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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Useful Idiots Promote Lies from the Pit of Hell

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it....The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State."
--Joseph Goebbels, German Minister of Propaganda, 1933-1945

In 2003, a libelous pseudo report was written by a psychopath named Brenda Negri, hiding behind the pseudonym "James L. Choron".

The title: Stew Webb, Barbara Hartwell, Al Martin ALL Connected.

To find the truth, the facts --and most important, the liars exposed-- and the pseudo report refuted in detail, see:

Debunking COINTELPRO Black Propaganda on this site.

The lying gutter trash lowlifes who have been involved in the fabrication, the publication and distribution of this pseudo report are too numerous to mention. However, three individuals are most culpable: Brenda Negri (the liar who fabricated the pseudo report); Timothy Patrick White (the liar who distributed the pseudo report, posting it on message boards all over the World Wide Web, and e-mailing it to hundreds of individuals, who in turn forwarded it to others, including furnishing it to Ken Adachi); Ken Adachi (the liar who ensconced the pseudo report in a permanent place among all the other libelous trash about Barbara Hartwell he has been both fabricating and posting on his website since 2000.

And by the way, Tim White has been by far the most frequent "contributor" and "source" for the libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell, posted on Adachi's website. 

Adachi, in the past few years, has tried to distance himself from predicate felon and criminal stalker Tim White, apparently because White has been so thoroughly exposed for exactly what he is that he has become a liability. Adachi never had any credibility to begin with (at least not among intelligent, discerning persons) but even those foolish enough to believe a word out of Adachi's lying mouth started to draw the line at giving credibility to psycho-stalker Tim White.

However, the libelous material contributed by Tim White remains on Adachi's website. And according to sources (mutual acquaintances of Adachi and myself, who shall remain nameless) Adachi has plans to "expose" Tim White himself. What a hypocrite!

You can best believe that Adachi would never admit that his "source" (whom he supported, promoted and defended, at the expense of legitimate people whom White attacked and harassed, including Barbara Hartwell, Rick Stanley, Geral Sosbee) has been DEAD WRONG all along in his defamatory claims.

Engineered by Ken Adachi: Section on his website, Educate-Yourself, dedicated to libeling Barbara Hartwell. And now found posted at this link, below.

Ms. Barbara Hartwell

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, MC Liars , Inc.
Ocean Park, Maine

Please Note:
This profile was automatically generated using 72 references found on the Internet. This information has not been verified.
Just goes to show what happens when a lie is repeated ad infinitum....a completely false "profile" (in this case, Barbara Hartwell) is generated and continues to metastasize like a cancer, clogging all the search engines with the outrageous lies fabricated and promoted by Adachi et al.

Recently, I was disgusted (once again) when I found the very same libelous pseudo report posted on yet another message board: The Unhived Mind

It was posted under the category: "Agents of Deception".

And as usual, a gaggle of useful idiots were commenting and gossiping about the report, posted by someone calling himself/herself (?) "AntiSionist."

(Don't these people have anything better to do with their time than gossiping and engaging in wild speculation about people they don't know? I guess not. And since many of these cowards hide behind screen names, they can say anything their nasty little hearts' desire without divulging their identities. All the while, seemingly taking this idiotic pseudo report as if it were the gospel truth! Idiocy certainly runs rampant....)

Here, find an excerpt from the pseudo report, just chock-full of outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell. Absolutely disgusting and appalling! (And refuted here:)
Debunking COINTELPRO Black Propaganda

"Uri Dowbenko, the creator of Martin's site, resides in Montana and is also linked to Webb and another Internet fake, Barbara Hartwell, former CIA prostitute, bogus "Patriot" and mind controlled honeytrap used to lure men into disinformation plots and to discredit real investigators.

Do the names "Uri" and "Dowbenko" have a certain "ring" to them. Somehow I see large noses and kinky hair in this. Never seen the guy, personally, but going on the name... You know what they say... "A Rose by any other name..." The same applies to a pile of manure, you know.

Hartwell, as well as Webb, uses the ruse of filing lawsuits as threats to silence those who would expose her connections to Wackenhut and black ops rogue intelligence factions connected to child porn and drug smuggling, illegal arms trafficking, and terrorism.

We all know who and what Babs is. Need to elaborate.

As with the case of Webb, her cases either never surface, or get thrown out of court on charges of lack of proof. Her lawyer resides in the same complex as a Wackenhut agency. Hartwell, in her late 50's and aging, perpetuates her myth by posing provacatively on her website in an aged photo taken when she was much younger."

Brenda Negri aka "Ranger Rick" aka "James L. Choron" aka etc. & so on and so forth: Intelligence/Law Enforcement Groupie & G-Man Wannabe
Now, to the truth about Brenda Negri aka "James L.Choron".

