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Friday, March 27, 2009

A Morality Tale: Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick, Ace G-Man

'Ace G-Man' Brenda Negri in her Government (TSA) Uniform


I wrote this report in January, 2002. Since that time, Brenda Negri (under her real name) has been supported, defended and promoted by a number of other government stooges and shills, for the simple reason that she has been exposed by Barbara Hartwell, who seems to have been deemed Public Enemy Number One by this particular gaggle of stooges.

Known accomplices of Brenda Negri (past and/or current) with whom she has been in collusion to stalk, harass, threaten, libel/slander legitimate whistleblowers, journalists, Messengers of Truth, Defenders of Liberty, include: Timothy Patrick White; Ken Adachi; Shirley Anderson; Todd Brendan Fahey; Larry Lawson.

And mark my words: not a word uttered or written by any of these government stooges can be believed!

If you read enough reports on this site, you will see these same names turn up again and again... and like a bad penny, they always come back. And, like birds of a feather (vultures and scavengers, that is) they flock together.

Lastly, keep in mind that Brenda Negri, hiding behind yet another alias, "James L. Choron", is the author of the libelous pseudo report (see previous post) filled with outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell.

The very same report being distributed by predicate felon Tim White, and which to this day remains posted on Ken Adachi's government disinfo site, Educate-Yourself.

Get behind me, Satan!

March 27, 2009

I would like to tell you a true story, perhaps best described as a morality tale, about my short --but not sweet-- association with a woman named Brenda Negri, who goes under the alias Ranger Rick.

The reason I feel the need to tell this story is that this woman has recently embarked on a vicious public slander and libel campaign against me.

The facts I will outline here should speak for themselves. I am also including Brenda Negri's testimony, in her own words, taken from commentaries posted on her website and others, such as American Patriots Friends Network and Rumor Mill News.

The unconscionable and malicious lies this woman has been spreading about myself and others will be revealed and I can only hope that her assassination of my character and her assault on my professional reputation will be perceived by all who have the discernment; the eyes to see or ears to hear.


Here's how my ill-fated dealings with Brenda Negri began. In mid-October of 2001 a person using the alias 'Ranger Rick' posted a message on the Rumor Mill News Forum, suggesting that RMN readers take a look at an article written by me, under the whistleblower section on Conspiracy Planet, titled Tyranny, Treachery, Terrorism and Trauma: The Formula.

I wrote an e-mail to Ranger Rick, just to say thank you for recommending my article. Hindsight may be 20-20, but writing this brief, innocuous little note was one of the most injudicious moves I ever made.

At the time, I had no idea who Ranger Rick really was. All I knew was that RR presented himself as the 'Ace G-Man' accompanied by a cadre of 'Fab Feebs' and 'Savvy Spooks', also billed as a group of 'rogue' intelligence operatives' and law-enforcement types who were hard at work fighting for Truth, Justice, the Constitution and the American Way. It sounded good, but as I should have reminded myself, things are not always what they seem.

In 'his' writings, Ranger Rick always used the plural pronoun "we". As if there were more than one of these 'Fab Feebs', or 'rogue operatives'. The implication was that there was a network of these 'agents' working together for a common cause.

Ranger Rick —touted as the undisputed and fearless head honcho of this band of righteous 'rogues'— also seemed to have taken on the persona of John Wayne, right down to addressing the readers of his commentaries as "Pilgrim", while preaching and admonishing them to follow Ranger Rick's heroic lead. Ranger Rick walked tall and talked tough, about 'mole hunts', tricks of 'tradecraft' and chasing down 'NWO scum', 'Yakuza Thugs' and 'Mob Goons'.

But as I soon found out, there was no such 'Ace G-Man', nor were there any 'Fab Feebs' or 'spooks' in alliance with the tough-talking, mob-chasing, tradecrafting, mole-hunting Ranger Rick.

