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Saturday, March 7, 2009

First Blood: Pam Schuffert & Lies from the Pit of Hell

But the Lord is with me as a mighty, awesome One. Therefore my persecutors will stumble, and will not prevail. They will be greatly ashamed, for they will not prosper. Their everlasting confusion will never be forgotten. But O, Lord of hosts, You who test the righteous, And see the mind and heart, Let me see Your vengeance on them; for I have pleaded my cause before You.

Jeremiah, 20:11

There is a demonic network of liars who have been harassing, persecuting, libeling and slandering Barbara Hartwell for many years. And in each and every case, excepting none, these liars have drawn First Blood.

At no time have I been the aggressor. At no time have I ever harassed anyone; nor have I overstepped my bounds in disrespecting the rights; the privacy or the personal boundaries of others. Such behavior is anathema to me and goes against everything I believe in, as a fierce defender of individual liberty and personal privacy.

It is a matter of honor and integrity, a moral imperative: Respecting the Inviolability of Personhood.

Respect the rights, the privacy, the personal boundaries of others...and leave them alone to live their lives as they see fit! That is my philosophy. I don't hold a double standard, and I have every right to be outraged when others fail to show the same respect.

But unfortunately for anyone they come in contact with, these busybodies from Hell do not have a shred of of honor or integrity, much less respect for the privacy, personal boundaries or rights of others.

In each and every case, these demonic characters have been the aggressors, when I was very simply minding my own business. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness....

But if they think I won't stand up in my own defense, and expose them for who and what they are, they are sadly mistaken...they drew First Blood and will be held accountable.

Among these demonic liars and meddlesome busybodies is one Pamela Schuffert. I had never heard of Pam until one day in 2001, I received an unexpected and unwanted phone call (a message on my answering machine) at my UNLISTED PRIVATE number. Unfortunately, a person whom I chose to trust (a mutual acquaintance) had given my private telephone number to Pam Schuffert without my knowledge or consent, and had violated my trust by breaking his promise to keep my contact information confidential.

This person, a "Christian minister" (or so he claimed) is Ron Garon, who at the time was my webmaster. He (being another such busybody) took it upon himself to decide that I was in need of "ministering" from his "Sister-in-Christ" (and as I later understood, this hysterical fear-monger and pathological liar) Pam Schuffert.

Being outraged by this invasion of my privacy, I called Ron Garon and gave him a piece of my mind. He apologized to me, as did Pam Schuffert. I forgave them both for their indiscretions. But shortly thereafter, I disassociated myself from Mr. Garon, for a very good reason: another instance of meddling which actually compromised my security and endangered my safety.

This was in connection with a death threat which had come from multiple sources. At the time, I had no way of knowing if the threat were credible, so I erred on the side of caution and left my home to go to a safe house.

Who was behind the spreading of this death threat? Predicate felon, criminal stalker and fed snitch, Timothy Patrick White. I later found out it was a lie (one of many I was to hear over a period of years...) in an attempt to set up an innocent person; as well as to create emotional distress and trauma for me (which White and his demonic cohorts certainly succeeded in doing!)

I made the mistake of confiding in Ron Garon (after all, he was my webmaster) and told him I was leaving my home to go to a safe house in connection with this death threat. But instead of respecting my confidence, Ron Garon called (of all people!) ex-FBI Ted L. Gunderson and relayed to him details of my private, personal business, including regarding this death threat. I had very clearly explained to Ron that I did not trust Ted Gunderson, and that he was under NO circumstances to discuss my business with Gunderson.

But getting back to Pam Schuffert. Despite the incidents that occurred, I did give Pam the benefit of the doubt, and subsequently developed a friendship with her, though it was short-lived. At the time, I and certain family members were under attack from several directions, including by two CIA agents named Ronald and Mary Ann Cerra, of Wilmington, North Carolina, whom I had exposed after an intensive five-year investigation.

Long story short, I was in contact with Pam while traveling through the country (2002) in attempts to protect my sister from these CIA criminals. I made the mistake (as I later realized) of putting my sister in touch with Pam, as she was at the time surrounded by evildoers and had few friends to talk to. I thought (wrongly, as I was soon to realize) that my sister might find comfort in the fellowship of another Christian.

When I returned from my trip, several weeks later, I was shocked and distressed to find that Pam Schuffert had been "reporting" on my sister's "case" by publishing very sensitive details of my sister's PRIVATE life --which my sister had told Pam IN CONFIDENCE.

Where was this "reporting" published? On Larry Lawson News, that's where.

Pam has engaged in the same unscrupulous behavior numerous times, invading privacy, violating sensitive personal confidences, and becoming a snitch, aggressively and loudly "reporting" on the private lives of others.

