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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The She-Man Truth and Freedom Haters Club

Note: This is an edited version of a report I wrote in 2003. I don't know whatever happened to Brenda Negri, the 'Ace-G-Man'. The last I heard of her she had written an "intelligence report" on Barbara Hartwell, just chock-full of outrageous lies, under the pseudonym "James L. Choron".

Which can be found, by the way, on fellow government stooge, Ken Adachi's website, Educate-Yourself, along with many other libelous "reports" on Barbara Hartwell --part and parcel of Adachi's libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell going back to 2000.

Old Brenda's probably still out there somewhere....still in collusion with the same gaggle of misfits, cretins, perverts and spook-wannabes. Her past accomplices? The same old, same old bunch: Tim White; Todd Brendan Fahey; Ken Adachi; Larry Lawson.....

But anyway, it's amazing how these government stooges think (if you could call it that) and act so much alike. Most of them don't know the individuals they smear in their attack pieces; and even in cases where they do, they can't see the truth, as they are blinded by envy and spite; nor do they bother to gather facts or evidence before shooting off their mouths. And most use pseudonyms, aliases and screen names, a result of their dishonesty, duplicity and cowardice.

If nothing else, this one's good for some comic relief....


"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."
--Albert Einstein

What's a 'She-Man'? Something like a He-Man, with one little twist.

A He-Man is the consummate iron-pumping Macho idiot who has fallen prey to testosterone poisoning; the guy who wants to keep women barefoot and pregnant and probably believes, along with Aristotle, that women, like animals, were created by God to be subservient and submissive; and in the natural order of things, to fall under the authority of men.

Now it gets complicated, or rather, convoluted. A She-Man is a 'she' who desperately wants to be a 'he'; a gal with a bad case of penis envy. And without exception, a She-Man is a woman who is as misogynistic as her brother He-Man.
This is certainly a fitting description of Brenda Negri, a 46 year old uneducated secretary from San Pedro, California with no background in intelligence work or law enforcement, whose claim to fame on the Internet was posing as a male FBI agent named Ranger Rick, until she was first exposed in late 2001 as a fake; a phony and a psychopath.

Why was Negri pretending to be a male FBI agent, when she is ACTUALLY a female civilian? Because she worships male authority and power, that's why.
I remember back when I was a child, there was a TV show called Little Rascals. On one epidsode, one of the boys decided to form a club called The He-Man Woman Hater's Club, for the specific purpose of hating women and from which all the girls would be banned. Anybody remember that show?

Of course, there was a moral to the story, as that was back in the days when (call me naive, if you will) most people in our country still HAD morals. The moral was that hating individuals or groups of people for ANY reason, whatever the hate was based on, was ultimately self-destructive and only made fools of those focusing so much of their time and energy on hate.

Unfortunately, things have changed a lot since those long ago days, when there were MORAL ABSOLUTES and most folks knew right from wrong. Again, call me naive, but these days, if we really take the time to look around us, it seems that for all too many of the brainwashed masses, freedom is seen as slavery; lies are believed as truth and what's clearly wrongful behavior is touted and accepted as being right. I find it sad, even tragic, that so many people seem to have lost their capacity for critical reasoning; spiritual discernment and independent thought.

But then, we all know that the government-controlled Mainstream Media planned it just this way for the express purpose of brainwashing the public into compliance. And anyone who dares to think for himself or especially HERSELF, and worse, becomes a high-profile activist who tells the truth and fights for freedom, is seen by the Powers-that-Be as a threat to the NWO agenda of the Totalitarian One-World-Police-State, which of course has been their He-Man's wet dream for centuries.

But there you have it. And the ever-predictable, tiresomely mundane and mediocre mental midget, Brenda Negri, is emblematic of the New Thought System so prevalent in our society: Which as far as I can see, is having NO original or independent thoughts at all.