The individual masquerading as Ranger Rick was simply a lone civilian woman named Brenda Negri, who worked at a mundane office job in Los Angeles. A woman with absolutely no background in intelligence or law enforcement. No training in any sort of 'tradecraft'. No legitimate credentials in any field, as she inferred. None of the awesome experience and expertise in or firsthand knowledge of 'the covert world' of which she brazenly boasted in her prolific public commentaries.

I know this, simply by virtue of the fact that she admitted all these things to me herself.

Since I refuse to have dealings with people who won't be straight with me about their real identities, I was not about to engage in serious communications with any person claiming to be an 'Ace G-Man'; not without knowing the real deal.

And although it took awhile, roughly two months, I finally found out that all the tough talk and grandiose claims were nothing but hot air and horseshit. As to what was her motive for staging this absurd scam? It's anyone's guess. But I have some ideas about that and will gladly share them.

Quote from 'Ranger Rick':

"We try our best to stand up for integrity and honesty here......We don't claim to be anything we ain't. We're plucky, nosey, resourceful, courageous, persistent, honest, integral, humble and don't take 'no' for an answer when we think we are being shielded from finding out the truth."

--From the Fifth Horseman website, Dec 26, 2001

Quote from Brenda Negri:

"PS: Would you PLEASE abstain from telling people I am a plant from and/or for the CIA. You're blowing my fucking cover all to hell, Webb! Besides, its ONI who runs me, not Langley (ha - checkmate)"

--Postscript from an e-mail sent to Federal Whistleblower Stew Webb, Tuesday, November 13, 2001

So, Brenda is REALLY being 'run' by ONI? The Office of Naval Intelligence, that is.

At least that's what she claimed to Stew Webb. Well, that's an interesting twist. But hardly believable. And far be it from me to blow Brenda's deep cover. But please, read more of her fabulous claims of cloak-and-dagger derring-do and decide for yourself.

Here, more quotes from Ranger Rick:

"Speaking of MIND CONTROL, we have to again say "oops" in our assessment of who's legit and who's not, or perhaps the better term is "to be trusted." We won't name names. We WILL however thank Mike Sweeney of who has had a hell of a lot more experience dealing with MC types coming out of the woodwork than we have. He must have had a premonition.

He warned us that the closer we got to the truth and the bigger toes we stepped on, the bigger the chance there was that someone with Langley connections would start planting MC people on us to delay, confuse, disinfo, sponge intelligence off of us, get names, and basically cause us to run up some pretty big phone bills. Boy, was HE right.

It's best to remember the evil and sick minds behind the training these people had (one source of ours went so far as to say for this reason, they doubt that most of these people ever really 'come clean' and are as adept at being deceptive and manipulative as their 'handlers' were) and also to keep in mind that the chances of them being totally "out" of the 'spell' is pretty slim. The odds they can be reactivated and triggered to do the CIA's dirty work again are pretty high, or so we've come to think. We also note that the two MC's that were put on us shared a couple of things in common. Any other SINCERE and LEGIT researchers out there may want to take note of this. It could happen to you. Both operatives were always financially bereft and perennially 'down and out', barely making it. And both mysteriously lacked the where-with-all [sic] to get long distance phone service.....thus making it necessary for the 'target' (in this case US) to be the one to run up the hefty phone bills.

In addition, both claimed to have ties to Langley (and more) yet could never really come up with any hold in your hand proof or evidence. Both excelled at extraction of information. Both would contact us at the most interesting times that invariably coincided with something else major going on. Timing IS everything."

--From The Fifth Horesman website, December 26, 2001.

As everyone has probably figured out by now, one of the "two MC's" Brenda claims were "put on" her was yours truly, Barbara Hartwell. (I can't be sure of the identity of the other individual to whom she refers.) But let me dispel the ridiculous notion that I was 'planted' by CIA on the anonymous and inconsequential Brenda Negri, by simply telling the truth about what really happened.

