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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tim White AKA Patrick Alexander: Psycho Stalker & G-Man Wannabe

Who is this utterly loathsome character, this government stooge,Timothy Patrick White?

He made a deal in 2002 with corrupt feds and law enforcement in Colorado, for a get-out-of-jail-free card. This predicate felon and career criminal fancies himself (and I quote from White's signature on his Internet posts) : "whistleblower"; "investigator"; "researcher"; "concerned citizen".

He boasts about his "personal friendships
" with a number of current/former government officials (all bad guys, naturally). And he has been running amok, committing felony crimes against persons for many years. You see, part of White's "deal" with the feds was to become a stool pigeon/snitch and low-level provocateur. To harass, stalk and libel targets of our corrupt federal government.

Recently I've been questioned by quite a number of people who have a) observed Tim White's obsessive libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell and others; b) had the hellish experience of being targeted by White and his fellow government-sponsored criminals, most of whom are government stooges, grandstanders and scamsters looking for attention, a gaggle of lowlife losers who have nothing better to do with their time than attack patriots, whistleblowers, expositors of government corruption, Defenders of Liberty and Messengers of Truth.

It is important to state that Tim White is now hiding behind an alias: Patrick Alexander. Why? First of all, because he is a coward. Only cowards feel the need to use an alias. Legitimate people use their real names and have no reason to cover up their identities.

Secondly, it's because Tim White has been so thoroughly exposed for the criminal stalker, pathological liar and whackjob that he is, he has been booted off many message boards all over the Internet and thus cannot gain access under his real name to do his dirty work of libeling his targets.

Several sources have forwarded e-mails to me from this "Patrick Alexander", messages which threaten, libel, harass and promote the bogus "reports" about legitimate people which are fabricated/posted on various websites and message boards by Tim White and accomplices.

Over the past year or so, White has added a number of individuals to his target list; and has escalated the criminal harassment against others, including myself.

Janet Phelan, an investigative journalist, is one such target. Tim White was stalking her, and even followed her to Idaho (2006) with criminal accomplice Pam Schuffert. Tim White had made many threats against Janet, including threats on her life. He has harassed her by telephone and posted many outrageous lies about her on the Internet.

When Janet Phelan made criminal complaints and filed a restraining order to stop the stalking and harassment by Tim White, law enforcement and other government authorities in various locations refused to do their job to protect Janet from the crimes of Tim White; they refused to investigate the case; and even worse, tried to blame Janet for any persecution which was visited upon her.

As a result of all this hellish criminal harassment by Tim White and accomplices, Janet Phelan fled to Canada in fear for her life. Tim White even publicly threatened Janet that he would have HER put in jail!

Another target: Talk show host Michael Herzog. Yesterday evening I received a phone call from Michael, who told me that White is now posting a libelous "report" about Michael all over the Internet, as well as e-mailing a large number of people known to be associated with Michael (or listeners from his radio audience) in attempts to trash Michael's good name, and falsely accusing him of all sorts of dastardly deeds.

Tim White has also placed another target in his cross-hairs: Thomas Richards, editor of a website called Spiritually Smart. Thomas Richards has done a great job of exposing Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp, among others. White attacked Richards in "defense" of Gunderson and DeCamp, and was also harassing Richards by e-mail for months.

Tim White, in addition to stalking, harassing and libeling his targets, also perpetrates monstrous invasions of privacy by publishing PRIVATE street addresses and even photos of his targets' houses on many sites all over the Internet.

White and his accomplices have also solicited further crimes (stalking, criminal harassment) against targets (including Barbara Hartwell) by like-minded criminal scum, which is a crime in and of itself.

White has invaded the privacy of Barbara Hartwell; Michael Herzog; Thomas Richards and others, by posting such information on the Internet. But it doesn't stop there. White (along with his accomplices, most notably criminal stalker, forger, identity thief, blackmailer, etc. etc. Todd Brendan Fahey) fabricates outrageous lies about the personal/professional lives of the targets in conjunction with invading privacy.

I call these two, Fahey and White, the "demonic duo". And anyone who has ever had the displeasure of being assaulted by their horrible voices, spewing out threats and vile obscenities, can attest to the diabolical nature of these hideous excuses for "men". In addition to being criminal stalkers, both are sex perverts/predators and porno-mongers, whose targets include innocent children!

But aside from the other half of the demonic duo, Todd Fahey, White is not operating alone. Following is a list of individuals who have a) promoted Tim White; b) defended Tim White; c) been in collusion with Tim White to destroy reputations, even the very lives of targets; d) solicited "help" from Tim White and/or used him as a gopher to carry out their dirty work, as in libeling, harassing, stalking, making threats, intimidation tactics, etc.); libeled/slandered decent legitimate people on the say-so of Tim White, parroting the outrageous falsehoods which originated in White's rabid, delusional psyche, his paranoid fantasies of persecution by the very people he has been tasked with targeting by his fed masters. In some cases, all of the above.

Beware of these individuals. Believe nothing they say, and most important, do your own research, rather than accepting at face value anything they claim to be "truth". All are grandstanders and liars with an agenda: to destroy lives of truthful, legitimate people in order to cover up their own crimes and/or aggrandize their egos and/or for material gain.

And their association with predicate felon, career criminal, transvestite, sex pervert/predator, G-Man wannabe, the despicable Timothy Patrick White, should speak for itself and tell you all you need to know about these unsavory characters. Birds of a feather flock this case, vultures and scavengers.

Ted L. Gunderson
Ken Adachi
John DeCamp
Todd Brendan Fahey
Pam Schuffert
Larry Lawson
Don Nicoloff
Eric John Phelps
Brenda Negri
Sherry Shriner
Shirley Anderson
Charles Bruce Stewart
Lenny Bloom aka Nelson Thall
Mark Hostlaw
Xena Carpenter (possibly an alias for one of White's criminal accomplices)

I haven't named them all, that would be a herculean task! Some of the little cowards hide behind aliases or screen names. Some are government operatives hiding in the shadows, whose names we will probably never know.

But if they're in collusion, on any level, in any way, shape or form, with Timothy Patrick White, they are to be avoided, shunned, boycotted and banned form the lives of all decent, legitimate Messengers of Truth and Defenders of Liberty.

Lastly, hear this, all you cops, feds, FBI et al, who have set this menace loose on the good people of America; and/or who have failed to do your duty to "protect and serve"; to enforce the law; to defend the Constitution and the constitutional protections of citizens who are being stalked, harassed, threatened by this lunatic and his accomplices; and/or who have refused to investigate, arrest, prosecute this criminal, Timothy Patrick White:

You people need to wake up! And for once in your lives, do the right thing. Nail this perp, take him off the streets and let justice (finally!) be served.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
February 19, 2009