Again, it bears repeating that Negri worships external authority, specifically MALE authority; as demonstrated by her desperate desire to BECOME a male authority figure, such as Ranger Rick, whom she described, and verily, drooled over, as the tough-talking, crime-busting, mole-hunting Ace G-Man.

The ultimate status symbol for Brenda Negri is carrying a Government Shield. And as we are repeatedly reminded by Negri, ad infinitum, Ranger Rick drives a yellow Porsche Boxster, which Negri apparently views as WAY COOL.....

If only she could spell Boxster correctly, Brenda might have just a shred more credibility, who knows? But instead, she's been spelling it 'Boxter' now for the past two years. I guess old habits die hard.

Now, for the latest. 

The illustrious and industrious Wannabe MALE Government Authority and Law Enforcement Groupie has founded a brand-new club for like minded folks in the Male Power-Worshipping, Sour-Grapes crowd.

Do you have a burning hatred for the truth? Or more pointedly, for anyone who TELLS the truth?

Do your guts burn with malice every time you see an American Patriot defending Liberty or the Constitution?

Do you toil through the days and burn the midnight oil obsessively plotting the demise of our once-great country and the abolition of the liberties our Founding Fathers fought and died for?

Are you just waiting, with bated breath, for the glorious day when Homeland Security (lest we forget, where Brenda Negri is now alleged to be employed) will pound the final nails into the coffin, in which will be buried our precious freedom?

Are you an abject coward? A lily-livered, yellow-bellied slug, who cringes each time a victory is won by those with the courage to stand up for the principles they believe in, like TRUTH, FREEDOM and JUSTICE, despite the consequences to themselves?

Are you a hypocrite who loves to talk the talk, but lacks the guts and integrity to walk the walk?

Has your soul become so twisted that hating others just for HATE's sake has become your 'raison d' etre'?

Are you a pathological liar who revels gleefully in the damage done to others from your relentless libel and slander campaigns?

Are you spiritually and morally vacant?

Do you truly enjoy the cheap thrill of harassing decent people?

Do you have trouble even RECOGNIZING, mush less respecting, the personal boundaries of others?

Do you hide behind numerous aliases and pseudonyms, simply because you are ashamed of being yourself?

Several of the aliases used by BRENDA NEGRI: Ranger Rick; XX; Black Bag Job; The Fifth Horseman; Captain Blood; Flynn's Ghost; Agent Scully; Angel of Mercy; The Blond Spook. (Note: Brenda Negri is not blond, nor is she any sort of 'spook.')

Do you lose sleep at night due to crippling envy and low self-esteem, because truth be told, you hate yourself as much as you hate others?

Can your philosophy of life best be described as 'Spite makes Right'?

Are you the proverbial loser whose entire life has been a miserable failure because all your time has been spent pretending to be something you are not?

Are you a pretentious and boastful poseur?

Are you SUCH a flaming asshole that you actually ENJOY making a fool of yourself every time you open your mouth?

Are you tired of the endless rejections?

No matter how hard you try, just like Rodney Dangerfield-- YOU JUST CAN'T GET NO RESPECT?

If you have answered YES to most or all of these questions.....don't worry, and fear not. There IS a solution for all that ails you. Help is on the way!

Now for a limited time only, as a special introductory offer, you are invited to join: THE SHE-MAN TRUTH AND FREEDOM HATERS CLUB!

Oh, but wait.......there are a couple of details I forget to mention. One of the most important requirements for membership is that you MUST swear a solemn and sacred oath, on pain of dying a traitor's death, to HATE with all your might, with all your spite, with all your blackened heart and withered soul, above ALL others, women who tell the truth; use our REAL names; are precisely what and whom we claim to be; and unlike Brenda Negri, REAL women who don't waste our time agonizing over not having a penis, nor praying to grow one.

Now, for those who still want to join up, don't be shy. What are you waiting for?
And don't forget, folks, as an added bonus for joining, you'll meet an absolutely MARVY bunch of people, including She-Man Brenda Negri herself!

Barbara Hartwell
February 4, 2003