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Saturday, January 31, 2009

RIP OFF REPORTS Cites Ken Adachi, Category: Liars

Charlatan Ken Adachi is a poseur and snake-oil salesman who claims expertise on "natural health". Is Adachi a doctor, in any discipline? No indeed. Not a medical doctor; not a naturopathic doctor, nor any other kind.

Yet, this rank amateur, Adachi, presumes to dispense MEDICAL ADVICE on his website. In his ignorance and arrogance, Adachi has gone so far as to make the sweeping statement, to his readers, "You don't need doctors!"

What you do "need", according to Ken Adachi, is the New Age doctrines (the doctrines of devils) he shamelessly promotes. Like "taking responsibility" for any disease or illness that might strike you. (The New Age mantra of "blame the victim".)

Like making sure your "karma" is in order, so you can "evolve". Getting to know the "spirit guides" who have been "assigned" to you. (Demons and unclean spirits, masquerading as "Angels of Light.")

But while you're waiting to "evolve" and move on to a higher plane of existence, why not order some of Adachi's marvelous health products, promoted on his website....

But alas, it seems there's a problem that could hold up your healing and "spiritual evolution": Evidently, this fraud, Adachi, is too "busy" to actually SEND the "health products" he touts, even after they have been paid for.

And in just this one case (and God only knows how many others have been ripped off...) A YEAR has gone by since the product was ordered....

Here, just one complaint filed against scamster Ken Adachi.

Report: Ken Adachi
Category: Liars

Ken Adachi Beware - You will receive no product and lose your money Costa Mesa California

"It's been almost a year since I ordered products from Ken and I have not received any part of my order from him. I contacted him several times and he advised me that he had been very busy but would ship them out by the end of the week. Finally he stopped responding to my messages all together.

I must suggest that you find other locations for your orgon materials, and there are plenty of alternatives available.

willow grove, Pennsylvania

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