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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ken Adachi - Categories: Liars, Health Fraud, Pseudoscience, Buffoonery

Ken Adachi - Categories: Liars, Health Fraud, Pseudoscience, Buffoonery

NOTE: See the links here (and in previous posts) which cite Ken Adachi as a perpetrator of health fraud; a promoter of pseudoscience; a buffoon; and a liar.

Nothing new here, I've known about all of this for almost a decade --that is, since Ken Adachi and his idiotic New Age/government disinfo website were first brought to my attention in 2000.

Adachi slimed out of the woodwork in 2000, to launch the first of many attacks on Barbara Hartwell. The fact of the matter is, Ken Adachi knows absolutely nothing about Barbara Hartwell. Yet he has continued for nine (9) years to libel me in attempts to destroy my personal/professional reputation. In his libel campaign, he has promoted the most outrageous lies imaginable --fabrications designed not just to ruin a reputation, but to destroy a life.

[See the reports exposing Ken Adachi on this site for details.]

But Ken Adachi is not operating alone; nor is he a mere scamster and charlatan who bilks the public of their hard-earned money. He is in collusion with a criminal network and he supports, defends and promotes his criminal accomplices, who engage in such crimes as criminal stalking; blackmail; extortion; identity theft; forgery, and solicitation of crimes such as stalking and harassment against targets --of whom Barbara Hartwell is only one.

So although I con't argue against Adachi being "stupid" (as described in the "buffoonery" category), I must once again issue a warning that he is also evil and operating with malicious intent to destroy lives.

Get behind me, Satan!



February 3, 2009

Category: Buffoonery

These sites are included because of general stupidity. Expect to see a few of the Pseudoscience sites included here also.


These are sites where the idiocy is supported by an appeal to science. The madness of the Recovered Memory and Satanic Ritual Abuse campaigners is included here.