On the evening of December 26, I posted a report, Beyond the Denver Connection, on my own website, which was subsequently also posted on Rumor Mill News; Bart Cop; 911 UK; American Patriot Friends Network and The Konformist.

In this report I included a segment about Ranger Rick, outlining the unconscionable tactics she had used on me and others: Her bogus claims to being a 'spook'; her spreading of misinformation; her name-dropping of well-known people connected to the intelligence community; her attempts to ride on the coattails of known whistleblowers; her violations of my personal confidences; her flagrant interference in my personal and professional business.

As mentioned in my previous report, my purpose in exposing this woman as a phony was simply an attempt to protect myself from further damages as well as to stop the spreading of misinformation, which had compromised my own investigations, particularly as related to the so-called Denver Connection; and stirred up trouble between myself and certain associates and contacts.

Prior to exposing Brenda's transgressions publicly, I had issued several polite and respectful warnings to her to cease and desist from publicizing information I had given to her IN CONFIDENCE.

To stop harassing my contacts —whom she did not know—; to stop using strong-arm tactics in her efforts to force my contacts to give her sensitive personal information about themselves which was none of her business.

At times, she even resorted to veiled threats, claiming she was on a 'mole hunt' and that nobody had yet survived a mole hunt by The Fifth Horseman.

This obnoxious, presumptuous, unethical behavior and gross interference naturally elicited a response of anger and outrage by those whom she targeted, including myself. I was given opinions by several people, all bona fide ex-military or ex-intelligence operatives, whom she had approached —using my name— and presuming to speak on my behalf, without my knowledge or permission.

These individuals all told me that this woman was nothing but a loudmouthed, pretentious 007 wannabe with an apparent case of testosterone poisoning (her being a woman notwithstanding); and/or someone with delusional fantasies which had apparently spun out of control.

I should have listened to these people, but believe it or not, I actually continued to give Brenda the benefit of the doubt. I even went so far as to defend her to my contacts, saying I believed she meant well and had a good heart underneath all the bluster and macho-man bravado.

As it turned out, I was wrong. Anyone with a good heart or the sincerity and 'integrity' she keeps reminding everyone of —daily— on her website, could never have told the malicious lies which she eventually resorted to when she saw that I and others would no longer tolerate her continuing intrusions, gatecrashing, interference and violations of privacy.

Truly, I gave her every possible chance to stop her brazen interference and as I privately told a few others in confidence, I was hoping she wouldn't push me so far that I would have no choice but to expose her transgressions, in my own defense and for my own protection.

But as she herself admitted, in the quotes I have included here, she "won't take no for an answer." And evidently, 'not taking no for an answer' means continuing to push others like a bulldozer, despite their warnings that she has overstepped her bounds; and that the "nosiness" she seems to think of as such a virtue is in fact a remarkable disregard for the privacy and personal boundaries of individuals. Individuals she has no business interfering with.

Once Brenda realized that I had in fact been very serious in my warnings about refusing to tolerate violations of privacy and betrayals of confidence; which I clearly demonstrated by exposing her charlatanry publicly, she began her slander campaign in earnest.

Another individual who had been harassed and publicly slandered by Brenda, Federal whistleblower Stew Webb, also made it clear that he too, had had enough of Brenda's disrespect and interference.

He posted his comments on the message board of American Patriot Friends Network, in defense of Al Martin, after Brenda accused Martin of being a bogus whistleblower; a fraud; and of planning to take a payoff by the government.
Stew exposed Brenda's fraudulent claims and lies; and told the truth about her real name. He also posted an e-mail message from Brenda in which she claimed to be "run by ONI".

Brenda responded by posting a potpourri of nasty messages, in one of which she claimed that Stew Webb was: "A CIA mind-controlled mole". Well, I guess no one is safe when Ranger Brenda gets a bee in her bonnet and launches one of her 'mole hunts'.

