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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Timothy Patrick White: Fed Snitch Run Amok

Psycho Stalker, Predicate Felon, Career Criminal, Tim White


We, the People, have had enough! Legitimate journalists and whistleblowers exposing government corruption have been targeted by a psychotic predicate felon and career criminal named Timothy Patrick White.

White engages in outrageous libel, criminal harassment, stalking (including cyber-stalking) and has made many threats against targets. These include threats of lawsuits (in conjunction with John DeCamp, Ted Gunderson and others); threats of violence and bodily harm, even death threats.

Tim White first threatened my life in 2001, and since that time has made many other threats against my person, including additional death threats. I actually had to change my telephone number more than once, due to relentless harassing phone calls from Tim White and his criminal accomplices.

White has stalked, harassed and libeled Barbara Hartwell, including with obscene epithets and outlandish and bizarre allegations, none of which have any basis in fact. White claims I am CIA, a false notion he undoubtedly was fed by ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson (Gunderson, in a public letter to Hartwell: "Once a CIA agent, always a CIA agent.") whom White frequently boasts is a "personal friend".

To my knowledge, Tim White has also libeled and/or harassed and/or stalked and/or threatened many others, including Colorado resident Doreen Bishop; investigative journalist Janet Phelan; talk show host/private investigator Michael Herzog; ex-FBI agent/whistleblower Geral Sosbee; investigative journalist Thomas Richards; constitutional activist Rick Stanley; McMartin Preschool whistleblower Jackie McGauley; ONI whistleblower Al Martin; JBS leader John Perna, and a host of others.....

White has stalked many targets over a period of years; has violated restraining orders with impunity, and yet, strangely enough, law enforcement (nationwide) have refused to apprehend and prosecute this violent criminal run amok.

Currently, his primary accomplice is another criminal, one Todd Brendan Fahey, identity thief, forger, blackmailer and a pathological liar just like White, who fabricates outrageous lies about targets and is in collusion with White and others, running a massive libel campaign against targets, including Barbara Hartwell. Both of these cowardly criminal perps hide behind many aliases and screen names. Both are hiding out in other countries (White in Canada, Fahey in Southeast Asia), fugitives from justice.

On one website, created for the express purpose of publishing lies about targets, run under the name of "Xena Carpenter", many libelous smear pieces are posted (targets: Barbara Hartwell, Michael Herzog and others); and this site is being promoted in posts (Rumor Mill News groups; APFN and others) and via harassing e-mails from "Patrick Alexander", just one alias used by Tim White.

The libelous "reports" on this "Xena Carpenter" site are written by Todd Fahey (with Tim White as one of the "sources") and promoted by Tim White; Todd Fahey (hiding behind many aliases and screen names); Pam Scuffert; Ken Adachi and other accomplices, all of whom are government stooges and promoters, defenders and supporters of Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp. 

(What a "coincidence"....)

But just to round out the picture, here are excerpts from one report by Thomas Richards, editor of a website called Spiritually Smart.

[Note: Since this report was posted, the links to Spiritually Smart are either defunct or the site is no longer open to the public.]

Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA Unverifiable Source but interesting. I found this doing a google search for ""timothy white" viet nam vet" [link defunct]

Apparently this woman is alleging that Timothy White is sending her harassing, threatening letters. ~Source

AND Here is yet ANOTHER person claiming to be threatened and harrassed by Timothy White. ~Source

I, Thomas Richards can witness and testify that this Timothy White is doing the same exact thing to me. And in regards to John DeCamp and Ted Gunderson as she claims! If you would like me to forward these emails from Timothy Patrick White to you let me know. They are filled with profanity or else I would post them in here.

More interesting info on this Timothy White:

[From Barbara Hartwell report] 


"I should also add that I have never seen anything posted by Tim White which bears any resemblance to the truth, at least about any legitimate person he has targeted, and there have been quite a few. But aside from his vicious libel of various individuals, Tim White is just a scavenger who posts recycled information on generic issues, written by others, which he finds on the Internet. He claims to be a "Concerned Citizen" which is how he signs all his posts."

"However, Tim White's lack of credentials and bona fides; as well as his documented criminal background as a convicted (and predicate) felon, notwithstanding, let me pose this question:"

"What could possibly constitute "100% confirmation" about the identity of your son, Johnny Gosch as Jeff Gannon ? That is an awfully strong statement to make, especially to publish far and wide. More importantly, how is Tim White, an uninvolved bystander, and complete amateur, qualified to make this ironclad claim ?"

"The answer is clear: Tim White is not qualified to make any such claims, He knows nothing from his own experience. He is not an investigator. He is in fact, uneducated. His writings demonstrate this as well as anything could. Tim White is merely a loud-mouthed dupe who shoots off his mouth at every opportunity, often using obscenity to smear his targets. 

What he thinks he knows comes mostly from the disinformation he is fed by Ted Gunderson and his criminal cohorts, who are exploiting him for their own ends. Tim White simply parrots what he is fed (most of which is false) and has been doing so, to my knowledge, going as far back as 2001, when I first heard of him. Tim White does not know me and has never met me. He calls me "Barbara Hartwell, that CIA bitch" in his public posts and has been doing so for years. He also calls me a "whore", along with other vile epithets which I refuse to put into print."

"In point of fact, Tim White is a delusional pathological liar with an axe to grind, who made a deal with criminal government operatives and law enforcement personnel, for a get-out-of-jail-free card in 2002, in return for targeting legitimate whistle-blowers like myself. I have a file chock-full of the many lies Tim White has posted, about me alone, spanning a time period between 2001 and the present day, 2005. He has even tried to implicate me in murders, that is, of people I never knew, had never met nor ever had any contact with ! I have the documents, all in my file."

"Tim White has zero credibility among legitimate whistle-blowers and professionals and is mentally unstable (to say the least) to boot."

"Now, it's important that I add the testimony of another person who has been victimized by Ted Gunderson, and subsequently targeted by Tim White, Jackie McGauley. I am aware that you know Jackie but when I spoke to her recently she told me that she had not been able to get in contact with you for quite some time. She also knows that Ted Gunderson has told many lies about her to anyone he associates with." ~Source