The following commentary was found in Letters to the Editor of a California newspaper. Note that here Brenda Negri uses her real name. Also note that she lies about her background. My comments follow, preceded by my initials, BHP.


I resigned from the TSA in May. I was a Lead Passenger Screener at LAX (Los Angeles). I have a background in investigation and intelligence work, which immediately made me a threat to the incompetent TSA LAX management, most of whom had come over from either the airlines, through nepotism, cronyism, or the former private company — the same one who used to hire kids off of the California State parolee programs.

I resigned after making protected disclosures to the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, Congress, Senate, the FBI, the IRS CID, DOT IG, DHS IG, the media, and others about a myriad of incidents, documented security breaches and violations of TSA policy and regulations. I was able to get the TSA Internal Affairs to come in for all it was worth; days after they left, we had another huge evacuation thanks to a backpack full of fireworks getting through the same Terminal 7 checkpoints that the IA supposedly had just paid a visit to. Until the TSA becomes accountable, you are very right, we are in for the same stuff. All over again.

Brenda M. Negri
San Pedro Calif.

BHP: Fact: Brenda Negri did not "resign" from TSA. She was terminated for cause:

1) Lying on her application, failing to provide truthful info on her criminal record; and the fact that Negri had been admitted to a mental hospital when her family became concerned about her serious pyschopathic behavior, including delusions and paranoid fantasies.

2) Another reason that Negri's employment was terminated: It was exposed (by Barbara Hartwell and others, who had furnished TSA administrators with documents) that Negri was impersonating federal agents; and using the TSA computers to write/post libelous "reports" on legitimate individuals, including Barbara Hartwell; and to harass these same individuals. The criminal harassment included death threats, posted on public message boards.

Negri (hiding behind the name "Ranger Rick") was also claiming to be a "mole" (a federal agent) inside TSA, and was actually posting these lies all over the Internet, claiming she was "exposing" TSA.

Fact: Brenda Negri has absolutely NO "background in intelligence work"; and NO "background in law enforcement", as she claims. NONE. This is a bald-faced lie, one that she promoted until she was exposed as a liar and psychopath by Barbara Hartwell and others, in 2001.

Even after she was thoroughly exposed, Negri continued posting lies under several aliases, including "Ranger Rick"; and she then started making false claims about her background under her real name, Brenda Negri .

Brenda Negri's REAL background? An uneducated secretary who in fact admitted to Barbara Hartwell in 2001 that she was posing as a male FBI agent ("Ranger Rick" aka Richard Wade, whose identity she stole) and had fabricated false credentials and bona fides because she knew that nobody would believe her "reports" if they knew she was "just a nobody", and a "civilian woman."

A nobody, on that I can certainly agree...and a total whackjob, to boot!

For reports exposing Brenda Negri see:

Honey Trap Trickster? Or CIA Assassin?
Irrefutable Evidence: The Truth About Brenda Negri
Fifth Horseman Website & Brenda Negri
Negri's lies, threats, and criminal harassment of Barbara Hartwell are fueled by spite and envy, plain and simple. Negri is nothing more than an intelligence/law enforcement groupie, a G-Man wannabe with an axe to grind --just like so many of her accomplices, most notably Tim White and Todd Brendan Fahey, the demonic duo, who have been in collusion to libel, stalk, threaten and harass Barbara Hartwell for the past 5 years.

This psychopathic liar, Brenda Negri, has stirred up more trouble with her outrageous lies than I can possibly express. She (and her lies) have also been widely promoted by her accomplices and fellow demonic liars.

Some of Negri's accomplices, over a period of years, include: Ken Adachi; Timothy Patrick White; Todd Brendan Fahey; Shirley Anderson; Larry Lawson.
And perhaps worst of all, the lies from the Pit of Hell have continued to be promoted and disseminated, through libel, slander and malicious gossip, among many, many individuals in the so-called "alternative" media.

These same lies have been passed along in the form of slander among associates of those promoting the lies publicly.

For example, I have heard from several reliable sources (who shall remain nameless) that one Don Nicoloff, a close associate of Ken Adachi, another gossip and busybody, has been parroting some of these outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, in quite an aggressive manner, telling anyone who will lend an ear that I was a "sex slave"; that I am a "liar"; and that I "attack" others.

Mr. Nicoloff, I would advise you to cease and desist from spreading this slander and malicious gossip and to MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. You don't know me. (And if you know what's good for you, you really, really don't want to know me.) You know nothing about me. And you never will. What you think you know, in your foolishness and obvious lack of discernment, is comprised only of the outrageous lies of your cohorts.  Get off my case, or deal with the consequences.

So much for the malicious liars, gossips and busybodies, at least for today. May they all be escorted back to the Pit of Hell, frog-marched by their own personal demons.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 26, 2009