Here, for your reading pleasure, is an excerpt from one of Brenda Negri's responses to Stew Webb's posts:

"There's some folk -emphasis on the FOLK part- who take themselves a-waaaay toooo serious on dis here board.....You'll pardon us but after our well placed icy little stabs and jabs on the web at Stew, CIA plant Babs Hartwell and Co. tonight, we'll kindly revert back into the grinning Cheshire Cat and return to doing what we do best, which is outing disinfo artists and going after corruption and mob goons and spooks....Tah tah, lovey....and remember, keep your hands to yourselves now, boys.."


And now, something really bizarre. I can't make heads nor tails of this post by Ranger Rick, seemingly apropos of nothing at all, but maybe you'll have better luck..........

[edited for brevity]

"Listen Webb, it's obvious we're having a problem in the communications department. In the future you've got to tell me what it is you want right away, because otherwise I've got no way of knowing that you don't want to see my penis. I'm a pretty sharp guy/girl, but you can't expect me to know how you're feeling all the time. Unless you tell me, I'm going to just assume that you want to see my penis.....I'm just a guy/girl with, if I do say so myself, a very nice penis. Hefty. Thick. Purpose-built....... A miracle of evolutionary design. There's no way anyone could look at it and think it's anything but a fine healthy penis. I know, because out of the literally thousands of people who have seen it, not one of them has mistaken it for anything but a penis.....Showing my penis is my way of being part of the crowd. More important, do you think I'd show my penis so much if I wasn't a friendly person ? Of course not..... I'm not just doing this for myself, though it does give me the warm feeling that comes from sharing. I do this because I want everyone to be my friend. And there's no better way to make friends than by showing people your penis. All this talking about my penis makes me want to see it right now. Just to look at it, mind you. I'm not going to touch it in any fashion that doesn't relate to letting everyone see it better. That would be sexual, and that's not the point. The point is that everyone should get to see it. Therefore, I have to raise it up a bit, or otherwise manipulate it so that it's more visible, then that's what I have to do. Of course, if you still don't want to see it, I won't take it out at all, out of respect for your weird neurosis."

It would appear that the "weird neurosis" belongs NOT to Stew Webb, but is more likely to be that of Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick. Some serious psychopathology would certainly explain this woman's strange behavior....but then again, maybe it's just a classic case of penis envy.

More quotes from 'Ranger Rick':

"We'll promise you two things here, and none will involve a ring or a long term commitment. This WILL be the last lecture we unleash up here this year ( ha! coy disclaimer that one) about some of the sh-t we've stirred up out there the last two weeks by daring to step on the Toes of the Whistleblower Gods on High.......Cheap thrills R US.

First of all, to tend to the sincere lot of you out there who e-mailed us today saying how our post today relating to Al Martin and certain MIND CONTROL operatives really struck a chord with them. Several of you thanked us for being so forthcoming with this information......because you suspect you may have been subjected to the same kind of agent-in-place being slapped on YOU for asking too many questions or digging in the 'wrong' places. know Stew you really did have a case. Once. But something happened on the way to Denver...actually a lot of things happened connected to Denver, most of them planned that way, and it all STINKS to us.

Matter of fact, it just reeks of the scent of pot. It smells like people so frantic to do damage control because their precious disinfo 'covers' are getting outed, that they will reduce themselves to teaming up with pot pushing cons like Doreen Bishop.

THREE BLIND MICE. SEE HOW THEY RUN. Hey, tis the season. May as well clean house, wipe the slate clean of disinfo perps and begin_2002 with a few less moles, Mind Controlled drones and triggered loons.

This post....and a tad of what was up before it has caused spook s--t to hit some fans. In a nutshell, we called Al Martin, Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb on the carpet. These three have Denver, unemployment, the constant solicitation of funding and money, and supposed ties to intelligence that vary from real to quasi to outright imagined, in common. They share a disturbing element of timing of their recent rants and comments and 'leaks' that screams of a highly orchestrated set up and disinfo ploy to us that is directly related to us questioning the 'legendary' Al Martin.