Pam adds to the mix wild speculation and outright fabrications, which she gleefully disseminates, hiding behind the cloak of "Christian ministering" and her spurious claims of being a "journalist".

This is precisely what she did to a genuine Christian couple, Fred and Katy Sasse, whom she continues to demonize, adding insult to injury. (Find their testimony in reports on this website.)

Pam Schuffert was also engaged in criminal stalking of investigative journalist Janet Phelan, as an accomplice of Tim White, her traveling companion, while Janet was living in Idaho. (2006)

To the present time, Janet is plagued by the repercussions of the stalking by Tim White (she fled to Canada in fear for her life when authorities to whom she reported the stalking refused to protect her, or to enforce the law by arresting this criminal) who continues to harass, libel and threaten Janet to this very day!

One of Pam's "reports" on Larry Lawson News began with this opening line: "Larry, here is news as it happens!..."

And Pam proceeded to invade my sister's privacy with impunity, adding of course her own wild speculation and sensationalist chatter, which had absolutely no basis in fact.

After this (2002), I distanced myself from Pam Schuffert. But Pam kept at it, spreading lurid gossip about my sister, which soon also included attacks on Barbara Hartwell. All this, because I had told Pam that she had no right to publicize my personal business (and that of my family) --that she was interfering where she had no place; and that she was compromising sensitive situations our lives (and even our safety) by so doing.

But Pam wasn't operating alone --far from it. The lies expanded to monstrous proportions, as did what I eventually recognized as a full-blown libel campaign, the obvious purpose of which was to discredit Barbara Hartwell --as well as all that I had exposed about CIA and their persecution of me and my family.

Among the scandal mongers, busybodies and assorted conspiracy crackpots were Larry Lawson (who was --and still is-- disseminating outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell); Sherry Shriner; Charles Bruce Stewart; Shirley Anderson; Ken Adachi; Brenda Negri; Tim White and many other government stooges, fed snitches, G-Man wannabes and hangers on....

All of whom, without exception, claimed to be "Christians."

And all of whom, in one way or another, were connected to COINTELPRO operative Ted Gunderson....what a coincidence...

Now, some of the latest lies (no way to keep track of all the lies...that would be a full time job) from the Pit of Hell, courtesy of Pamela Schuffert. These "reports" were taken from two sources: APFN (a thread of messages started by Pam Schuffert); and Pam's blog site.

My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.

"CIA COINTELPRO operator Barbara Hartwell has scammed many naive readers of her website and blog for thousands of dollars in her "legal defense fund" operation, including by pleading "poverty" and "being at times in a homeless shelter" as she alleged in one post."

[BHP: This lie about the so-called "scam" is being parroted from the pseudo report concocted by criminal stalker Todd Brendan Fahey, posted on the idiotic "Xena Carpenter" website.

I have never, at any time, stated that I was in a "homeless shelter". Nor have I ever been to a homeless shelter. Just another outrageous lie from Pam Schuffert and her demonic accomplices.

It is also important to mention that Todd Fahey, in addition to being a proven pathological liar, is an identity thief, a forger and a plagiarist, who has stolen my identity and posted "reports" UNDER MY NAME --reports which are completely bogus, never written, never posted by Barbara Hartwell. These reports have been widely disseminated by the same crew of liars, most notably, Tim White, Fahey's other half of the demonic duo.]

"However, as one reviews the hardcore facts and photos,the truth begans to emerge about how far Hartwell has gone to deceive readers and rake in the cash, as she performs COINTELPRO misinformation work as well.

GO to the following website and SEE the large and nice home Hartwell lives in, that her boyfriend of many years has provided for her. And THEN decide how destitute she really is and how in "need of a homeless shelter" she has been. Obviously, she is not homeless and is doing fine. But it sure makes for great money raking-in scams from the unwitting public!"

[BHP: I am certainly not "raking in the cash". If I were, I wouldn't have been going hungry much of the time for the past year; I wouldn't be waking up with a temperature of 48 degrees in my house, because I can't afford to heat the place; and I wouldn't be suffering quite the alarming level of chronic illness, because I can't afford the medicines and treatments I desperately need. So, no, I am not "doing fine".

And FYI, Pam Schuffert & fellow demonic liars, I don't have a "boyfriend". Nor has anyone (including a non-existent "boyfriend") been "providing" me with a home. Here, Pam parrots the lies of the demonic duo, Todd Fahey and Tim White, who fabricated this story for the very purpose of STOPPING Barbara Hartwell from getting donations. Just another way of destroying my life and reducing my chances of survival.]

From APFN: A Response to Pam Schuffert
RE: Pam Schuffert at her best, again.

