "defense" of Barbara Hartwell. And let him "LOL" to his heart's content. I don't find it amusing, though I'm sure his like-minded pals do.

This display of hypocrisy, in an attempt to cover for himself (while accusing me of being a "disinformer") leads me to wonder about the motives behind it.

So, evidently, according to Gerry Donaldson's policy, stalkers, porno-mongers, provocateurs, liars and criminals, just because they are "members" of some message board (which anyone can join under various aliases and screen names) should be coddled by a moderator who claims to be "fair."

This attitude is reminiscent of "hate crime" or "hate speech" legislation: Whatever you do, don't offend anyone. Heaven forbid! Censor and ride herd over everyone.

Don't be "divisive" even when you're dealing with the enemy. Don't take sides, either. Keep it all under control.

Utter nonsense, if ever I've heard it. Tyrannical? To the max. Autocratic? You bet it is. And highly suspect, I might add.