Our boldly going where few tread has caused somewhat of a fracas on many sites and message boards, including the unmasking of us from under our alias of Ranger Rick. We have always told readers of this site.....who the REAL Ranger Rick is — and have done so for safety and privacy reasons. Unlike the three people we have 'outed' we have a job, a damn good one at that. The FBI, spooks, covert players — already know who we are for years.

Do YOU honestly think we need any more crap than we already got ? We can handle the volume we got right now, thank you, and it's only bearable due to us being able to 'out' these bastards and perps on this site-since doing so, many of them have backed waaaay off. THEY know. And, as previously stated, the real players already know who we are.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE ! DEPT.: Since taking on the tender topic of integrity, ethics, and morality in the Patriot movement and truth seeking department we note our 'new' website url does not work anymore........

We apologize for the inconvenience and the confusion but we can't apologize for those behind it. As to the timing of the sudden demise of the new url, it relates to one certain 'outed' Mind Control perp by the name of Barbara Hartwell, her obvious deep and very active connections to Denver, the CIA, Doreen Bishop, Al Martin and flaming spewer of gab, Stew Webb — well, that says it all.

AH, but to be famous, gainfully employed, and a mercenary bent on disinfo, disorder and separating naive hardworking people from their hard earned money like these guys are. It must be really great to wake up every morning and look themselves in the eye and say, " So who can I bilk, buffalo, and bluster today with my endless psychodramas, bogus lawsuits and psuendo [sic] 'Iran Contra Insider' B.S. ? Sell, sell, sell and buy, buy, buy. The consumerization of truth. Ha -not for us and not here we don't."


Brenda accuses me of being single-handedly responsible for her new url not working. In addition to being delusional...just maybe, is she a bit paranoid? In a clinical sense, that is; not the colloquial meaning most of us use to describe hyper-vigilance, in response to REAL, not IMAGINED attacks.

Well, now that she has decided that I am a 'CIA plant'; a 'disinfo artist'; a 'mercenary'; a 'Mind Control perp'; and a bilker of the earnings of hardworking folks, does she now extend her theory of my nefarious activities to arrive at the inescapable conclusion that I am also some sort of computer hacker? What gives?

But wait....I think we can solve the mystery of the non-working URL without further speculation......let's hear once again from the redoubtable Brenda herself:

"ERRATA. Also known as OOPS. We've since been told the reason for our downed url ( is a big fat DOS (Denial of Service) Attack, which has taken out several urls and is supposed to be fixed soon. OK Stormy, you're off the s--- list, mate!"

So Stormy, the man who kindly gave Ranger Rick her new url, a domain name, was immediately put on her 'shit list', and then graciously taken off the hook. But how that relates to Barbara Hartwell, the 'Mind Control perp' accused of being responsible for technical problems on her website.....well, study the psychology of delusional paranoia and figure it out for yourself.

I also find it ironic that Brenda has repeatedly encouraged and endorsed the illegal activity of computer hacking on her own site. She has actually recommended to her readers: "Sponsor a hacker."

So, she is urging her readers to engage in illegal activities, a crime in itself; and meanwhile, falsely accusing others such as myself, who do not engage in or endorse illegal means to reach an end. It looks to me like Brenda might be setting herself up for a lawsuit, not only for defamation of character; but for publicly falsely accusing me and others of the same criminal activities she herself heartily endorses. Shame on you, Brenda Negri.

And Brenda Negri claims to have INTEGRITY? She touts her HONESTY? God preserve us from such expressions of "honesty" and "integrity".

But let's move on to more lies, more false accusations.

According to Brenda Negri, I have now "teamed up" with Doreen Bishop, and what's more, I am supporting her alleged "drug dealing".

FACT: I do not know Doreen Bishop. I have never met Doreen Bishop. I have never spoken to Doreen Bishop, nor had any other form of contact with her.