"When the hell are you people going to realise that this unemployed, drifter, sponging off of peoples good-heartedness and believing that you folks will pay her way across her "fantasy-life" that she's been living for years and making you believe that her mission in life was sent to her by God and that you should take her in, support her, give her anything that she asks for, make sure she has internet access that you'll pay for and then when she's ready to leave, bless her heart, pat her on the fanny and say "God bless you, Pamela".

Keep believing this lieing, cheating, blasphemous, deceiving and as some have called her "Ms. Teflon" because nothing sticks to this elusive piece of work. I sign my name, my phone number and my address to what I say about Pamela Schuffert.

Partisan Yankee
aka; Lawrence T. Field
720 253 7600

And I've done this two times in a week and have received not one call from Ms. Schuffert and don't expect to. Read her posts accordingly as she's been (exposed/questioned) many times in the past.
Partisan Yankee"

Pam Schuffert wrote:

"This person is only quoting from Hartwell's CIA COINTELPRO libel slander, period. This person has never taken the time to email or contact me to find OUT what is truth...only parroting CIA COINTELPRO from Hartwell.

My blog contains details of my years in various ministries and Christian service to thousands, training, reporting, and more. In fact, this person "Partisan Yankee" cannot prove anything he has said regarding me.

But I CAN prove anything I say about myself.And so can my church, my many people I have worked for and with, etc.

Furthermore, my intense years of travel nationwide/worldwide, to perform investigative journalism on behalf of the American people have provided quality information that contniues to effect the lives of many Americans to this day.And they have told me so across this nation as I travel, lecture, go on television qand radio, and interview.

For people who want to know the truth, here is my blog for further reference, so the space no APFN can be reserved for much more important purposes than giving attention to CIA COINTELPRO scammers like Hartwell and her lies.

I walk a very moral and uncompromised walk with my Savior Jesus Christ as a single woman in ministry, and in fact have battled hard-core satanism numerous times, as my previous reporting indicates. ( "

[Ken Adachi, who promotes Schuffert, including her many outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell]

Pam Schuffert Condemns Barbara Hartwell to Hell!

"Hartwell Continues on the SLIPPERY SLOPE to PERDITION as a Paid CIA Liar"

[BHP: So, according to Pam, I am "raking in the cash" from ripping off the public with a "scam"; and I am also a "PAID CIA liar." A marvelous analysis, Pam. Too bad it defies logic.]

"...And ALL LIARS Shall have their part in THE LAKE OF FIRE, which is the Second Death..." Jesus' words from the Book of REVELATION

I was amused today while surfing the net, to discover yet even more links filled with Hartwell's COINTELPRO libel/slander against those the US government loves to hate. And sadly, that includes ME.

One ONE link, Hartwell alleges that "PAM SCHUFFERT IS HARASSING HARTWELL with more emails...."

Oh, REALLY? THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! I have NOT had Hartwell's email address(es) in many years! SHE CHANGES THEM! In fact, I found out that Hartwell is notorious for harassing people she is paid by the CIA to target, with HER emails instead!"

[BHP: Pam certainly DID have an e-mail address, one that I have since shut down. It was sherwood percival at yahoo....the same address being used by the other demons (Tim White, Larry Lawson, Todd Fahey, etc.) to harass me on a regular basis for years. Pam HAD it and USED it too...and she kept at it, sending me her "reports" which she claimed were "exposing" the "CIA-COINTELPRO liar", Barbara Hartwell.]

"IF I HAD her email address, I would be praying about sending CHRISTIAN TESTIMONIES to her, and certainly never harassment. Harassment if from satan himself."

[BHP: I surely agree...harassment is from Satan. You should know, Pam, you and your demonic cohorts, your fellow liars, stooges and busybodies from Hell. Satan's minions, every last one of you.]

"FALSE ACCUSATION is also from satan himself. Satan is called "THE ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN" in the Bible

Satan is referred to by several descriptions by Jesus Christ. He is called "A LIAR AND THE FATHER OF IT." He is also called a murder, a deceiver, and more."

[BHP: Ditto, Pam.]

"People like CIA COINTELPRO Barbara Hartwell only CONFIRM what they are, as she persists in lies against God's people.

"You are of YOUR FATHER THE DEVIL, and HIS WORKS SHALL YOU DO. He was a liar from the beginning and no truth proceeds from him...." declared Jesus to those Jews who falsely accused Him of being of satan.

As Barbara Hartwell continues on her tragic path to hell and the lake of fire, she paves her way with CIA funded lie after lie with no substance or documentation."

BHP: Here we see the magnitude of Pam Schuffert's delusion and lunacy.

Get behind me, Satan!...and please, take Pam and her fellow liars with you.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 7, 2009