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Sunday, February 1, 2009

KEN ADACHI: Parroting Hearsay, Rank Speculation, Sensationalist Chatter

Ephesians 5:11:

Do not go about spreading slander among your people. Do not do anything that endangers your neighbor's life. I am the LORD.
Leviticus 19:16

A perverse man stirs up dissension, and a gossip separates close friends.
Proverbs 16:28

Ken Adachi is a two-bit hustler, charlatan and mountebank who promotes conspiracy theories with nothing to back up his claims. Adachi routinely writes about topics (CIA mind control, for example) about which he is in possession of no facts, evidence or direct knowledge.

Adachi merely parrots hearsay and scavenges his "information" from the writings of others; he engages in wild speculation, which he adds to the mix --then has the arrogance to present his finished product as if he were an authority on the various subjects he writes about.

When confronted regarding his ignorance and his irresponsible "reporting" on issues of which he is in fact appallingly ignorant, it is typical for him to respond by attacking the messenger and demonizing anyone who disagrees with him.

Ken Adachi is also a scandal-monger who spreads outrageous lies and malicious gossip about those he has targeted in the libel campaigns against legitimate whistleblowers, investigators, researchers, journalists, etc. Most of the individuals he targets are people he does not know; has never met or even had any contact with. People about whom he knows nothing --nothing that is real or true, anyway.

As for Adachi's "sources"? Aside from the government operatives who pull his strings....his fellow liars, scamsters, shills and government stooges, of course.

BOYCOTT Ken Adachi and his New Age/government disinfo website.

EXPOSE the "deeds of darkness" perpetrated by Adachi and his cohorts.

FYI, here are some examples to consider. Adachi's ignorance and foolishness, paired with his malicious lies, know no bounds.

Devvy Kidd Comments on Ken Adachi's article, The Blackburg Executions

Devvy Kidd

 ---- Original Message -----

From: Nan Ellen
Sent: 4/18/2007
Subject: Blackburg

"The Blackburg Executions
If this is true, we are in the middle of a nightmare."

Reply from Devvy:

Nan Ellen: Please note this comment in the column you cite below in your e-mail to me:

"Cho Seung-Hui was programmed (and trained) under one of the many assassin mind control programs developed by the CIA..."

Where is the proof of this statement?

Or, this one from Mr. Adachi:

"As was the case with the Columbine school shootings, you can be sure that there was a hidden government control team in place on the campus of Virginia Tech that day in order to insure that robot Seung-Hui behaved as programmed and then dutifully shoot himself. Also mirroring the many pieces of evidence pointing to secondary shooters at Columbine, there are already reports of Seung-Hui having help in carrying out the shootings."

As was the case at Columbine? Where is his proof of such a statement? I went there and did my own investigation and wrote about it many times. Where is his proof of such an allegation? Columbine has been investigated to the nth and there is zip, zero proof that NATO or govmint black ops boogey men were on campus that morning and assisted Klebold and Harris during their killing spree. Yes, there is a huge red flag still hanging over Columbine and that's a ruling by a judge to seal the records for 25 years: [link removed]

This is an outrage the parents are fighting - a fight they should not have to go through on top of the never ending grief of having their son or daughter slaughtered while at school.

There aren't words to describe the horror of what happened at VT. Where does one find any words to adequately cover such a senseless slaughter. There are some strange things about the killer, no question. But, I feel Mr. Adachi's column nothing more than sensationalist chatter.

This killer apparently was also a frequent user of several violent video games which teach how to become a killer. Sniper training, etc., Hopefully, someone with a responsible, unbiased agenda will do some hard research and provide all of us with facts that can be verified. Until then, all of this is rank speculation, a hundred different flavors which have filled up my mail box for the past 24 hours.


Ken Adachi Attacks Devvy Kidd

"The only guy who seems to have the story straight is Alex Jones. Everyone else who pretends to be the Real Deal in Reportage, the fearless reporter seeking the Truth No Matter the Consequences, is actually a variation of the Bill Moyers/Amy Goodman model.

Devvy Kidd -of all people- debunked the article that I sent to Jeff Rense on April 18 concerning the Virginia Tech shootings of April 16. My article was a reminder that Cho-along with every other school shooter going back to the days of Charles Whitman at the University of Texas-was a MIND CONTROLLED assassin who was programmed to carry out those shootings in order to advance the Illuminati's gun control agenda. .I'll have much to say about Ms Kidd in the near future. I received a long e-mail about 3 months ago from an astute reader who made a convincing case that Devvy was a 'limited hangout' type of reporter as mentioned above. He had obviously read her material in much greater depth than myself. I had accepted her superficial appearance of pro-constitution muckraker at face value. We shall devote the attention that her duplicitous role deserves and reveal her for the gatekeeper that she is. Stay tuned."

Ken Adachi: "Parroting of Hearsay"

FH: "I just love it: "Educate Yourself". Has anyone looked at the self mocking nature of Adachi? He's just a force of nature, don't you know!

I also emailed Ken Adachi (Owner of and asked him to remove his comments about these hidden files. I also explained what happened between Al and myself and asked if he could present my side of the story on his site.

Ken said he would talk to Al - and then I never heard from Ken again. You can see that his comments are still there. I don't understand these people who profess to be seekers of the truth. I think they are more interested in upholding their paradigm instead of learning about the truth.

GS:  This ignorant reaction of Ken Adachi is no surprise to me. I already have personal experiences with him. Despite his web site is titled '', there is not so much education as parroting of hearsay. I tried to open up a fruitful discussion with Ken Adachi in August 2002, when we already had completed a huge part of our investigation. Convinced by what we found so far, I wrote Ken Adachi, (who still has a chapter promoting Al Bielek on his web site even after he has been notified twice about the material presented at but he came back to me claiming that I was launching a 'gas attack'."