I guess Brenda believes that because I said in my recent article that I agreed with Doreen Bishop on ONE issue, that being the legalization of marijuana —which I have supported for the past 30 years— that THIS must mean that I am "supporting illegal drug dealing" --and what's more-- that I must have "deep connections" to Doreen Bishop.

This woman Brenda Negri needs to take a course in logic; or get some serious psychotherapy; or maybe she just needs to suspend her obvious malice long enough to stop the misfiring of the synapses in her brain. Maybe some "medical marijuana" would do the trick.

According to Brenda Negri I also have "deep connections" to Al Martin.

FACT: I have never met Al Martin. I have had, to date, exactly ONE phone conversation with Al Martin and what I discussed with him was none of Brenda's business; it had nothing to do with her.

Her name never came up in the conversation, as it was of no importance whatsoever. However, when I did make the mistake of telling her a few things IN CONFIDENCE, I had the displeasure of seeing this confidential info splashed across her website --with her own predictable twists; unfounded conjecture and silly comments thrown in for good measure.

And for the record, I do NOT in any way support Brenda Negri's slander campaign against Al Martin, although she tried to recruit me into her scheme for such a purpose, before I cut off my connection to her.

And since she has proven herself, to me and quite a few others, to be a pathological liar, I have no reason to believe ANY of the tales she tells, nor any of the 'evidence' she claims to have uncovered, against Al Martin or anyone else.

Now, more pearls of wisdom from Ranger Rick:

"Well I dunno about your weekend, but we came down with the flu and are so whacked out on Nyquil, that it's no telling what we'll put up here tonight. Add to that LAPD showing up a few hours ago to haul off the hotel manager for beating his wife up again - ah, all in the day of the life of a mob chasing intel junkie, living on the edge in the shadows of the Logicon Building in San Pedro. Hey, the good part is apparently, everyone in the hotel thinks we're a "Narc" or u/c for DEA, so they leave us alone. Big time. Heh heh heh...

Speaking of leaving us alone....apparently our being quite glib and up front about the fact we operate under an alias for safety reasons has not frightened too many people off, if any. ....... We've ALWAYS talked about who the real Ranger Rick is since day one here - although some folks out there seem to have conveniently forgotten that..."

No Brenda, that is another lie. You did NOT reveal the identity of the "real" Ranger Rick from "day one".

People, including myself, have printouts of the daily commentaries posted on your site, which is not archived. You simply assumed Ranger Rick's identity yourself.

It was only recently that you revealed the name of Richard Wade. But I would imagine that this man, if he has seen your ludicrous website, fully loaded with bogus claims, corny coded messages and tall tales about the 'covert world' in which you were never involved, and which exists only in your imagination; topped off by your trading upon his reputation......he must be mortified.

And speaking of PRIVACY (the purported reason for the alias: Ranger Rick) why is it that Brenda Negri is so concerned about her OWN privacy, while thinking nothing of violating the privacy of others?

She is entitled to her privacy, by all means, but her hypocrisy in denying that same right to others speaks volumes.

What about MY privacy? What about all of the personal confidences she has betrayed, violating my privacy and that of other individuals, in the process?

A last quote from Ranger Rick:

"Whoa this Nyquil is really a trip....we are seeing two computer screens right about now, and did we just say we didn't do drugs? We lied. Nyquil should be banned!"

Yes, Brenda, you lied...about many things. But don't worry, the truth will come out.....just keep on slugging that Nyquil......

Well, since the "real players", the "spooks" from the "covert world" know who Brenda Negri REALLY is, perhaps we have nothing to worry about. We can breathe a sigh of relief.

None of the "Spooks" I am acquainted with ever heard of her (except those whose doors she tried to break down in her "mole hunts"); but I'm sure that by now all those "real players" are shaking in their boots.....that is, if they're not falling off their chairs laughing as they read about the daring exploits of......(drum roll, please).....Ranger Rick: Ace G-man.

Barbara Hartwell
January 1, 2002