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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Conspiracy Keepers Interview Barbara Hartwell

Scooter McGee Interviews Barbara Hartwell

To listen, click here:

The Conspiracy Keepers Interview Barbara Hartwell, who has quite a story to tell about the C.I.A. and MKULTRA!

NOTE from BHP: Almost every time I am invited for a live radio interview, "technical difficulties" suddenly appear. On this show there were some beeps and clicks on the phone line (heard on the air); and I was disconnected once, so the station had to call me back.

And when I checked the link (above) to make sure it worked, the sound cut out about a half hour into the program. If you experience "technical difficulties" I suggest you contact the host; perhaps he can direct you to another link for the show.
Comment from Conspiracy Keepers co-host, Joe Lanier:

"We kept having computer problems whenever the term "CIA" was used. That's why the dozens and dozens of callers we had, we couldn't put on the air because we kept having to reset the computer. You're sooooooo right...It was those government rat bastards!!!"